Wednesday 24 March 2010

Yet more AfNamSNAFU WTF?

We get shit on, bamboozled, lied to, treated like fools, a bankrupt nation, our dead military bodies piling up, smoking bans, booze bans, bin Nazis, thought police, CCTV up the ass, more thought police prethinking us, nothing doing what it is supposed to do, no work, no future, rent seeking immigrants, waves of taxes, cuts in everything apart from thievery, tax farming, snooping on your pooping and crime.

Piss taking politicos, piss taking pseudo scientists, fake religion, numbed children, sick criminal justice and an MSM that is nothing but a turd in a Jacuzzi, all frothy and stinking with it’s coked up, choked up, inclusivist/exclusivist, diversified/racist, equalitied/supremacist, quota’d/rejectioned into oblivion snorting mental cases, all worshipping their common purpose Ba’al.

Then this guy tools over to chat with the slave republic so beloved of the Mandelbrot Set.

So let me see we wasted our children and our treasure to hand it all over to the ChiComm gangster prison slave state?

Don’t forget to ask that when they come canvassing on your doorstep. No wonder so many of them are running away hoping we won’t notice.