Wednesday 21 April 2010

No smoke without fire.

Like OH and Banned the scratching of the noddle has been going on apace and although the end might be insight I’m still left to find a reason why?

You know me, any two points, no matter how vast the distance separating them CAN be joined.

So remember I posted about this being a really dangerous part of the year to be employed then suddenly unemployed. The business that you work for has had its books signed off, the directors have pocketed a shed loan of lucre and the end of tax year mean the govt. got its tax cheque. However, unknown to you the firm is going bust because they’ve lost a big contract. So you work for a month and then voluntary liquidation leaves you out on the street having laboured for a month for nothing?


I remarked that the first sign of trouble is ALWAYS some sort of clerical/processing glitch in the payment of your well earned readies.

OK then, how’s about the last week’s farting around has been a sign that somewhere deep in the banking system someone stopped one of UKplc’s cheques.

Stay with me on this.

Now HMG will have a filing cabinet full of cunning and devious plans for all eventualities to pull out when needed. Just like slipping bad news out into the media when a child slaying dominates the TeeVeee.

Zoooo call it happenstance that the volcano blew its lid, because I’d hate to think what “plan” they’d have pulled out that filing cabinet if there hadn’t been ash in the air.


If we take a look at Europe is it possible that somehow UKplc needed to send a message to someone somewhere to stop IT. Whatever IT was. Again back to that great big filing cabinet full of ready made plans, just add water or ash, so much has been going down, pun intended.

As far as the Fourth REICH is concerned Poland does not exist.

Just saying that’s all.

Heads up.