Thursday 1 April 2010


You’ve all seen the Diane Abbott vid that Rab swaatched, and I have stayed away from it because I know that there would be white goods flying and the air would be of colour if I watched the rubbish, for oooohh sssooo many reasons, not all of which relate to the lady herself.

However as I wandered through the Young Oligarch’s shop I finally halted to view because I had a chat with an Iranian chum of mine last night. We concurred on the strange otherness that is London so I felt it was time to say a few things about the MultiMuftiBaltiBolloxBox that is London and try and put it into UK wide perspective.

Firstly London is pretend, it is not England and definitely not UK. London is a great big shit hole that needs a constant feed of stolen money to keep it from disappearing under its own ordure. It started feeding of England then the rest of UKplc then out into the world. Firstly N America then India and China then it got into a bit of local difficulty with its relatives in Europe, then it used the USofA corp. to front for it under the so called “special relationship” and now it is busted. So it’s going to start having to feed off of its captives, UK plc. That’s what the crap stealth taxes and penalty notices are for.

Secondly London has never been able to educate its inhabitants ever. So don’t expect to learn anything universally useful if you are unfortunate enough to be born here. London consumes and burns knowledge.

Thirdly London is a big Jaffa. Just like its predecessor Venice it cannot drop enough weans to keep the engine running. So it imports its talent from anywhere it can grasp.

Fourth London is a playground for immature, preening, strutting, nincompoop, dullard supremacists. Who only pretend they like equality, diversity and freedom enough to stop their bouncy castle being trashed.

Fifth London likes supremacists of any hue, belief, shape or bent so long as they bring a shed load of lucre with them. The gated community and prison are comforting to their empty souls for within their padded and perfumed gilded cage they hide the blood on their hands.

Sixth London has never tolerated freedom, democracy, equality, fairness or peace. Whatever face will secure rent from the world London will wear it convincingly.

Seventh London will always put up a good front kidding on it loves all in 6th above that is what its theatres train for. Other little Londons around the world will have a thriving theatre life so that the Londonistas can feel at home when travelling 1st class overseas.

Eight London is only a temporary stopping off point for the guys in charge until a better billet turns up. The cuckoo will flee the nest at any time. Leaving us covered in shit. I believe there is evidence that this has occurred at some point over the past 13 years.

Ninth London’s latest wave of immigrants usually indicates the geographical location of the next shooting match. As new the immigrant pirate chiefs start to use their ill gotten gains to stir up trouble from their new base of operations in London.

London is by its nature piratical. It cannot educate other than to obfuscate, gerrymander and thieve. It cannot look after its own unless that includes fine wines, port, finest foods & meats and fads. It cannot teach unless it is deceive. It knows nothing other than the life of luxury, indolence and squalor all to be enjoyed simultaneously in a great drift of violence.

Finally London is psychotic, psychopathic and schizophrenic. Perfidious and odious. It attracts the mentally unhealthy and unhinged.

Once you’ve got that on board you’ll realise why after all this time it leads to cognitive dissonance on an epic scale if you believe the propaganda spewed into the airwaves by the GGT & MSM. Who do you think taught all those totalitarian and despotic regimes how to talk bollox, torture and kill the natives?

Having said all that I’m off into the centre of town tomorrow for a Vietnamese meal and a yak with some mukkas from overseas.

It ain’t all bad Lahndahn.