Thursday 25 April 2013

Holding the line

Rested and waiting.

3 and 5.

Around Byelgorod when your arses got booted out to infest and kill the defenceless in sold out Paleatine. You inbreeding murderous parasites.


Hardest of the hard, and waiting, failed by you.

Hardest even harder.

Getting this yet?

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Impromptu break as I recollect myself from the shattered maze and mosaic of your patience and indulgence.

The conversation turned to dust off our memories, memoires and grimoires. It was shortened by the tears we shed and the laughter of the hopes we bread. We, how  we met, by chance, by fate, by alacrity, synchronicity, by the reverie, by sanctity through destiny, our serendipity? Our debate urned our lost, then turned to cast or bury, I remarked that all our saints are grouped in the early part of our year excepted for the fisherman, who is my name.

I will not blog the planned iteration of my disintegration after destruction, until much later. Later in June when the poppies bloom.

It may be too gone until you hear me again utter anything other than no plan, quick reaction commentary, knee jerk flight.

Just Enjoy Today.

Saturday 20 April 2013

If I ever write the list of my wrongs it will still be waterline.

OMG, that is correct. Full integration at the operational level of all arms, and yet I see these honed weapons being used at a psycho/spiritual/universal role, a roll of the die, we are never to notice strategy.

First the Bikini.

Why do I read? Tikka tikka tick tick. The billions of odd letters juxtaposed for my intention?

Why assemble 242 ships to sea and see what happened? Why should I bother? What is in my hand? A claymore, a katana, a word? Why do I kill myselfish self? The world is to be ground to a halt but before that terminus I will enjoy the fruits of all those who died, tried, tyred, to bring a great spark into the surface uniting the topological metaphor.

This is what we do, I look at my hand, and there they are, one of the three so recently and unexpectantly reunited with my person.

The blue, first, second hand, capitalled in my own unique fountainpenned, “INCOMING!!!!!!! 9/10/78”  Cassell’s compact Latin-English English-Latin dictionary, 17th edition 1961.

The green, second, first hand, dated in biro “18th November 1992”, Xenophon, in seven volumes, III, Anabasis, Books I-VII, Harvard MCMLXXX.

The purple, second hand, third hand, unstamped by my mark as yet. The Aeneid. Penguin Classics 1956.

Have you noticed that all the citizens and subjects were stood down after May 1945? Dumped out of the machine, Excreted through the exit.

And then the OMG came into view, finalised and refined

Why would Soviet paratroopers drop on Konan in 1945?

Why would Hog Wild get taken down delivering food to POWs at Konan by SOVIET fighters?

Why would the retards take MacArthur’s famous X corp, semper, up to the dams in a managed phukkwittery?

All the explosion sites and sights, witnesses to be killed, were handed over to red creeps, the iron curtain, the bamboo curtain, and just to drag you off the trail, the false curtain that was Vietnam. All the curtains came down in 1945, to hide the nuclear sites and retard us all

A fleet was gathered at Konan, junk, sunk and was obliterated by a big Japanese stick. That is why the apron swearing false man could actually say with certitude that millions of American lives were saved when the two/three toxic moonshiners were dropped on open glasses.                

Now then now then boys and girls what bit of groomed staged multi-staged rocketry and faux-fission do you not get?

Which bit of fusion are you not getting yet in the cyber attacks?

I know you will not like this but everyone in this box is phukkwitted by smart mouthed robotic Pinocchio woodened toys of the lying heathen.

I am out, I am listening to the quaternion, the metaphor of life.

Friday 19 April 2013

Feriliser bomb

Do me a lomen, lemon.

Thursday 18 April 2013

Heavy cruiser.

Half you ever been spotted by long range optic finders in 8” shot? Bracketted in have, dying your steel in cast, revealing your self.

Why would the clowns let off one of their big ones, in a stark struck, work housed, debt safed, diseased bankster, flattened play fields of doom? Why?

I know that I bang on about the great floating airfilled airfields but ever since I watched the Ark getting cut up in the scrap heap of UKplc, I cannot forget. The death of those who desport grace.

Why would one ignite a big stick in an enclosed sea of tranquillity? Why? What was the point? In a white Christmassed world of wealth, why the poverty? Why the detached death?

Naked with no Bikini.

Have you ever seen the approaches to Japan?

The Phukked D’Witzz let off one of their few, in numbered vaults, big sticks to incestuously view what would have happened in 1946.

How stupid steroid, kunt inflamed clit,
do you need to be?

All the thin streakers are in the west. To consumed to eat, die or fast. No wonder the best here have ideas. No doubt they have no doubts, just debt and death dealing dearth.

Why do I mention all this emptiness? What short circuit do I hope you transform? 

The metal is nought our mental.

All of the precious, precocious, metal guys gut, metal is slavery, mined deep in your mind. How much semi precious was brought into the Temple to spin away the isotopes, to no effect?

Look at the atoll. Look at the atoll. Look. Look. Espy.

Watch the hot shot fall. 8 15 and 10 14. 8 15 and 8 8, lucky fall. Never before or since has such an incompetent stone been thrown…….go on then.

No wonder they have been pumping up the volume, shitstyle.

Do you get it?

Why the atoll?

What land locked psyahwehistcopahy could be abortioned at the same time. What is the deliberated unbelievers’ leavings of unleavened stupititdy.

A big one was lit off. A big stick, on the shores. Off Imperial Korea. Don’t you get the shit? Don’t you get the obfuscating smoke? Enjoy the fuckwitzwitch adverts and if you do not understand the innuendo you are verily phukked.

Truman, now there is a name to conjure with, short termiteminded, like lady belles and birds, nothing of the LBJ no thing.

What a stupid name to be obliviated with!!!!

Tuesday 16 April 2013

I was not going to post this but they dropped me, so here goes. iIncompleted ;following the itreat ihred threat.

Unlike some who blog out here on the exit, do not expect referenced material, this is not a paper to be peer reviewed by hive minded academic clowns, this is a fucking blog!!!

This is forensic story telling, antiscridism, ahistory as read by me, making more sense to me. For the history we’ve been handed down, upon which we are examined, when examined closely, is deliberated fiction. Even current affairs, go on then anthill mob, termite mounded jizz flicks, do you really believe he hung himself, the yahwehist oligarch? Total bollox and that includes the so called holy books of the abrahamist clowns. Scrit the president. List the presidents.

So last time out we were looking at the angel of death, BoE Monty Norman’s good chummy, the bankster Schacht. Why did we need to look at him so closely ( I hope you read through all the transcript)?

The things that were not said and could never be allowed to be thought, otherwise we might twig to what really happened and why there was no such thing as a holofaux, faxed Holodomor yes; but iMSM don’t bother with such trivialities, much better to spread puss fulfilling fiction, that is after all what the iMSM whores are trained, watched, monitored and ring fenced to whore. Halllowenehoax was no such thing. Oh true there was an offering, but the 6 million is just a magic number. Forget everyone other than the ayahwehist psychopathic infection.

Well the sooner we start on this road the better; for we will finally end up looking at the reason why North Korea is now being deployed, yes deployed like a chink fast food menu, number 888, for it was a deep frozen bankster asset awaiting defrost, for when the global societal cycles are in phase for its use. No wonder MacArthur was anxious to nuke the Reds. Interestingly when you realise that the Supreme Commander JOF was put down, one gleans how many further levels there were ABOVE him falsifying the fairey tale known a scripted, booked history.

If the bankster free money of the Nazi regime had not been introduced by the Schachterminator then just imagine what would have happened once the scheduled war was kicked off, don’t worry we are going to assume that GRÖFAZ was still given to the German people, even such incompetents as the French General Staff and the IGS would have strolled into Berlin!!!! So in Berlin for Christmas might actually have been achieved for once.

Why was this? Well under a regime of central banking alchemically generated debt, a society struggles under the burden and is slowly brought into a spiral of death. So Germany would have had no resources to use on building itself out of poverty, putting people back to work AND commissioning enough armaments to set off an all consuming conflagration, a burnt offering.

Using bankster free script, a society can enter a virtuous rising spiral of getting itself back to public works, generate surplus for R&D and commission enough materiel under peacetime conditions to prime the planned disaster. As an added bonus because Germany was outside the so called currency markets it was forced to face east and barter with the apocalypse.

Where to start? Well let’s do this chronologically.

In October 1944 the Berlin telephone systems hit the deck for three days. At that same time on Rügen island the Nasties had lit of something big. EMP? When re-reading of the high anxiety that western Allied military commanders operated under, as they headed into Germany after Feb 1945 one can almost feel them waiting for something very, very nasty to strike. As I have written previously the way that prewar theorists conceived of the delivery of a nuke was by sea. There was no way that anything flying could haul the mass to any conceivable target. Previously I have highlighted several “operations” earlier in the killing of Gauls und hunds; that perhaps carried another message other than the one printed in the history books. These strange incidents are the English Channel dash by the Kriegsmarine 1942, right under the noses of Fighter Command, Operation Chariot 1942 and Operation Chastise 1943. As previously noted the latter two have a very suggestive payload at the centrepiece of the operation. Approx 10,000lbs.

As is well known all commentators make the point that the Germans could not deliver a nuke, even if we acknowledge Ju390s getting to look at the lights of New York later in the war. The wünderwaffe a la V2 could not lift the mass. However there is one operation that has always, even when I was a dumb muppet concerning WW2, always made me scratch my head and stare in disbelief.

Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein/ Bodenplatte

At the end of these JOINT , JOINT, JOINT operations the ground was littered with Focke Wulfs and Bfs, the land strewn with abandoned SS armour. WTF was the point of it all? This one way trip to nowhere. Everyone knows that the whole operation needed allied fuel dumps to fall into German hands yet we are told that the whole operation was a last throw of the die to re-enact the glory of the 1940 offensive and roll the Allies back into the sea.


My primary focus here is Hausser’s 6th SS Panzer Army under the command of Hitler’s old street fighting buddy, "Sepp" Dietrich. This is late 1944, Nov/Dec, and the divisions are now equipped to a standard that exceeded any previous refit. After 5 years of strategic bombing the armour formations are better equipped than at any point in the war!! Amazing. No fuel though.

So what is the one way trip all about? If one reads around the subject one can see that Peiper’s lot missed the boat at Stavelot. Mile after mile of 100 octane and diesel, by passed. That is the legend, like the 6 million and GRÖFAZ. Spend all day arguing about gas chambers, Rothschild bitches and empty tanks, don’t bother looking at the reality. Let us look at the unreality of the slaver camps run by ayahkapos and SS. Contracted outside the German state, administered as a separate slaver system of death. Mutual.

SS6PA composed of 1,2,9 & 12, 3FJD & VJ support. WTF was going on? If one looks east there is a place for such heavy weaponry to be more effectively used in retreat. Here we see exposed the fissure that GRÖFAZ apologetics cannot get their heads around. G was not an agent, just a dupe. So here we go. What was the point of what is retold as a pointless exercise?

By this point, late 1944 two years after 6th got, with fauxmalice aforethought, vaped at Volgograd, in the two year German war we have  Reichsführer-SS at last in charge of all weapon production and development, Speer long since side lined to survive the war and breathe, an unblooded architect and Schacht, does that not pique your curiosity if not your cuirasses, commissars. The wunderwaffe technology trees are outlined and the first fruits of the fall are at hand, all administered by compliant slaver kapos in the camps like Auschwitz and Gross-Rosen. Buna anyone? Kapos and their access to infinite free faux R CE/NYC printed vouchers anyone? Hi tech slaves anyone? yahwahist or ayahwahist or iyahwahist, anyone? No one gassed anyone, because they were too valuable, anyone? R&D slaves anyone?

SS1, the body guard, premier by rep, was headed for Antwerp. Antwerp. Why? What was the point? Why not Paris à la Schlieffen or Manstein’ s plan? Case yellow anyone?

Of course not.

6SSPA is the instrument of the state within a state and the deliberate attempt to take the pressure of the western flank whilst the war decisive weapon trees are brought to fruition in the east. It is no secret that the allies were constantly under supplied because the port facilities they intended to use to support their operational targets were not usable as planned. Logistically the allies were on the edge. On the edge of the Hürtgen forest for 6 months. 6 phukking months of dead men searching.

We have in this mythological, obfuscated legend, the first deliberate deployment of a nuke, I believe.

Did you notice that the German armoured formations were so well equipped with hard ware, after two fiction war holes had gone over to a combat footing years before the German peacetime economy. aapiruyahwehuK und aapiruyahwehuSSR for those to stupid to notice the apirewclarations.

If you get the difference between a closed and open economic system then the following topological metaphor may indicate where we are dying.

Life to the heathen, money seeking, gold embalmed yahwehists and ayahwehists is but a brief spark of light between two unending expanses of deliberately darkened nothing.

I always remember the description of existence and being as a bright light, transient, pico and an unbelievably short extant between two infinite expanses of light.

What do you do apiru?

Appeararandcloakedrabidew, red dust driven, arid, unlived, inloved, diseased, unhoused, no named, unregistered, heathen bankster bitchboy and boybitch.


Thursday 11 April 2013

Why an atoll?

What kind of lamplighter are U?

Why skimpy?

We had a Washington Cherry Tree and a treaty breaker there, so what was the point?

The year was 1946, so soon after the extermination, so why bother? What was the feared outlook? What were you testing?

Ignorance, that is why.

“In February of 1946 Commodore Ben H. Wyatt, the military governor of the Marshalls, travelled to Bikini. On a Sunday after church, he assembled the Bikinians to ask if they would be willing to leave their atoll temporarily so that the United States could begin testing atomic bombs for "the good of mankind and to end all world wars." King Juda, then the leader of the Bikinian people, stood up after much confused and sorrowful deliberation among his people, and announced, "We will go believing that everything is in the hands of God."

While the 167 Bikinians were getting ready for their exodus, preparations for the U.S. nuclear testing program advanced rapidly. Some 242 naval ships, 156 aircraft, 25,000 radiation recording devices and the Navy's 5,400 experimental rats, goats and pigs soon began to arrive for the tests. Over 42,000 U.S. military and civilian personnel were involved in the testing program at Bikini.” Source 

242 ships notice.

Why would that be and why would Inchon?

Ignorance and knowledge, what a brew.

Why the 242 ships though?

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Shot fall

It may never have been accurate, some what of a curate’s egg. But there were points in a disappointing career that splashed and bracketed the unknown, never acknowledged target.

The final phrase was mouthed by sheep.

How accurate the big gun was in a saloon full of chibbers?

Observe where the hot shot fell.