Wednesday 21 July 2010

Strong Wordy Words.

DL has been laying it out for Candida and Barry, in their confusion, to understand the clear feelings of many on what is a massive cesspit of malphukkery.

Take a look at the picture.

POTUS meets The First Lord of the Treasury. Just after HM Lizabet 1 dropped in. The subjects of conversation?

A Libyan agent’s apparently better treatment for a terminal illness in a fly blown dump compared to his life expectancy in what was until very recently, according to the One Eyed Phukkwitz, a beacon to the world AND the 5th largest economy in the World!!!!

And a guy who found out that there is a space ship called the USSS Curtis Le May in Earth orbit. FFS!!!!!

Now let your humble correspondent translate.

What we have here is a plan to transfer, via bankruptcy, re-engineering or by other means the mineral assets of BP/USofA corp. to the Orient.

“Awww yer haverin’ again INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you sigh.

Well look at the bitchboys in the picture.

One the scion of a banking family that fucked over the Japs and the Chinks over a century ago.

The other a bitchboy who spent his formative years in the Orient whilst his brood mare mummy set about putting a massive microfinance scam in place to kill off all the farmers out there.

They represent interests inimical to the West.

“…..…look monkey boy as planned USofA corp. is fucked. The money has gone. The peasant fucktards and the dullard scum are walking dead. The ignorant plebeians are not wanted any more.

Your instructions are to terminate, with extreme speed, the mark.

The vehicles, as you know and thanks to your mother’s hard work, for transferring the assets are already in place in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Singapore. WTF voter assholes do you think we went to all that trouble setting up Singapore for? Haha another scotch please.

It isn’t Hong Kong that is important it is Lee Kwan Yu’s little supremacist, misogynist STASTI State that we’ve been transferring everything through from those vulgar fucktards we’ve so dumbed down back home.

Most of the fuckers couldn’t tell you where Shanghai or Singapore is For Fuck’s Sake!!!

These stupid uneducated fools, even the brightest of them have no idea what’s going on, have fallen for it. They think we are in a natural economic disaster, not a planned fleecing. HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!”

“Yeah Limey infidel, fuckedwitz. BWAHAHAHA. Just as mummy used to say when I came back from the Madrassa”

“So all the Federal land with the oil and minerals, all the BP finds, everything, get it ready to shift pronto.

Just think when the assholes that elected us are all dead and gone our families will still be calling the shots. No matter what kind of state the State is!!! Hahahahaha!!!”

“Too true Bro’ party down and go fuck yourself. ALLAHU Ekber!!!”

“Right then, Russia………..”

Just as a general note to the gentle reader. As you know, just like at my other shop, I’m trying to get you to think as they think. Therefore the massive sweary wording is a true reflection of how they see us and describe us. Make no mistake about that.