Tuesday 20 July 2010

The Dark Side is calling….again.

As you know I’m no fan of the ChiComms Slave Staters and Masonic NOAHide freaks.

Nor do I have any time for the fuckwitz weetabix with the stupid hair, stupider shades and pagan belief system. His wall mirror must be the biggest liar of all.

However there are times when I wish we could get the slobs a tourist visa with a difference.

A very special visa.

Lead Pill Pharmacy Visa.

I think we could get LPPV under the good auspices of the Red Cross since there is a definite need to alleviate the distress and physical harm being done to us the ordinary punter here in UKplc.

Don’t look to anyone doing the job at home. They are all MKUltra’d just like Mr Moat and his followers.

So who’s in need of treatment at the Pharmacy then?

Well just to start the ball rolling I’ll start at the top.

The Cludgeron Agent of Ancient Tyre.

The Cable Guy Agent of Mammon

Odd Bod Osbourne Agent de Rothschild

Candida Cameron Mumbai Bitchboy

The Mandelbrot Set Internationalist Boybitch & Infinite Evil in a Finite Space

The Inkspots in the Spunkpot Communist dialectic subversives

Monkey Boy ONE Communist lickspittle and Alinskyist Foundation Bitchboy

Monkey Boy TWO Spent too much time in SE Asia just like his fellow monkey fiddler Barry Soetoro.

The Pharmacy may need to send for help at this rate. The list is endless.

So I nominate the following to help Mao’s Wee People Shaggers and the Pyongyang Hollywoodist Mentalist.

Roberto Foundation Bitchboy

Joseph Kony Afflictionist Fuckedwitz

President Al-Bashir Afflctionist camel Humpist.

What do you mean we’d never get them in?

Have you clocked the millions of weird fuckers that they’ve shipped in so far to UKPLC via the good offices of the medal winning war criminalistas and endogenously grown genocidal theoretistas?

Schtuff enough wonga up Cherie’s chambers and the fucking Anti-Christ and Beelzebub would be greeted at Heathrow arrivals by SEN & ESOL providers and assorted agencies waiting to make their stay pleasant at our expense.

In fact you just check the limos speeding through London’s special, no proles allowed, traffic lanes during the 2012 Olympics, running down the natives and stitching us up with fines, and I’ll bet Auld Nick hisself will be at the fucking wheel of the biggest, blackest and gazzguzzling cunting chariot of the whole occultist shebang.