Thursday 30 June 2011


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Today UKplc has gone on strike.

Yesterday Greece got all sweaty and sweary.

If you were allowed to be gazzillionare and then realised that the money was fake, then set about telling people you’d get lead pilled with extreme prejudice.

If you were a leader of labour and realised similar and set about ditto you’d be corresponding with the gazzillionare via the spirit world too.

As I’ve related previously, my good mate Stuart the union man would never stop bugging me to join the union. I never succumed to the attractions even when it was pointed out that one way to guarenteed promotion within the organisation was to get unionised. Stuart, to this day, remains puzzled by this illogical obstinacy.

What he didn’t realise was that to me, promotion within a Ponzi didn’t hold any attractions. And that I had been already unionised.

What people don’t get their heads round is the following little vignette.

“What’s your daddy then?”

“He’s a Colonel in the NKVD”


“What’s your mummy then?”

“She protects baby polar bears and panda cubs”

Similar outcomes.

Dead people everywhere.

OK shit heads get this vignette.

Your granny, or child, is left destitute on the streets. Most likely reason for that is that those who infest your local government are followers of some sort of Maoist/Marxian shit pumped out of the Chicago school of shamanomics, i.e. licensed thieves. A polar bear wanders past. Outcome. It eats you loved one.

Your child has a WWF poster of a baby polarpandakoalasqueezer on his bedroom wall, bought by granny. Outcome. They are both accomplices in the death of millions.

Same with gazzilionaires and unions. The outcome is counter intuitive. Neither are free.

Do you remember that film with Will Smith where he works for free in a Ponzi scheme, internship, and then makes it big? Just like marks in a Marxian Ponzi scheme, coconut shy, we are supposed to think that everyone has an equal chance of making it bigtime in the free markets. Rubbish. There is one seat, and one seat only, for a kept, publically displayed boybitch at the head table of the overmighty. No one makes real money unless they are tapped. If you go off score in any way you get ditched like any kept bitch in the dolly world. Go on then? Do you think that Bill Gates doesn’t know how fractional reserve banking works, or has he been innoculated.

When the current hiccup in the Ponzi scheme’s progress is overcome it will be interesting to see what kind of monstrous economic caricature they allow to be the model of success for the rest of the herd to try, never to be allowed to succeed, and emulate.

Even from here in the midst of hexenheathenkingdom it is obvious that an iGREEN success story will be the model.

However with the idea of free market capitalism deliberately imploded, the memory of liquidation squads still not extinguished, they should go for the mentalist rabid belief scheme as religion next.

When one realises that the guys who ran the Ba’al Hammon worshipping scheme out of the seven hills area were the same families who used to bugger and burn boys in a previous era you can see the magnitude of the problem to disengage from their infernal belief systems. Look at the design of their so called churches, synagogues and mosques.

Them and us.

As I said I had been forcibly unionised in my first ever paying job. Nothing said. Just that in my first payslip there was a deduction. Even then I smelled scam.

Look at all the money taken from working people and look at the end result. Look at all the money paid into pension schemes and look a the result. Schemes and scams. If anyone thinks that going on strike will alter the fact the the fiat money was taken from your fiat pay packet, pissed up the London Wall via expensive champagne, cocaine and pneumatic transexuals, the whole whoring process scheduled to be given cover by a preprogrammed crash of stock markets and bank bailouts then I’m afraid you are more than deluded, you are a danger to society.

If you think that your union leader doesn’t know this to be the case then you got what you deserved. Watch the GGT and realise that the whole Goebbels’ Gobshite Towers has turned to confabulation propaganda mode to keep us divided.

What Maxwell did to his pensioners is now being used as a cover story to disguise the grand theft. How can anyone fall for the relativist angle the GGT pimps out? Private sectors pensioners are poor, so public sector pensioners should be as well, the selfish, ungrateful bastards.

Never any mention that everyone’s pension, savings, wealth and lives have been stolen by the usual perps operating out of RCE/LC from the offshore sodomy palaces.

To point this out, never mind acting upon the knowledge, is to invite suicidal career syndrome if done in private or Lead Pill Pharmaceutical delivery if you’ve got an audience.

If UKplc did a Greek then it would be the best outcome for all of mankind. Imagine every city a smoking ruin, every public space confiscated by the riot, every ceremonial terminated. Don’t be getting all upset now at the thought, this is the ultimate aim of the guys running the sacramental mentalist space we are allowed to inhabit, briefly. They’d love us all gone, but they cannot do it yet. So they need vast numbers of us to hide within. Otherwise we’d identify them easily, they look like shit in a whoresuite or a turd in a tuxedo. As their numbers increase they need more, stupidly atired and diverse numbers of us to blend into. One facet of the fiat money scheme is to breed camouflage for the muppets. We are useful foliage for the cuckoos to hide within. Plants that think a days striking will do anything when we’ve got a Common Purpose, EUSSR, foundation bitchboy spouting platitudes from the House of Commons that the nation will be damaged by these strikes.

He and his predecessors are hell bent on obliterating everything British from existence.

Well to that all I’ve got to say is that whatever the, so called, spawn of Moses thinks, I know he’s talking out his arse. To him and his fellow foundation bitchboys and boybitches there is no nation just a vast field of rape to be harvested. There are no people just crops to be scythed. There are no families just serfs to serve him and his heathen, troughing, inbred cliques.

Burn the dump to the ground. Fuck the carbon footprint. It is another scam.Remember that 99% of all the pollution is caused by inbred Marxian mutants living high on the hog away from drive by shootings, sex trafficking, drug dealing and general shittyness. They live secure in Maoist tax havens because they run all the slaving and criminal activity that we are supposed to believe is called an economy.

Better to live a few months tracking and hunting, the now clearly exposed and marked, survivors down before dying, than living generation after generation as slaves in the heaving, hiving, sterile cesspool of these clown’s diaper.

Wednesday 29 June 2011

High Frequency Sexuality.

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I dropped by my neighbours, as I do from time to time and this item piqued.

Definition of free money= Killing alive people and stealing their life.

Then moving free money to the future. To be spent by your intitiate PhukkD’Witzz.

Go on, try it.

If there is no more free money to be had then, I’m afraid that all the necrophiliac, tactically, hermetically, hermitacally, day2daygay, operationally, infrequently, reconstructed, incoming, outgoing, sub, top, strategically, topically, asphixiated, casually, serrendipitously, ad hoc, ad cock, deballed, occult, deflapped, reconstructed members of the derigged, bukkake, dejigged, rebuilt, rejigged, debuilt, mulched, drug enhanced, drug dependant, derugged, defrocked, ladyboyed, cockergrilledgirlled or you don’t care, dead meat phukkers and destruction of fool’s orifices exchange of fluids, fools will have to regard the semen stain as a bankers debt payable by death.

That is what a credit default swap is after all.

A stain.

Now I know that a new Ponzi scheme will be hatched in your sterile space, so I cannot wait to see you fuck a polar bear.

However we are going to shoot you, the polar bear and the panda taking photographs of your entropic onion. Not because we hate your four legged beasts’ union, but because we’ve got to get warmth, light, food, shelter and protection for the people who will do something useful with their lives.

We do not have time to fuck around.

You shellfish Phukk D’Witzz.

You are part of a machine.

Even if you seam weld, mash, tig, friction, mig, arc, gas, free phaser, explosion, implosion, butt, 3-phase, underwater, out of water, inspace or suborbital.

You are not free.

No one, except your sponsors is going to supply the medication for your affliction.

Your pimps have no MONEE, MONKEE.

You are going to destroy.

Aren’t you?



Big Bird II.

In its original Staff Requirement, the Royal Navy specified some key performance markers for a Sea King replacement. The first was speed and endurance to allow operations at extended ranges and to permit quick reaction to, and attack on, submarine targets. The second feature was an integrated mission system to process data from a suite of sensors to give the helicopter an independent capability to search for, locate and attack targets. Versatility was a third key requirement to enable the helicopter to carry out a wide variety of roles and respond quickly to emergency tasking in flash points around the world. Agility was the final characteristic. The helicopter had to have sufficient power, maneuverability and control margins to allow safe operations from frigate-sized flight decks in demanding weather conditions, day and night.

That means you will be all alone thousands of miles from dry land, in the middle of winter, in the dark, during one of these. Hunting down Akulas, which tend not to come out to play on a millpond.

So they designed the thing big, strong, powerful, redundant and very, very clever. Look at those BERPed blades.

“So where is this going then?” I hear you sigh.

Well apart from an excuse to gaze a great bits of British kit. To marvel at what British blokes and bloktrice can do with a slide rule and log tables. They’ll certainly not be getting any money because that is syphoned of by the accountants and finance departments of their respective organisations. Apart from a chance to have a dig at the garlicswillers and spaghetti chompers, it is another attempt to answer where all the defence money went.

First though a bit of xenophobia.

Which nation was the premier designer and manufacturer of helicopters outside of the Soviet Union, and even then I’d argue that point, in the 1950s? That’s correct the blokes and bloktrices hammering bits of metal together in Nissen huts at assorted venues throughout UKplc powered by love of Blighty and Brooke Bond tea.

Who were we told to hand all the gear over to in a stealth deindustrialisation and re-serfing of the aboriginals programme. Yep the garlicswilling swine. That was the 1960s. In case you don’t remember these are the very programmes aimed at removing out tech.

In the mid 1960s there was a British forces requirement for a range of new helicopters, which was met by collaboration with the French company, Aerospatiale to produce three new designs, Puma, Gazelle and Lynx. Westland were to take design leadership for the Lynx, while Aerospatiale were to be responsible for Puma and Gazelle. Both companies were to take part in the development and manufacture of all the aircraft.

Guess who’s still got a thriving helicopter industry extant and guess who flips burgers these days?

However you don’t kill an industry overnight. So round two heaved into view in the 1980s. Remember?

Once again we were told to hand over more tech to the spaghetti eaters this time, who couldn’t design a flying machine for toffee. I know that last sentence is not true, but I’m in no mood to correct my biase! So stuff it.

Guess who are involved in all sorts of great leading edge heli tech and who are flogging gas and leky door to door?

That’s better or is it bitter.

Anyway as I’ve been banging on about before, do you consider what happened to all the cash that got spent on our military and nothing actually got delivered?

You know, fighter jets delivered years late with concrete guns, AAW destroyers with dud missiles years late, SSNs that hit rocks and are years late, carriers with no aircraft that are years late.

Notice the common thread here. No not years late. Massively over budget. All that cash for nothing. All our troops in a real shooting war being told to use harsh language ‘cos there are no bullets or workable assault rifles.

And after all the casualties and general fucking around, they are going to be made redundant. Don’t be getting all maudlin on me here, let's make something very clear about what happened after the Berlin Wall came down. The only street gang still standing decided that it could make use of the massive NATO weapon stocks to go round the planet and steal stuff. They had to do it promptly though before another gang turned up.

That’s what we’ve had. That’s why no kit has been bought. The assets have been sweated in stealing stuff. Worn out and now to be scrapped.

Again I smell that someone has been told to break up something British. Oh of course no need to speculate. Tony “Quisling” Blair and Gordon “Haw Haw” Brown.

So here’s grist to the mill. The Canucks are picking up 9 of the world’s most expensive helicopters, gratia, and are going to use them for spare parts. Look at those numbers. All that money spent for nothing.

Where did it go?

I’ll wager a guess at somewhere like this around 1999. The guys that pocketted the loot are staying off shore, safe and sound until the current calamity blows over. Even if it takes decades it is what their families have done for centuries.

Turnin’ and burnin’

WARNING Technical porn alert.

As I’ve been hammering on about for some time now the Beautiful Island is on the endangered list. It is about to be betrayed by the so called freedom loving fools of the West. Handed over to the slaving state and its child killers. So all I can say to this is Oh really! When I clock this pile of crap from the communist Maoists in the Shite House.

With no official word yet about what’s going on, there’s no way to say definitively this decision was made to placate Beijing — but that might not be a bad assumption. This exact issue came up when China’s top military officer, Gen. Chen Bingde, was in the Pentagon earlier this year, and he confirmed that the U.S.-Chinese relationship would be harmed by another sale of weapons to Taiwan — which is part of China, after all, Chen said, so why would it need American military equipment?

Two points.

1)Free people do not trade with or placate slavers. Free people extinguish their slaving racket.

2) When will USofA corp’s spineless chimps be supporting the return of Konigsberg and the Junker lands to their rightful owners? Eh?

Typical relativist commie junk thought.

Anyway did you see that line about LM shutting down the F16 line in 2013? That just leaves the F18 being procured for USofA corp forces.

Everything else will have been closed and out of production. From the teens series and its replacement. Nothing else in sight to employ technologists and skilled persons. There is always the CaliValley of the Dolls though if not the dole.

Well what do you expect with Maoists running your country. One day you are superplastically forming hollow titanium alloy fan blades then the next flipping burgers in Macadees or getting spit roasted. Maoists; the banksters bestest friends and the ruination of every nation.

Anyway here comes the tech. porn. Have a wander through this.

Jet Engine Development in China: Indigenous high-performance turbofans
are a final step toward fully independent fighter production



Just to make the whole thing really well worth looking at with both hands in the air, remember that this lot “lost” a shed load of these recently. Maoists eh? Can’t trust the phekkers not to half inch anything. Useless at making anything, other than a pile of dead bodies, but they cast envious eyes upon the fruits of skillled people’s endeavour.


Now I will take umbrage with the analysis of these good folks regarding the ChiComm’s efforts to get a big red Maoist reaction engine up and running.

The ChiComms might not have to bother.

Follow me on this one.

If one casts one’s mind back to just before the last big one, a curious set of circumstances, not much commented upon, reveals itself. Garlicswilling AG and UKplc sent missions over to USofA corp to buy up a shed load of aircraft, initiate design of new aircraft and in UKplc’s case transplant aeromotor tech. Oh yes all those Packard Merlins came in real handy a few years later when the dropping of vast tonnages of high explosives on workers’ dwellings became fashionable.

This handing off of production work allowed UKplc to concentrate on developing the next generation of tech.

This is where a quote I remember about a singular weakness in the squarehead’s aerospace activity in the 1940s is significant. They never developed, got into production and then into front line service in massive numbers a 2000hp aeromotor. This failure was judged a tactical and operational handicap for the Wehrmacht.

The end result was that by 1944 Ukplc and USofA corp had 2000+hp aeromotors coming out of the factories and into squadron service by the thousands and thousands and had been for several years. Oh yes they were huge complicated things, but we had the tech. depth to handle it all.

And this is the interesting part. The square heads almost short circuited the whole thing by developing the axial flow turbojet.

A USAAF fighter jock may have been looking forward to a ship which had a 3500hp corncob up front, tearing through the atmos at 500mph in 1946, but the squareheads were already squealing through the air at 550mph two years previously on puny little Jumos.

They almost got away with it, simpler, lighter and aerodynamically more suited to the screaming through the air with your pants on fire future war. So they didn’t need the big 2000hp reciprocating whirlygig afterall.

So what are the chances of the new Nazi state pulling a similar trick? There is enough information out here to suggest that someone’s going to short circuit the aeromotors game again. Little experiments with bacofoil, chewing gum and spit that makes one wonder. Somewhere deep in the Maoist slaver state is there a bunch of clever geezers hard at work with the best equipment money can buy investigating just what the hell Tesla was on to?

Tuesday 28 June 2011

ENRON, 9/11, Nuremberg and big phekking white hats.

I think that for the second time at this shop I have to state that the following has nothing to do with God.

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“Do you remember the poll tax riots? What did you feel about it? What caused it all?” she asked of me.

Did I remember, of course. What did I feel, it was a set up. Could I see what caused it all, of course. Thankfully I resisted the urge to call it out, this was school homework after all, and gave the answer expected of the curriculum.

The real answer, which would not have been well received by the examiner, was that the so called poll tax riots were orchestrated in that age old ritual “The London Mob” to take the head of steam off of the delirium of the Crown’s crowd. Since the UKplc body politic is quantum irrational, the danger to the ruling oligarchs is clear and present at all times. They chose UKplc as one of their bases of operations and are aware of the schytzophrenic creature they have surrounded them selves within. One of the control mechanisms they deploy from time to time is the agitated mob.

That’s why London is so designed.

There is a publicly funded riot space within the capital to which the more motivated disaffected are invited, directed by a master of ceremonies, to act out their civil disobediance fantasies. Like a great big, rubber wallpapered, peppersprayed, rubber bulleted romper room within the asylum.

Once you understand this fact you will know that there never, ever, not in a million years, not if every grannie in the country were dragged from their beds at midnight tonight and lead pilled in the street, never, ever going to be a history changing riot in UKplc. The natives, in true Darwinian outcome, have been selected for passivity and thick as shitness.

Now don’t be thinking that I’m all down on my brothers and sisters here in the Smoke. It is not our fault that we’ve been bred like cattle, that is a bit like blaming all the USofA corp black athletes for being big and strong. The plantation owners selectivley bred them so. UKplc plantation owners in RCE/LC have bred the UKplc herd to be bovine. To wander around their Herd Attention Space gazing in wonder at the peculiar, specular wankstators, lowing gently. I mean how can a society that lives out of white vans, spends all day in cliques like Common Purpose, gazing at transparently fictional glass ceilings and worshipping large disease vectors in pyjamas have anything other than an unrealistic, psychotic appreciation of their role in history.

Don’t snikker rest of world, you are getting it soon. UKplc is the test lab. Just to make sure you get the point I’ll state it in clear English.

The most advanced society on the face of this planet is UKplc.

As I’ve mentioned before one of the straws in the wind that there is going to be a turning of the page in the great big book of how to stage a global society is show trials. Like the ones being carried out or planned in The Hague currently.

Interesting language English, it has magical properties. Have you noticed that from 1997 until 2007 the word "Blair" was all over the events recorded in the MSM?

Anyway what I really want to discuss is the ability of TPTB to talk utter crap, indeed make the sincere, trivial and the trivial, vital.

When I was a little boy the most impressive thing that had ever happened in the whole history of the 20th century was almost within my touching distance. Although I only ever got to see them on the Bolloxbox there was no doubt in my young mind that good had triumphed over evil. That here in these show trials there was the foundations for a peaceful and just world. Never again would geezers who marched ridiculously and wore stupid hats get to drag the innocent from their beds, march them to their gorey rest and use high explosives to destroy that which the ordinary folks of this world had laboured and toiled to achieve.


And so I slept easy for a long time secure in my belief. Resting peacefully in my bed each night knowing that their were tall men and righteous women out their, ever watchful, never resting, wearing white hats. That one day, if called upon, I’d take on the burden and keep the hat as pure, pristine and unmotted as the day it was first worn until a new generation took over the never ceasing watch of truth and justice.

Nuremberg Principles, August 8, 1945
AUGUST 8, 1945
[Signatories: USA, USSR, Britain, France]
The following acts, or any of them, are crimes coming within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal for which there shall be individual responsibility:
(a) Crimes against peace: namely, planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the foregoing;
(b) War Crimes: namely, violations of the laws or customs of war. Such violations shall include, but not be limited to, murder, ill-treatment or deportation to slave labor or for any other purpose of civilian population of or in occupied territory, murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war or persons on the seas, killing of hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity;
(c) Crimes against humanity: namely, murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian populations, before or during the war; or prosecutions on political, racial or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not in violation of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated.
Leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices participating in the formulation or execution of a common plan or conspiracy to commit any of the foregoing crimes are responsible for all acts performed by any persons in execution of such plan.
The official position of defendants, whether as Heads of States or responsible officials in Government Departments, shall not be considered as freeing them from responsibility or mitigating punishment.
The fact that the Defendant acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior shall not free him from responsibility, but may be considered in mitigation of punishment if the Tribunal determines that justice so requires.

That is quite clear isn’t it?

So what happened here, and here, and here, and here…….

In the designated public riot space there is never any memory of these simple truths. We kill because we believe in no thing.

Just as in the designated criminal commercial space there is never anything but a complex weaving of hustling and thievery all wrapped up in economic systems theory.

In this fiction space the simple truth is clear. Get this straight.

There is no economic systems theory.

It is all a load of crap thought up, from out of nowhere, by geezers who cannot stand the thought of doing a fair days work. They labour, knowingly, for a djinn. They worship no thing.

ENRON is a lovely example of the whole hidden gammut of the true nature of commercial intercourse.

What no one will ever point out, and I include my current four horsemen in this sweeping generalisation, is that commerce is designed to reduce humanity to an original Reduced Instruction Set Criminality. It is the truest religion or belief system extant on this planet, from which the so called spiritual religions are offered, and is nothing more than a great big tidying up of a load of weeds. We are out of our place and the meme is putting us back in our dead space and, cleverly, using us to do the dirty work.

Remember what I said about the weird dissonance where criminals are teated as royalty by the criminal justice system. The victims treated as perps. That only by realising that the whole system is run for the benefit of criminal action can this be reconciled. The wellspring of western civilisation is criminal. Well here is an interesting little look at Intellectual Property rights. Here is something you should recognise. If you search “King Khan 2025” you’ll recognise the source of this attempt at future casting by the ENRON clowns. I remember pulling all that 2025 stuff from the Aussie mirror site 15 years ago now. I was doing research into trends and forecasting, their technique of future casting, decoupled from current trends and influences, was right up my strasse. I was also researching IP at the time and although I made good use of the material it all seemed a tad occluded and fake. It was like accountancy and project management theory, something was missing. Something deliberately not stated.

Well that something is obvious now. Only by approaching these subjects with a bankster’s criminal mind do they start to make sense. Every system constructed by humans is wide open to RICO. Why is that? No one understands that by using money as debt and debt as money they are participating in a magical ceremony aimed at reducing all of humanity to slavery. The original ceremony at the first iCSI caused death within the sacred geometry and so as the crime scene extended over the millenia the sacrifice of more and more humans is demanded.

Reduced Instruction Sets are the mark of the djinn. If you find someone or something, especially any system, stopping you then that is the mark.

The clues are all around. Why do lawyers labour 24/7 to stop people doing anything? Go on then, who is trying to stop us breathing? Who is trying to stop us travelling? Who is trying to steal all our chattel? Who works night and day to kill people in their millions? Note in that last case that we are still not free of the RISC, everything is conditional upon the argument staying RISC’d.

Why do you think that when a “real” war is declared the IP gets snatched by the victors? Well some of you might say that to the victors go the spoils. Ahh but you are missing something. Sure enough if it wasn’t for the lifting of German patents there would have been no Nobel winning transistor, or margarine from coal, or synthetic blood etc. However what is always missing is that the knowledge is to be wiped out of existence by the magick of fiat money. Look at what the weedkiller guys are doing in stealing knowledge from all over the world. Some may call it progress but to ignore the malevolent bankster magic skulking in the background is to stupidly let human knowledge, our knowledge, be destroyed.

The same is true with expert systems. You only need one and the rest of humanity are drones. Before the system there was a smorgasbord of professions and trades keeping everyone gainfully employed. Now, just the dole or a stipend from a foundation fronting charity.

All about “protection”, got it? All law protects that original crime scene.

I know that there are those who believe that there is a massive, highly intelligent entity running this show, like creationists they are fools. Like atheists they are closed minded. Like theists they are dyslexic.

If one stops and thinks then all we have here is a fractal RICO RISC.


So what has this got to do with 9/11 then?

Well if you don’t bother asking just WTF went on that day you have, as expected, extended the remit of the crime scene. You have proven yourself, Darwinian, selected for inclusion in the next round of reducing the herd to apathy. Once fiat money is openly traduced and ridiculed you will attend the next religion to be created without question. If you don’t understand that if the pirate base at Tortuga sur Med, RCE/TA, is involved in any aspect of your life, then you will be getting terminated. If you do not understand that the heathen infest the Black Pig or RCE/LC then you will die poor and ignorant. The heathen were neck deep in bringing down the towers, right back to when they were blueprinted by their Hiram Abiff’d sacred architects. The RCE/NY pirate base is a criminal colony run by the supreme servants of the RISC. RCE/BS is a slaving state and any trade with it is a traitorous act upon humanity. If you don’t get the idea that nation states are transient entities constucted by lawyers to constrict us. That some nation states are nothing more than operational bases for RICO. That the last thing you need to do is actually spend any of you debt as money anywhere near their global death print. Then you are toxic and a danger to the rest of us. You are RISC.

Any commerce that depends on sanction from the creators of nothing for its conduct is evil magic.

Ask yourself this question. Do you consider your global carbon footprint or your global death print when purchasing?

Depending on your answer you’ll either be selected for slavery or stand and fight. There is no option. If one were to look clearly at the great big hand job being run out of UKplc for the past 300 years you cannot escape the conclusion that slowly but surely the djinn loving scum are preparing us, every last one of us, to accept the status of property.

I am not property; you retarded Phukk D’Witzz. Neither is anyone else. Fuck off.

The white hats are currently not being worn by tall men and righteous women. They have been abandoned. It isn’t that we’ve gone shades of grey or turned to the dark side. We’ve been persuaded that to wear a white hat is forbidden by RISC dishing lawyerlying heathen. We need to remember that standing out from the crowd is what those of us with all the wonderful spectrum of instruction sets do.

Pick up your white hat. Put it on.

There is a fight on.

A hoary old story.

Image source.

Wouldn’t want to complain about death now, would we?

Dead people, the world's most stable currency.

Don't forget to stuff the guys who cannot write their own mouthings. Oh yes vote in the fools who are incapable of speaking their own copywright. Wordy words from the soup dragon.

On the menu for G8 leaders social dinner:

Corn-stuffed caviar
Smoked salmon and sea urching "pain surprise" style
Winter lily bulb and summer savoury
Kelp-flavoured cold kyoto beef shabu-shabu, asparagus dressed with sesame cream
Diced fatty fles of tuna fish, avocado and jellied soy sauce and Japanese herb "shiso"
Boiled clam, tomato, Japanese herb "shiso" in jellied clear soup of clam
Water shield and pickled conger dressed with vinegar soy sauce
Boiled prawn with jellied tosazu-vinegar
Grilled eel rolled around burdock strip
Sweet potato
Fried and seasoned Goby with soy sauce and sugar
Hairy Crab "Kegani" bisque soup
Salt-grilled bighand thornyhead with vinegary water pepper sauce
Milk fed lamb from "shiranuka" flavoured with aromatic herbs and mustard
Roasted lamb and cepes and black truffle with emulsion sauce of lamb's stock and pine seed oil
Special cheese selection, lavender honey and caramelised nuts
G8 fantasy dessert

Not gold, you muppets.

Monday 27 June 2011

All orchestrated castration.


Keep the lists up to date.

Kane ate Able after all.

U What?

Image source.

I fucking told you so. Let the garlic swilling swine into anything and they will get a double/triple agent Rothschild sponsored shithouse up and running pronto, Tonto. Nothing but dead bodies, slaughtered innocents, broken families and gunfire and random sniper everywhere. Oh, and there will be a pigs dinner and chaos all round.

There is going to be a larger body count heading to our graveyards soon.

Count on it.

War dead to be driven down side streets to avoid the public

The question that I put to you is this one.

Are the inhabitants of the UKplc currently, not to put too fine a point on it, in the aggregate, not to generalise too much, inclined towards, not seeking to pillory the majority without justification, being A BUNCH OF FICTION LOVING, IGNORANT, DEGENERATE, SPINELESS CUNTS?

Just asking you stupid, slaver loving, indolent bitchboys and boybitches. Inhabitants of Marie Antionette’s toy farm’s dung heap.

Sunday 26 June 2011


Image source.

Sacred clay

Power water.

All is quiet at the North Finchley dohyo. The lamps are lit and the storm shutters are down. We’ve repeated the unrepeatabled, repracticed, hard, as you will soon see. We are hardened. All is as it should be, our shoulders ache. Our mawashi are on a full boil wash and the sacred clay has been swept of detritus. Within the circled, notched, there is stillness. All are at rest. Sure of our powers. We’ve attended our chanko nabe and zider. We are happy.

The world of the true champion is upon us.

Let us remember how it used to be.

Ozeki, the golden.

Yok the over floralled Yak.

Remember this when the traps are opened in opinion again.

From nowhere, not from the prepared nursery garten, nor from the breeding mares. Never from the madrassas, never from the inbred schools. Their sacred, secretted, blastomered family. Always asking and beseeching us to tend their five legged issue, after birth.

Never from these singular.

Always from the vulgar.


Saturday 25 June 2011

Cludgie Alert.

Image source.

As The Stoker said.

As the bowel evacuation said.

The reason these clowns publish so much shite paper is because they never create anything new. It is all Old Testament crap regurgitated time after time after time. Ad infintium. It is a ritual they must complete. Footery Phukk D'Witzz.

No creativity, just NOAHide .

Useless dolly eater.

Friday 24 June 2011

Uh-oh the Hindhus are going to get a liberated Pak nuke in the face.

Image source.

India backs Iran's nuclear rights

It is all gearing up for some sort of formal declaration, followed by extreme travel restrictions and rationing, followed by amnesia about who stole all our money.

Same pattern over and over again.

Thursday 23 June 2011

Death or marriage.

No one knows any more.


Parsley again.

Image source.

Here is Parsley at work after the penalty points, no doubt near DumDum. H/T ELP

Notice the complete iGREENery of the killers. Their carbon footprint has been offset and collateralised. Pity the explosive killing footprint can never be collateralised in the ritual. Only real dead people will suffice.

Notice there are no civilians in sight. In war there are no civilians now that we have entered the heathen stage again. Just, justified collateral damage.

iGREEN Panda squeezing and iGREEN Tiger hugging is the new subtle humane human genocide.

At least Parsley’s baby in a box will be delivered safely.

It is coming. Get ready.

What a Kuntsevo?

Image source.

This is the proletarian, utilitarian, rotarian, masonic dump the Rothschild’s bastard came to study Marxist theory and the furtherment of the emancipation of humanity. Something only he was fit for purpose. So he needed a top gaff, no McMansion for him, oh no. There to rest his never ceasing brainiac’s attempts to bring sweetness and light to the masses.

Nah! Did he phukk!

What do people who have all the temporal power do in any society?

Yep no need to spell it out for you. You know where this is going.

What do people who have absolute temporal spiritual control and temporal power do then?

Ohhhh, I can tell you are scratching your nuts. You are thinking “WTF is INCOMING!!!!!!! on about now? What’s the difference? And how can you have “absolute temporal spiritual control”? WTF does that mean?”

Well lets get back to our Georgian heathen scion of the Roth. He, like all over inflated egobarphs, was a great big panty wetting girlyman. A great big pumped up, over stuffed, full of swamp gas, bitchboy. Nothing more than a gangster. Very much like the inadequate goons who infest the West’s businessperson cadre. So inadequate that the only way to give their lives meaning is to replace the emptiness inside with the emptiness of so called commerce. Like these clowns made famous by the GGT.

These kinds of business persons are now going to be getting directly into our faces because all the work has gone and if the IPCC and assorted iGREENs get their way these are the types of empty, successful goons who will be deciding whether we live or die. Just like the Man of Steel. Why do they never have a proper handle? Well it is because the whole shebbang is a production. A staged play to kill off those who do not believe.

Stalin had to read the barph inducing foundation sponsored Marx Brother’s drivel in order to get on in his schytzoid system. These business persons need to have USofA corp business gurus to tell them how to get on in their, much more cleverly disguised, schysophrenic system.

However I digress.

Whenever, and it is very often, I hear a business person expounding on the pursuit of profit and the value of money. Whenever I hear about how much they have stashed away and how wealthy they are I reflect that I am not speaking to a real person. There is nothing but a hollow shell, an empty, no longer inhabited, carbon based life form called Homo Sapiens Sapiens which in reality is now Homo Vocivus Ludens. Completely engineered id. It isn’t as if they are stupid or hide bound. I remember over 10 years ago one of them constantly urging me to read The Coming Plague and yet being blind to the vulgar nature of what he so diligently researched, he would never have understood a conversation about the philosophy of money. These captains of, I won’t say industry since that has gone, these lieutenants of rigged markets. These Doges of commerce are disciples of nothing and they don’t realise it and never will. They are unknowing perps acting out their roles on the stage of the eternal crime scene.

That useless erasatz commie Fukk D’Witz, the rusty steel man was even emptier. If that is possible. Homo Vocivus Pravus. When the Rothschild’s bastard with the silly moustache kicked in the door of the stinking edifice known as the USSR he blubbed like a great big knicker wetting girlyman. Now instead of the locals, most of whom were dead by then, stringing the fucker up from the nearest lampost outside his dacha, they fell for his address to the Russian people. Suddenly it was all brothers and sisters this, Russians that. No more comrades or Leninist crap. The mob fell for it.

I’ll digress again. Those of you with an eye for such matters will recognise a pattern at work when the square heads wandered into places already stolen by Uncle Joe. So technically it wouldn’t have been an invasion. The square heads owned everything from Lvov to Yerevan after the end of hostilities in 1917. Now if one, following an age old pattern, were to commit a massive crime and intend to get away with it would the idea of a great big stouchie rolling over the crime scene help. Kind of like despoilation of the evidence at a crime scene as modern forensic scientists would recognise it. Zoh. The commies roll into the Ukraine and kill everyone. Millions and millions and millions of dead people everywhere. I mean really dead. Not as you would understand it Steven, BTW what’s your real handle. Real dead people everywhere. No one alive to make films about. Then the square heads roll through. Then the commies roll through again. Now that is a pretty despoiled crime scene alrighty. Again there is a partial answer to those niggling problems that get skimmed over by the GGT when we look back at these event. We are supposed to believe the half arsed cover story of why UKplc royalty couldn’t do anything to save the Byzantine royal family of Russia. We aren’t supposed to do anything other than shrug when we find out about our handing over millions of fleeing refugees to the heathen commie murderers after the gunfire and sniper stopped in 1945.

Get this straight; UKplc wanted them all dead because we are host to the heathen

What Stalin lacked was the ability to wield absolute temporal spiritual control. Shooting people and starving people will not do it. He was a classic bitchboy outwith the sacred intiates who wield the real power in this world. Fear is a dish best served with subtlety and fiat money.

What do I mean? Look around you. We are in constant fear. This world has been brought into being by the wielding of absolute temporal spiritual control. Stalin’s power was brought into being by the high adepts of this control and they burst his bubble when they decided to, after he’d served his purpose.

Again a further aside. If the good folks who live in, what I consider an expanding crime scene, stop and think about some of the puzzling things that infest our daily lives. Things like the counterintuitive outcomes of the criminal justice system both here in UKplc, EUSSR and USofA corp. The endless killing and war making. How dodgy businesspersons always end up living in the finest dachas in the best parts of town, no matter which country you live in. This is most easily explained by the realisation that we are being lead by criminals. The criminal mindset is the default setting for our society.

We live in a crime scene, run by and for criminals and there is no more FBI, rule of law or justice.

Once this realisation is made your life becomes simpler, happier and your direction in life so obvious. Once you realise that the early adoptors of this system have not relinquished their control but instead have strengthened it every cycle of building and destruction. That they have a closed system that seeks to drag us down to their engineered level and away from their higher pretentious domain. That the mob can be set up and controlled by this system of control and preaction. Nothing is new and the same pattern repeats, then our own solution is to remove evrything we can from their effective control and if we find ourselves in one of their systems to fuck it up as much as possible. It isn’t hard to do, remember this is a criminal enterprise with no ISO9001 or Six Sigma bollox. Just fiat cash acquisition by any means. Once you realise that instead of being a good little believer what you need to be is a bad little believer then the system will collapse under the weight of its own ridiculous pretentions.

Their system relys on the individual being part of some sort of engineered Reduced Instruction Set Community. Existing in a captured mindset. Whilst they belong to a sect with supremacist pretentions and a massive inferiority complex. I mean imagine knowing that the only reason the djinn chose the chosen ones was because they were a bit thick.

What I’m trying to say is that the society in which we are engineered to believe we are nothing but machines is run by true believers. Temporal spiritual persons. Their belief system works for them, demonstrabley not theoretically like ours. Can you use the theoretical tennets of democracy? Can they use their belief system?

Which one works in a temporal sense? However it is all a con.

Now I don’t want you getting all miserable. The three ringed flea circus that these slobs run has fallen apart before. I can identify one such occasion when they had to restart the whole con again. As I wrote at the other shop

the storming of the crime scene personally and the booting out of the religioKriminals from the Temple. Expelling them outwith the protection of the sacred geometry. You can tell that actually happened because they put a contract out on him thereafter. This singular event tells us that he knew what had happened thousands of years before.

After that the pony show collapsed as it became obvious for all to see what a stinking pile of crap their cult was. However the nexus and source of the cult, which way predates Abraham, started it all again 500 years later.

However it knows that the more complete its secular oppression of us the stronger we become spiritually. Always the temporal struggle. Always true spiritual victory. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Cheer up, if you think we’ve got it bad just imagine knowing, that no matter what you do, it will never succeed because you are a fictional, heathen, criminal, secular, cretinous cult.


Wednesday 22 June 2011

Constantinople Oops..!!!

Someone left a secret door open again. Image source.

There is nothing wrong or dangerous with nuclear power.

What is obscuring this fact is…..

a) Hidden non usable nuclear weapons programmes.

b) Occulted research in bankster land.

What no one will ever say is that someone really stupid thought that they could substitute Gold with Uranium or Plutonium.

Metals? Have you ever considered their properties?

Thorium reactors for peace.

That’s what we need.


El Gaucho

Image source.

Well as you know all saddles are not filled up yet. 4 are empty. Right now we’ve got Catherine, Max and Gerald. Well I'm pleased to say that this lad has been on the watch list for a long time now and I’m glad to note he’s made the grade. The 4th saddle is now occupied.

H/T Stench of Zion.

Just a couple of notes about Adrian’s remarks. If one knows how the CHEKA, OGPU and NKVD got started you’ll recognise his concern about the small community of Ba’al Hammon worshippers in Argentina getting a hugely disproportionate amount of the publicly funded State Security System devoted to their “protection” because they are a threatened minority. The same process is recognisable in UKplc and USofA corp today.

One other note about’s Adrian’s presentation.

If I met Lazar Kaganovich and stuck the nut in him, then booted him in the balls every time we met, then I would concede that there may be a case for calling me Anti-Kaganovich or even Anti-Khazari. However I would defend my behaviour by pointing out that finding such a psychopathic mass murdering Ba’al Hammon worshipping sociopath still alive, my reaction would be an act of self defence lest he should worm his way into the local State Security Apparatus(TSA) and come after my family. Never the nonsequitor Anti-Semitic.

Similarly were I to meet Hasdrubal and smashed his face in every time we met I would concede that I may be a tad Anti-Carthaginian or Anti-Phoenician or maybe Anti-Hasdrubal. However I would defend my actions by pointing out that finding such a racist, mass murdering, Anti-Celtic, psychopathic, supremacist, Ba’al Hammon worshipping gangster heathen still alive it would be an act of self defence lest he should bring his child murdering cult to my shores. Though since Hasdrubal actually was Semitic I’ll wager that will confuse the current faux Semites in our midst.

If you don’t recognise the Ba’al Hammon in our midst then there is no hope for you. The Phoenician Bishop of Rome knows who he worships alrighty. EUROMED knows to whom they owe allegiance.

Ba’al Hammon loves every sip of Pepsi we take and every mote of spiralling smoke from the NHS incinerators.

Getting it yet?

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Lazy, lazy days of Sumer.

Image source.

Well that was quite a weekend and I’ve not got much to say yet. So let’s have a look at overwork. Stealth genocide. Hidden eugenics.

Somewhere in the room with the geezers smoking huge cigars, gulping ambrosia, slaking metamorphs and worshipping djinn there must be, beside the secret maps, upon the table; the recipe book. The great big book of alchemy that describes and tabulates everything you need to do to grow humans in the garden and remove the weeds.

“Sir Philip Watts and his team led by Gard and Mooney did a fine job. Mooney was a very hard worker and took only 20 minutes for lunch (a habit which he tried to impose on his staff), but he died in 1915 from the effects of overwork.” p103 A Century of Naval Constuction, THE HISTORY OF THE ROYAL CORPS OF NAVAL CONSTRUCTORS 1883-1983, D.K.Brown, 1983. Conway Maritime Press Ltd.

There is something at work in a country that can haul a big pink cock down the street, I’d love to see this in John Finney Strasse, and yet face a demographic crisis. There is something viciously envious.

Something wants those shores.

Nuke the bastards, work them to death, nuke their financial system and then nuke them again. They still won’t go away. Someone ought to tell their handmaiden that they are in a middin.

Big John would have shot this hybrid dolly mared ass out of town. The fuckin’ pirate bitch.

Work as a rubbered car up the ass=slavery.

However there is something to this pyramid scheme that is eternal.

Worked it out yet?

There is no work, just routine and worship and death in their service.

Saturday 18 June 2011

Adrift in the long beautiful night?

Set about.

Fog closing in?

Sea anchors.

Guiding star gone?

Stop and think.

There is no progress to be had if not insighted by thought.


Ignore their comfort pained paths.

No one is adrift who thinks.

Ignore the pain.

Ignore their comforts.

Think and join the free.

Then take your direction.

A direction they will hate for it removes you from their comfort.

Go now.

Three beautiful white birds.

And the most beautiful bird of them all.

PRU Blue.

Two stage of course.

Friday 17 June 2011


Cam Rahn Bay?

If you cast your mind back to WW2, the prime aim of which was to complete the process of dragging USofA corp into the myre. A process started on Christmas Eve 1913 and planned since Jekyll Island, what an appropriate name.

Cast your mind back to the actors and their relationships, their ever changing relationships. Everything was mutable, everything in flux, yet the perception management kept us in the dark about just what was really going on.

Right now we are having the Herd Attention Space manipulated to disguise the next desired outcome.

What is the desired outcome?

The integration of India to the Ponzi scheme, merge North and South America and final tidying up of the some loose ends using the new boys on the block. The new boys who are tooling up for a move. What move?

Zbig always wants ChiCommland to head into Siberia to stiff the Russians. The lure of oil and minerals is supposed to be an irresistable bait. Well if I know that such a strategy is bollox then I’m sure the ChiComms know as well. How do I know? Well the square heads, remember them the liebensraum fanatics, they worked out long before the gunfire and sniper got stopped that the only move that turned a buck was the occupation of already developed regions. France , good. Poland, bad.

No one is heading north with OMGs. I see my red, child killing buddies heading to the bright lights southwards and they’ve made it quite plain for all to see that that is where they are heading.

So we get distractions like tellyvision programming that is obsessed with peoples pudenda, orifices and genitalia. Big disease vectors in pyjamas clogging up the MSM. Lady J Go causing all sorts of wonderful distractions on the gogglebox.

Meanwhile RCE/TA is causing chaos around the Phoenician lake to keep us crapping ourselves. I didn’t write about tall buildings for nothing, if we don’t crap ourselves enough then something might get lit off to keep us in line. Before we go East again I just want to highlight something very, very important.

If you remember SPRINT, stood up and then immediately stood down. That was a system operating within a strategic intercontinental threat, thousands and thousands of miles apart, millions of cubic miles of lethality space.

Then there is ARROW and assorted programmes. ARROW is a theatre system and the decision times and reaction times are so much less than the larger system. Indeed it could be a very cluttered environment, by design. If RCE/TA is serious about taking out IRAN then I would not be surprised to read that there is a plan to launch ICBMs amongst the lifting off of the interceptors of the shield. We know that the pirate base has a proclivity for false flags and hidden ops.

Which brings me nicely back East.

I still believe that this or similar facility was running defence during this, which made the event less damaging than planned. As usual on these occassions there was more than one operation in play. The major play though was maneuvre kill.

As I pointed out earlier Japan, South Korea and Taiwan(USofA corp) are now out of the picture operationally. If the pantomime villain, Rothschild’s lad, was playing his part by allowing NK to be used for the tactical scalar Yak attack on behalf of RCE/TA & ChiComms, just like he let NK be used for the attack that took SK out of the gaming in 2010, then we should expect him to be getting a pat on the back and a new girlfriend to kill.

What should be clear by now is that the long suspected turning of the coat by RCE/TA has now happened. They lost a shed load of F15 engines last week. I wonder where they ended up?

Let’s make that quite clear; RCE/TA is now allied to the ChiComms. Not us. WW3 has kicked off.

With that in mind I would suggest a very sensible start to the ChiComm string of pearls would be to follow England’s pattern in the Med. You want safe easily defended bases. Gib, Malta etc.

Cam Rahn Bay? That would be sweet wouldn’t it. USofA corp taxpayers built and paid for it.

Thursday 16 June 2011

My friends missed it all


Microspans and microspasms.

Image source.

This is fantastic. However these lads seem to inhabit a private world where counter battery fire does not have any consequence. I always worry about the queen of the battlefield. H/T SNAFU!

Anyway back to the play pen and Hector’s House.

Pirates at work. This lashup and stage prop is essentially a recoilless weapon, like an ONTOS.

This is interesting. I love the NOAHide boots china. Reebok or NIKE? Made in which slaving state? Well you wouldn’t care would you, you phukkin’ stone age slaver.

This is even more interesting.

Are you getting this yet?

The fraud Newton, did describe some relationships, you should know, which do apply locally.


Are you getting some DIcke Keystone Coppery, casting couch in LA Zentral, double teamed yet?

Here is some recoil.

Do you reckon that Japan got Fukushima’d because they decided to stop supplying pickup trucks to the Keystone Al Kayakeda, up the stream without a Strella, AfPakNamistan Kriminals and not process an Iranian Big Stick?

I hope you read about the gun at this here shop in Saudi Africa.

Don’t snikker USofA corp, the whole pickup thing is a testing bed like the FreiKorps was for Germany and the Soviets, for use in the Habsburg attack on you by Reconquista.

Did you note it has the Health and Safety compliant side impact bars.

Oh phukk me!!!


It is coming up to the killing season again so here is something I think you will all know and understand.

At this here zweilling zider bucket there is no criticism, ever, of those dead, soon to be alive or alive, with true heart, no mater, no matter the outcome.


Wednesday 15 June 2011

Architects of Destruction

Or mind bending self realisation.

Image source.

I didn’t know what to do today, whether to finish off something, aware as I am that the other shop has several stewing, or start or even just plagiarise, i.e. put up some other folks' stuff for you to read. Anyway AdamS spurred things along as you will see.

So I’ll try and do all three.

Firstly lets deal with those who are so soft in the head, for they cannot recognise a group psyop when one heaves into view. For these people are dangerous, toxic and will end up with their earthly remains dissolved in lime taking us with them. The only sign that they ever existed a solitary brass shell casing deep in their death pit.

They are so busy screaming “Look at me!!!!! I’m a cyber hero look what I found.”


As well as keeping the lists up to date I hope you have compilations of the cyber muppets out here who are either thick as two short ends or agents of the heathen.

So with that in mind here’s three bloggers. I’m not recommending them, nor saying I agree with all they have to say. However they are a small part of my wanderings out here on the ausphart. I enjoy them, I hope you do to. The important thing is that they do not have that certain STENCH.

Bogie who kind of got excited about Christmas recently. Entirely understandable IMHO.

Matsutarō Fáfá. I particularly liked his posting about Zeng Jinyan swiftly followed by booting Ken Clarke in the nuts. High art, serendipity and melancholy.

NIKI RAAPANA, smart cookie.

So that is the plagiarisation bit done.

Now onto the finishing something not yet started.

Regular readers here and from the other shop will know that I’ve been rather concerned that dark forces might be trying to quite literally rub Indo-European civilisation from the map.

Those who have a manufactured history, RCE/TA, will in a fit of jealousy rub out real history and so fulfill a higher agenda without knowing.

Last evening one of my telly heroes wound up his latest programming. Deliberate choice of words there. He gave us a look at this gaff and its history. Now the good academic has been responsible for some of my favourite grooming over the past decade or so. My particular favourite being Around the World in 80 Treasures.

However when he really got my attention was the occasion he got sent round the general area of coming destruction, and specifically Iraq, about a decade ago. Now that made me sit up. I thought “Someone has sent you, me favourite old architectural academic, to document what was there.” Whether reconaissance or witness or both I don’t know. However I watched every programme so was not surprised to hear about the looting nor to find him back in Iraq after the Shekinah in Babylon.

It all seemed to fit with some of the things that Andrew Collins had highlighted about the ancient pre-biblical sites in current day Turkey that were getting buried under the proposed Illysu dam project in the 1990s. Those with a nose will know that the current turmoil on the Turk/Syr border is a direct threat to my favourite old dump. Gobekli Tepe.

I suspected that someone was trying to clear away evidence for the benefit of jealous guardians of Old Testament fictions and fairy tales.

Today AdamS posted this. Modus operandi revealed again.

If one looks at that arc from Serbia to the Thar one can see that Kurdistan, Syria, Iran and the Indus are the only ones left due for massive real estate redevelopment and memory wipe by means of high explosives, genocide and Uranium.

No doubt about it.

Just to finish off this delirious outpouring, I’ve been snorting Coca Cola all after noon, all it did was make my mouth foam and eyes water.

I’m a bit disappointed.

What do I mean by STENCH? You’ve no doubt been thinking.

Well to get a good lung full of the racid reek of STENCH, I’d recommend you wander through this turgid mindpurge and its comments.

Man, that is a collection of the world's top mindsluicing Tom foolery with a very, very few exceptions. I think there is one name in that clown’s outfit that summarises the whole farce.

Dr Peter Beter. What a metronomic, Babylonian, oh yes Lebanon is just too close for comfort, hand job he was. Once you’ve got through the tens and tens of hours of his monotonous stentorian snooze inducing carping mind barph you come to three conclusions.

He is a good bellweather for the state of play between the senior and cadet branches of the Roth in the 1970s. The good doctor was a Roth agent crapping on the Rock I’ll wager, never ceasing. Roth was gaining the upper hand.

He was talking utter moon sluice. “On September 20, 1977, the Russians blasted an American Spy Satellite into a huge fireball in space as it passed over the Petrozvodsk Observatory in northern Russia. And barely a week later, on September 27, 1977, the secret American Moon Base in Copernicus Crater was silenced by Russia's neutron-beam attack from Earth orbit. America had just lost the Battle of the Harvest Moon. Immediately America was forced to stop short in her secret Beam-weapons race with Russia, for suddenly our Unseen Rulers were teetering on the edge of war itself - and Russia suddenly was calling the shots."

He was also giving signals, in the clear, to the opposition about real events. His discussions about, old 1940s weapons tech, ballistic missiles submerged in floating casings won’t surprise those who have seen this decades later.

So what we’ve got is a psyops. Rockefeller, Bankrupt USofA corp, Fort Knox, Gold, Missiles, WMD, bioweapons, food crises, political skullduggery, corrupt politicians, pending doom, obliteration. Sound familiar? Yep, look at that top 10 again, plagiarism.

Mind you I’m not saying there isn’t something to it all just that 99% of it is unintelligible.

Right then on with the things I need to finish for the other shop, mind you I am behind schedule.

BTW toldyahso! “Also note that when the French get involved you know there will be a Rothschild double/triple agent nest at work to make sure there is no obvious winner. Think Vietnam Paris peace talks. Everyone will know they are a loser but the winner will not be apparent for many, many years.


Tuesday 14 June 2011

It is a long way from Lemberg to Hertford.

Muppet image source.

My old mukka Stephen used to tell us tales, amongst others, of the Gib gangsters infesting this part of London, of the malarky surrounding his brother’s machinations with His Majesty’s armed forces, what to do immediately upon murdering someone in UKplc and of how his family ended up parked on Hull docks with a blank look on their faces decades and decades ago. They thought they’d got passage to New York.

As I’ve mentioned before his most memorable quip to me was of how UKplc was viewed by Europeans before the last big one was engineered.

“Britain. A poor, coaling stop on the way to America.”

What his family had been fleeing was oppression of the poor, and they found intitial disappointment, but eventually realised that they’d been lucky to find a rich country and were thankful. Not so much in terms of trappings of wealth but in institutions and a deep well of respect for the rule of law. No one was going to boot in the front door of your house and drag you off into the night to take delivery of a prescription from the Lead Pill Pharmacy in Hull or London. Not then anyway.

Stephen’s long gone now.

So let me have a good look at UKplc today.

Are the poor oppressed?

£850 billions smooth.

Getting my steam driven abacus all fired up I make that £850,000,000,000 divided by £400 which is 2,125,000,000 in 2008/9 money.

So the fools that stole all our cash and pensions, the banksters, remember them, who aren’t lending because they know we are all going to be unemployed soon, are directly responsible for the cash equivalent of 2.125 billion old persons snuffing it through hypothermia in UKplc.

OK then I can see you are not convinced.

Today two geezertrice got dumped in the dock for stealing £210 quid because their granny snuffed it and they didn’t fes up. The full majesty of the law and civil law enforcement was deployed to take on two major criminals known to have pocketted er……£210. Surely there musht be shum mishtake Shirley. Are there some zeros missing there? Nope. “Two hundreds and ten quid ONLY”

So the full weight of the law comes down on two birds who made off with a stiff’s £210 quid. I make that, again the chalk and slate comes out, after a quick cancelling of zeros, I make that after adjusting for inflaion as experienced by you, me and the rest of the great unwashed, 15% per year. I make that…..

£1,300,000,000,000 divided by £241.50. Call it £1.3 trillions divided by £240.

So the fools that stole all our cash and pensions, the banksters, remember them, who aren’t lending because they know we are all going to be unemployed soon, are directly responsible for the cash equivalent of 5,394,190,871 old persons having their rotting corpses claiming benefits in UKplc.

Either way the HSBC, RBS, Northern Rock, Darling, Brown, LloydsTSB and assorted RCE/LC criminal syndicates have stolen the cash equivalent of billions and billions of dead people giving their rellies a night out on the town. Or stolen the means to prevent billions and billions of oldsters freezing to death in a planet being conned into thinking there is global warming. Got that? There is no global warming. The Sun and the whole local region of space we are floating through are changing. The weather is shitty because there are weather weapons being deployed. The banksters see a chance to pull another con and steal more loot and lives. Got that?

And no bankster has had his collar felt for causing all this theft, chaos and death.

Stephen knew the smell of oppression whether it comes out of the barrell of a secret policeman’s machinepistol or the quietly arranged bankstergangsterskankster con and looting of a whole society.

“Britain. A poor stop on the way to nowhere.”

Yes we are.