Wednesday 31 March 2010

FFS can’t these Global Warmistas get anything right?

One of many.

And at the same time the penguins are mutating and growing longer wings to escape the melting ice sheets in Antarctica!!!

Even Amundsen’s shack has been washed away.


Come back Al.

The fighting season in AfNamistan will be upon us soon.

Here’s a little item I posted a while back about the numbers of dead and wounded from previous conflicts and another about dead troopers in AfNamistan last year.

Here’s a very worrying item from WNU today.

Heavy UK casualties expected this summer.

Remember to ask the scum when they end up on your doorstep canvassing the following question.

“Will you vote to bring all our troops home immediately if elected to parliament?”

If they do not reply in the affirmative you know what to do.

Heads up.

Have you seen….

…how much tax you have to fork out in order to flee this country?

You can also be sure that the corporations behind the databases used by the Agencies supplying border control and immigration services have a list of those who are not going anywhere no matter how much lucre they can stump up at the airport!!! The names have been taken.

As I said to my mate Stuart the union man on a tube from Farringdon to Kings X over two decades ago “Now the Berlin Wall is down they’ll use tax to build a new one here”.

Each and every one of us, from the dead to the unborn, owes over 30,000 quid and we are not to be allowed to escape.

USofA is even worse, 300,000 bucks or more!!!

Travel restrictions and pass laws, using taxation as the preferred vehicle of disguise, are currently being enforced.

If that doesn’t work expect a declaration of war.

Viewed very skewed that is what WW2 really was for UKplc subjects.

Extreme travel restrictions.

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Reportage and the Love Ink

This is a member centric, 646, unravelling so get ready. It is at most T+36 days until the death of democracy as we knew it and a new age of assassination and freedom administered by the Lead Pill Pharmacy turns up.

In the good old days when I was a lad I always got all expectorant when the general election was heaving into view. From about 18 months out from the theoretical end of a 5 year parliament I would join in with the big boys & girls of punditry on radio, TV and the column inchers telling us who the fart sacks were and who were the fragrant posies of the soon to be election day.

If there was any sign that the government of the day was crapping itself about calling a general election and cutting it close to the wire then the telly went ballistic.

Robin Day el al. would go gyratingly bat shit crazy. There would be screaming and yelling, jumping up and down and gibbon like gibbering, braying and pissing on the dandelions to bring to our attention the fact that the Mother of Parliaments was kecking it pants.

That’s why in those days the television studio crews had major hair units. The broadcast studio air was full of proteins. They didn’t need jojoba and avocado shampoo. Oh no. 24hrs in a studio near the GE was enough to style you for life.

If it wasn’t Kenneth Baker’s eye water, it was Robin’s man oil or Anna’s lady batter flying as the election fever and rut got everyone into one great big electo-organsmic jizzfest. Columnists mating cries would fill Fleet St and in the papers scribblers' spunkings & spankings would fill the pages. Frank Bough and Selina Scott would be slumped, incoherent, comme le petit mort, over their auto cues. Drained of any further activity. Snow’s swing-o-meter would spiral out the studio after day after day after day of unbroken heavy swinging, leaving a deflapped Snow comatose.

Ahh the good old days.

So let’s have a look at today.

We are virtually out of time, T+36 days and closing, and the media has gone all chaste. No more BDSM for the MSM. No more flogging the errant parliamentarian until the truth comes. Oh no the days of a penetrating dominatrix like Sheena are long gone. Unrequited emotions and the heat of political intercourse have been chilled.

The three tenners waffled yesterday about nothing. The 3 Priests of the Prostate are soon on screen, swollen and dried up. No one in the MSM is saying much. Why is a hung parliament being touted quietly? Predictive Programming?

Well I reckon the reason is clear. Swamp us with meaningless MSM coverage of staged nonsense in the hope that no one will notice that the members are now limp dicks. UKplc attention is to be cooled on the national front. A cold bucket of ice water has been chucked on our national libido. A hung parliament is desired to ensure that there is no roll back of the EU centric agenda peddled and stiffed to us by previous UKplc administrations.

The real hard on and foaming gash is to be saved for the EU elections. These will be getting the super hot jiggy on the MSM. EU is hot and sexy we’ll be told. UK plc is clapped out.

That is the new MSM message.


Once again they’ve got it wrong. They’ve spent too much time plotting, blotting and butt welding. The pantechnikon of fiscal debauchery will not hang together because it is a dishonest enterprise, corrupted to the core. Dead children.

We cannot stand the ogre’s face; there is no dimension worthy of our affection. Just look at the faces in the EU secretariat and parliament, our MPs aren’t pretty, but these EU placefakes look like a bag of spanners negotiating their way out of an aardvark’s birth canal in a car crash. You cannot stand to look at them.

It may have been peculiar for a young lad to get his fluid pressures up and raise the mercury to dangerous levels because a general election was coming up, but that was one of the good things about UK plc back then.

The EU leaves me cold.

Ode to Joy, barph zentral.

Britannia’s my kind of gal.


Monday 29 March 2010

Crime Seen. Crime Scene.

Billions of us are witness to a never ending perpetration of larceny, homicide, swindle and treason. The affinity gangsters of infinity are taking everything from us bit by bit, day by day and life by life.

Every single one of the actors performing their leadership roles are working for the mob, not for us.

As I watched the first five minutes of the three tenners this evening I realised that not one of them was going to even hint that everything they were debasing and discussing with us was utter drivel of the holiest order.

Channel 4’s grinning nincompoop of a screaming front man was never going to even wander slightly from the prescribed pathway to huge salaries and mega pension by perhaps alluding to the fact that money does not exist. Chanceries do not exist, economies and GDP do not exist, financial markets do not exist, Fitch indices are an illusion, S&P ratings defy reason, gold is not precious, and economics is shamanism.

People exist and that is all.

No the great perpetual Sting demands compliance and full obeisance from its priestly class. You would not expect a priestess at the temple of Isis to tell you it was all bollox as you slipped her one now, would you?

As an on looking bystander I am astonished how all round the crime scene there are stunned herds too entranced to look away and ask who has the motivation, opportunity and weapon to achieve all this carnage and chaos. Even just cui bono? But no. How many chalk outlines must you walk past before the question forms? Who is doing these terrible things to us and why?

No; no one bothers to ask.

Are we as bad as we were taught the German’s were when saluting and mobbing Hitler? When other German’s in other countries were to be reunited with their blood brothers through annexation.

The implication was that stout UKplc yeomen would have biffed the blighter on the nose before having the local constabulary hall the bounder away for a sound thrashing.

Well who was knee deep in starving out the Iraqis after we set up Saddam in 1990? Clinton and Major, then Clinton and Blair, then Blair and Bush. Where’s the constabulary then?

Who has taken a reasonably prosperous country and drowned it in debt and an inverted imperial policy of swamping the locals with foreign rent seekers? Brown. Where’s the constabulary then?

Who is intent on taking the scam which once ran at a national level, through regional and continental levels to its natural conclusion of a global crime syndicate wiping out any and all that do not get the St Valentine’s Way? Brown and Barry Soetoro.

Vast numbers of disciples are needed to keep this pony show on the road all cleverly selected according to several criteria.

Their education selects for them on how easily the fall prey to mercenary, blackmail, greed and treason.

The recruits have been pulled and pushed through the system for centuries in UKplc and millennia throughout the cradle of civilisation. They merge seamlessly into our daily lives pointing and nudging us into the desired responses. And if we rebel? Well let’s have a little look at AGW then.

Remember when it went pear shaped at Copenhagen? Someone let the emails out of the bag as well. Notice that it’s been so sweltering recently that old people have been dropping dead blue in the face?

We are about to be propositioned again.

If we go with the green scam then we’ll be allowed to administer the whole new green Ponzi scheme. Kind of like we were allowed to administer the fiat money operation. There will be green jobs, big green offices, huge green limos, green aeroplanes, green holidays and green champagne and caviar by the bucket. Green sex, green children, green shopping and a great big new green sky.

The proposition will come through that great guild of Ponzi actors of which the three tenners were representatives this evening. It doesn’t need to be political it could be cultural or spiritual in presentation and representation. Either way once the proposition is made and you have made understanding you have two choices.

Sell your soul to the devil. Again.

Or expire.

The crime scene will continue uninterrupted until the sacrament that forms the basis of the whole ceremony is stopped.

It is unending ceremony and ritual.

The discussion will continue over at the other shop because we are headed into lalaland again and way back in time.

Sunday 28 March 2010

On the sniff.


Syd James couldn’t have said it better.

Mumbai attack


More gunfire and sniper.

As you know there are several scenes of new gunfire and sniper erupting, Korea already noted, and a quiet little spat in the Gulf between of all people the Saudis and the UAE.

I have previously mused that there might a plan to set the Gulf ablaze just to stiff the ChiComms. On that scenario two items come to mind.

Firstly, contrary to the green propaganda, the world is awash with petroleum deposits. Even if we ignore Soviet adiabatic theories there are hydrocarbons everywhere in amounts that would make any petrol head’s eyes water.

So WTF is going on? I’ve no idea but this is germane to UKplc.

The amount of oil in the Falkland Islands’ economic area is of at least an order of magnitude greater than everything under the sands of Saudi Arabia. It just needs to have a barrel of oil at say 100 bucks guaranteed to make it viable.

If you think UKplc is going to see any of that money flowing through our treasury, like North Sea oil, well dream on.

That explains the big GTF from Barry Soetoro to HMG’s First Lord of The Treasury.

It also means that the Gulf could get torched or dumped with radioactive toxins soon without strategic dislocation to the Americas’ energy supply.

All is well with the world again.

Here in the North Finchley Dohyo our resident samurai has performed the closing ceremony with the bow and the clay has been repurified. We are sweeping up the salt, storing away our power water, nursing our bruises and laundering our mawashis.

It has been a good Spring tournament and the old warhorse defended his Ozeki rank. So let us put his name up for all to see.

The winningest rikishi never to have been awarded the political rope knots.

Kaiō Hiroyuki, Ozeki, winner of 5 Emperor’s Cups

We look forward to another couple of months hard training here; we didn’t win anything so no chanko nabe and finest Kirin. Oh no for our heya it is Spam pieces and Irn Bru.

Perhaps in May we’ll get to chuck our zabuton into the air and shout gambatte as our champion oshi-dashis Brown out of the No10 front door.

Saturday 27 March 2010

Time for a song.

When I slapped this on the sound machine my passengers couldn’t believe it.

They’d had a solid diet to turn off to. TFoTN, SoM and Girls Aloud!

Especially when I sang along.

Never in the field of human traffic jams has so much been suffered by so many incredulous from one madman.


Friday 26 March 2010

‘Twas the best of times and ‘twas the worst of times to go by…….

……train in early 2004.

These two always stuck in my mind as very “interesting” for location and timing and the nations involved. Almost like agents provocateur were at work.

Neyshabur, IRAN. Mmmmmm?

Ryongchon, DPRK. The Dear Leader had just steamed through with a shed of gear from his ChiComm buddies and suddenly KABOOOM on the anniversary of the USAF bombing raids on the bridges there during the Policing Action.

And when you sift through the comments wreckage of this you scratch your scone even more.

If you are thinking what I’m thinking you might be asking. Baghdad Airport? Bali? 9/11? OKC?

I was going to post about Korea earlier...

....but went with Formosa.

Should have followed my instincts.

False Flag?

Back to Formosa.

As I’ve mentioned before Formosa is on the first island chain defence. I’ve never been and before the missiles drop I hope to get to swan round the shop. It looks like my kind of gaff.

And as I’ve mentioned before we are going to sell them out.

That’s right. We clowns are going to abandon one of our own to the beast.


That’s what decades of Tavistock’s covert wellfare and warfare against us has achieved. Just like the Ancient Greeks we are going to drop the flame of freedom!!

This quotation encapsulates what I mean exactly.

“Taiwan represents every single political value Australia admires: democracy, a free press, a pluralist society, respect for human rights, equal rights for women and a productive and economically successful society that provides for the wellbeing of its own people.”

The rest of the article has some other eye opening delights about our home grown bitchboys' behaviour viz Australia’s. Also some little details about the Commie scumbags in the prison state that our “leaders?????” now kow tow to. (Right here, right now there is a massive grogging noise from your correspondent as his spit takes flight.)

Even more AfNamSNAFU WTF?

Playing “Where’s Richard (What’s your real handle?) Today?”

Just look for the still smoking & smouldering piles of dead people.

Here’s the what the lad’s been up to.

Now this report REALLY caught my eye.

Two snipetts just to give you a WTF? moment.

“Haji Abdul Zahir (centre), the new Mayor of Marjah, with local elders. Zahir lived in Germany for 15 years and in the 1990s spent part of a four-year prison sentence in Darmstadt for attempted manslaughter of his son.

A sigh of relief settles over the United States news media as the Marjah campaign winds down to a temporary close. The operation began on February 13, but it had been announced weeks in advance. There was to be no surprise here. The plan was simple – make it clear that the U.S.-led force would enter the town in strength and force the Taliban insurgents to quit the field. “

So that’s what all our troops have died for. To put a unsuccessful child killer in power locally?


“The SCO is jockeying to position itself as the heir once NATO leaves. But when this idea was broached to several strategists in Washington, DC, they demurred. It seemed inconceivable to them that the U.S. government would hand over the region to the SCO. The Baghram Air Base seems to be one permanent footprint in the region, as does the newly planned “expanded embassy” in Islamabad. Marjah will be less the start of a departure, as far as these analysts are concerned, than the beginning of a new hegemony in the region. That is, if the U.S. strategy for Marjah pans out.”


The boy Holbrooke (What’s your real handle?) has parts of his criminal gang family working for/running the SCO.

He and his gangster family chums are in a Win-Win situation.

We are in a lose all the time situation.


Thursday 25 March 2010

Stepping back into history and forward to our future.

Some of you who read my salad drizzlings may have come to the conclusion that I do not care for the ChiComms and the recent Office holders of POTUS. You are not wrong there me old Nympho Ninjas.

Some of you may remember that I have given Mr Skolnick’s Chicago a mention recently.

Sherman knew his Chicago all right.

As to the Chicago commodity and currency markets, which set prices for worldwide, we are about the only ones that comment on the role THERE of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Such as laundering the proceeds from the Southwest China to Chicago dope rackets, such as laundering the proceeds from the shipping from Red China to Rockefellers' University of Chicago hospitals, of human body parts. Those hospitals are a major human body parts transplant center. The Red Chinese Secret Police sentence dissidents to death as orders come in from Chicago for human body parts, livers, etc. See our series on "The Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES". As to the Rockefellers and Arkansas, visit our website series, "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police". A simple answer is that the Secret Police of mainland China have developed ways to put occidentals rather than orientals in front. To understand some of this, visit our website story how the U.S. Government is arranging to outlaw lead-based gun ammunition in this country, to promote "green ammo", bullets made from tungsten, the world's major supplier of tungsten being mainland China. Visit our website item, "Marc Rich---King of the U.S. Bullets".

Enjoy Sherman's work whilst it is still out here.





The Iron Mountain Report

“The “Report from Iron Mountain” was a 1967 publication that claimed to be a leaked, top secret government report. It argued that though world peace was a nice idea, the economy of war was such a vital part of global stability, it was difficult to come up with substitutes. A hoax? Satire? Or the truth? For more than three decades, the Report has been a cornerstone of intelligent debate… sometimes.”

It’s an old one but a good one.

Definitively required viewing.

Skip to 8 mins.

2 hrs 20 mins enjoy.

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Yet more AfNamSNAFU WTF?

We get shit on, bamboozled, lied to, treated like fools, a bankrupt nation, our dead military bodies piling up, smoking bans, booze bans, bin Nazis, thought police, CCTV up the ass, more thought police prethinking us, nothing doing what it is supposed to do, no work, no future, rent seeking immigrants, waves of taxes, cuts in everything apart from thievery, tax farming, snooping on your pooping and crime.

Piss taking politicos, piss taking pseudo scientists, fake religion, numbed children, sick criminal justice and an MSM that is nothing but a turd in a Jacuzzi, all frothy and stinking with it’s coked up, choked up, inclusivist/exclusivist, diversified/racist, equalitied/supremacist, quota’d/rejectioned into oblivion snorting mental cases, all worshipping their common purpose Ba’al.

Then this guy tools over to chat with the slave republic so beloved of the Mandelbrot Set.

So let me see we wasted our children and our treasure to hand it all over to the ChiComm gangster prison slave state?

Don’t forget to ask that when they come canvassing on your doorstep. No wonder so many of them are running away hoping we won’t notice.

Max Keiser for President of Greece!!!

Way to go Max!!!!

Max if you only knew how many of us would like you, Celente or Salbuchi to take over the reins and turf out the crooks.

No 10 & No 11 Downing Strasse will soon be vacant, if they aren’t already :-), you could commute on the Eurostar.

1 day a week should be all that is required to sort things out.

Honesty is not laborious.

Cheers Max.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

More AfNamSNAFU background

From today’s War News Updates.

A summary of what is going to prove to be another white feather on the pillow moment for any and all MPs who think we’ll forget about what they have allowed to take place in our name after they have fled Parliament.

I agree with the blog owner at WNU that USofA corp. is going to lose a massive amount of its military capability.

AND for those of you who remember, I have asked just what are we in UKplc going to do when ALL the USofA corp. planes, tanks, warships, satellites and the intel paraphernalia have been removed from Europe?

What are we going to do when big pointy nuke armed missiles based in Turkey, Israel and Saudi are targeted at us and we are blackmailed into accepting more refugees? I.e. people who will settle our land and destroy freedom.

Those with a keen eye and long memories will see in the current spat, which has been brewing nicely since 9-11, a very deliberate process of the Rothschild’s Corporate Entity in Tel Aviv aligning itself more openly with the interests of it’s ChiComm protégées now that USofA corp. has been looted for tech. and money.

Any European who does not get that fact will be in for a rude surprise when it is made quite clear that we do not have any claim to our homelands.

Remember Rock/Roth are eugenicist supremacist racists who cannot stand us. Their mission is, always was and always will be to identify the like minded in every society and use those assets to transfer all wealth into the hands of Rock/Roth. If that means dumping on previous friends then so be it, especially if those previous friends have got no money.

More Afghanistan background

This says it all.

“The Pentagon faces a tough choice: Should it award a new contract to Xe (formerly Blackwater), a company made infamous when its employees killed 17 Iraqis in Baghdad in 2007, or to DynCorp, a company made infamous in Bosnia in 1999 when some of its employees were caught trafficking young girls for sex?”Source.

We are in deep trouble, any feedback into our own societies, psyches and nations can only be toxic.

Monday 22 March 2010

The inactitude to the multitude is but a mask for your fare…

For all that I despise…

For all that I love…

For all that I never will know…

For all that will come…

For all that I remember…

For all that is unnamed, beloved…

For all that is isolated, care…

For all that is never expressed…

Only briefly signed and smiled…


We will enjoin our soul mates…

To remove with open embrace…

With love and joy…

With all our hearts…

Within all our sunlit uplands…

With every fibre of our being...

To reduce you…

We will not endure your deceit…

We instinctively know you…

We are sovereign…

We know you are beholden…

You have debt’s chains drowning you…

We will not suffer…

For we shall overcome your mark….

Unlike you we can survive….

Without theft…

Theft of seconds...

Theft of hours...

Theft of days …

Theft of years….

And lives…

And families...

And generations…

And peoples…

Your name/ID and id is known…

I know your handle.

We are coming after…


More on Javier Solana

Javier has already been on the shuvvell a little while back and thanks again to the ever watchful Constance Cumbey we can see what the evil little shrew has been up to recently.

Interfaith Dialogue my ass!!!

“This is interesting and personally unexpected. I read something about Javier Solana from a new source on the other side of the world from Europe. The same source, Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation's release last weekend (March 13th) contained this announcement vis a vis the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Javier Solana:

Solana in HD Centre
The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) welcomed Saturday European Union dignitary Javier Solana's joining the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre), a Switzerland-based independend mediation group that is a member of the International Contact Group (ICG) for the Mindanao peace process.
Solana held many prominent positions in the European bloc, including serving for 10 years until last year as EU's high representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) last year.
An HD Centre statement on its website, which the MILF reported on, said Solana has joined the HD Centre in Geneva, Switzerland, as honorary president.
Mohagher Iqbal, peace panel chair of the MILF in the 13 years old negotiation with the Philippine government, cited the possibility of Solana, former Spanish foreign minister and secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), helping the peace talks. Iqbal said the EU leader's "affiliation with HDC will definitely add to its clout and prestige by bringing in someone who is not only well-respected in the European Union but also in global diplomacy." (Edd K. Usman)
I'll have to become a regular reader. It also revealed the following BIG "interfaith dialogue" (translate "NEW WORLD RELIGION") event that evidently just wrapped up in Manila:

Inter-faith dialogue
The Philippine National Police (PNP) has tapped the services of at least 5,000 of its personnel to secure the delegates and the venue of the two-day interfaith dialogue in Pasay City starting on Tuesday.
Chief Superintendent Leonardo Espina, PNP spokesman, said the lawmen will provide security to foreign delegates from 105 countries who have already confirmed their attendance to the Special Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Meeting (SNAMMM) on Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation for Peace and Development on which is hosted this time by the Philippines.
The SNAMMM is the biggest inter-governmental meeting in recent years, and the first of its kind ever to be hosted by the Philippines.
It aims to promote interfaith dialogue and cooperation to cultivate a culture of respect, tolerance, understanding and harmony among people of different faiths, cultures and religions.
Over 105 delegations, including 24 foreign ministers and 19 deputy ministers from NAM-member and observer countries and guest organizations, are expected to participate in the event which will be held from March 16-18 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City. (Aaron Recuenco)

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front has been a known terrorist operation. It is interesting that they are so enthused about Javier Solana's appointment to a perhaps obscure and remote to them "peace operation." Here is some Wikipedia background information on MILF:

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front is a group established by supporters of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), a rebel organization formed in the 1960s following the Jabidah massacre. The MNLF established the formation of an independent Islamic state in the southern Philippines and took part in terrorist[3][4] attacks and assassinations to achieve their goals. The government in Manila did not recognize this demand and sent troops into the southern Philippines to control the insurgency. The MILF was established in 1981 whenSalamat Hashim and his followers split from the MNLF, due to the MNLF's reluctance to launch an insurgency against the Philippine government and its supporters.[5]
In January 1987, the MNLF accepted the Philippine government's offer of semi-autonomy of the regions in dispute, subsequently leading to the establishment of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. The MILF, however, refused to accept this offer and continued their insurgency operations. A general cessation of hostilities between the government in Manila and the MILF was signed in July 1997 but this agreement was abolished in 2000 by the Philippine Army under the administration of former Philippine president Joseph Estrada. In response, the MILF declared a jihad (holy war) against the government, its citizens and supporters. A cease-fire treaty was signed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.[6]
Despite peace negotiations and cease-fire agreement, the MILF attacked government troops in Maguindanao resulting in at least twenty-three deaths in January 2005. The combined armies of the MILF and Abu Sayyaf were involved in days of fighting which necessitated government troops using heavy artillery to engage rebel forces.
The bombing incident in Davao airport in 2003 which the Philippine government blamed on MILF members,[7] raised speculation that the peace negotiations might be ineffectual in bringing peace to Mindanao if the MILF is unable to control its operatives. The MILF denies ties with terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, although Jemaah Islamiyah is considered to have provided them with training facilities in areas they control.[8][9] The MILF also continues to deny connections with Al-Qaeda, though it has admitted to sending around 600 volunteers to Al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and that Osama Bin Laden sent money to the Philippines, though the group denies directly receiving any payment.[10]
From June 28 to July 6, 2006, conflict between the MILF and armed civilian volunteers under Maguindanao Province governor Andal Ampatuan who were supported by the Philippine Army had been reported. The fighting began after governor Ampatuan blamed the MILF for a June 23 bomb attack on his motorcade, which killed five in his entourage. The MILF denied responsibility, but Ampatuan sent police and civilian volunteers to arrest MILF members connected to the attack. Four thousand families were reported displaced by the fighting that followed, which was ended by a cease-fire agreement signed on July 10 and July 11.[11]

Well, it appears that both Javier Solana and New World Religion pots are still very much simmering, if not in full boil! Catherine Ashton and the post-Solana watered down European Union "Common Foreign and Security Policy" continue to catch editorial fires. USA analyses from the Heritage Foundation are encouraging the USA to virtually ignore Europe. What next?

Stay tuned!


Sunday 21 March 2010

Where is that nut house?


Very, very soon in a deep dark wood not too far away I will be enjoying some of that English green

Not as verdant as the Irish, but pleasing to the Northern eye.

Old English lanes and tranquillity.

T-46 days until we loose freedom?

Did you notice that The Stoker, naughty man.

Posted a deliberate untruth this evening?


Aided of course by the ever compliant Ausfahrt.

If you didn’t notice it get to fuck.

The Stoker will be round your shop soon.

Ass wipes, dig your graves deep.

Anal yse your L ady Gag a vid eos asl ong as.. like but the older the form the better the mind map.

Too much negative induction these days as the body count rises.


Oi Gordon…Gordon!!...OI GORDON!!!!!!....

Whilst you were miscounting and misrepresenting the Bawbees.

YOU ignored the body count.


Once more from Gideon Polya.

How long the long list now?

Under the guise of free trade someone is systematically executing very precisely, in clear sight, huge numbers of our fellows.

That is long established ritual, ceremony and a sacramental sacrifice.

They used to kill their children, then their slaves’ children and then lambs; now their robots of death satisfy their god’s bloodlust.

Saturday 20 March 2010


The Drain

Here sword casters are now as

E’er slaked with wine though

Funded for blood dreamed

Twixt sweet meats and ‘lo languid

Turgid dance soothed their alchemy

Handed all their dark arts o’er to

Evil through flowing bed mates

For stronger fists to wield via youth

The sluice less perfumed enemy’s care.

American Everyman

Take it away Willy Loman. Sorry for the speeling correction :-)

Institutionalised Theft: A Clinton Family Tradition


H/T American Everyman

Helicopter Ben and the Collective.

Ben has lost his tail rotor and is mouthmewling again down where his homies hang out and where the money launderers play.

So a couple of choice quotes with translation is in order to put this highly paid lumpkin's outpouring back into the straight jacket of the real world.

“As the crisis has shown, one of the greatest threats to the diversity and efficiency of our financial system is the pernicious problem of financial institutions that are deemed ‘too big to fail,’”

Ben you are put in place by the guys who want to own everything, diversity is anathema to them, we can tell that by the amount of times they tell us that diversity is good for us, but not them. It is just like the one child policy they’d like us to pursue and yet they are dropping spawn all over the shop night and day.

“Bernanke said the idea of requiring systemically important firms to develop “living wills,” which would outline how they could be wound-down in an orderly way, “is worth exploring.””

Oh ho ho ho ho very clever. Get the eugenics angle in again. Conflate knocking off the infirm with terminating a business. Just get that idea “living will” out into the Herd Attention Space at every turn. Ben a business with a “living will” is not a business; it is a cooperative a communitarian rationing of opportunity.

So once again the Collective wants to kill freedom.

No mention of rounding up the Wall St and London City thieves and shooting them? Didn’t think so Ben, you goon.

BTW Ben you cannot escape the torque!

Go read the rest and barph.

Friday 19 March 2010

I didn’t quite finish last night’s Rev I. M. Jolly thought...

….. so just to clarify the claret.

The average UK parliament is too fucking thick to do anything other than trough and spend other people’s lucre. It is all they have been trained for. It is all they know. How to spend what isn’t theirs and secure by deceit that which is the property of others.

In the vast emptiness of their brain rooms you would find yourself alone and friendless if unfortunate enough to be cast there. Their instincts are primitive and violent. To seize and appropriate. To kill and obfuscate. To shamble and smirk at untruth. To strut and caw like vacuous tarts.

It is only when death stalks the corridors of power that they ask other people to sort out their mess.

Nothing changes.

Do not expect any signs of applied mental horsepower in that palace of pestilence, ever.

Do not expect to change it; just remove its baleful influence and toxic runoff from your life.

Don’t forget to unplug the set now.

Thursday 18 March 2010

How Big is The Shithouse?

Well in London it is always the same.

They couldn’t give a fuck until the shit smell hits the sherry.

Once the chosen have worked out how to make it law and religion, then you kow tow to the hoe.

Go green.

Interesting Iran Disinfo Today

“Iran Allegedly Tried to Buy Nukes from Pakistan

The father of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program says Iran offered his country $10 billion for nukes in the 1980s. Click here for the story, which focuses new attention on China's backing for Iran, as explained here, because Beijing made Pakistan's nuclear program possible.

China Confidential analysts believe China is not really opposed to Iran becoming a nuclear weapons state. China believes it can deter Iran from meddling in or threatening China over its own restive Muslim population; and a nuclear-armed Iran, in China's view, would counter U.S. power and influence and further assure non-interference by the United States (which China regards as a dying but still dangerous "hegemon") in Tibet and Taiwan.”


And from China Defence Mashup

Iran’s links to China include nukes, missiles.

Reading between the lines and for this you have to put your AntiRoth/Rock disinfo NVGs on to peer through the murk.

If ChiComm land is still Roth despite Rocks attempts to take over, then Iran is being set up through ChiCommland. The ChiComms will be complicit in a process of taking the Iranians into a resolved endgame satisfactory to Rock/Roth.

This is all part of a very, very long term game.

Remember that Roth through their corporation in TelAviv has been pumping Western tech to the ChiComms since the 1970s

Roth/Rock have been doing similar to USofA tech. since the 1980s, at least through, their corporation placemen and women in the US State, Commerce and Defence Depts.

Rock/Roth have been, through their banking corporations, taking the entire West’s free money, pension savings, and pumping that into ChiComm land to build an opponent for the coming conflagration.

So Iran you are on your own I’m afraid.

No wonder all the Rock/Roth are fleeing to South America to join their NAZI chums.

Wednesday 17 March 2010

I got fed up reading the utter crap…

….and having my nonlinears pelted with visual drivel and listening to the noisome ear assault from the….

….MSM like Goebbels Gobshite Towers (Newsnight?), CNN etc. the “I get paid a half million smooth because I can keep a straight face whilst talking pure unmitigated arsebark at you” crowd; telling me how wonderful everything was and how fantastically lead we are that I thought I would head out and find the truth.

True enlightenment.

And I found it.


“In our country now Party work is successful, state work is successful, military operations are successful and socialist construction is successful, under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il. Today in our country all the people have become a great family, single-heartedly united around the Party, and they are loyally supporting the Party’s leadership. In the course of many years of struggle under the Party’s leadership, our people have realized deep in their hearts that our Party is the true representative and stalwart champion of the masses and their great guide. Therefore, they entrust their destiny entirely to the Party. The recent conference of the families of martyrs from all parts of the country, the conference of Korean intellectuals and the Eighth Congress of the League of Socialist Working Youth of Korea and other conferences have clearly demonstrated again our people’s ardent and loyal support for the Party and their unshakable determination to defend and accomplish the socialist cause under the leadership of the Party.”

Aaaahh divinely inspired wisdom at last.

Want some more go here.

Well it makes far more sense than anything I’ve had on my Flat Screen Mind casting and Mental enema machine, glowing in the corner for years.

Remember the guys in control are Phased Reality Clowns and do not do invites.

They do three types of prescription.

1. Lead Pill Pharmacy

2. Pharmacology and Mindfuck

3. Dissappearance.

My new chums are of a type that I mentioned over at DL’s shop recently.

Our Pet Dictators.

These OPDs are easy to spot, they are alive. Not for them the assassin’s cocktail stick or Nympho Ninja (Pure filth don’t look. I think they are out on a mission) attack in the night. Oh no they spend decades getting off their face on absolute control with our permission because they provide a service. So Khaddafi, Castro etc are OPDs

Other pet dictators, OPDs easy to confuse with OPDs but you know we are in the land of PRCs; they get rubbed out because they were not going to turn their real estate into play grounds and service camps for the mystery schools. Allende etc.

So no more need to seek the truth, no more worry about who the bad guys are, they are alive, no more looking for the good guys, they are all dead, and hopefully I’ll be off to Ninja training camp soon. From now on I’ll be keeping my shell likes for the use of the Dear Leader and an eye out for the Nympho Ninjas returning from their mission.


Tuesday 16 March 2010


GV reminds me again that there is a complete in your face piss taking of the great unwashed abroad again.

This is the application of trickle down theory. How it really works, not the way the Chicago School lying kleptomaniacs would have us believe.

Behavioural economists, the great prophylactic, thieving dissembling shaman skilled in the art of relieving whole societies of their independent future. Artists in the occult entrapment of peoples.

Why does this matter?

Well the steal that was trickledown economics was total rubbish. Real economies do not behave that way. They knew that at the Chicago School, though they hid it in a load of equation envy. The real purpose of trickle down economics was to give money to the rich so they could keep it. It didn’t trickle down, the money disappeared off shore into trust funds, foundations and charities. The money quite literally disappeared from our real lives. Leaving us with debt to get by with on a daily basis. No money ever trickled down to anyone I know of.

I’ve never seen a wealthy person yet that actually used their real money, so how could it trickle down?

So the actuality was the reverse of the theory we were fed. Standard cultic modus operadi.

NOW it is the behavioural economists turn to put the trickle down Nam Shub on us, for unlike the case with money the modification of our behaviour into their designed outcomes does indeed act in a trickle down fashion, but as usual we are not told that is the way it works in theory. We are told it works from us upwards, trickle up.

What will the outcome of that be?

Well let’s look at the trickle down theory as applied to real money and the economy. Theory said that give the rich money and it would trickle down and make us comfortable through work and endeavour. The result? We are unemployed and in debt up to the eyeballs, i.e. poor. The criminal rich have all the money, good beaches and real wealth.

So if we are told that increasing our choice and influence on outcomes is the theoretical end result of the behavioural economists latest wheeze then we can expect to become slaves and serfs, landless and stateless paupers after a couple of decades.

These NaZoviet shamans are the same NAZI theoreticians and COMMUNIST intellectuals that provided the framework for getting rid of 100s of millions of people all over the world by various clever intellectual frameworks that were always going to improve the lot of the individual.

Yes the individual’s lot was a plot of sod, dead family and no more hope.

These highly paid clever commie foundation bitchboys that actually have nothing else to do all day everyday but hang around in madrasas like LSE, Cambridge, Princeton etc. to come up with cunning and devious ways of hiding the big steal from the masses.

They never want for warmth, drink, good food, the best wines, sensual and physical distraction, travel, sunshine and acclaim at a conference or Comintern meeting somewhere away from the scum.

All they have to do is serve their masters by delivering the next wheeze to remove any untapped wealth or suppress any unlicensed freedom or tax into oblivion any unapproved activity.

And all the masters have to do is to make sure that their pleasurably conjoined sexual organs are being juxtaposed with the blood line approved correct orifices at least twice in their lifetimes. They don’t even have to enjoy it just so long as they twice mate successfully. Then they can go off into their private game reserves and interfere with the wildlife whilst doing sterling work for the WWF and GreenPeace etc.

Oi Gordon….

…what are you going to say when the cannonless RAF fighters have to take on some of these?

Come on Gordon?


Monday 15 March 2010

What’s connecting the dots?

SR and GV have noted that purdah will descend when the last free elections ever held in UKplc are called.

So for the weeks up until Election Day, May 6th?, we’ll be getting no news from Afghanistan.

That is the legend, but what if the purdah on military news is like the D notices placed on the news about child procurement and paedophilia in UKplc recently. What if there are more things going off than IEDs in the area surrounding Afghanistan?

GV notes that some bombs and assorted fireworks are now sitting on the shelves in a Cash & Carry in Diego Garcia just waiting for an order to rearrange the furniture and the optimal juxtaposition of human body parts somewhere in a city far from you.

Now as I quipped elsewhere the really big bunker busters in the 15 tons range are thought to be needed to go after the deep nuke facilities in sunny down town bad guy land, take your pick from our ready to go menu on who the bad guy du jour is, and thus bring the benefits of freedom and democracy to the heathen. UKplc will be held up as a shining beacon of advanced human suffrage to those suffering.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been intrigued by the size and shape of those big Mother Fucking MOABS. 30,000lbs of deep penetrator. They do not look right. Something about them says composite.

As you long suffering readers here will know, give INCOMING!!!!!!! two dots and he’ll bend space and time to get a line joining them. If, and all the public pronouncements since 9/11 concur, we are going to use nukes on people again first time out the traps then you don’t let a big shining mushroom cloud develop for all to see. You also do not let anyone clearly amass evidence at the moment of action that that is what you have done. No you need to disguise the event and allow the muddying of the waters as the MSM legend and the infowar rolls on after the operation has been completed.

If we use mini nukes to deliver freedom in Iran then their use needs to be disguised so that after the event the world can be told that the increased radiation from the newly liberated areas is as a result of the filthy Persian swine having nuke material at their sites just as we were told all along by the info heroes in the MSM.

However what if you know there will be no nuke material but you are still going to nuke the tech and technical staff with a neutron device. Well bring along you own radioactive slag and material with you in the bomb. One part does indeed burrow deep into the facility and go Kablang!!! The second part explodes at or near the surface and scatters dirty bomb fall out over the area. Sweet.

So in a week or so time the shutters will come down and we might never be allowed out to play again.

Though apparently unrelated, and it is a theme I’ll expand on as I unfurl that banner at the other shop, Russia, more specifically the never discussed complete spiritual divide that exists between the three new psychocommie monotheist constructs of the mid first millennium AD and the beliefs of the Christian monotheists centred on Byzantium.

Another dot which heaved into view today thanks to Dr.D at Sarah’s place was most interesting and reminded me that there is still unfinished work from one of the great projects in unwritten history.

What is that unfinished work? The destruction of the Orthodox Christian church by NAOHide’s agents. That hidden work informs almost all that Rodina comments on, and he’s talking about UKplc. Fascinating reading.

What do you think Zbig is? An intellectual? A foundation bitchboy? A politician? A public servant? A teacher?

No he’s NOAHide. He wants universal slavery and death to all who do not kow-tow to his wrong headed god..

Back to Afghanistan

Spring offensive anyone?

If as I’ve speculated this is a deliberate process of destabilising the SW Asia region a la Cambodia, we should be looking for a Pol Pot like figure to be working his way up through the chaos. Any takers?

We are there to cause chaos.

“Although Western and Afghan experts acknowledge that Omar, the one-eyed cleric, is the group's supreme leader, many Taliban innovations for controlling territory are probably of local origin.

Take, for example, an order to shut down cell phone communications after about 4 p.m. every day in four southern Afghan provinces. Taliban commanders approached the four commercial cell-phone companies in the area and told them to halt service or their towers would be blown up.

According to Mojdeh, the move is part of a Taliban effort to prevent spies from communicating Taliban positions to Afghan government officials.

However, it's also "to make sure they can get a good night's rest," the senior ISAF general said.

The Taliban also must communicate with one another, however, and their devices — VHF radio-relay networks that use hundreds of small antennas linked to big solar panels — have impressed Western militaries. The basic equipment is bought off the shelf in Pakistan or stolen from NATO trucks and assembled in the field.”

UK plc better be ready for a wave of refugees heading this way if Pakistan goes belly up. You think the immigrant numbers over the past 13 years were bad. Just watch!!!

The salt flys again.

Big lads thundering around Osaka kicked off yesterday. Got to view some on JSTV and the old warhorse Kaio dished his first day opponent. 5 times champ and not made a Yokozuna. Just like Konishiki, 3 times champ and no fancy mawashi.

They moved the rules around so much after the Futahaguro scandal that the whole process is highly political and too erratic. I don’t remember until Konishiki a rikishi with 2 championships not being given the top ceremonial ranking. Since then it has gotten out of hand.

Ironic now that so many foreigners are thundering round the dohyo in the upper divisions.

Still gambatte the lads!!! The North Finchley dohyo is open again and at the first chance the zabuton will be flying.

Sunday 14 March 2010

Been out and about AGAIN so the blog output has been taking a hit, but………

……I haven’t brought the terror that is Japanese toilets to your attention yet but I will. Thanks to a chink in their cunning strategy I have pierced their armour. The Japanese embassy will need to be notified. Secret of Jap bogs penetrated. Once I’ve got the photograph I will reveal all.

However before that there is one of the great treats that being in the land of the rising sun delivers to the unwary tourist. LAWSON, K-Mart, Family Mart and other 24/7 purveyors of good things for the occidental stomach. Snacks and drinks chilled to perfection, fried chicken and savoury morsels to be devoured in the instant. Noodles and crackers and.... well the chilled booze cabinets are art work.

Almost as good as the booze vending machines that PC documents. Now that is public space artwork.

My Bulgarian mate brought this to my attention today. You have no idea how much can be said by so little to so many.

Now I know where I’m going wrong.

However even though I don’t speak a word of the lingo I always love being out there in MC1. The bosozoku not withstanding. Nice chaptrix, always wear a nosemask if they’ve got a sniffle.

I’m sure I’ve heard some of these lads coming back off a night shift. Buzzsawing past a far away motorway as I watched that nocturnal flashing yellow traffic light, just down from Hongodai cop shop, early in the morning. I lazily observing, from on high, and waiting for the first train from Ofuna to roll into Hongodai Station. Enjoying another early dawn in Mega City One.

Almost as good as the May dawns in Ayrshire.

F A.

And the Turing answer is?

Massive numbers of the blogs out here fail the Turing test.

Saturday 13 March 2010




…for beauty.


Memories are made of this….

….and the removal thereof is the current mission.

I read about the selective call centres today and remembered The Guttersnipes who’s Shug was told by Nazi Ost Bank to go and fucking die way back in 1994.

That’s when he sold me a CD of the lads, then, latest output.

Fukkin’ A.

£10 weel spent.

Thursday 11 March 2010

Socially engineered

You wouldn’t trust an Englishman to build anything more complex than a Bowler hat

So how does the social engineering bit get to advance anything other than the pirate ship’s pet collection?

Don’t make me puke!

Utter phukkin’ arsebark from Tavistock Zentral.

Go on then!

A must see.

Thanks for putting it up for us scunnert.

Go Max go baby go!!

Watch your six though son.

Wednesday 10 March 2010

2010 is the last year to enjoy UK plc.

Have been busy but still chewing the cud, here’s some I regurgitated earlier in the week brought back round for a chewing after seeing the headline below.

After that the pass laws will turn up and the eugenicists will have you up on a ramp inspecting your genitalia.

Hung parliament, likeliest outcome of UK election indicate opinion polls

Bearing in mind the almost maniacal propensity for the UK parliamentary system NOT to deliver a hung parliament this forecast outcome can only be the result of deliberate tinkering with our system with a view to long term instability as we are absorbed into the toxic twilight of the New Fourth Reich Soviet’s paradise.

If they can do it with the old two party system pony show still staggering along then just watch in 2015 after the whole thing has exploded into a myriad of weirdly barking rabid belief systems from dissident silicon based life forms to foaming mouthed theists to rampant twiggy tree buggering fascists to child and animal shagging freedomist infectious biological hazards.

And that’s just the cross benchers.

That’s when we’ll have permanent chaos.

They’ll be so busy trying to get in on an elephant fisting sheep threesome, so preoccupied getting lesbian ferrets to carpet munch an all too unwilling aardvark and so defined by the attempt to deep throat a dork they won’t notice the new Spandau ballet fascist two step blowing their brains out.

Then the whole cryptotheozoological shithouse will have caused such a vast odious fugfogsodomisedarsebark of obfuscatory screaming and yelling about rights and freedom they won’t care as the rest of us get machine gunned into and out of the their slave camps.

Swiftly followed by them, though minus the usual turncoats.


Now don’t get me wrong I’m no straight laced teetotal party pooper. I believe you can strap yourself and consenting adults to any range of appliances, wreck as many orifices as you can get your heads into and destroy the fabric of your being as much as you want with three caveats.

Firstly do it in the peace and quietude of your own home, that’s what homes are for, privacy.

Secondly should you find yourself and/or guests strapped in to any device which causes any or all of you serious damage do not expect us to pick up the pieces and or hospital bills, we are TOO FUCKING BUSY KEEPING FOOD ON THE TABLE, FUCKEDWITZ AT BAY AND A ROOF OVER OUR HEADS.

Thirdly DO NOT USE a three phase electrical supply to power any shagging machine!!! I do not want the lights going out and the national grid going down when I‘m having my iron lung blown!!

Just a thought.

Dirty phekkers.

More outpourings from the sewer at the other shop soon.

Friday 5 March 2010

I was going to write another big gold malarkey but WTF it is all out now?

As I quipped a little while ago it is all a rip off.


Square heads dig up Tungsten.

London scam teetering.

Hohohoho what’s on the box is de nada.

Thursday 4 March 2010

Something has changed within the continuum of stasis, at least for UK plc.

“Ronald?” “Yes Margaret” “I want you to take over some of our NATO duties; you can do it, and get your UN ambassador into line” “Margaret….” ”Ronald!!!” “Yes Margaret” “I’ll need some satellite imagery as well, you can do that” “Yes Margaret” “And you’d better make it clear to any other party that interfering with UK Armed Forces will be viewed as an attack on NATO and a US ally” “Yes Margaret” “ And…..yada yada”

I’ve even read that Mrs T. told the senior Bush to get his arse moved when it came to the First Iraq malarkey.

“Hullo Bara…” “Fuck off!! “ Slam brrrrrrr…Got that? POTUS cannot stand PMUK.

Kirkpatrick, Kirchner, Clinton, Stroessner, Peron

Back then the USofA had still not succumbed to the destructive forces that were plotting to destroy the world of the free but the NeoConartists were getting their act together and planning.


Today UK plc is divorced from USofA now that the plan to bankrupt the US state has realised its fruition. UK plc has been handed back to Europe, or more precisely now that London City’s interests are ChiCommland based and the US is now a dried up husk the US of A corp. is not of primary interest for control through London City.

That will lead to weird situations if UK plc doesn’t recognise the real deal. Supreme multi facetted cognitive dissonance of the first magnitude. 10 on the mental Richter scale.

We believe we are the guys in the white hats. The good guys. Well unlike the movies the 7th Cavalry may be no more. What if LSSAH heaves up over the horizon?

1 No one realises that USofA is not a natural ally now. Are you a NeoConartist or a ZioNastie?

2 No one realises that Europe will integrate us more thoroughly though we don’t want it. Are you a Communist or a Sacramental Venetian?

3 More and more London City is aligning with the ChiComms; means UK society will transform into a closed slave state. Are you part of The Mandelbrot Set? You cannot escape. They need your sweat and labour and the borders are surreptitiously closed.

Now let me drag our minds back to when the revenge for Coronel was in the offing. The First battle of the Falklands

Next time we find a brew up down there the Spee name turns up again and guess whose bronze Nazi eagle has been causing a bit of a stir down that way recently.

An aside.


1930 USofA corp. about to descend into a Fascist coup against the president.
1930 Russia turned into a death camp by Commie Fascist NaZoviet psychopaths
1930 Germany GMBH about to turn into Fascist slave state

All thanks to Commie Rock/Roth NaZoviet bankers.

1970 Thankfully the Commie banker Fascist coup failed and after loosing 7 million in the depression and fighting in the BIG ONE USofA corp. exports consumerism globally. Though infected by Commie Fascists from Western and Eastern Europe USofA corp. is still too strong to take down.
1970 USSR continued to genocide its people in massive numbers and didn’t stop until they knew we noticed what a bunch of cunts they were and banned them from the good beaches and strip clubs.
1970 Germany GMBH has disappeared in a puff of smoke, where?

1943 Peron.

Back in 1942 Argentine special envoy Goyeneche met Ribbentrop. Specifically at Ribbentrop’s estate in Westfalen on November 30th 1942. Goyeneche is looking for support for a forthcoming nationalist coup in Argentina. However the really interesting thing that Ribbentrop says is that keeping the USofA out of the Malvinas question is paramount for Argentina and by implication the Nasties. Remember down there is Nastie turf. That's why we keep bumping into the fuckers.

2010 USofA corp. has been looted through London City.
2010 USSR is no more and looted through London City, check all the good beaches and strip clubs if you don’t believe me.
2010 The Fourth Reich is here and has decided to take out London City.

But what about London City throughout these 80 years? I reckon it has pursued a very, very careful policy of keeping its head down and spying out more easily manipulated bases. Just like the process way back in the 15th century that identified London City as an ideal base for future operations by the Venetians.

Its base of operations may not still be London City. It has a greater affiliation to Hong Kong, Shanghai & Singapore.

So Falkland Islanders the real deal is this. UK plc is prostrate. The Frogs are in cahoots with the Brazilians and Mercosur; remember who sold the Argies Super Etendards et Exocet.

Remember who the Spanish rat lines were run for and remember who’s forgotten all about the Munroe Doctrine.

Don’t forget the Pope is a Nazi. Don’t forget the CIA=FHO . Don’t forget these clowns cannot stop killing people in large amounts.

Don’t expect any spine from any foundation bitchboy sitting in the jerry-built shit house that is No10 Downing Strasse.

Finally; not mentioned in any of the above is that Rock/Roth might be about to have some competition for the first time in centuries.

When you look at the start of the 21st century it looks just like the start of the 20th century. Dead people everywhere and mentalist psychopaths believing anything they want.

Sacrament, repetition, ritual and ceremony.


Zo you hav vays off resistingk, yah?

All I wanted was a peek at the Malvina House Hotel , Stanley, Falkland Islands and they won’t let me into the advert.

Why are they selling UK green belt land down there anyway?

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Peering pear shaped?

Adrian Salbuchi has a little look into the crystal ball back in December 2009.

Salbuchi - 2010 Forecast: Transition from Globalization to World Government

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3

You thought last night’s posting was bad. Remember that Orwell’s 1984 was not a warning, it was a simple critique of a Soviet system that had gone too far in Orwell's opinion.

Keep a good dose of these guys going with the castor oil. 6 servings of cold reality and unspin a day to keep 1984 at bay.





Austin Fitts


Tuesday 2 March 2010

Transhumanism and other bedtime reading

Fausty lobbed this out yesterday and then this heaved across my screen today.

It isn’t pretty.

If you cannot be bothered reading through the text then just watch this documentary referenced within.

The Age of Transitions by Aaron Frantz.

Now if that wasn’t bad enough and you really want to soil yourself start fighting your way through this item that gave the heads up to the above. Ignore the Nazis, which is a side show. DynCorp, why do I always trip over that name when delving into the deep black?

And you thought I’d gone a bit loco over my other shop last night, ehh?

Now to complete the hat trick and make sure you never sleep again.

Here’s Barry’s puppeteer. You know the guy who financed the run to the Whitehouse.

The Shadow Party? I’ll just bet Hillary is not a happy camper.

Monday 1 March 2010

No one is supposed to notice

By the time it is revealed to the inhabitants of UK plc that we are stony broke and there will be no money for the fabric of society. That ALL tax revenues will have to be allocated to servicing the PFI contracts and the national debt. By that point the native trash are not supposed to remember…

That fiat money does not exist.

Debt is an eternal fraudulent construct and an economic crime perpetrated on humanity.

Darling could print as much money as needed to give to his bankster mates pronto.

Someone stole all our wealth.

UK peasants are not to get any money.

There are no more pensions no matter how much you saved.

That there are no perps in chains and behind bars from the financial world where CDOs were conjured into existence as a vehicle for massive global theft.

Two years between Northern Rock going nipples up and our being sold into slavery is supposed to be enough time for us not to connect the dots.

No it isn’t!

Darling if you can print funny money by the truck load to keep the Global Criminal Elite in Pink Champagne, pile cream and bondage gear you can print us up a couple of sackfulls to keep the A&E open and give new training courses to the Border Patrol on sniping with extreme prejudice, re-equip the RN and RAF with big fuck off frigates & fighters with big fuck off Gatling guns and shed loads of LIVE ammunition and orders to fire at will!!

You bunch of spunkMuppet buttwelding thieving lying shitspewing Chrétien

Jambalaya and Goulash Soup

Found myself just up the road in Barnet yesterday parked in a restaurant celebrating a friend’s Bidet. I sat opposite a chum with whom I’d had a good old chin wag Burns’ night. Not much new to catch up on but we did say very similar things at almost the same time.

I recalled having said to cider swilling mate of mine way back that no one would notice the waves of rent seekers being dumped in the country so long as “full” employment was steaming along keeping everyone too dog tired to do anything but slave and drop from fatigue.

She said, being a damned saucy Colleen, that now the economy was fucked the paras would come out to play. Sitting to her left was another mate of ours an Ex-Para and he knew exactly what she had said. The armed sectarian gangs in NI would be active again.

Now that the streets are full of people chasing the sole remaining vacancy, pile cream and rectal thermometer tester, we have time to reflect on and notice the things we are not supposed to.

One of my favourite hobby horses here in Barnet is the gangs of legalised thieves that swan around in silver vans fitting up the locals. Plotting and planning in the air conditioned and climate controlled comfort of their parked up mobile office, usually in the middle of a car park causing mayhem, whilst the rest of the borough freezes or drowns or boils depending on the actual weather not forecast by the ever pampered and preened Met Office, more about those slobs later. The lads that if not sitting in the nice big shiny silver vans are to be found standing on street corners chatting to their mates on their mobile phones or once again grouped in connivance and knavery giving each other cover stories on some poor slob who they’ve just fleeced.

So called parking control operatives. We are not supposed to notice that not one of them comes from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but were specifically imported to this country with the express objective of lifting as much money from the locals as they could for the companies that paid our so called representatives at local and national level to write laws allowing this theft under the guise of “improving” our lives.

There was a load of specious propaganda piped into our living rooms about a community that had its immigrants removed and the locals given the “opportunity” to do the remaining “jobs”. Sort of serves you racist feckless white trash right for being lazy bustards with expectations above your station subtext.

My mate Ram, the putative porn star, apart from being the most evil man on earth and originator of the famous quotable “INCOMING!!!!!!! You’ve no idea how much hard work it takes to be truly evil” years ago when we were stealing peoples money over the phones, quite legally of course, would often try and get me to invest in slash and burn prawn farms.


Well the young Sri Lankan lads that worked the kitchen in his restaurant would all live thirteen to a room, never spend, never learn a word of English, never go out unless there was a religious reason, work every hour they could, send all their savings home to invest in prawn farms and get a return of 1000% percent guaranteed within 6 months. After five years here in UK “contributing” to our diversity and the lads would head for home and park themselves in a lovely big house with marble flooring and all mod cons all paid for by sweating away in Ram’s kitchen.

Now I ask you what is the UK racist feckless wilfully ignorant white trash going to get after a life time toiling in the fields then? Gordon’s death tax!

So with all this informing our chin wagging yesterday what can we say at this point about the future of UK plc?

1. They might have to do a Galtieri on us. That is sad that we might actually fall for the old dictator in a bind malarkey.
2. There is a strong possibility that with the new clamp down on reporting “Royal” gettings up to that they might be about to abscond overseas.
3. There is nothing in the country to do apart from tell lies and spy or tax farm.
4. The white trash is to be left to die off on the vine. Just watch how much offshore charitable/foundation money gets pumped into the recent arrivals when the economy really tanks once the next mega wave of bank failures hits town.
5. There will be no hospitals, no schools, no police, no fire service, no ambulances nothing once the next wave of “change” is rolled out after it becomes apparent just how barrasic we really are.
6. We will have our organs stolen via the agency of the NHS if we are not careful.
7. Who gets the blood that we give for free to the NHS?

I also clocked Monty Don, of the unusually large feet and small body, giving it specious propaganda on Frigtag evening. Monty if your mates get their AWG scam up and running the blacksmith won’t be able to light a fag never mind forge iron. Did you calculate the old craftsman’s global fart print whilst you were at it? See point 3 above.

Oh I almost forgot. The weathermen, no not the terrorists from NW Uni in Chicago and Barry’s bestest mates, the guys who swan all over our telly getting paid a fortune and rolling knee deep in bonus money. Their job is to red line the country into kill zones, they couldn’t give a fuck about forecasting unless it’s to jump on a scam like “global warming” so they can rip us off for even more cash.

More grousing later.