Tuesday 27 April 2010

“…I was a Malcolm X scholar….”

Some people are so vacuous that you wonder how they breathe unaided.

Some people say things that you just know tells you all the book contains by looking at its cover.

Here is another beauty at work.

…end to boom and bust…

When I used to wander round Trent Park, with my mate Tim the tube driver well over a decade ago now, we just couldn’t work out why the obvious train wreck that was coming down the tracks was not causing anyone concern.

WTF was basically all you could say.

With the benefit of hindsight there is still no logical answer. It is, was and always will be a crime scene. Though there never will be any sign of Westminster CSI tooling up and arresting the perps. Oh no criminal behaviour is now endemic in every part of our society. That’s what 70 years of Fabian mind meld has done to us. We are all of a criminal mindset now, if not you will starve.

However a clue can be gleaned from the insight that no one actually believes in anything anymore. Anything to believe in has been discredited, trashed and burned by the academics masturbating in the privacy of their research cells, furiously producing semen stains for peer review at conference and school. Frankfurt. Tavistock. Chicago. COMINTERN. GREEN.

Criminal, elitist MSM traitors, a cabal of self deluding fools fooled into nothingness and empty nihilistic theft from all to some.

What do I mean?

Quite simply the current level of indolence reached by our society means that more and more are able to be Marie in our 21st century equivalent of the model farm.