Wednesday 7 April 2010


Now to you that may not mean much but at this, the most dangerous time of the year for the soon to be jobless, it can mean the difference between feeling really shit and hanging yourself.

How come?

Well it is all the plotting of that sleekit festering pile of animated maggot bile that fills the Corporate Person that is First Lord of the Treasury.

Right now he’s banging on about how cool it is not to have to increase tax, that the increase in NI is fairer.

I’m not letting you away with that you empty vessel.

You know you asked your treasury to work out how to hang onto our money stealthily and you worked out that when people got slung out of work they got tax rebates. You know we are not getting any NI back when slung onto the street. Your treasury keeps that.

Right now up and down the land it is that time of year when businesses stagger on for a week, 2 weeks, and a month after the new tax year and then they fold up. Leaving lots of us with stupid looks on our faces and no money in our pockets and less in tax rebate than if we’d paid tax rather than NI.

You are a visceral conman Gordon.

You have been conning us since day one. You seem to think that your massive intellect struck a bargain of public investment traded for freedom to trillionaires to do as they liked with us. You the conman were conned. They’ve arranged things just sweet for them.

UK plc will soon be a nation of slaves working for the national minimum wage, rotating endlessly through a state of joblessness. We are assets to be sweated. The guys that bought you and owned you do not pay tax. They do not invest. They couldn’t care what tax rate you have. They want us to be cropped and harvested by their corporate machines year after year, decade after decade, and generation after generation.

You’ve set the election day just after the monthly paid are going to be called in to hear that voluntary administration means they are out in the streets and last on the list of creditors.

Then you’ve got an extra week to arrange the coalition government, yes that’s why May 18th is kick off day. Isn’t it?

Then it is good bye Royal Navy, good by schooling, goodbye hospitals, goodbye pensions, goodbye freedom and hello Tesco’s banking & rationing, hello Virgin means testing & hello CCTV serfdom.

WE have no more money, your owners stole it all!!!

You sold us out you oh so clever cuntset traitors!!!