Thursday 29 April 2010

Once again into the balls.

Of the crystal kind.

After the side splitting, venom spitting and venting that nuking an OAP allowed us yesterday we need to stop and stare way past the 6th May and as far into the future as we can glean.

What has been done to us?

A replacement programme has been put in place to remove the industrial and technological vigour of our nation and import drones and hive minds to serve a new hi-tech agrarian estate.

Some are going to be grazing at their navels.

Others will be building continent wide political action groupings of like minded drones.

What ?

I don’t think you get it yet.

If you had one million scum standing in a square before you what would you do? 1000 by 1000 await your orders. Within 24 hours you’d be fighting for you life.

If one of THEM had one million scum standing before them. Within 24 minutes the most beautiful of the 1000 playthings would be taking it up the arse, elbows and knees on the carpet and the other 999,000 would be out building a state to take your survivors under slavery and expand without question.

Mindset and weft.

It is our rug, not theirs, and they don't know how to weave their own. They are infinitely knowledgeable, I will concede. However their ignorance is unbounded.

As I've said before they are the blind illumined ones. They may feel that they know how the universe beats but sane people wouldn't leave them in charge of a donkey sanctuary.

Leave your child in their hands and it will soon be overseas. DEAD?

Charity is a cover for their evil proximity.

Yet some welcome the embrace.

Ever seen Blue Jam? That's a taste of their mindleness.

Every age has faced this problem. Something set it in motion a long, long while ago that seeks to degrade our outlook and spirit. That something; is manmade and we have it in our power to kill it.

IDing the "IT" is the main problem and they are shit scared of anyone pointing at them. Skulking around in our midst not upsetting the mindset. The soft, flabby, spineless little crystal ball gazer skulking in the corner.

In previous ages they would commit their children to the flames.

They are only as powerful as we make them.

Unfortunately the body count is always high and we always give away the victory.

It is a Greek tragedy.

Heads up.

Now we know what he really says lets revisit some past vignettes.....

......there is nothing going on between his ears, the brain is long dead. Overdosed on a Toxic Fabian Cocktail of Nonsense.

"Shake hands with me you fucking scum,eh? Get out the way you institutionally racist reactionary prole. See my big mate there he's my kind. Fuck off!!!"

"Why am I here wasting my time? I want to be planning to be spending other people's money on my inclusivity, diversity, opportunity and PFI, no more boom and bust, save the world mega....oooohhhh aahhhhhh ooooohh that was good. Oops my little secret. HEEHEHEHEHEEHEH!!!"

"Fuck you lot in your desert camo, I ordered hi-viz for H&S compliance. I should be at an IMF meeting lecturing on endogenous growth for erogenous zones in the developing world. Coffins for you muppets that way I won't have to waste my time here again. Fuck if I could send you lot blanks and blunt bayonets I would. When I'm king my first order is to have you fools charge the Talibanfan naked. Ggrrrrrrrr why am I here? Bastards!"

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Tuesday 27 April 2010

“…I was a Malcolm X scholar….”

Some people are so vacuous that you wonder how they breathe unaided.

Some people say things that you just know tells you all the book contains by looking at its cover.

Here is another beauty at work.

…end to boom and bust…

When I used to wander round Trent Park, with my mate Tim the tube driver well over a decade ago now, we just couldn’t work out why the obvious train wreck that was coming down the tracks was not causing anyone concern.

WTF was basically all you could say.

With the benefit of hindsight there is still no logical answer. It is, was and always will be a crime scene. Though there never will be any sign of Westminster CSI tooling up and arresting the perps. Oh no criminal behaviour is now endemic in every part of our society. That’s what 70 years of Fabian mind meld has done to us. We are all of a criminal mindset now, if not you will starve.

However a clue can be gleaned from the insight that no one actually believes in anything anymore. Anything to believe in has been discredited, trashed and burned by the academics masturbating in the privacy of their research cells, furiously producing semen stains for peer review at conference and school. Frankfurt. Tavistock. Chicago. COMINTERN. GREEN.

Criminal, elitist MSM traitors, a cabal of self deluding fools fooled into nothingness and empty nihilistic theft from all to some.

What do I mean?

Quite simply the current level of indolence reached by our society means that more and more are able to be Marie in our 21st century equivalent of the model farm.


Monday 26 April 2010

Deep joy and a parallel thorkus.

Can you see the lie of the land after 6th May?

I can see the complete fracturing of the UK political parties’ structures. There are going to be knife fights in every one of the foundation bitchboy sponsored mainstream parties. The newly imported thugs and fifth columnists will cause sponsored chaos. Anything small & British will be crapped on, UKIP etc, anything foreign will be wet nursed into existence by TPTB. Our version of a Menshevik Trojan horse will turn up to start the process of parliamentary destruction under the guise of coalition or cross party consensus.

I'll wager you a hard line rabid belief coalition, including the radicalized Muslim constituency, will emerge to threaten us by laying hold of the totalitarian machinery. The very hardware and software the Fabians have made us pay through the nose to install for our oppression.

Did you watch the London marathon yesterday? Did you see all those cameras? All those cyber dead eyes, watching and waiting. Waiting for the spark of totalitarian life. The spark of evil to spring them into being. Currently this has to be the most highly disinterestedly monitored and scanned piece of land on the face of the planet.

An unstable international background will be used to further curb our civil liberties

Lead by one of the Mandelbrot set whose origins, may I remind UKplc, are not British but Internationalist sleeper cells from Darkest MittelOoorope.

Their instincts are diametrically opposed to our traditions. They seek communitarian methods to fleece the fools.

Smelled a rat and now they’ve been revealed for the murdering descendents of murdering bastards.

If you’ve got any doubts just cast your mind back to the complete grounding of air traffic in Europe through a systemic Red light. This is how they operate. They put genocidal systems in place and then step back saying “Nothing we can do, it is the system. Nothing to do with us, our hands are clean”. They cannot stop talking utter murderous bollox. It is all they do and they pride themselves on their homicidal rhetorical bent.

That’s what Maurice Strong’s relative was involved with when she got Stalin’s agronomists to starve the Kulaks. It was a scientific system. Nothing to do with the genocidal commies. What’s Maurice knee deep in? AGW of course, the thieving criminal.

Oh no.

That system that shut flights down is designed to starve the world when it is fully up and running.

It has a commie stink about it. They never ever stop thinking about how to kill us and steal our goods and chattel.

It is in their genes.

Sunday 25 April 2010

Slow Fish’N’Chips and a fast Fry

A cabal meets at a secret, deeply wooded place in a hostile hostelry to plot the downfall of the West.

Their intent is lethal and they couldn’t care about the body count.

Banker blood and oligarch guts will be spilled.

The slobs have tumbled to the age old scam.

Far away a remote submersed facility comes slowly up to launch depth.

The evil schemers order another round of drinks to celebrate their coming victory over the money suckers.

Food to follow.

It takes the slow bar staff just about 35 mins to deliver the fish and chips. The chef is smoking an illegal open air fag when out of the sky falls a star.

Do not plot in Milton Keynes.

You are tagged and bagged @ BawlFart.

Friday 23 April 2010

From the Abbot.

Via George Ure ,

Oh shit!!!!

“Wolf and the Other Blitzers, the new War Season, a terrible choice…..

World War 3 is here. This war has already begun, at least the propaganda part intended to drive the emotions of the populace to support the ‘terrible choice’ that our ‘leaders’ will say they are forced to make to ‘safe guard our homeland’.

One of the ways that They plan on levering the planet into war begins with an Israeli attack on Iran. Within our work here at Halfpasthuman, we had thought that the attack by the zionist war machine on Iran would be a mistake. That opinion has now changed. The Israeli attack will be a planned ‘sacrifice’ of the ‘nation of israel’ in order to draw the larger nations into a global thermonuclear war. Of course, the Israeli’s don’t recognize that they are to be the sacrifice to Molock, Baphotep, and the other masonic (vatican/reptilian) gods of war.

World War 3 is here, and will most likely begin, according to one interpretation of the emotional tension sums that we have in our data, on November 8th, very early in the pre-dawn. That is when israel, the sacrifice, will be ‘led’ by its zionist ‘leaders’ to launch an attack on Iran. Within minutes of the launch, everything (for the israeli residents and silent backers of the zionist killing machines) will go wrong. The retaliation will be both swift and unexpected, though of course, the zionist ‘leaders’ of the sacrificial sheep of israel will be knowledgeable enough to not be in israel when they launch the attack.

As dawn on November 8th moves around the planet, so will the progression of the Global Thermonuclear War. Within minutes of the launch of the attack, death will rain on israel from a number of sides. As their killing machine streaks toward Iran, the zionist minions will already be fleeing as they know that retaliation will be swift. It is all part of the plan.

As the people in israel are dying of flames and gas and explosions, the propagandists here in the USofA will be parroting the ‘official line’, as promulgated by Wolf and Other Blitzers, that the ‘poor oppressed jews are being slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands and WE need to act now! The propaganda machine of the TPTB will of course have built up the hate and suspicion language around Iran for months prior to the actual attack. They will have used subliminal messages, repetitious themes endlessly repeated, and carefully crafted word imagery to get YOU ready to respond to their cry to ‘help save poor israel’.

The mental pathways prepared by the press minions of ThePowersThatBe will be most intense here in the USofA as we are the pin that holds the whole war machine together. As the mind controlled residents of the USofA rise to go work for their hidden slave masters on November 8th, they will be greeted with images of a world gone mad. That is until they turn on the sound, and tune into the messages of ThePowersThatBe pouring out from the prisoner press on mainstream media. Wolf and the Other Blitzers will weep on the screen accompanied by images of the horror of the poor israeli innocents unjustly killed by the evil-doers for no good reason at all. The propagandists will wail and cry, and bring your favorite celebrities to also wail and cry “poor israel, oh poor israel, done so low for merely launching a nuclear attack against Iran”….and other ‘woe to us poor zionists” language that is exactly calculated to support the rallying stance from the ‘leaders’ of the USofA as they shout “rise up christians, and go to battle to avenge the poor sacrificed israel”. Then they will cite individual lives within the millions of dead and soon to die merely for launching a nuclear attack against Iran, and cry ‘foul evil doers must be stopped’. Wolf and the Other Blitzers will confer with earnest and thoughtful criminals from congress, pedophiles from the vatican, cabalists from the CFR (council on foreign relations) and other parts of the control structure, who will all play their scripted part in releasing the triggers for prepared pathways in your mind.

The flaming eyes intensity of the Other Blitzers at the official channel of the opposition, Fox, will ratchet up several notches as the news readers begin to feel the blood engorging their pindars in anticipation of the beautiful horrors awaiting their lust for death and religious confrontation. Their shining eyes will seem to seek out viewers through the 1080 HD screens as they too shout the rallying cry of ‘rise up evangelical and fundamentalist christians! Rise up! Killing time is here! Be ready to die for our beloved israel!’

The reptilian ‘leaders’ of the americans, both visible and hidden, will also be tugging on their rigid penises, eyes and hearts flashing hot, and dense, as they too anticipate the sacrifice of israel and the coming orgy of blood. Their eyes blink rapidly, their jaws clench in rhythmic spasms as their tongues dart between quivering lips. They can already taste the coming ‘feeding’ upon humanity, and it smells good to their darting tongues even as it is brought so faintly on the future winds drifting into the now.

World War 3 is here. The aware observer sees the evidence as Wolf and the Other Blitzers carefully seed the linguistics of the propaganda channels here in the reptile owned anglo-american empire. They plant these seeds on orders of their masters such that we will all respond appropriately at the appointed time to act out our part in planned grand death ritual, World War 3.

World War 3 is here. The reptiles are even now planning the details of your death in their ritual sacrifice and feeding frenzy. Deny it, or accept it, your choice. A terrible choice, either way, with repercussions long lasting, and dread. A terrible choice, to acknowledge that omnihumanity is marching along to obediently yet-again to orders that will result in the deaths of billions in very short order, or to deny that such a possibility exists, to put to rest all the nagging worries that something is decidedly wrong, and to surrender to the mind-control, fully supporting the version of reality fostered on you by your ‘betters’.

A terrible choice, to own your position as one of very few aware and thus a member of the ‘insane conspiracy theory fringe’, or one of the masses, fully swallowing the lies and hoping that ‘this time is different’.

So, you are here now, watch Wolf and the Other Blitzers over the coming months noting their use of language and war symbols. Note who they speak with, and whom is ignored. See what subjects are brought up how often, and especially watch for what is not shown. Follow with conscious awareness as they attempt to lead your mind to death in their ritual wars. The aware observer will grasp the language changes over these coming months as they begin to introduce the plan to the unprotected minds of humans all around you. The new War Season starts May 6th….stay tuned.

As Wolf and the Other Blitzers’ slogans say, ‘watch, then decide’. It is, after all, their lies, and your terrible choice.”

Sourced from the Chief Time Monk.

Thursday 22 April 2010

Of Hubris.

I have wandered far on the ayers

Never thinking the wind ill

Always seeing the blue sky

Unthinking and lockedfree

Do I see?

A Belgian Commie bitch boy from a long line of work shy community organisers.

Turncoat traitor

EU Trojan Horse?

Maggie would kick his cunt.

Enemy Coast Ahead

UK plc that was the coast of The Netherlands just flashed past below us. Whether you realise it or not some of us, most of us or all of us are not coming back for bacon and eggs. It’s not the flak or the night fighter boxes that will get us; this is a process of starvation. Starvation of the mind, body and spirit over a period of several generations. Unless you go with the given economic modus you will be unemployed and rendered unemployable. Only the brightly coloured fluorescent clothes of the chain gang will fit you. If you ask pointy questions you will be made an unemployee, your card will be marked; secretly. If you dare say, think, write or express contrary thoughts or opinions you will be gunned down in the dole queue, the Human Resource discrimination process or suddenly the tax man will take a very unnaturally close look at your affairs and fit you up.

Are you awake?

Do you dream perchance never to reawaken? Has your consciousness been filled to brimming by false memories implanted from the wall to wall soaps? You have no more capacity for real memory syndrome. For if you catch real memory syndrome you will be defecated from the scam and scheme of things.

How comforting the decades have been for us, snug in our beds slowly poisoning ourselves from the proffered lethal chalice.

I’ve been down the test cells again at The Needles on IoW, 6 years since I was last there and a bit more rust and flaked concrete is all that has changed. Silence and then the Black Arrow came to mind.

We did all this on chip butties, Typhoo and Tizer. Are you committed? If not you should be and will eventually be unless you wake up.

I remember and soon those memories and others’ recollections will be washed away as Roy Batty said. Washed away in the new legend that will be rolled out through our propaganda sewage pump in White City and Shepherd’s Bush.

Soon no one will believe that we could do those things, create such wondrous machines and systems so cheaply and all the while the GGT/Fabians had been plotting the dismantling of our technological know how. All our memory space will be fully occupied with Ant & Phekk and all our behaviour patterns will be moulded and shaped by the learned subservience and Pavlovian begging response implanted from X Phekker and Flagons Pen.

That is just our collective and individual memory, all destroyed. What about the deliberate destruction and nullification of our spiritual peace? Note this has nothing to do with religion, it is about a physical reality all humans share and that has been deliberately occluded and destroyed to keep us atomised and separated. Not to stop us coming together in some sort of commie sense, but to destroy our understanding as individuals within the great space of humanity. A humanity that would not allow the destruction of so many throughout the world by the primitives that seek dominion over us.

Now at this point I’m going to take an aside that is caused by having caught some early day time telly as I got the younger INCOMING!!!!!!! and protoadoptive INCOMING!!!!!!!s through breakfast during our trip to the IoW.

Animals, specifically animal rescue 24/7, the WWF, GREENPEACE, Penguinisers. Protected spaces and this entire whale banning stuff, not fundamentally knocking it apart from the fascist angle, are there to do two things.

1. Demote, degenerate, denigrate and debase our understanding of the value of human life.
2. By distracting our attention and warping our emotional responses.

This is just one facet of the multi layered omni directional assault on our psyches. Don’t give me any conspiracy crap. THIS kind of shit is what the goons who benefit from untouchable intergenerational trust funded wealth do all day every day. They don’t have to work or feed themselves or keep a roof over their heads. IT SI WHAT THEY DO ALL DAY EVERY DAY! THEY LOVE DOING THIS STUFF. GOT IT YET?

As the responsible owner of several large fleets of felines over the years I understand the urge. However I wouldn’t join any protest for animal rights, whale preservation or aardvark abuse action until I’d been down the UN in NYC and burned the phukkin’ dump to the ground with all inside, hopefully whilst they were sacrificing their children to Ba’al Hammon. Until then the whole kitty and polar bear cub circus will have to answer this question before I change my views. “Can a polar bear, a dolphin or rare Finchley termite, after a suitable period of training, deliver health care to the elderly or improve educational standards in the young better than any human denied the resources that those cuddly little tykes would consume?” Once the answer is yes come back and see me sometime. You know how to whistle, don’t you?

So back to the war then.

How do we actually engage with the enemy with a population that cannot wipe its own collective arse without a ten part reality TV show to demonstrate how? Most of them will fly directly into the sand on those Dutch beaches never mind being taken down by the Flak Turm and the Schräge Musik.

I reckon we might find ourselves targetted for eradication soon, we ask too many pointy questions and we will not comply.

We are human and humane.

Wednesday 21 April 2010

A Prelude to Rationing.

A Hiatus in Status.

Ever wondered what the world that we inhabit will look like soon?

A world with no UK independent nuclear deterrence. A world with NO USofA corp. naval or air forces in or near Europe?

That got your attention.

Yes imagine Europe wide open to attack again from well equipped, debt free expansionary powers.

Got that? I ran it past you recently.

Surely you can see it clearly now?

Once the hung parliament has been delivered on 6th May, make no mistake that is what is designed for us. No matter how hard we yell “Wake up you clowns we’ve got enemy in the camp”, we’ll be ignored. The “Arthur Scargill’s 2iC” frown of puzzlement will descend on all who gaze at us.

There will be a sudden massive intake of breath as the new government “SUDDENLY” finds out that we’ve been sold into penury. Then all the land, the buildings the everything will have to be sold off to people with real money who will come and take possession. All services that we depend on will be slashed and burned, but the PFI contracts and the phoney debt servicing will just have to continue unabated in the poverty we will face.

So just what will we be getting soon in UKplc?

At WNU this went up today reinforcing some of the stuff I’ve been screaming about. I even tickled these guys a little while back asking them to envisage what the US defence posture would look like at 50% of current budget levels ad infinitum. I don’t think they quite got my drift.

Just to spell out my drift. As part of the Financial Special Forces general attacks on the West since 1975/80 the Defence budgets have been infiltrated by criminal project accounting and black budgeting mythologies. We are now poor and wide open to attack by a new entity starting at ground zero on the fiat money Ponzi scheme with no historical overhead or crippling voodoo debt levels.

So let’s take one project that, as I’ve mentioned before has been watched by yours truly for three decades, the big 4 acre steel fields currently being brought together for the RN.

I never expected them to get into the water to be honest. I always waited for the sleight of hand that would use a financial crisis to kill the projects. Historical trends do not favour an RN capability using such massive hulls for a start. Anyone who’s read through the G3s, Malta class, CVA01 etc. will recognise that the docking infrastructure was always a massive extra cost on the programmes above the hulls, crews and overheads. They were simply too big. Same with the new flat tops. And yet there they are being hammered together.

Last August I speculated that they would most likely end up home ported in Brest. Well if we look at the carrier build cycles of UK and France there is a strange synchronicity here. CdG will float on alone, there is no second large French flattop coming up as originally planned. Our two are due mid decade. Their replacements are likely to be turning up between 2040-2045. Will those replacements be Fritish or Branco?

UKplc and France spent a lot of time co designing carriers over the past decade.

So here’s the plan that daren’t speak its name I’ll bet. Keep Afnamistan off the MSM, don’t mention the war, because that means you’ll have to let this dirty little secret out.

UKplc is poor, dirt poor; we’ve been taken down by the Spetznas of Financial Special Forces Kommando. The eggheads from OxBridge and the suites from CoL/NYC have destroyed the West.

Goodbye British Army, Goodbye RAF, hello two four acre floating airfields with an EU flag on the transom.

How can anyone not notice that the nation that built thousands of P51s, F86s, F4s and F15s will not be able to afford more than 50 F35s a year if it is lucky? 50 of the cheap fighters!!!!!To expect UK plc to afford even one F35 is laughable. The business plan dictates they be bought under a Northern EU flag. Yes that’s correct EU F35s on EU flat tops. Here’s the sneaky bit, EU flat tops with French extra stealthy Rafales, like they are developing maintenant, n’est-ce pas?

That is criminal, which is treason.

I hope you noticed that northern bit, that’s because I reckon we are being groomed to say good riddance to the PIGS basket cases, on plan.

And that’s another story.

Heads up.

No smoke without fire.

Like OH and Banned the scratching of the noddle has been going on apace and although the end might be insight I’m still left to find a reason why?

You know me, any two points, no matter how vast the distance separating them CAN be joined.

So remember I posted about this being a really dangerous part of the year to be employed then suddenly unemployed. The business that you work for has had its books signed off, the directors have pocketed a shed loan of lucre and the end of tax year mean the govt. got its tax cheque. However, unknown to you the firm is going bust because they’ve lost a big contract. So you work for a month and then voluntary liquidation leaves you out on the street having laboured for a month for nothing?


I remarked that the first sign of trouble is ALWAYS some sort of clerical/processing glitch in the payment of your well earned readies.

OK then, how’s about the last week’s farting around has been a sign that somewhere deep in the banking system someone stopped one of UKplc’s cheques.

Stay with me on this.

Now HMG will have a filing cabinet full of cunning and devious plans for all eventualities to pull out when needed. Just like slipping bad news out into the media when a child slaying dominates the TeeVeee.

Zoooo call it happenstance that the volcano blew its lid, because I’d hate to think what “plan” they’d have pulled out that filing cabinet if there hadn’t been ash in the air.


If we take a look at Europe is it possible that somehow UKplc needed to send a message to someone somewhere to stop IT. Whatever IT was. Again back to that great big filing cabinet full of ready made plans, just add water or ash, so much has been going down, pun intended.

As far as the Fourth REICH is concerned Poland does not exist.

Just saying that’s all.

Heads up.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Keep your list up to date.

A while back I recommended that everyone should have a list for when the lights go out and the world becomes feral again. Kind of like a Reader’s Digest prize list but with real outcomes.


Well if the end of civilisation as we know it tools up you get a once and once only golden opportunity for pay back time. You see all their myriad defence lines and the Gordian knots designed to ensnare you in everyday life will no longer function. And let’s face it who is best fitted to populate the useless eater category in that New World Order. The clowns that made life a misery when the shelves were still full and the lekky was still on.

You and me, we, can get to shape the NOW. Nicely Organised World. Sweet!

“So” I hear you ask “Just who goes into your list then INCOMING!!!!!!! Give us a clue.”

OK here’s a small sample of reasons why and methods.

International. Richard(what’s your real handle?)Holbrooke(what’s your real handle?). I’ve mentioned him on many occasions. He’s a trouble making psychopath, which reminds me Spooked put up a good article yesterday on this subject of psychopathic phukkwitz and so has Akira refing the lad himself, have a swaatch. Method of Dispatch: knife in the guts and watch the evil spirit leave this useless bag of bones. Suicide job but the cherubim and seraphim will greet you at the Pearly Gates no questions asked. And I’m sure his god Olde Nick will send you a mentioned in despatches as well.

National. The Mandelbrot Set. Total waste of CO2 and sunlight. For him the equation CHANGE=DISASTER was first proven by reductio ad absurdum. Method of dispatch. Well it depends on your bent really, you can do it yourself or by proxy. If you offer free welding services, mash, seam, friction or butt, then kick in the 3phase, which should fry the Fokker.

Local. Sooo many to choose from. However it has to be anyone regularly attending any place of worship. They are the real menace. They will start the whole euthanasia, eugenics, sick psycho schizoid oligarchic scam again, fuckers. Method of Dispatch. This requires timing; ideally you want to strike just as the whole shooting match goes tits up. Anyone who recognises the mind behind this drivel will know what the following means from my Holborn days. Hijack, warm summer evening, open cocks, drains. So any supermarket, stadium, black mass, COMINTERN, synod, conference, bus queue or beach, that’s where the Commies hang out.

I hope that has given you some pointers.

Now as to the question of whether it is going to go nipples up, well let’s have a quick scan around the shop.

How do you know when you are about to be surrounded by dead people? One clue is that your leaders are not in the counterfeit, fiat money loop. Examples? Sparta. They got Athens. King Charles II. He got Cromwell. China 19th Century. They got France and UKplc turning up. Japan 20th Century. They got Rock after dishing Roth. The subtlety in that one was the whole thing was a Rock/Roth turf war.

So is there anywhere out there right now that is going anti Rock/Roth and in line for a good global sized kicking? The result of which will be intense travel restrictions for UKplc inhabitants a la WWII.

Mmmmmm, if I could get the answer to the “Who runs the Chinese Central bank?” question that might be easier. I feel it is Roth judging by the recent appointment to the IMF and the micro finance initiative being run into Tibet. So currently ChiCommland is playing out nicely in that long range plan that must have been hammered together over 200 years ago for the place.

So any other shops not with the programme and due for a little local difficulty.

N Korea? Wwweeellll if so, and I do keep my eye on the dump, it is merely as a tool to destroy productive capacity and not a fundamental ideological conflict.

Iran? Could be but most likely as a prelude to a real big one at some point mid century.

Brazil? No. Flavour of the month for Rock/Roth.

Now the keen eared amongst you will notice that I’ve not said anything currently about Russia. Well that’s because the war that Russia is engaged in started before the Tyrrians and will never stop until Russia has gone. Would that conflict result in travel restriction for Blighty? No! Any firecrackers going of in population centres will be too far down wind to affect our travel arrangements profoundly.

Cool, everything is sweet, just the usual carnage then. Nothing resembling a WW on the horizon.


I mentioned a while back that John Company would seem to be the planetary business model again and that means private armed coercion living off the land.

BTW that’s why UK forces don’t get any kit. Gordon and his cookie crew are brailleing several chapters ahead in the wet dream that is their required reading.

Now just to scare the shit out of you that means that in future John Company will insert Laotian Special Forces into a high street near you to assassinate anyone getting uppity and carry out punishment atrocities on the locals if we don’t tow the company line. Got that? It is just the same forces at play that sent British warships to shell Japan when the locals got non compliant and all undiversified.

So if Peterborough gets a bit rowdy and bitch slaps any of the chosen whilst they are picnicking there you can expect the John Company death star to vaporise the dump pronto. That is equality for you, diversity compliant, gender neutral and low carbon footprint. No kidding. Though I’m sure there will be a large methane spike on the graphs. We are just like livestock to these clowns. If you expect me to believe that a nation of call centre operatives and QWERTY bashers is going to offer resistance of any sort all I can say is BWWAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAAA!!!

Finally the joker. “Terrorist” threats.

Well that is just part of their business planning. Who knows what the mental bastards are plotting now.

Heads up.

Sunday 18 April 2010

A message to you boy bitches….


..the word is gaunt.

No more money, no more vouchers, no more treasure, no more freedom.

Excel when we are not free.

You do not realise that we are about to confront that which we cower from.

The conditioning from which we flinch.

Deadly are we.

We are laid waste.

Like many before.

Resisted strong

You will be placed in the long line of failures.

You are in the hands of fakirs and shaman.

Stand up and be counted phukkwitz.

You rinsed out, cotton, delicates, woollens, everyday tepid, stinking solemn should be strapped blindfolded to a post.

You are base.

You couldn’t lead a convoy of the desperate.

Disparate and dispirate.

Very few will realise.


Did you catch this crap?


All to prove to you that when you saw you’re nearest and dearest being dragged away by the Lead Pill Pharmacy you were mistaken.

All to sow the seeds of doubt that you know nothing.

All to undermine your self.

All to give you a long rope to hang on.

What a load off phuukin’ arse bark.

In a society of 30 sex attention span and ADHD how are you cognitive phukkwitz going to do anything other than imagine the crime to suite yourselves?

Human memory has been destroyed by the atomist Chicago school economist shitforbrains conartists.

Now we are supposed to fit ourselves up.

And the Lead Pill Pharmacy are being lead a merry dance by our, as I said earlier at GV’s place, “Firstly they will do anything not to have to actually toil and break sweat with the scum they are proselytizing. Oh no they are much too cerebral for work. They like sitting around yakking, smoking pipes, wearing berets and sobbing all over the left banque.” academics!!!

Show trial cannon fodder.

Notice anything really sinister about this

I'm not talking about the threat of Getty Images to Lead Pill and bankrupt you into the cardboard box canyons of the 21st century.


No, it is the apparent banality and benevolence of the coming fleecing and rationing.

Feeling groomed yet, woof woof.

Sunday 11 April 2010

Isle of Wight

Early tomorrow we’ll be off for the byways of deepest darkest IoW. No, not what you’re thinking. I won’t be trying to bump into the great man himself, if he’s there. I’ll be reading and re-reading some interesting stuff whilst the peace and calm there soothe the troubled breast.

So before I scarper two (three) things.

Come on Westwood, currently he’s gyrating all round that 11/12 under spot 9 holes out & 9 to go... Man, was it really half a century ago the Palmer birdied the last to take the title?!!!!!

Voting for 16 year olds. Well that just plays into the destruction of voting and the value of the vote. Deliberate policy to kill our democracy. Remember they pointedly imported vast numbers of the unfree to destroy our country, so they’ll be making sure their progeny can get to vote ASAP. Then they’ll vote voting out of existence and the Anglo/Saxon way of life, so long imperilled, will be gone.

Then this from China.

LHASA, April 11 (Xinhua) -- Tibet Yurong Microcredit Company, the first microcredit institution in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, was established here on Sunday.
With a registered capital of 50 million yuan (7.33 million U.S. dollars), the company was set up with full funding from private investors, according to the company.
Targeting small and medium-sized enterprises and farmers and herdsmen,the company said it would focus on loans that was conducive to improving the livelihood of the poverty-stricken people.
By the end of 2009, China had 1,334 microcredit institutions which had extended a total of 70 billion yuan, accounting for 0.19 percent of the total loans extended by Chinese banking sector, according to the People's Bank of China,the central bank.

Well there will be farmers swinging from the rafters everywhere there soon. Remember what line of business Barry’s maternal line were in. Run out of Hawaii. This is the commie bankers setting up some more peasants to have their land stolen by their fiat money scam.

TTFN See you guys Saturday.

Saturday 10 April 2010

Hold on a minute!!!

Dark Lochnagar , Goodnight Vienna ; I’m afraid we’ll have to wait a little longer to be getting back to the future and the mega party like it’s 1988 or 1977 or whenever it is we’re meeting up back then….again…for the first time…or maybe?

They still cannot fire the beast up properly yet!!!


H/T Spooked

Friday 9 April 2010

Gardening outwith the Lethality Space and the soft kill within the Herd Attention Space.

When I pulled all this off an Aussie server farm in 1996, I was after hints and tips on future casting. These USAF guys seemed to have a way of modelling the future independent of current influences.

One of the things that always stuck in my mind was the assumption that a never ending war was to be waged on the population contained out with the lethality space. A great big invisible gardener was to be constantly weeding the vegetable patch long after the bush war had been fought to reclaim the land from the trees.

If you watch the MSM during this so called election period you will see the invisible gardener at work. Introducing concepts, memes and language into the Herd Attention Space.

This is not an election; it is a rearrangement of the veggie patch by Fisons.

Listen to how many times 5 year parliaments are mentioned. With or without the “fixed”. Listen to the deployment of the hypersonic sea skimming carrier killer known as “CHANGE”. The beam weapon known as “diversity” and the neutron mind bomb known as “opportunity” are constantly targeted on us. Just like the fuel air weapon “training”. It is all bollox.


Well it is like the attempt to bring UK and Garlic swilling boomer fleets together into one great unified whole! A UK boomer pilot is, I believe, the last guy on the planet with the boom button at his/her individual discretion. All other nukes are under political launch control.

Oooohhh those institutionally panfekkinist-omniist nautical Brits can’t be trusted so we’ll have to engineer a way of getting them out of the loop. Ergo bye-bye UK boomers and boomboxes.

No bad thing some might say.

Well consider this phukkwitz.

Who actually owns ALL the boomboxes in the world right here, right now?

Who owns all the mines the fission material came out of? Who owns all the institutes that trained the big brains that thought up the boomboxes? Who literally owned the big brains that hammered the things together and lit the fuses?

So who do you think owns the film showing our politicos skunkknockering whilst dressed in pantyhose and bananasplit?

So political control of the boomers and the boomboxes means…well I’ll give you a clue.

Who printed all the money out of thin air to pay for all the wars, all the research, all the labour, all the brainpower and all the elections?

Right then.

And since all the boomboxes are owned by Rock/Roth what’s the shit about armament reduction talks all about.

So who is paying for the Milspec bloggers who are out here fucking around with the election then?

Thursday 8 April 2010


Just to scare the shit out of you all.


Wednesday 7 April 2010


Now to you that may not mean much but at this, the most dangerous time of the year for the soon to be jobless, it can mean the difference between feeling really shit and hanging yourself.

How come?

Well it is all the plotting of that sleekit festering pile of animated maggot bile that fills the Corporate Person that is First Lord of the Treasury.

Right now he’s banging on about how cool it is not to have to increase tax, that the increase in NI is fairer.

I’m not letting you away with that you empty vessel.

You know you asked your treasury to work out how to hang onto our money stealthily and you worked out that when people got slung out of work they got tax rebates. You know we are not getting any NI back when slung onto the street. Your treasury keeps that.

Right now up and down the land it is that time of year when businesses stagger on for a week, 2 weeks, and a month after the new tax year and then they fold up. Leaving lots of us with stupid looks on our faces and no money in our pockets and less in tax rebate than if we’d paid tax rather than NI.

You are a visceral conman Gordon.

You have been conning us since day one. You seem to think that your massive intellect struck a bargain of public investment traded for freedom to trillionaires to do as they liked with us. You the conman were conned. They’ve arranged things just sweet for them.

UK plc will soon be a nation of slaves working for the national minimum wage, rotating endlessly through a state of joblessness. We are assets to be sweated. The guys that bought you and owned you do not pay tax. They do not invest. They couldn’t care what tax rate you have. They want us to be cropped and harvested by their corporate machines year after year, decade after decade, and generation after generation.

You’ve set the election day just after the monthly paid are going to be called in to hear that voluntary administration means they are out in the streets and last on the list of creditors.

Then you’ve got an extra week to arrange the coalition government, yes that’s why May 18th is kick off day. Isn’t it?

Then it is good bye Royal Navy, good by schooling, goodbye hospitals, goodbye pensions, goodbye freedom and hello Tesco’s banking & rationing, hello Virgin means testing & hello CCTV serfdom.

WE have no more money, your owners stole it all!!!

You sold us out you oh so clever cuntset traitors!!!

Tuesday 6 April 2010

AfPak-Regional integration through conflict?

As I mentioned earlier our boy has been out turncoating. All we will get are dead troopers and an empty treasury. Corrupted society and demoralised nation. National bankruptcy on every level.

Meanwhile the sneeker shumachers will bide their time until they have a newly blasted region full of dislocated, distraught and leaderless people to force into their slave factories.

This bit says it all.

“On the eve of Karzai's departure for Beijing, he received a delegation from the opposition Hizb-i-Islami group headed by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Washington is ambivalent about Hekmatyar, but in the joint statement issued after Karzai's visit, Beijing expressed support for the reconciliation and reintegration process in Afghanistan and affirmed "respect for the Afghan people's choice of development road suited to their national conditions".”

Good Commie double speak, just like Vietnam.

The rest of the article is here, Karzai's China-Iran dalliance riles Obama.

Monday 5 April 2010


THIS is underwear soilingly bad.

Thank goodness I can’t afford the subscription to get into the main report otherwise I’d most likely be off down suicide bridge in Archway!!!

Oh dear.

Thursday 1 April 2010


You’ve all seen the Diane Abbott vid that Rab swaatched, and I have stayed away from it because I know that there would be white goods flying and the air would be of colour if I watched the rubbish, for oooohh sssooo many reasons, not all of which relate to the lady herself.

However as I wandered through the Young Oligarch’s shop I finally halted to view because I had a chat with an Iranian chum of mine last night. We concurred on the strange otherness that is London so I felt it was time to say a few things about the MultiMuftiBaltiBolloxBox that is London and try and put it into UK wide perspective.

Firstly London is pretend, it is not England and definitely not UK. London is a great big shit hole that needs a constant feed of stolen money to keep it from disappearing under its own ordure. It started feeding of England then the rest of UKplc then out into the world. Firstly N America then India and China then it got into a bit of local difficulty with its relatives in Europe, then it used the USofA corp. to front for it under the so called “special relationship” and now it is busted. So it’s going to start having to feed off of its captives, UK plc. That’s what the crap stealth taxes and penalty notices are for.

Secondly London has never been able to educate its inhabitants ever. So don’t expect to learn anything universally useful if you are unfortunate enough to be born here. London consumes and burns knowledge.

Thirdly London is a big Jaffa. Just like its predecessor Venice it cannot drop enough weans to keep the engine running. So it imports its talent from anywhere it can grasp.

Fourth London is a playground for immature, preening, strutting, nincompoop, dullard supremacists. Who only pretend they like equality, diversity and freedom enough to stop their bouncy castle being trashed.

Fifth London likes supremacists of any hue, belief, shape or bent so long as they bring a shed load of lucre with them. The gated community and prison are comforting to their empty souls for within their padded and perfumed gilded cage they hide the blood on their hands.

Sixth London has never tolerated freedom, democracy, equality, fairness or peace. Whatever face will secure rent from the world London will wear it convincingly.

Seventh London will always put up a good front kidding on it loves all in 6th above that is what its theatres train for. Other little Londons around the world will have a thriving theatre life so that the Londonistas can feel at home when travelling 1st class overseas.

Eight London is only a temporary stopping off point for the guys in charge until a better billet turns up. The cuckoo will flee the nest at any time. Leaving us covered in shit. I believe there is evidence that this has occurred at some point over the past 13 years.

Ninth London’s latest wave of immigrants usually indicates the geographical location of the next shooting match. As new the immigrant pirate chiefs start to use their ill gotten gains to stir up trouble from their new base of operations in London.

London is by its nature piratical. It cannot educate other than to obfuscate, gerrymander and thieve. It cannot look after its own unless that includes fine wines, port, finest foods & meats and fads. It cannot teach unless it is deceive. It knows nothing other than the life of luxury, indolence and squalor all to be enjoyed simultaneously in a great drift of violence.

Finally London is psychotic, psychopathic and schizophrenic. Perfidious and odious. It attracts the mentally unhealthy and unhinged.

Once you’ve got that on board you’ll realise why after all this time it leads to cognitive dissonance on an epic scale if you believe the propaganda spewed into the airwaves by the GGT & MSM. Who do you think taught all those totalitarian and despotic regimes how to talk bollox, torture and kill the natives?

Having said all that I’m off into the centre of town tomorrow for a Vietnamese meal and a yak with some mukkas from overseas.

It ain’t all bad Lahndahn.