Thursday 15 July 2010

Niall of the Nile

Niall, Niall, Niall…how many times will you get a mention at my shop before you repent and recant but you can’t. Can you.

I’ve seen you mentioned thrice now in my wandering around my favourite shops today.

How long have I kept an eye on you? My gentle readers must be sorely tired of hearing me retreading the same old remould.

Niall let me make it quite clear that when you first heaved into view as one of the GGT’s pretty boys I immediately had you clocked.

Certain things gave the game away.

Firstly you were not a minority, but I could see your cover, when at the time the GGT couldn’t put anything but legless limbo dancers and piebald transgender vegan penguins on our screens to shove it’s diversified, inclusive, equal opportunity discriminatory rubbish down our throats.

Oh yes I watched you talking bollox about Empire, but who’s empire you never really explained. Predictively programming us. Then you started talking about money and never got round to the real deal that all my readers here know. It is all a very, very ancient scam. Ritual, ceremony and worship.

You are a big fucking dawg that doesn’t bark. Foundation bitchboy.

You see son we can think for ourselves over here and don’t need you writing pseudo history or ersatz projections of what is coming down the pike. We know you are marked as one of the top intellectuals that will write the story of how it happened, before it happened because TPTB want you to. TPTB know what is coming, they make the plays. You provide the cover story.

You are their propagandist.

I didn’t need to be pulled out of a lunch line, like Barry Soetoro by a Zbigite, in a business school or an econometric madrassa to make my own projection on a mental map of when the ChiComms would overtake USofA corp on the false measures you and your fellow wind talkers use to tell us how wonderful life is, when it patently is not.

You see Niall we know that Gordon Brown’ hero the goon Greenspan (What’s your really handle?) liked to tell USofA corp. about just what a wonderful paradise it was over there, with you chorusing in about your one illusory, traitorous, great big mega thought about ChiCommland and USofA corp. fusing into one great big stinking hole. A hole with low inflation when it patently was not.

How did the Fed Fiddler do it? Well I’ll illustrate with the example of fillet steak, mmmmmmm, oh yes washed down with a good Australian Shiraz. But fillet is running at 10% inflation, wonder boy says substitute rump in the index, and lo the inflation rate remained subdued all the way through subsequent substitutions, chuck, hock, burgers, diced squirrel, toasted rat, saw dust and then shit. Oh what a wonderful paradise you and your mates in the dismal science and made it up bollox steal fronts must have imagining it all and making it real with your top MSM chummies and commies.

You and Greenspan and the dusty boys from the Mesopotamian plains though always had the best of fine wines and rarest of steaks. Didn’t you?

Why Niall? Why all this deceit?

Niall if you and what a mega hero you are, and I can see from the plaudits by your pundits in the many columns waxing about your books and learned papers in the UsofA corp. press, didn’t bark it was because your handlers had a golden cheese wire round your balls.

So how come you don’t know why all of a sudden ChiCommland is going to get the equivalent of a Wizard of Oz Moody’s or Fitch AAA rating from you? How come you don’t know that the guys you front for, the guys shoving your face into our faces all the time, the guys that keep you tenured, how come you don’t know they stole all our money and gave it to the ChiComms?

All achieved through the nonsense spewed out by your mates at the Chicago school.

How come you don’t know what my erudite audience know?

We know you are on a mission to take USofA corp. down, you’ll be tenured with your handlers in Shanghai at the end of your career, helping them steal all the ChiComm money then.

You might smell like a rose sunshine but I’m watching you stinkard.