Monday 5 July 2010


Today I’ve been pissing around not wishing to put anything into the mind muse. I’ve got some stuff to hit you with but not just yet, it needs to stew a bit more. Very recently I’ve had some BOWTIME and virtual Magners with my Secret Squirrel, Bulgarian, ChiComm, South African and Nihon chums.

So I went a wandering and as usual the universe took my hand and led me astray.

Astray to something I’d always wanted to have a squeak at.

Just what did a super junk look like?

Here she is H/T China Doll

So off I went following the Monte Carlo.

You will remember my banging on about Zheng on several occasions. Indeed I have often looked forward to the havoc to be unleashed on treaties and protocols when the Chinese Emperor’s junks in the dunes of Bhimini get turned up.

And of course you know my strange map based onananism.

So when this turned up I almost expired.

My underpants were ejected across the county.

I have 1421 1st edn, treasured with my other artefacts in the catacombs, and I didn’t know he’d shot another. I took my eye of that ball. God it’s full of mental maps, maps and more maps than you can shake a stick at.

God fukkin’ damn!!!!

I told you Columbus didn’t go anywhere without having a clear idea of where he was off to. And my instincts about the boy Polo were indeed correct. SPY.

I have always viewed the achievements of these great navigators as being the only thing, THE ONLY THING, which can equal the Moon landings. At least in the last millennium.

As I wandered through the corridors of the site drinking in the wordy words and the mappy maps, imagining the great task undertaken I read this part and realised just how small we are.

The impact fireball was seen more than a thousand miles away so the heat and flash (26 times brighter than the Sun) would have blinded most of the crew before setting their skin on fire. The tsunami was more than 220 metres (700 feet) high when it reached Stewart Island further north, the wind’s maximum velocity would have been 403 mph (Lamont- Doherty Observatory). The increased pressure caused by the Kinetic energy of the comet would have caused a Coriolis effect on wind direction. The waves would have radiated outwards from the impact zone knocking the eastern part of the fleet northeast to New Zealand and the western part of the fleet northwest to Australia (diagram 4). The fate of each fleet is now discussed separately.

I didn’t know that humanity had suffered such a massive cataclysm to its greatest knowledge base so recently.

No wonder the dusty donkey driving jaffarse gegnomes have been running amok so much.

Everyone who knows anything has been taken out of the picture.

The universe is a bitch, a subject I will be returning to over at the other shop soon.

Meanwhile it is tayberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackcurrant and strawbs with cream and Bulgarian T-Stoff und C-Stoff.