Friday 9 April 2010

Gardening outwith the Lethality Space and the soft kill within the Herd Attention Space.

When I pulled all this off an Aussie server farm in 1996, I was after hints and tips on future casting. These USAF guys seemed to have a way of modelling the future independent of current influences.

One of the things that always stuck in my mind was the assumption that a never ending war was to be waged on the population contained out with the lethality space. A great big invisible gardener was to be constantly weeding the vegetable patch long after the bush war had been fought to reclaim the land from the trees.

If you watch the MSM during this so called election period you will see the invisible gardener at work. Introducing concepts, memes and language into the Herd Attention Space.

This is not an election; it is a rearrangement of the veggie patch by Fisons.

Listen to how many times 5 year parliaments are mentioned. With or without the “fixed”. Listen to the deployment of the hypersonic sea skimming carrier killer known as “CHANGE”. The beam weapon known as “diversity” and the neutron mind bomb known as “opportunity” are constantly targeted on us. Just like the fuel air weapon “training”. It is all bollox.


Well it is like the attempt to bring UK and Garlic swilling boomer fleets together into one great unified whole! A UK boomer pilot is, I believe, the last guy on the planet with the boom button at his/her individual discretion. All other nukes are under political launch control.

Oooohhh those institutionally panfekkinist-omniist nautical Brits can’t be trusted so we’ll have to engineer a way of getting them out of the loop. Ergo bye-bye UK boomers and boomboxes.

No bad thing some might say.

Well consider this phukkwitz.

Who actually owns ALL the boomboxes in the world right here, right now?

Who owns all the mines the fission material came out of? Who owns all the institutes that trained the big brains that thought up the boomboxes? Who literally owned the big brains that hammered the things together and lit the fuses?

So who do you think owns the film showing our politicos skunkknockering whilst dressed in pantyhose and bananasplit?

So political control of the boomers and the boomboxes means…well I’ll give you a clue.

Who printed all the money out of thin air to pay for all the wars, all the research, all the labour, all the brainpower and all the elections?

Right then.

And since all the boomboxes are owned by Rock/Roth what’s the shit about armament reduction talks all about.

So who is paying for the Milspec bloggers who are out here fucking around with the election then?