Friday 30 July 2010

Wings and Quings

Why does it all become clearer when the ordnance starts into the queuing theory?

J15 Finally appearing?

No it is not. J15 is half inched via Tel Aviv and old, old, old. The current panty wetting is all a great big distraction to take the ChiComms out of harbour and inflict a huge ceremonial ritual defeat on the oceans. Remember this is the plan upon which the sacred voyages were sent out since time immemorial.

F35 what a crock of shit.

Why does the F22 not get handed over to the IDF? Why this shit about the F35? It will be handed over for free if Dov Zhakeim is in the loop, so what’s the story? IDF don’t currently need air dominance, but their mates soon will. Well bearing in mind the Rothschild Corporate Entity officed in Tel Aviv sent all the Lavi tech, USofA corp. proprietary, to the ChiComms. It has, through its agents in USofA corp. and the ChiComm student body in USofA corp. aerospace corporates, half inched the B2 and F22 specs. It knows that the F35 is an organized crime scene. What we have here is a deep cover “You are throwing us to the lions” cover story, long planned.

The Entity is defecting to ChiCommland and defecating on the West. Simples.

Oh BTW UKplc you ought to visit your own crime scene at the big four acre flat decks. You are spending money on catapult…..what?

One of the things you will never get a in a Project Management course when it comes to the financials is a series of lectures entitled “How to spot when you are in the midst of a heist”. Thankfully when I did my PM shit I read extensively out through esoteric material and I can spot the crime scene all righty!! Fuck me!!! Just how much are these soon to be massively unemployed fools paid?

As for the F35 that is technological sabotage of the US aerospace industry to allow the ChiComms to catch up. Now if you’ve been watching closely you will know the only single instance in recorded history when a free people actually handed in their iron ware for bronze is.... Go on. She’s been given top billing in my shops several times.

When the Entity has finally defected you can expect ChiComm built super 7th Gen UAVs over every European capital city….. except London if we don’t boot Candida, The Cludgeron or Bananaboy in the nuts.

Experts See No Big US arms Sales to Taiwan This Year

My favourite unvisited place. Soon to be handed over to the ChiComm Slavers and bestest chums of the Rothschild Corporate Entity officed in Tel Aviv. The turn coats in the KMT must have spotted the secluded sandy beeches in Formosa and sent the details back to The Circus in Moscow (London), ……ohh how long ago now? 80 years at least. They can wait, the commie bastards, because they have the money. Just ask Candida. You will also notice that these Rock/Roth slobs like to kill off the opposition by giving them a shit military commander. Formosa is yet to find out who theirs is. But we know all about Powell, Westmoreland, Napoleon and Hitler. Don’t we?

DTN News: China Overtakes Japan As No.2 Economy: FX Chief


You might as well start weighing your farts and then lighting them. There is nothing in these metrics. S&P indices, GDP, GNP, growth rates, liquidity, capital formation. You are in a den of thieves and they are singing a sea shanty. Go look outside at the dead people and the stunted and stunned lives.

Finally all that can be said is....

“By enemy I mean that we are being perceived by the people who live on 1 dollar a day as the enemy to be destroyed. That is what Obama is proselytizing. He is a globalist Alinskyist. His job is to rouse the international mob, move them and get them to take over our society. This is all linked into the Green earth worship, the new religion. That is what is at the bottom of all this shit about 100million fuckwitz from Africa getting imported to Europe. This is what is behind the Reconquista in USofA corp.

We are being set up. Long in the planning and part of a never ending ancient process. We are being painted as Marie Antionettes.” INCOMING!!!!!!! 28th July 2010.

The new partisans will be green and when they slit your throat they will ensure a little tree grows and a fern so that a little pandagoslingcub can be snug and sleep tight where your body rots.

The guys fronting the whole massacre will, just as Uncle Joe found out, have Swiss Swastika bank accounts. The cunts.

Have you got one?

Thursday 29 July 2010


Candida what great clap are you spreading now in the Pert Ausphart, STD, STI, USB & ISP?

So many TLAs and so little morning cloud sense in your antibiotic mourning nonsense.

What song are you singing now.


For what are you and your inter generational spunk leins asking?

You want to stuff a Turkey down our throats. It isn’t even Thanks Giving or Xmas. Perhaps we’ll pass over that roasting bird.


Well that has all gone tits up then.

Real welly!!

So Barry you Stepford POTUS what can you sing for us then?

Realinsky or Chelsea? Monika or Mossad? What was your fealty moniker?


The Luckiest People on Earth

H/T Indian in the Machine

More Spys


So Obama has his internet kill switch ready. In the UK someone's going to reboot the system under Common Purpose control and they are going to kill the Post Office mail delivery.

Looks like we'll have to get round to some good old fashioned face to face.

Boozers? No the WiFi shit keeps us under tabs.

Open fields? No the cows have been MKUltra'd and are now stalking us.

Car parks? No we'll get ticketed for standing still.

Where then?

Knocking shops. Might as well enjoy ourselves!!!!!


Looks like the Time Monks have been joined by a new order.

Don't get all paranoid now. They are watching our every move to come.

Stay indoors. Do not do anything.

Least of all think.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Here is a man that should have been realised in MC1

Can you spot the quickening of time over the decades?

Underpass. Overpass. Bypass. Unphase.

One of England's greatest artists.


Inspired by a visit to Ni Howdy’s shop.

Lads and Ladtrice you have my greatest respect and unstinting admiration.

My father in law trained as a naval architect and he won’t get on a ship, truly he knows.

In a past life I was aerospace and I hate flying, I know.

So when I see this or this or this well I’d be whimpering in a corner of the wheel house crying for my mummy!!!

Japanese tanker blasts in Strait of Hormuz

Raises eye brow?


"TOKYO, July 28 (Xinhua) -- A Japanese oil tanker M. Star blasted near the Strait of Hormuz on Wednesday, leaving one person slightly injured.

The crude oil tanker M. Star was damaged but the engine was not affected, Kenji Yoshimura, a publicity official of the Mitsui O.S. K. Lines Ltd., owner of the ship, told Xinhua. The explosion did not lead to an oil leakage, he said.

A total of 31 Indian and Filipino crew members were aboard the ship, the official said, adding 15 are Indians and 16 are of Philippine nationality. The injured one is Indian.

The explosion occurred at about 00:30 a.m. Wednesday local time when the ship was sailing in Oman waters in the western part of the strait.

The tanker was heading toward Japan after loading crude oil in the port of Das Island in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates when the blast took place, Yoshimura said.

The tanker is now on its way toward the port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates for a checkup and the investigation of the causes.

Local media reported the blast might have been caused by an outside force because crew members saw flash of light on the horizon just before the explosion occurred. The Japanese government had not announced the causes of the blast.

Because of the difficulty in communication caused by language differences, the details of the explosion were still unknown, an official of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan surnamed Shimoda said, adding only some of the doors and windows of the ship's bridge were known to have been damaged.

According to the official, there had been no pirate attack on the Japanese ships in seas of the Strait of Hormuz.

The tanker was built in 2008 and displaces about 160,000 tonnes." Xinhua News

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Boring Part 2 of ?

Truth; can you feel it?

Can you see truth? Can you taste it or hear it? Can truth kill you as you smell it? Can you bathe in the quiet afterglow of its terror and dream of a future free of untruth?

I don’t quite know yet where this is going, there is a ruined house here after the screaming and yelling that accompanies end of school year hair letting down and fire starting. However as I pour myself another hit of Mil Spec Hot Lava Java some things heave into view and straight into the cross hairs.

I, the last glass of blood did drink?

Bee Piss. I remember my favourite uncle telling me the BP joke over 35 years ago now. About the same time he hit me with the Green Adair joke. Classics. And so the joke continues.

A loss of £11 Billions in the first quarter and a bunch of clowns chaining themselves to the pumps in the Smoke. Oh and incidentally another trooper bit the dust in the stinking, stone age, dump that is AfPak. Teresa May is talking shit again. Candida Antibiotics Cameron is off swanking around the Teutons favourite shithole wanking about getting them into the Oligarchs’ favourite schmoking den the Eunuch’s Union.

Money does not exist. Truth. Therefore profits are a mere phantasm of an imagined night emission. What the magic makers want us to believe is that profits, a measure of the total homicidal inefficiency of our system, are good. Why? Well the people who get their imagined hands on the illusory metric are lazy, supremacist, intergenerational dreamcasters.

Whenever a business bitch starts talking about his/her money realised through the sweat of their own brow you have to wonder about the collective wisdom of the herd. The wisdom of crowds. The fuckwittery of the masses. I want to take said business bitch aside to boot the fucking shite out of it. Why? There is no one there that is why. The business bitch is an empty vessel. And like all empty vessels they make the most noise. Financial vuvuzelas, monotonous primatives. Just like its imagined fiat finance it does not exist. However s good dose of steel toe capped pain might just snap something into reality that you can interact with.

So 11 Billion measures of nothing were lost. No they were not. They never existed.

One trooper did exist and he has gone. The pain in his family’s life is incalculable. However that is real truth. His family can feel it and taste their bitter tears. You and I know that in the great universal spreadsheet his cell was deleted and the costs placed on the imaginary register of the ancient high priests’ corrupted and corrupting theft of our lives and loves.

How long has this circus with our bread being going on? Well if you’ve been with me so far you’ll know it is at least 6000 years. 6000 long years of slowly killing off anyone who will not join the psychosis. Teresa comes to mind here. All those years in the wilderness, sulking in the Wöld, seems to have fucked her sartorial faculties. Oh and her brain, no surprise. So Teresa what was that proposal again?

Ah yes change. Teresa let me invite you to join me in a secret. The only people who ever thrived on the kind of change you, Candida, Barry and the Cludgeron are always farting from you cakeholes, is organised criminals. When I was wandering through the great big Ladybird book of business strategy, De Witt, Porter et al, one of the things that became apparent to me was that the greatest business leaders on the planet ran the drug gangs. In a constantly changing and unstable business environment these guys were supreme. Their closest allies were murderous turn coats, the business day was full of lead and the fruits of their considerable labours were death. Teresa you and your airheaded mates might want to have these guys running our public administration and services but that just reveals your total bankruptcy. Fool. Fucktard. What’s your plan for policing then? Oh yes it would be along those lines wouldn’t it because the dirty little secret you and your fuckedwitz chums cannot tell us is that you’ve sold out to the Talibanfan, haven’t you? This is what you have in mind for our soon to be unelected policing.

Mind you Teresa with your dress sense a full on armoured burkha would be an improvement. Ass wipe. You don’t seem to actually give a flying fuck about the electorate who were groomed into disenfranchisement, do you? I suppose you must be glad that the wars of the 20th century killed off all the guys and gells who would actually stand up to you and your cookie crew by pointing out the very very obvious. You are traitors, gangster molls. Boybitches and bitchboys. Yelping and dancing like mad dogs for your rabidly religious unhinged masters.

Funny how you lot from the other side of the tracks seem to want to embrace electing people now. A hot fever of electing has broken out in your Brokeback ranks, wanks! Why? Well it is al a con isn’t it? You’ve been told that the new creeps smuggled into this country have to be given the reigns pronto. Because they have real money. Unlike the country you claim to represent which you and the other side of the schmokin' pokin’ club, bankrupted deliberately. If you clowns have your way there will not be a single position of influence and prestige in this country occupied by the descendent of someone living and breathing and fighting for this country in 1945.

Why is that Teresa? Is it because you clown clothed collection of MPs have been well and truly Gok’d? Your mate Candida was Gok’d a long time ago. He’s all angry because the Fully Fez’d Feathered Fools in the least attractive faux secular society this side of the Ganges are not being welcomed into the biggest stinking pile of RICO outside the USofA corp.

In fact let’s get back to De Witt and Porter. The early part of the 20th century found gangsters taking over the planet. USSR. China. Germany. Commies and Nasties everywhere. All gangsters. So what happened in USofA corp. How come Al (what’s your real handle) Capone, Bugsy (what’s your real handle), Dutch (what’s your real handle) and the Anthill Mob didn’t get to trash USofA corp.? Well it was all asynchronicity. The business case hadn’t been prepared. The business plan for USofA corp. lags that of EUSSR by half a century. Backward dump. So expect the gangsters in the Whitehouse soon. Oooops, they are already there. Well it is FEMA camps and long marches for you lot then.

So back to Bernard Matthewsland then. Just what the fuck do you want these clowns in EUland for then? Since all you do is take money from us and hand it over to organised crime, just what lines of organised crime are greasing your back passages to gain entry to the club Candida? What is it that your RICO handlers want from Old Byzantium? Bearing in mind that you and your cronies will supp at anyone’s blood soaked table you certainly won’t be too worried about the Armenian genocide colouring your business plans as the universal spreadsheet is fired up and a billion extra cells are readied. Will you? And there is your problem. Having dined at the great rotating luncheon, in the blood red glazed halls, the clotted and stopped heartbeats of millions under foot on the sanguined floors of the people, a little line item on the off balance sheet massacre lists didn’t stop you turning on your own again. Did it? All those cells you created for the coolies are now empty. The Chinks didn’t fall for it did they? So you’re going to fill the cells by allowing the great unending human highway to ignorance to sweep in from the Bosporus.

Candida, you are a bitchboy par excellence. Spineless lickspittle turncoat bastard son of Moses.


All over the GGT this morning we’ve had a load of arsebark about the 2012 London Olympics.

So what do I see? I see a plan to steal elbow room for the Floating City. Like the stinking cheap, shoddy, built environment crap that is any building the public has access to, this fiasco costs a fortune in imaginary lucre and delivers nothing but cattle sheds.

Go on take a look at anything you have access to. Council offices, supermarkets, schools, leisure centres. Anything “built environment”. They are cheap, stinking soulless dumps fit for the bovine and nothing else. So what is the London Olympics delivering for us then Boris, son of Turkey, in the way of wonderful architecture? Well as you said this morning on the GGT the main stadium is a fake. You don’t know what is going to be there after the London Olympics has finished do you? You keep dropping the code words like sustainable & quality and all the other crap gleaned from the failed business textbooks the drug runners never read. Boris you know as I know that the London Olympics is just an excuse to sweep away the detritus, real people, and give the Floating City more acreage without them having to spend a cent. Import some clueless slaves to clean the buildings and shove them into high density housing so beloved of the fat pile a pestilent nothing Prescott, and then exclude the proles from the real architecture that you’ll get your kept cabal of Eunuch architects to put together for your exclusive pleasure.

As in everything you do it is a steal.

This brings me nicely to Candida’s erotic Swedish nightmare. The Academies legislation went through to the Lords last night.

So let’s have a squeak at what that means. Your partners in crime started pumping money into schools just after they turned up in 1997. A massive programme to rebuild and refurbish the schools. You didn’t bother actually teaching the children anything but you kept the docks humming as all the gear for the refurb was landed at the container terminals. You got all Swedish a couple of years back and I smelled your rat. We the public have spent a fortune on school buildings and you want to hand them over to?

Well not to put too fine a point on it you’ve been conspiring, both sides of the House, to hand over these properties to rabid religious exclusivist supremacist monotheist fucktards. Haven’t you?

As I said a while ago “I love the idea of living in a quietly cooling Godbothereing belief system.” Free of the stench of death. That is the truth.

Which ever branch of the Children of the Book you look at; whether it is Shite, First day Advent Hoppists, Orthodox Non Conformist Abrahamic Article Circle SunSeekers or Trappist Rapists, they are all a bunch of trouble making genocidal bastards full of their own selfishness.

Worshipping, if they can be bothered the lazy bastards, Beelzebub.

Fuck off.

More Maximum Max

Oh boy, enjoy.

I have always had my reservations about AJ, they are valid, however when he's handled intelligently the sense hidden in the huge ego can be realised.

Second cup of Hot Lava Java is not needed, this will wake you up.


Monday 26 July 2010

Pass the salt and keep it quite.

Here at the North Finchley dohyo word has come down from on high to clean up our act.

Gambattte!!!! Let the zabuton fly.

However first things first and congratulations from our stable master to a great champion. Aaahhh we remember The Wolf well, having booked the best seats in the house here in London in 1991 to see him, only to be disappointed. The memory of his steely eye and fortitude keep us all fired up here on the sacred clay during the long cold winter nights’ training. Now with summer's passing we are fully aware that the long night of our discontent approaches.

Secondly we wish to make it clear that we, here on the desolate dohyo, never took any backhanders, brown enveloped packets of wonga or Hong Kong bookie’s spending money; ever. The world may be awash with filth but we remain purest of the pure.

You can tell that is the truth because we are piss poor and our mawashis are thread bare and we have no rice, Niigata, ASDA or otherwise, but still we go on fighting the sacred fight for light against the forces of darkness.

Word has it that our clay is so pure that if England still manufactured anything it could be used for tea service or Dresden ware and, may the great stones defend us, the Chinese might wish to make crockery from it.

Whatever; we are not going to surrender and there is no life in this world worth the CO2 as an abject subject.

No matter what the word from on high, here on the street the Tel Aviv mouth myth gets it’s arse booted right royally.

Go have a wander like we did this weekend round the GGT. There is no one there.

Seriously, the whole thing is uninhabited.

That one fact explains a great deal down the Hong Kong bookie’s.

Oh BTW TPTB you are all getting a top knot in the teeth. You are all going down.

Saturday 24 July 2010

Friday 23 July 2010

Just a little note.

Who's been off having holidays.



They come in many flavours

Red Ice Cream is licked.

A while ago Mr Whippy was part of my plan. However one of the commentators here raised a Red flag. Long, long ago in the avo.

So, I know the source is shit.

I like the commentator but take the full nine yards and a gutting knife when they heave into view.


Cathrine, Cathrine, Cathrine like a great beacon you shine and even through this obfuscation you are prime.

Oh I need some Bush

Catherine, Kate my heart bleeds.

Rumble time and the big dogs that have never barked will get a knife in the guts.

Tax Exempt Foundations The Enemy Within

An old one but a good one plenty to get your teeth into over the weekend,check the video it should still be up there.

It will be blog light for the next few days as assorted party animals, also known as my daughter's mates, let their hair down after end of school year.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Boring Part 1 of ?

A little while back I asked what if the god we’ve been following all those millennia is a monstrous entity?

What if we are the bad guys?

What follows is once again caught between two blogs. The shop here and the shop there. Wheels needed to be squared and all that, so it goes up in both shops since even though I’ve tried to separate the thought stream it is impossible to truly do so.

Something which hopefully we’ll get to realising after we’ve wandered for a bit longer before the lights come on.

Mother Russia? Welcome again The Sewers of Thankee.

How far back to go?

Here is a beautiful piece of machinery.

This is where we start. Look at the beauty encapsulated in the art form of weaponry. A katana not a weapon. A spiritual sensling. To understand what is coming up I will translate a very well known load of bollox.

"I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest."

Translated by INCOMING!!!!!!!’s babel fish we get.

“Those afflicted have so many guises and disguises that not only do they cast their terrible pall on all others, they have no idea who they are”

Just to make sure you get your heads round what I’ve just said. We, that is us the West, are infected by a toxic parasite that has poisoned our senses so as to make them useless. I of course refer to the Affliction.

So just to round up part one of this mouth moth, part 2 will be turning up at the other shop because the subject matter is once again deep Lalaland, gaze in wonder at this.

Magnum Opus.

To get a grip on what is going down you need to stare back at the GrecoSemitic struggles for the Western Med before 500BC. That is how long it has been going on in various guises and it will not stop until Russia is gone.

The war we are within is a relentless anti-spiritual battle directed at us by pagans.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

What BP was trying to hide!

It isn't over yet; not by a long chalk.

This is an orchestrated attempt to drive humanity mad.

Just watch after Yom Kippur, the fuckers will ruin Christmas.

Just watch.

'BMWs' Help Afghans Go AWOL From Texas Air Base

This takes the fuckin’ biscuit. These fuckers don’t want to fight for their own land so why are we there? Then they are wheeled over here to cause even more trouble. Denature our society even further. NWO SHAKEDOWN.

H/T War News Updates .

“A loose network of Mexican-American women, some of whom may be illegal immigrants, have been responsible for helping numerous Afghan military deserters go AWOL from an Air Force Base in Texas, has learned.

Many of the Afghans, with the women's assistance, have made their way to Canada; the whereabouts of others remain unknown. Some of the men have been schooled by the women in how to move around the U.S. without any documentation.” Source

You cannot help but link this fuckwittery to something AdamS put up yesterday about the Reconquista.


Mexminh running a Ho Chi Minh trail in North America. Same modus operandi, same foundation, commie, bankster traitors that did in the Kulaks.

All our troopers out of that stinking stoneage AfPak dump now and home safely.


Strong Wordy Words.

DL has been laying it out for Candida and Barry, in their confusion, to understand the clear feelings of many on what is a massive cesspit of malphukkery.

Take a look at the picture.

POTUS meets The First Lord of the Treasury. Just after HM Lizabet 1 dropped in. The subjects of conversation?

A Libyan agent’s apparently better treatment for a terminal illness in a fly blown dump compared to his life expectancy in what was until very recently, according to the One Eyed Phukkwitz, a beacon to the world AND the 5th largest economy in the World!!!!

And a guy who found out that there is a space ship called the USSS Curtis Le May in Earth orbit. FFS!!!!!

Now let your humble correspondent translate.

What we have here is a plan to transfer, via bankruptcy, re-engineering or by other means the mineral assets of BP/USofA corp. to the Orient.

“Awww yer haverin’ again INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you sigh.

Well look at the bitchboys in the picture.

One the scion of a banking family that fucked over the Japs and the Chinks over a century ago.

The other a bitchboy who spent his formative years in the Orient whilst his brood mare mummy set about putting a massive microfinance scam in place to kill off all the farmers out there.

They represent interests inimical to the West.

“…..…look monkey boy as planned USofA corp. is fucked. The money has gone. The peasant fucktards and the dullard scum are walking dead. The ignorant plebeians are not wanted any more.

Your instructions are to terminate, with extreme speed, the mark.

The vehicles, as you know and thanks to your mother’s hard work, for transferring the assets are already in place in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Singapore. WTF voter assholes do you think we went to all that trouble setting up Singapore for? Haha another scotch please.

It isn’t Hong Kong that is important it is Lee Kwan Yu’s little supremacist, misogynist STASTI State that we’ve been transferring everything through from those vulgar fucktards we’ve so dumbed down back home.

Most of the fuckers couldn’t tell you where Shanghai or Singapore is For Fuck’s Sake!!!

These stupid uneducated fools, even the brightest of them have no idea what’s going on, have fallen for it. They think we are in a natural economic disaster, not a planned fleecing. HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!”

“Yeah Limey infidel, fuckedwitz. BWAHAHAHA. Just as mummy used to say when I came back from the Madrassa”

“So all the Federal land with the oil and minerals, all the BP finds, everything, get it ready to shift pronto.

Just think when the assholes that elected us are all dead and gone our families will still be calling the shots. No matter what kind of state the State is!!! Hahahahaha!!!”

“Too true Bro’ party down and go fuck yourself. ALLAHU Ekber!!!”

“Right then, Russia………..”

Just as a general note to the gentle reader. As you know, just like at my other shop, I’m trying to get you to think as they think. Therefore the massive sweary wording is a true reflection of how they see us and describe us. Make no mistake about that.


Tuesday 20 July 2010

The Dark Side is calling….again.

As you know I’m no fan of the ChiComms Slave Staters and Masonic NOAHide freaks.

Nor do I have any time for the fuckwitz weetabix with the stupid hair, stupider shades and pagan belief system. His wall mirror must be the biggest liar of all.

However there are times when I wish we could get the slobs a tourist visa with a difference.

A very special visa.

Lead Pill Pharmacy Visa.

I think we could get LPPV under the good auspices of the Red Cross since there is a definite need to alleviate the distress and physical harm being done to us the ordinary punter here in UKplc.

Don’t look to anyone doing the job at home. They are all MKUltra’d just like Mr Moat and his followers.

So who’s in need of treatment at the Pharmacy then?

Well just to start the ball rolling I’ll start at the top.

The Cludgeron Agent of Ancient Tyre.

The Cable Guy Agent of Mammon

Odd Bod Osbourne Agent de Rothschild

Candida Cameron Mumbai Bitchboy

The Mandelbrot Set Internationalist Boybitch & Infinite Evil in a Finite Space

The Inkspots in the Spunkpot Communist dialectic subversives

Monkey Boy ONE Communist lickspittle and Alinskyist Foundation Bitchboy

Monkey Boy TWO Spent too much time in SE Asia just like his fellow monkey fiddler Barry Soetoro.

The Pharmacy may need to send for help at this rate. The list is endless.

So I nominate the following to help Mao’s Wee People Shaggers and the Pyongyang Hollywoodist Mentalist.

Roberto Foundation Bitchboy

Joseph Kony Afflictionist Fuckedwitz

President Al-Bashir Afflctionist camel Humpist.

What do you mean we’d never get them in?

Have you clocked the millions of weird fuckers that they’ve shipped in so far to UKPLC via the good offices of the medal winning war criminalistas and endogenously grown genocidal theoretistas?

Schtuff enough wonga up Cherie’s chambers and the fucking Anti-Christ and Beelzebub would be greeted at Heathrow arrivals by SEN & ESOL providers and assorted agencies waiting to make their stay pleasant at our expense.

In fact you just check the limos speeding through London’s special, no proles allowed, traffic lanes during the 2012 Olympics, running down the natives and stitching us up with fines, and I’ll bet Auld Nick hisself will be at the fucking wheel of the biggest, blackest and gazzguzzling cunting chariot of the whole occultist shebang.



It is a given that in any society a fixed percentage will give themselves over to nonsense and fartery. Fakiry and down right fuckwittery. Not through any real fault of their own but because they are predisposed to exercise their mouths not their arms, predisposed to generate Walter Mitty worlds rather than construct a home. Predisposed to eat, drink and be merry as opposed to produce anything useful. Kind of like Royalty.

It is also a given that in any society living free in nature the number of the path will be around the 5% mark. I would contend that in our denatured society, which has been selecting for the path, that percentage is way too low. The path are everywhere occupying almost all positions of power over the rest of us. They constitute the GM creature known as the meritocracy.

It is also a feature of denatured societies that it is easy to spend your life as a lying bastard, talking shit and fleeing anything even vaguely pointy heading your way. The words “dissident” and “commie” and “pagan” and “intellectual” tend to heave into view when you spy and observe the nature of these trouble making fools. Always on either side of the dialectic making sure their “hidden” side will win no matter what stupid names they adopt.

When you combine the first group with the second group you get these two dots which I will invite you to join in your own way.

Dot 1

Dot 2

If I give you a third dot will you get where this is heading? Can you guess Dot 4?

Dot 3

OK, think of a fourth dot, go on, don’t look just yet.

Got it?

Does it match your inkspots then?


Monday 19 July 2010

Allocation of resources and blight on the land.

As I remarked a little while back “We will all be English soon”. This is not a petty swipe at the English by a twitter and bisted Scot. Oh no, this is just a hidden way of saying here, once again, “London is not England”.

London is a gated community, a great big gated, chastity belted JAFFA whore. Venice on the Thames. A base contrivance where pirates, whore masters and slavers slaver over their perversions and swag.

I like the real English, the true yeomen, stout, sturdy independent fellows who know what’s what and who’s a wrong ‘un. However in the main, or on the mane, you will not find many in London these days. The ersatz city.

Yesterday as part of my weekend BOWtime fun, I was taken to Regent’s Park open air theatre to watch the Scottish Play. A friend of a chum was striding the Bard’s boards there and we resolved to rendezvous in The Volunteer afterwards for a swill and a yak. As we trundled round the park I could not help but notice how busy the great big bloated eunuch mechanic had been at bringing in the new hirelings and baby boxes. All breeding away like crazy providing the multilingual skills that the pirate base cannot grow endogenously within its aboriginal population.

If you want to know why the country is broke, then look no further. They were shipped in to the land by the millions and set up cushty like by the generous credits handed over by the One Eyed Trouser Turd. Herds of lawyers to ease their entry, vast Gov. agencies and departments to settle them, huge bureaucracies to pump public funds in their direction, every kind of conjured out of thin air non job to try and alleviate the damage caused in the state schooling system by having it swamped by people who were not interested in anything but free money, swarms of translators and facilitators as the maternity wards burst forth with foreign issues.

Fun whilst the pony show could stagger on, wasn’t it? Every little last one of them having a cosy little cell waiting for each life in the Universal Spreadsheet. A cushioned and pampered cell, unlike the bare walls the aboriginals will get, but a cell never the less.

Endogenous Disingenuous Balls and his monocular boss never quite got round to explaining just what was going down in Groove Town did they? Just what fine shenanigans they were up to deep in the Treasury. I saw the scum sucking loon on the Toffee Box this morning trying, oh so trying, to assure us the Goofy Gove was a total arsebark in a crisp poke.

What ASBO Testicles doesn’t know is that we in this manor can spot the blank slate that is Goofy a mile off. We don’t need any sterile help from the strobing spermatozoon issuing from the Seedless Plums. Oh no. We know, we saw and watched really closely as Candida Cameron went all in camera on us and infected the body politic when he went all Swedish, getting all sweaty and flagellatory, getting us ready for the very, very bad news scripted for us by TPTB and acted out in front of our scared frozen stares by The Cludgeron, The Cable Guy, Thunder Balls et al. A tale scripted long, long ago by a power removed so far, far away from aboriginal daily lives.

Just to divert a while from this tack, which we will navigate back to soon enough, you know that I had some top BOWtime this endwoch. Part of it was spent in the company of assorted Russians. Byelorussian, Ukrainian & Muscovite. It was a top screaming and yelling gig and many more will be had in the future. Whilst swilling I found out a little bit about why they were here in UKplc and a bit about UKplc types who’ve settled out in Mother Russia, a Scots lad in Kerch, a Welsh lad in the Urals. All getting on with the simpler life and having fun away from the 24/7 CCTV STASI dump of the rubble strewn smoking wreckage that used to be UKplc. There are quite a few UKplc blokes out there putting down roots from what I heard.

So the BOWtime continued and amidst the hollering and shouting I had the vicissitudes of SE Ukrainian bus services described to me. Bus services which resembled, much to my fellow swillers’ surprise, as I was informed over ten years ago, the characteristics of certain Dumnonian bus services operated out of Cornwall.

So just as my host cut us over to some highly fragrant Czech spirits I found out why a guy from Minsk was pouring me a large shot of Slavic falling down juice in this the year of Our Lord 2010.

He had been sent over to UKplc well over a decade ago by his employers to the Floating City to liaise with the lads running the money markets and get access to the funny money streams. And so he stayed.

More recently, just like me and mine, he and his have been having a good hard stare over the past couple of years at what exactly passes for education in the disaster zone that surrounds the Floating City. The utter waste of time and resources that is the so called criterion for acceptance in the so called state sector. A process that is designed to hide away a dirty little secret in the deepest recesses of education provision here in the wastelands. The exclusion of the aboriginals process. A process targeted at the aboriginals, a secret protocol designed to keep British children out of the “good” schools.

How do I know?

My eyes do not deceive me. Just stand outside the school gates of the “good” schools and do a head count. You will quickly arrive at the inescapable conclusion that the aboriginals are massively under represented.

In fact I am of the opinion that these magic circle schools are institutionally racist.

That is indirect evidence.

Direct evidence comes via the quixotic and damned right weird network of friends and acquaintances I have accreted here in my time in the Big Smoke. I shall illustrate the process that is going on hidden under the surface by example.

Let us assume you are a typical aboriginal seeking to place the ankle biter in a local school. You know what is what now since you’ve yakked to other parents at children’s birthday parties over the previous few years so you’ve suddenly become all pious and started attending local church services. So the local places of worship are packed with the Heathen and Pagans on a Sunday and special feast days. You’ve also made sure that you bought a property parked right inside the chosen schools reception area, a tad keen I know but you have your heart set on it, and have taken an unhealthily close interest in the PTA. You’ve made sure the ankle biter has killed off any possible rivals to get into the chosen school’s kindergarten/preschool by dishing out Strontium laced rusks and nitro-glycerine doped dummies.

The plan cannot fail, the forms are signed and the local shaman has signed on the line saying that his church was indeed stacked to the rafters with The Heathen and Pagans for years before and you were one of them.

You’ve done your homework it is a shoe in. You have assassinated all rivals, you have gone all religious in a, now obviously Heathen place of ritual, you live in the school itself and the PTA thinks you are top banana.

Let me take you to another place and show you how the plan is designed to fail, that you are at the mercy of hidden forces and that the whole dynamic is designed to incarcerate the aboriginal children in sink schools. A process designed to keep the “good” schools free of the pollution of aboriginal children and their desire for a good basic state education. The magic circle of schools is institutionally designed on racist tenets. You don’t know that the system is designed to special need and diversify the basic education out of existence by having translators and English as a second language tutors crawling all over the state apparatus.

Let us make ourselves stone worshippers. Oh yes, lovely. There are stone worshippers all over the world. I personally enjoy a good monolith from time to time. However these particular stone worshippers of ours are very special. They are special because the head of the stone worshippers’ household is being shipped overseas, with family, by his employer and there is a long standing process that makes sure the guys finding them accommodation for the 3-4 year stay in the Big Smoke will ensure they are staying within the area of the Magic Circle.

So the family arrive in their lovely detached hovel, with sun dappled garden stretching out the back. Waitrose just up the road and the good tube line nearby to get into the Floating City pronto.

Do they pitch up first weekend at church? Do they fuck. They are Shinto; they’ve got morals and ethics. They’d not sully themselves in one of the places. And anyway they know the dumps are full of The Heathen and their evil broods, Pagans and their lunar calendar derived ankle biters and blokes in frocks. Fuck knows what sort of evil fluencies emanates from those places every Sunday and feast day. They truly are Engines of Satan.

Of course the stone worshippers won’t be getting on their knees. Their employer will have had people sort it all out. They vacancy lists from the church schools will be managed by their people, the same people who let the property to the family’s employer, so first day in town and the stone worshippers will wander straight in to the local church school to a guaranteed place.

Now that means they’ve walked straight past you as you are living in the school lobby just as you are preparing your ankle biter for school miles away where the pimps and drug dealers are waiting.

Are you getting the message yet?

Someone is, has and will continue, to make a mint from the farce that is church school provision up here in the magic circle. The schools are essentially run by the estate agents who ship in well healed non Christians and stick them in the Christian schools. Sweet.

Oh and the sting in the tail? The “good” schools are breeding grounds for incompetent teaching staff, sojourning rent seekers of tutelage, and because the type of parent in these schools tutors the poor fecker in the womb after some top industrial strength shagging in the phase of the moon around October/November time to ensure a young child in the yearly intake to make competition more favourable to them when secondary school heaves into view, no one ever finds out about the crap teaching.

Well if we’ve got the message just what the fuck were those satanic fuckwitz doing at the Ministry of Truth and Indoctrination with the New School build programme and the academies? Go on then Wonder Nuts, what were you schmokin’?

Well the game was given away when Candida came back all erect nipples and skipping along after he’d seen the Swedish model of education a couple of years back. That was when the true programme, the hidden agenda revealed itself.

Put simply Candida wants the state schools handed over to anyone that will take them. We the people are too poor to organise a decent education system because all the money was stolen. So the bright idea is that if you or me can jump through some simple hoops we can set up a school that will knock some sense into our weans and ditch the multikultimoonyscientologydivesrsitybollox.

No fucking way.

What is going to happen is this.

Foundation money, think Wahabiist, is going to be given the best schools, i.e. the new ones we paid for, without a by your leave. They’ll get these brand spanking new schools for nothing. The under the guise of Faith restrict entry and stock them full of brain washed theists of the Afflicted variety.

Just watch. I can see it here in Barnet. One primary school in particular has had shed loads of money shoved at it over many, many years. SEN this, SEN that, translators this and translators that. ESOL this and ESOL that. Fuck me. It is a prime candidate.

The really down side is the aboriginals will get nothing.

If you know what’s what here in Barnet one secondary that needs a good gutting has been told to go and fuck itself by Goofy Gove this past week.

That’s why it took so long for so many of these decisions to be made, stalling and preparing the ground so that the correct schools with the money piling in for SEN were ready to be handed over to the new masters when Balls & co. blew the economy and the treasury to plan.

The aboriginals are not wanted, what can they offer to the Heathen worshipping in their Temples in the Floating City?


Sunday 18 July 2010

The Full Nine Yards…how far is that when the cutter of your cloth is cheating the numbers?

So many targets and so little time to unravel the chaotic unentropied spellcasters' fuckwittery.

Remember. Never forget and never steal your own life.

I assume by now, if you are still reading here, that you will have developed your own non-linears and are wearing them at all times.

This is extremely sophisticated truth hiding the lie.

It can also be red as extremely sophisticated lies hiding the truth,

Dualism never ever is easy.

However the one thing we can be sure of is that the economic hitmen will be singing a different song soon.

As I explained to some chums during a fantastic BOWtime Saturday evening the UNiversal spreadsheet has been handed over to new gang masters.

All through the good officers of the Rothschild Corporate Entity, time stealing, out of Tel Aviv.

As my hosts pointed out, and you learn something new everyday INCOMING!!!!!!! You fuckwitz, in 1899 1 in 7 of humanity was a red headed descendent of the river navigating Varangians who came to administer justice by the axe. Now the Russians are 1 in 70.

The last images in the hitman piece are designed to distract us.

So to get a grip on this shitstorm, take your full nine yards, your blade and a cask of your finest to here and work slowly backwards .

If you have the opportunity put the following through the biggest sound system you can find and I really, really hope you……


Thank fuck for the Irish bastards, they still know who is who, so do the Rus and so do we.

Rumble time is a coming.

Watch the colour coding and keep your lists up to date.

I know many of you want to know why the obliquity? The eves are full of bitchboys and we know that they are gangsters and lazy. We are being winnowed. Stick with it. The future is going to be horrific but we need to remain.

Away to the orphaned boozer, Huzzzarhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

How much of our money....

....are these Muppets payed?

You might as well send Barba Papa to take on the Apocalypse Brothers.

Note the colour coding.


Saturday 17 July 2010

Friday 16 July 2010

Business Ethics the 2000lbs Oxymoron in the corner of the room.

Those of you who remember my listing of business books last year will know my utter contempt for the concept of “business ethics”. Having sat through many classes on this subject whilst resisting the urge to wander up to the lecturer and stitch the fucker whilst yelling “You live on a pirate ship fukkwitz. Wake the fuck up!!!!!” I cannot stop laughing when the sombre concept of ethics is raised in any sphere of human activity.

This will become more and more a general problem for humanity as more and more of the world’s business decision making is routed through the Rothschild’s Corporate Entity, the land pirate ship, the 21st century Tortuga, centred in Tel Aviv. Every realm of humanity will become infected with rabid moral scurvy.

However this guy makes for interesting listening.

Take it away Richard Kovacevich, MBA 67, chairman of Wells Fargo

Thursday 15 July 2010

Niall of the Nile

Niall, Niall, Niall…how many times will you get a mention at my shop before you repent and recant but you can’t. Can you.

I’ve seen you mentioned thrice now in my wandering around my favourite shops today.

How long have I kept an eye on you? My gentle readers must be sorely tired of hearing me retreading the same old remould.

Niall let me make it quite clear that when you first heaved into view as one of the GGT’s pretty boys I immediately had you clocked.

Certain things gave the game away.

Firstly you were not a minority, but I could see your cover, when at the time the GGT couldn’t put anything but legless limbo dancers and piebald transgender vegan penguins on our screens to shove it’s diversified, inclusive, equal opportunity discriminatory rubbish down our throats.

Oh yes I watched you talking bollox about Empire, but who’s empire you never really explained. Predictively programming us. Then you started talking about money and never got round to the real deal that all my readers here know. It is all a very, very ancient scam. Ritual, ceremony and worship.

You are a big fucking dawg that doesn’t bark. Foundation bitchboy.

You see son we can think for ourselves over here and don’t need you writing pseudo history or ersatz projections of what is coming down the pike. We know you are marked as one of the top intellectuals that will write the story of how it happened, before it happened because TPTB want you to. TPTB know what is coming, they make the plays. You provide the cover story.

You are their propagandist.

I didn’t need to be pulled out of a lunch line, like Barry Soetoro by a Zbigite, in a business school or an econometric madrassa to make my own projection on a mental map of when the ChiComms would overtake USofA corp on the false measures you and your fellow wind talkers use to tell us how wonderful life is, when it patently is not.

You see Niall we know that Gordon Brown’ hero the goon Greenspan (What’s your really handle?) liked to tell USofA corp. about just what a wonderful paradise it was over there, with you chorusing in about your one illusory, traitorous, great big mega thought about ChiCommland and USofA corp. fusing into one great big stinking hole. A hole with low inflation when it patently was not.

How did the Fed Fiddler do it? Well I’ll illustrate with the example of fillet steak, mmmmmmm, oh yes washed down with a good Australian Shiraz. But fillet is running at 10% inflation, wonder boy says substitute rump in the index, and lo the inflation rate remained subdued all the way through subsequent substitutions, chuck, hock, burgers, diced squirrel, toasted rat, saw dust and then shit. Oh what a wonderful paradise you and your mates in the dismal science and made it up bollox steal fronts must have imagining it all and making it real with your top MSM chummies and commies.

You and Greenspan and the dusty boys from the Mesopotamian plains though always had the best of fine wines and rarest of steaks. Didn’t you?

Why Niall? Why all this deceit?

Niall if you and what a mega hero you are, and I can see from the plaudits by your pundits in the many columns waxing about your books and learned papers in the UsofA corp. press, didn’t bark it was because your handlers had a golden cheese wire round your balls.

So how come you don’t know why all of a sudden ChiCommland is going to get the equivalent of a Wizard of Oz Moody’s or Fitch AAA rating from you? How come you don’t know that the guys you front for, the guys shoving your face into our faces all the time, the guys that keep you tenured, how come you don’t know they stole all our money and gave it to the ChiComms?

All achieved through the nonsense spewed out by your mates at the Chicago school.

How come you don’t know what my erudite audience know?

We know you are on a mission to take USofA corp. down, you’ll be tenured with your handlers in Shanghai at the end of your career, helping them steal all the ChiComm money then.

You might smell like a rose sunshine but I’m watching you stinkard.

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Day 4 of the Salt.

We’ve been keeping our heads down here at the North Finchley dohyo since it was discovered that we’ve been taking vast shipments of wonga from Hong Kong bookies.

Just like the referees at the recently wound up World Cup.

NHK won’t cover our event any more. Apparently we’ve become so corrupted by bribe taking and down right match fixing.

All I can say is that we, at this poor little mound of clay, haven’t seen a Red cent. So it is humble pie and stale cheese, no more chanko nabe until we’ve redeemed ourselves.

Nagoya Day 4.

Tuesday 13 July 2010


They are back.

In the years before the drop I watched a certain scab appear on the commercial jets leaving my borough and I was confused.

I knew how much quimstraining and ballsqueezing, not to mention eunuch and Enoch busting, must have gone on in the phukkedwitz creative’s labs when the pollution of their art was first mooted.

And lo it was revealed to the disciples that the scum under the footpath could not afford to see the tail plane and all was revealed.

The scab infested the underside, the keel side, the hidden. In clear sight. The site of 9/11

It looked like the canoe had been removed after spraypainting the ship.

I didn’t really wonder then other than to think that marketing was obviously shit. Created common purpose vehicles that have never had a single original thought in their whole imagined and redundant lives.

BTW I will hopefully be invited and get in a gig soon and report back.

Utter phukwittery.

Today, toady, I know that this was all part of the great cover for 9/11. Years before it started. A mass distraction of the aware and weary.

Since 9/11 the canoe stains were removed and the corporate bods who mince around the scene have had their spray cans returned. The aircraft bottoms are no longer naked but corporately whole.

Now however as I watched a big bird drooping into Heathrow’s final pattern I see the scab again.

The scab was always on a twin in the late 1990s now it is on a four.

What is going down in groove town now?

Canoe means control and the dealing of a great monster.

EC10, EC8, EC6.

The paint job gives the game away.

Post codes?

Monday 12 July 2010


Irish green is the greenest of all. Eternal iridescent true

London green is a callow sallow traitor yellow

Highlander green true blue hue

Welsh hardy glommed and grey redoubt.

English green truly refreshing the deepest and mossy ancient byways.

However my green is BLACK

The Full Nine Yards

It is a little while since I F9Y’d you.

It is a little while since I warned of a knife fight.

It is a little while since I suggested you pour a good long dram.

So with that in mind.

Mix and match and enjoy.

Three parts.

Until 39mins



Go one then stew on that.

This is the Farm.

Formosa Betrayed

From The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato July 11th 2010

"Years in the making and produced on a shoestring budget, Formosa Betrayed has already played in select theaters in the US and Canada. Starting on August 6, it will finally be playing in the country whose story it strives to bring to a wider audience — that of Taiwan.

This author had a chance to see the much talked-about movie on Friday at a pre-screening in Ximending. Some Taiwanese Americans had already told me that, ostensibly for budgetary reasons (the movie cost US$7 million, pocket change by contemporary Hollywood standards), the Taiwan scenes were actually filmed in Thailand. As a result, Taiwanese — along with expatriates who have lived in Taiwan long enough — can immediately tell that most actors and extras are Thai rather than Taiwanese, which is also reflected in how they speak. The same applies to the location, which anyone familiar with Taipei would tell you isn’t an accurate representation.

In the end, however, this doesn’t really matter. After all, big-budget movies have also, albeit for different reasons, used people from another ethnic group, and different locales, to tell “historical” stories. Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi playing a Japanese geisha on a set in California is a perfect example of this.

What makes Formosa Betrayed work as a movie is that it is actually quite entertaining, has very few longueurs and flows well. It makes good use of non-linear storytelling and foreshadowing. Furthermore, the main actors do a convincing job and have some pretty intense scenes. Beyond the pure entertainment value, which should attract people who otherwise would not be interested in a political movie about little-known, distant Taiwan, is the fact that it tells an important story, one that is inspired by actual events.

It is important to emphasize that the movie is not a documentary, nor does it pretend to portray the era with airtight accuracy. In fact, for the Taiwanese who lived during that dark period in Taiwan’s history, or who, like this author, have made Taiwan their specialization, certain anachronisms will catch the eye, such as large poster, with dictator Chiang Kai-shek’s figure and text calling on Taiwan to “retake” the mainland, or the presence of military and police on almost every street corner. While these scenes would have been realistic for a movie taking place in the 1960s or 1970s, they are slightly inaccurate in a 1980s setting, when (a now-dead) Chiang’s dream of retaking the mainland had long been seen as pure folly, and where police brutality, though still existent, was no longer as overt as it is portrayed in the movie.

That said, by mixing fiction with historical fact, Formosa Betrayed manages to make the White Terror era and the 228 Massacre of 1947 not only alive again, but also interesting. That part of Taiwan’s history, successfully effaced by the regime responsible for the atrocities through propaganda, education, and a system of fear that lingered on well after Martial Law was lifted in 1987, is little known by those who either did not live through it or who are not from Taiwan. And yet, it was formative to the nation’s psyche and helps explain the political rift that still exists on the island. It also makes it easier to understand why many Taiwanese who lived during that dark period, are apprehensive at President Ma Ying-jeou’s courting of authoritarian China. Theirs isn’t irrational fear, as many media would portray it, but one that is founded on first-hand experience of relatives being arrested, taken away, locked away for years, tortured and, in many instances, killed by the authorities.

This regime of fear, whose deadly hand extended to the US in the form of murder of dissidents (often with the help of triad organizations) — and is the core of the movie — has conveniently been forgotten by many who now hope for rapprochement between Taipei and Beijing. Younger generations of Taiwanese, those born in the 1990s, know very little about the other Taiwan, the one that a mere 30 years ago was more akin to China than the vibrant, free, safe and wealthy democracy that it is today. People didn’t talk about such things as 228 back then, lest they be taken away by the authorities. Many today still cannot talk about it, conditioned as they were to avoid discussing such dangerous topics.

As a result, generations of Taiwanese suffer from amnesia, and as long as the story isn’t told, the catharsis that is required for healing as a nation will not occur. While older generations of Taiwanese have, in some cases, sought to tell tomorrow’s leaders about what it was like to live under the White Terror, Taiwanese youth today does not make for a receptive audience. In many cases, this is ancient history for them, and they would rather focus on getting a good education and a good job (and play video games, chat with friends and read Japanese manga). Documentaries, history books and academic articles — the domain in which 228 and the White Terror have been explored — simply has no appeal to young people.

That is why a movie like Formosa Betrayed is so important — and timely. The format is far likelier to appeal to young people than jargon-filled academic discussions or late-night political talk shows. It is also far likelier to interest non-Taiwanese and awaken enough curiosity in some, who will then turn to the history books or pay more attention to what is currently happening in the Taiwan Strait.

In many ways, art is a far more powerful educator than even the best speech or academic work, and has the capacity to engender emotional reactions that simply cannot be aroused by, say, works of non-fiction or documentaries. It is that emotional connection that turns forgotten causes into objects of mobilization. Taiwan has long been an orphan, easy to ignore or subsume into China, because its people (out of fear, perhaps) haven’t told their story to the world in a way that appeals to people’s imagination. Formosa Betrayed does that, just as Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List did in its treatment of the Holocaust, which eventually created a new wave of public interest (even among non-Jews) in the question.

It is also aptly titled, as it gradually dawns on the audience that the betrayal is not so much by the authoritarian regime in Taiwan, but rather by the US, which conveniently looked the other way when their man in Taipei, be it Chiang or his son, Chiang Ching-kuo, served their purposes in the Cold War, even if this implied ruling Taiwanese with an iron fist. There was nothing free about “free China,” yet this is what government officials in Washington called it. Independence and democracy movements were nuisances and terribly inconvenient to a government that was fighting its ideological (and sometimes hot) war against communism.

Fast-forward to today, and the war of ideologies has been replaced by regional integration, free trade and stock markets. China, the old enemy, is no longer regarded in that light, while Taiwan is an active democracy. And yet, the same old aspirations for freedom and right to choose one’s future continue to be regarded as nuisances and “trouble-making.” In many ways, the conflict between ideals and geopolitical imperatives, remains as true today as it was during the period covered in the movie. In one of the most powerful scenes in the movie, a young, idealistic FBI agent, skillfully played by James Van Der Beek, has a shouting match with his boss back in Washington after returning from Taipei. Political forces want him to ignore human rights violations in Taiwan; his sense of justice, however, tells him this is what really matters. The conflict isn’t fiction: It was alive then, and it is alive today, despite the different times.

By fictionalizing a story about a different time, Formosa Betrayed makes its important message timeless, which is what art is all about. Taiwan’s story is a fascinating one, one that the world ignores at its own loss. Perhaps this movie will get the ball rolling, and who knows, maybe director Ang Lee — a product of this land — will make his own big-budget Taiwanese version of Schindler’s List one day.

The DVD of Formosa Betrayed will be released in the US on July 13."

Sunday 11 July 2010


S'Express and a good movie.

Enjoy. ;-)


What’s the body count then?

Blair, Mandelbrot Set and Chimpchumps the Potty trained POTUS.

War criminals every one and hanging by Nobel bling.

Is it us or them?

No we are all in this together.

We can stop it though if we just remember.

Everything has been a deception.

Never forget always remember.

Saturday 10 July 2010

Of time.

Sniff, sniff, sniff….

If you dropped an….

Aboriginal into deepest Karelia.

If you dropped a CHAV into the deepest Timor.

If you dropped the slightest waif into the outland.

How long until they conformed to academic prescribed genotypes?

I.e. how long until a bare arsed fuckwitz of what ever of-colour became academically acceptable for peer reviewed fuckwitx and majik?

Go on then conduct a local experiment on a social network.

No you cannot. You isn’t going anywhere unless you are chosen.

What’s wrong with you?

Got brain freeze?

The Eskimos haven’t.

Go on call me out on that?

I have the time.

Tick, tick parasite.

Thursday 8 July 2010

There is oil everywhere.

The really inconvenient fact is the logistics.

Why did the commie clowns who just went around killing anyone who thought different succeed, if that is the word, in getting to Berlin?

They burned a lot of fuel.

Incinerated a heap load of Anthropogenicarbon. Some in battlefields, some in ditches, some as fertiliser and most in plain view.

We supplied….if you need sign posts here you are indeed gifted with the affliction…the trucks and petrol, they supplied the dead people.

Dead, dead, dead, and dead again.

Not swilling it down the Orinoco, but dead.

If you know how terrified the brave burghers were of UKplc, after being so staunch and stiff upper lipped during the run up to 1914, during the run up to 1937 then you know that the play is a play on the stage of unreality.

So much oil everywhere. (Go on vote)

The Mexican boy is not to blame. He is so primitive he wants his name to live in history. Like Achilles or Hector. He knows that in order to have his name even mentioned in 3000 years time he must not annoy the scribes. He knows that he is not black. Just as the major slaughterers of human beings are not human,

The genocidal fuckwitz think themselves gods, the bicameral, schizophrenic, psychopathic dullards.


So just as they are shuvving oil and gas in our face what are they really up to?

Well the secrets of over unity of course.

Watch. You will get nothing from something supplied by the guys that killed the tramways and gave you General Motors.

All in clear sight the pass was played. If you know what is what then the families most likely had a miraculous delivery from danger.

Ceremony, ritual & worship.

If you understand that then your next thought should be.

Who’s thick around here?

Go chase the names and stop looking at the toffee box.

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Hunt for Tyneside Gunman and 7/7

Raoul Moat is on the run.

Around 40 specialist officers from the Metropolitan Police C019 unit are also involved, including a handful of snipers, known as rifle officers by police.

However, apparently, the shift of high-tech resources out of the capital will not increase the danger to Londoners when Ali Baba are waiting 24/7 and alert 365 days a year to drop by and nuke Tower Hamlets. Obviously years of experience with shifting the cream of our counter terror resources and ZOMO around UKplc has left the authorities confident that denuding the capital city of the Imperial Guard will not lead to casualties. Otherwise known as dead civilians. Previously undead friends and family. Collateral Damage.

Well I hate to bring this up…but…..

Security and police actions

On 19 June details of the security for the summit were leaked to the British newspaper The Independent on Sunday, because of concerns by an intelligence source that ministers were being "complacent".

The security operation, involving more than 10,000 police,many of whom were armed, possibly a number of US Marines, a Special Air Service (SAS) team and snipers,as well as the unprecedented intelligence gathering beforehand by the security service and American intelligence agencies is estimated to have cost around GB£100 million.[9]

Police officers from all over Great Britain were called in to reinforce the local forces to maintain order in Edinburgh and other cities; even small protests were cordoned off by large numbers of police officers.

The protest legal support team estimates that at least 700 people were arrested and 350 charged. Targeted actions of London's forward intelligence teams (FITs) resulted in several of the arrests. Most people were released with strict bail conditions, having to leave the districts of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and/or Stirling or even Scotland all together. Several people were rearrested for breaching their bail conditions. Section 60, a law allowing searches for weapons in designated areas, was continuously used to stop and search people.[10]

Ooops! The Praetorians dropped that pass. Didn’t they?

We, the leaders of the G8, are united in condemning in the strongest terms the
terrorist attacks in London. We express our deepest condolences to the victims and
their families. We assure the people of the United Kingdom of our solidarity in the
continuing struggles against terrorism. We denounce all terrorist acts as criminal,
and reiterate that there can be no excuse, no justification for such slaughter. As we
and our fellow leaders said yesterday, we are striving to combat poverty and to save
and improve lives. The perpetrators of yesterday's attacks were intent on destroying
lives. We will respond resolutely, together and severally, to this global challenge
and work to bring terrorists to justice wherever they are.

Bwahahahahahaaaaaa. That’s like Stalin squawk or Hitler mong.

The only way to square those two circles is that we are insects living in a 60/60, 24/7, 365 weaponised media complex where everything is and is not, everything that was was not, everything that was not was and still is, everything that is is not, depending on what is to be stolen from us next.

As I said earlier the play has now slopped off the stage and the theatre is like the blob that terrified Steve McQueen and is taking over the world.

Icke says, when talking about the Hollie Greig case, that when the alleged bungling and incompetence of the Police starts to take a prime role in the prosecution of the investigation these are the trade marks of an inside job.

Just like in the JFK assassination, 9/11 and 7/7. These were just extremely high level bungled operations where the usual protocols, processes and checks were bypassed, loosened or faked to get the desired result. The clear pattern here is that it is getting easier to carry out these types of organised crimes at the state level, now that the state has been stolen from the free peoples of the West.

I have near and dear who missed the blasts on 7/7 by chance, by minutes and seconds, by random choices and unforeseen delay. I know many were not so fortunate. As I watched the pantomime unfolding on the GGT all that day I realised that somewhere in my government some group didn’t care if I would be attending funerals that coming week or not.

One of the give aways that these are set up jobs is the thoughtless lump of crap that is the memorial. That eyesore has no artistry, no love, no thought and no soul. It is a product of an evil scheme perpetrated on us day after day as we look at the stumps. The monoliths. Harking back to a dark and unrevealed Neolithic mind set. 9/11 & 7/7.

We have RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) government and it is based off shore, not in UKplc. We are being changed into creatures assembled in the great marshalling yards of the psycho killers and qu’est-ce que c’est mind binders.

Do we really have no power against them?

Well of course we do.

That’s why the constant barrage of crap from the toffee box. The ersatz voice of freedom lobbing shit. Ordure delivered from the great dump sump by the Goebbels Gobshite Towers' pump and the fleets of bitchboy minions. Minions sitting there spending our license payers’ money on huge lines of huge coke and genetically enhanced Palam Bang ladyboys during Songs of Praise.

Do not believe a word they say or an image they show you.

Make up your own mind.

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Diamond Geezer

(All words used in this outpouring are mine and in no way reflect on the good breeding, impeccable manners and down right politeness of those mentioned or referred to. My chums and acquaintances tend to be well spoken, polite and thoroughly good eggs. It is your correspondent who has the foul mouth and the vile mind.)

Bumped into a Yank acquaintance of mine by accident at the endwoch. He spends a lot of time in SA since that’s where his spouse has her family. Haven’t seen him in donkeys, he’s a real Foundation Bitchboy, oh yes you thought I was just making the terminology up. Didn’t you? If you’ve been watching this thread develop over the past week or so, eminently and sensibly summed up over at Akira’s shop, then all I can say is stop whimpering the tall gaunt men are still striding.

So we chewed the rag a little and made plans to set someone’s back garden on fire and sink some BOWs in the very near future. I hadn’t seen him because he’d been out doing Foundation Bitchboy type things in the big wide world. His employer is a London based Tavistokian front for the pursuit of the dismal science. Got it? Oh and he’d fallen ill in the shit hole that is SA.

I enquired about the football of course. Well, he remarked that since his very recent return to UKplc there hadn’t been a single mention on the BBC or UKplc MSM about what a total dump the stinking hole was. Nothing. I replied that if you wanted to find out about the world the last place to look was Goebbels’ Gobshite Towers. Foundation Bitchboys and Boybitches. Actually I didn’t say that last part. The GGT had obviously been told that the wonderful dystopian paradise that is nothing but a sac full of perps and crims was the most wonderful rainbow nation to grace the 3rd rock. If they didn’t then they would be on their sorry arses in the street and never employed again. Bye bye carpet munching thatched cottage in the Cotswolds. Now being a regular wanderer round Sarah’s shop you and I really know what’s going down in the racist shithouse that is SA. I of course didn’t want my mate fired when he fires up his laptop in the office and Bill Gates’ Quisling machine reports him for reading verboten malarkey of the type attested at Sarah’s site. So I simply remarked that if anyone wanted to get some reportage on the kill rate and crime spree simply wander over to any Far Eastern news shop like Xinhua, the irony was not lost on him, to get some stories on how the great football fest was delivering tourists to the stealing and maiming machine where the Nobel Laureates hang out and watch the necklaces from the gated communities and armoured compounds.

On that we had to part since our minors were anxious to be getting about their day and not listen to two farts talking bollox.

Which reminds me, since SA has now been turned into a cross between Kubrick’s Clockwork and Pliskin’s New York how are the mines doing? Well just swimmingly. Rhodes did a good job there. All that gold and shiny carbon securely locked away in a land that will be knee deep Mad Maxian diversity, just the way TPTB like it. All that worthless shiny carbon that costs a fortune. If you can get your head round that scam then you’ve got to be kidding if the new carbon scam is going away.

Climategate is not what we thought it was. And the Gulf Oil Spill is not what we think it is either.

In order to even try and explain what is what here I’m going to take you round some of my favourite blogger’s shops picking up bits and pieces of the shards that will hopefully be brought together to make a useful reflecting pool.

Over at Pavlov’s Cat the big kitty was wondering about this. PC has the flavour of what’s going on here. I’ve remarked on this process on several occasions and there will be no let up in the proceedings. What we have here is a failure to communicate, ;-) GV, on a massive scale. Our young are being groomed to sympathise with the pandapuppydolphs rather than their fellow human beings. Slowly but surely weaning them away from human solidarity into the dark places where the Lead Pill Pharmacy await its newest recruits.

However this time they won’t be smelling any cordite because the slack jawed, obese mouse clickers won’t actually know what is happening when they administer some market mechanism and fire non existent entries in the great universal spreadsheet from one end of the virtual planet to the other. They will be too busy looking at the fluffypandababy bond’s investment performance to even think that they’ve just consigned millions more to death by toxic cuteness. Oh yes Lead Pilling is sooo 19th century. These days it is gene therapy that does the liquidation. They’ll therapy our genes out of existence and make sure only their DNA will be delivered in the baby boxes.

Meanwhile over at Goodnight Vienna, GV is scratching her head at this. As part of my weekend I found myself acting as escort to a bunch of INCOMING!!!!!!! minor’s chums. The party atmos was fantastic and they all screamed and yelled and generally got on with things sparklingly. However not one photo exists of the occasion. More verboten.

Now bearing in mind that you cannot fart in this country without it being captured on film and a fine being sent to your address, this is another telltale of the grooming to come. Especially if you recall all those images that Mr Getty has a license on and we don’t. Remember all those photo journos capturing everyone else’s farts over the past century which is then recycled into the propaganda matrix to convince us that what happened didn’t and what didn’t did. Now for some reason you are not allowed to take an image.

Well this is just one aspect of the destruction of memory. Our memories so that we are pliant when “their” imagery turns up via the GGT and the toffeebox.

And it is not just images it is names and numbers. Notice that every celeb's car registration details are expunged from our ken. Notice that very specifically on the panel show Mock the Week no one has a name. Did you notice that? Every other panel show had the name of the muppet being shovelled license payers money for being spontaneously combustible, but this lot are anomnibus. Get used to it. When you are before the Star Chamber you will not know the name of your accuser, your jailer, your executioner or the three foundation bitchboys and boybitches that are fitting you up. Go watch The Spy Who cam in From the Cold or read some Le Carre. It is coming to you when you express a little opinion of your own on any subject deemed off limits by the NOAHide crew.

Finally over at Spidey’s shop we have this. Which gets one to asking where are all the rabid elastane torching fuckwitz that marched and screamed and yelled during the 1960s and are curiously missing from the same issues today? Issues that they pranced around drawing attention to themselves about. If you felt so deeply about it all then why are you all decommissioned like old battleships today, toady? Have you all died? What about your offspring, aren’t they in the same line of business today? What about others? No it was all a load of fanny, wasn’t it? You didn’t give a fuck about it all. You just wanted a tenured position in a nice fat comfy university where you could continue causing havoc. Isn’t that so Bill and Bernadine? The flower pot men!

So here we are with a massive business selling nothing to us in the form of diamonds. Scam.

We have a new business selling nothing to us in the form of gaseous diamonds. Scam.

What is the Gulf Oil Disaster?

GOD has two things to accomplish.

Firstly GOD must kill off the Soviet knowledge about adiabatic oil formation that has got out into the mainstream after lurking out in the fringes for decades. This is achieved by making the sudden availability of endless supplies of oil a redundant issue. You see it isn’t peak oil that matters anymore. It is the terrible disaster that the activity causes that means we must stop. Dead.

Secondly GOD is going to get the cute little pandadolphbabees prime time in the forming consciousness of the young who will swallow the whole lot hook line and sinker. They will turn into rabid little eco Nazis that will lovingly kill of the disease that is humanity. That’s what the meritocracy will do when they get power. The click of a Carbon Trading mouse and the useless eaters will be expunged from history without a twinge of guilt.

And no one will remember because there will be not photographs, no images, no names and no witnesses of how we used to be before the paths finally stole all our young.

No one will remember that the way to treat the oil fountain is to let the clever little microbes have at it as I mentioned a little while back. Can't have that until our children have been denatured by denurture.