Wednesday 29 December 2010

A woman in Winter

Girvan kelp?


Navigation Beacon...

....tipped with gold

Why burn it?

Tuesday 28 December 2010


F22s out numbered?

Oh let us see.

Crime syndicated weapons.

Monday 27 December 2010

Tsk-tsk the hubris of unquenchable ignorance.

In we go.

"Into The Valley
Into the Valley
Betrothed and divine
Realisations no virtue
But who can define
Why soldiers go marching
Those masses a line
This disease is catching
From victory to stone

Ahoy! Ahoy! Land, sea and sky
Ahoy! Ahoy! Boy, man and soldier
Ahoy! Ahoy! Deceived and then punctured
Ahoy! Ahoy! Long may they die

Out of concealment
Blank and stark eyed
Why so uncertain
This culture deceives
Prophesised, brainwashed
Tomorrow's demise
All systems failing
The placards unroll

Ahoy! Ahoy! Land, sea and sky
Ahoy! Ahoy! Boy, man and soldier
Ahoy! Ahoy! Deceived and then punctured
Ahoy! Ahoy! Long may they die

Time for the audit
The gathering trial
A collectors dilemma
Repositioned and filed"

Keep the books GV and never forget.

The lights are not out and the heavies are ready. All come ons have been accepted.

Any system that cannot keep the roads gritted cannot put together a New World Order.

The self worshipping fools can only realise iGREENPONZi.

Only death for millions, that is their trade marked and letter.

In we go.

Friday 24 December 2010

Thursday 23 December 2010

Richard what is was your magik handle china?

At the very root of our temporal life here what was our unwritten bargain with the settlement?

The following discussion of Richard( What is your phukkin’ handle china?) is so much better in so many ways. I wonder if he snuffed it because he got wind that the Kosovo shit was going to be released this past week?

The first successful human organ transplant was the kidney on 23 December 1954 in Boston by Joseph Murray and J. Hartwell Harrison. The kidney was the easiest organ to transplant, tissue-typing was simple, the organ was relatively easy to remove and implant, live donors could be used without difficulty, and in the event of failure kidney dialysis was available from the 1940s. Tissue-typing was essential to the success, early attempts in the 1950s on sufferers from Bright's disease had been very unsuccessful. The 1954 transplant was between identical twins.

Of course the most famous MSM fantabulouso translpant was Louis Washkansky.

“I particularly want to recognize Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell of Maine and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of California. Their tireless dedication to the cause of freedom in China has given voice to our collective concerns.” Bill Clinton 1993

The most-favoured-nation, a light unto the world?

I told you I was going to take you on a journey, to scare the shit out of you, I know you aren’t going to dig this.

When all is said and done, when all the heaps of suddenly dead people are counted, when all the treasure ablated on all the altars by all the alters is realised, you have to ask just who do Richard and his buddies serve?

Are they lackeys of the apocalypse?

This is a disquieting story of ignorance versus mendacity, innocence versus licence, spiritual against temporal.

It isn’t an expedition to discover the designer of the process, that is impossible, however it will finger the settlement.

Now I know I’m being a little disingenuous here because I know that Hal ’s real name has been lost because grandaddy was most likely part of a the CHEKA equivalent of an EinsatzGruppen or EinsatzKommando exterminating Ukranian Christians for the Commie Djinn Ba’al Hammon before washing up on Beelzebub’s shores. Don’t cry for me Argentina. So much travel for those zygotes.

So grandaddy likely snuffed out a load of geezers in the East and desired his handle to remain crypto. As an aside just go and see how many of our political muppets and operatives who hail from points East have lost their family names or are never traced back further than 1945, mein führer, or so on FartiPedia. Go on!

Hal got into the groove with the Panda Squeezer in SE Asia. So are there any scions at work today now Hal has been offed?

Oh yes deep in the iGREEN. “Son David, a talented documentary filmmaker, is entering his third year as program director of the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival. The world-changing event dedicated to the preservation of endangered species and ideas has morphed into a platform for movers and shakers in the socio-political environment – including Ambassador Holbrooke.

As Celente says “Current events form future trends”. Well, well who’d have thought it eh? When grandaddy was getting all iRED in the East who’d guessed the i being a constant constant for the ego. Or as the Human Resources Little Red Book carriers like to tell us whjen we go for employment screening, i.e. discrimination, past behaviour is a strong indicator of future behaviour. Once an unthinking slave always an unthinking serf.

Now notice the trouble that organsiations go to in selection of the scum. Notice how much trial and tribulation is involved in the real world. An example?

OK you asked for it. If you’ve read here before you know I love the turnin’ and burnin’ crowd. So a little idea of how you bring something new to an operational state is in order. History of development of the Hawker Siddley Harrier.

(As an aside you will notice something about the Harrier story compared to the F22 and F35. The little jet with the big dick was hammered together by a people who had not yet gone RICO. The F22/F35 are both black budget spy infested RICO barges)

Two things to bear in mind.

Firstly following Celente’s remark you can take time forward on its axis extrapolating trends. Or you might roll time backwards, looking glass style, seeking events.

Secondly successful development of these systems requires open discourse and transparency and an incremental approach. Engineering in its purest form. Full disclosure. If you want to send free people into the air in a tooth paste tube you need to assure the poor slobs that it isn’t going to crash and burn making orphans and widows and grief struck parents of the chaff. So it is an expensive process best kept clear of satanists.

Would you trust an organisation run by psychopaths and sociopaths to hammer together a mode of transport? Would you? Would you entrust your loved ones to a system of medicine that is run by the scions of the “camps”? Would you?

Imagine you wandered into a clinic with your child and found that the consultant was called Mengele. Imagine you wandered in for a routine operation and your cutter was called Beria or Kaganovich. Now you and me we’d really shit ourselves because these slobs like to keep it in the family so using the good old HR metric you’d reckon your chances of getting out alive were minimal, especially if the organ transplant couriers were hanging around just outside the operating theatre doors. Remember all the systems of our daily lives are now integrated into one huge religioKriminal network that assumes we have swallowed the Bernays/Tavistock rubbish.

Yet that is what we’ve allowed to happen. The last thing you want is a jumped up camp barraboy making decisions that involve issues of health and welfare because his first instinct is to find slaves that can fill his trouser pockets with gold. The corprate fascist state is now slowly but surely tearing everything apart because the sociopaths have moved from the gulags to the boardroom. From the Lubyanka to the operating theatre. And if you notice? Then very soon the Lead Pill Pharmacy will pay you a house call. Not the doctor like the good old days, but the enforcers because now they have so warped the weft of our society they know the time of ostracising and killing of careers is over. The real killing can start. Don’t kid yourself. It is what they do and they love it. Always have, always will.

Remember the missing name is a clue. These criminals love to boast about their lineage and what wonderous benefits they’ve brought to mankind by ferilising the soil. Witness the Astors or Huxleys or Darwins. All bankster fronts. So when you are dealing with missing names that is a big phekking red flag warning you. However most people don’t twig. They never rise to the vaguely off key sound to some of the names wandering through their political ecosystem. Definitley not quite native but not foreign.

So apart from having a mission to bring as much misery to as much of humanity as possible just what motivates these slobs?

Well apart from the fact that they’ve been institutionally hermetically memed to believe themselves superior to everyone else there has to be a structure around which they orbit to keep the whole process going generation after generation. You and me, we’d tire of the genocide after a couple of decades or so. These clowns cannot stop. There must be something that we don’t get. Something that demonstrably shoes them in, that they are on the correct path to wherever. Something that works for them, that they can hold up to inspection and say “There. I did that because of ……X”

And of course it is all a great big secret. No full disclosure, just deep, dark, occult and these slobs are runnning everything!!!! We are handing over bit by bit, piece by piece the necessities that were part of the settlement. Did the settlement ever get the light of day. Was it discussed? Was it trialed and evaluated, engineered? Was it part of an experimental project aimed at finding the best solution for humanity?

No of course not, it was all done in the crypt.

What is the secret X?

And what is our understood settlement?

Is it to allow killers licence H/T ZGR? Is it to allow the industrial scale liquidation of obsolete human resources? Is it to bow down day after day to a Djinn? No; however that is what the trap we’ve wandered into leads to.

The weirdest thing is that in the aggregate human beings will not resist this trap. Indeed you and I know that they welcome it. They embrace slavery, enjoy serfdom. Only the very exceptional will fight this process which is why the great push over the past century and a half has taken place to get the slave societies integrated into a world order where equality and diversity are celebrated as a mark of modernity. No it isn’t, it is a mark of retardation of human advancement.

Who wants to have a slave mentality given equal weight to the free mentality fought for by generations in the West? iGREEN serfdom voted for by the slaves? That’s correct the skulking ancient secret clubs that use money printing as part of their great enterprise shaping of the human population. They know that in the aggregate they can form the human animal. As I’ve said before all you need is….

Ceremony, ritual and worship.

With that we phase out into Aleister’s sacred geometry.


Wednesday 22 December 2010

Richard what is/was your real phukkin’ handle china?

The whole brook.

Humane kindness

Though I wait with baited breath for the Christmas surprise to spoil the atmos, the work of staring hard @ the world's 5th largest shit heap never stops. What species of dung beetle or worm is beavering away in there getting ready to poison the well of humanity?

With a cull of the UKplc herd due to start through the good offices of the Trusts, I wouldn’t as far as I could fling them, and NICE administering UKplc health policy I have to visit a little something I warned about way before the election.

It was as plain to see as the nose on your face, despite the spite, that Common Purpose had been infiltrating the governance/government of UKplc under the cover of massive public expenditure and recruitment during the ZANUleibor macht frei administrations of the Kreigsverbrecher Bliar and the sleekit spineless Kreigsverbrecher Brown with a view to casting out, during the planned crashing of the public finances, all non compliant public servants.

We are now arrived at that point.

Looking forward with 20/20 clarity there should be a quick decrease in the quality of life for UKplc punters rapido. The CP grads will, under commerical confidentiality, put in place the required measures to knock off the old and infirm as well as the unborn.

They’ve been practicing whilst we weren’t looking. What do you think Harold Shipman was? (What does Clarkson know about truck drivers?) What do you think Mid Staffordshire is?

Notice all the dead people and nothing done about it. Notice all the Keystone and that MSM balanced reporting, indeed unnaturally restrained would be a better description. Oh the benefits of all that CP training. The CP graduates are such a restrained bunch, until it comes to the spiralling smoke from socialised medicine’s chimneys.

I’ll bet the Ukranian Maurice Strong’s cousin Anna Louise Strong was all restrained when she got the agronomists to brief Stalin on how to starve the Kulaks. Oh what a jolly jape it must have been for her to trundle through the countryside in Russia on a lovely sleeper car whilst the peasants were being sent to meet their makers.

So don’t get too comfy UKplc. Remember UKplc voted these slobs in despite warnings.

Cameron’s localism is a structure taylored to the CP mentality, to the Strong cleansing mental bent. You can bet that you and me the ordinary punters will not get anywhere near any local levers of power. No fucking way. These little leavers are for the graduates because they are on a mission. A mission from their Djinn and it is using the same people that killed off the Kulaks.

Here’s a little something that I read at Contra Celsum which made me ponder a while and then pull together what it made me feel.

What did the Kerigsverbrecher and the piles and piles of statutes and legislation give us? Nothing, but it did pave the way for theft of wealth, freedom and lives. Legalese is magic, it is a spell. Stalin loved it. Mao loved it. Strong loves his UN legalese. It is black magic.

Though they may cite unintended consequences the authors of ALL legislation know its primary aim and its common purpose is to kill humane kindness.

It is anathema.


Monday 20 December 2010

Ever been alone?

I’ve been solitary but never this abandoned.

Ever been cold?

I’ve been frozen but never this bitten.

Ever thought that all our leaders have been killed off?

“…on coming to, the aircraft was in a vertical dive but he managed to bring it under control.”

Standing under the Lanc in the Hendon bomber hall one might think the bird huge.

It was a small coffin for so many in the vast millions of cubic miles that was their graveyard.

So much for travel chaos.

Sunday 19 December 2010

Offed Cherry

I am hammering together a little something and what with snow and sledging getting in the way over the past couple of days it is a little behind schedule.

The Cherry has just loaded up a beauty which I thought of incorporating in my shuffling but the piece is a savoury morsel in so many ways that I think you ought to read the whole malarky.


Friday 17 December 2010

What was become of the 5th largest economy in the world?

According to this muppet’s cooked books .

“The UK economy is the 5th largest in the world and 2nd largest in Europe with GDP of US$2.279 trillion (6th largest by PPP GDP).
GDP growth was 1.1 per cent in 2008 but it is expected to contract in coming years, with GDP growth forecasts of -3.2 per cent in 2009 and -1.1 per cent in 2010.
The UK has a population of 61m and a GDP per capita is US$37.4k, which makes it the 30th richest country in the world, above the European Union average of US$33.8k.
UK GDP by industrial sector:
• Services Sector - 76.2 per cent of UK GDP
• Industry & Manufacturing - 22.8 per cent of UK GDP
• Agriculture - 0.9 per cent of UK GDP” Source

Fairy tales for voters, soon to be unvoters, subjects, soon to be serfs, consumers, soon to be beseechers.

UKplc get ready for disruption caused by poverty every single day of every single year from now on. Disruption caused by the wrong type of rain, the wrong type of wind, the wrong type of sun, the wrong type of normality, the wrong type of dawn, the wrong type of bird song.

An economy, remember the 5th largest in the whole wide world, that cannot grit its roads, AGAIN, cannot keep its old warm, AGAIN, cannot educate its young, AGAIN, cannot deal with its infirm,AGAIN, cannot organise a piss up in a brewery to be quite honest.

No pensions, printing money like commie banksters, no movement, no free speech, 24/7-Eleven spying, fiat statutes, capricious rule of law, criminal legislators and Quislings all over the liar’s box.

When the guys who are licensed to steal money from you as you go about your lawful business, whether through parking fines or litter penalties, whether we are burping loudly or raising eyebrows, when these guys are tucked up warm in their cosey Merc vans and weather proof great coats, when they spend their time making the streets look untidy after they’ve fulfilled their quotas, loitering and comparing notes on who they’ve fitted-up that day, when they can waste our money organising their social lives and next score sitting on street furniture we’ve paid for whilst those who could do with a helping hand are left to wander on by, prey to roaming sociopaths, then you know the dump is due for a cleansing.

There is no point torching the Mercs though when the lights go out. The perps are hidden in Companys House. Their minions might rob us by statute but they were imported in 20foot TEUs or smuggled through human trafficking zentral otherwise known as Heathrow, to staff the robber tax farms. The perps names are in Companys House but you can bet they will soon have that Tinileak plugged soon under the cloak of commercial confidentiality as the stock markets get rubbed out. That is correct, you read it. Once oligarchy is complete the whole point of Companys House disappears so you can expect there to be no FT100 or NASDAQ listings and the directors will slide under a cloak of secrecy. Crypto companies executing agency directives from EUSSR Zentral.

A long time ago I remember reading someone’s analysis of communism and he/she wrote that one of the tests of whether you live in a slave society was to look at the goods being assembled in the factory you work in. If you cannot afford the goods you are a slave. Simples.

OK then lets look at the 5th largest economy in the world then. What does it assemble in its factories? Wrong question. What can the slaves penned into the factory farm call centres afford then? Wrong question. Is there anything that the UK punter can afford to own now that we are fully integrated into this great big globalised economy. A paradise on Earth where the bounty of the sweat of the world is made available to us? Yes. “OK then INCOMING!!!!!!!”, I hear you gasp in exasperation “don’t keep us in suspenders. What is it FFS?”

Well no; actually now that I come to think of it.

The UK punter cannot afford to own anything. At best the UK punter can lease for a short time anything from any range of goods and services that can be obtained from the world economy at the Trabant end of the quality spectrum.

If it wasn’t for the fact that we are locked into the slaver economy best exemplified by ChiCommland we couldn’t clothe ourselves nor vacuum the floor. Indeed very soon the 5th largest economy in the world will not be able to afford anything from ChiCommland as the ChiComms take their slaves up the value chain and their nation to greatness. You'll not see any of their young entrepreneurs fucking around trying to land a contract from Alan what's your real handle me old pork pie, cock sparraah.

Here’s a little something from when Gordon was talking shit as usual.

The film and television industries have been benefiting from extensive tax relief for film production. Many of these dud movies never make it to the cinema - and ungrateful Mr Brown has penciled in a £295m tax hike by tightening the rules. Dicky Attenborough won't be calling Tony "darling" next time they meet at the Baftas.”

That was then, so what about 2010? ChiCommland. The world's 5th largest shit house.

Oh I know you are all going to tell me about the highly paid jobs in RCE/LC but by now you should have realised that that is nothing more than a highly engineered global theft engine which has decided to shut off the overflow which sprinkled surpluses into the Home counties and redirect its attentions elsewhere. Remember whoevere pays the piper calls the Morning prayers. Expect a large Ziggurat in RCE/LC soon.

Now don’t be fooled by the screaming and yelling in RCE/TA that might make you believe that it is inimitable to Roth to be dealing with Sharia finance. Oh no. That is all a front. What do you think petrodollars are? Seen any poor Saudis recently? RCE/TA garrisons that flow of finance reaching out to the ChiComms.

What is at the root of all this?

One part which we can deal with sharpish here is organised crime in our parliamentary system encouraged by our inattention.

That is why UKplc can render itself safe haven to all the criminal detritus of this world seeking to hide their ill gotten gains.

That is why UKplc has a permanent immigration tidal wave. The perps hope we won’t notice the oligarchs sneaking in amongst the deluge.

What happens to all that infiltrated money and influence? It buys our traitorous MPs of course. Who do you think gets to bend the ear of our MPs?

Go on!!!

A bunch of aboriginals with a few tax credits and ASDA vouchers?

A geezer with zillions of stolen lucre from overseas parked in St John’s Wood with the high class hookers?

Gaawaan gaawaan gaawaan GAAWAANNN!!!!!!

Now I don’t want to get all mizz on you, because I view all these nam shub as therapy. By writing these words and you reading them a curse is placed upon the plans of the nepharious muppets that think they are better than us. The clowns think that by plying their simplistic Bernays and Marxist phekkwittery through their sewer at Broadcasting House we will forget ourselves. That we will become atomised and separated.

Well they might believe themselves creatures of a lesser god, the fuckedwitz. We know they are only bitchboys of the Djinn.

The more crap they push the more obvious their NOAHide bollox.

Right then back to what I was doing earlier...let me see. Ahh yes.


Thursday 16 December 2010

At the very root of our temporal life here…

..what was our unwritten bargain with the settlement? Well for me part of it was I had assumed that education was not warped. More fool me. However I caught up real fast.

I intended to wander down some esoteric byways, byways with the devil onboard.

I was going to scare the shit out of you with some Aleister, who might be Barbara’s daddy, which would explain a great deal about Iraq. Instead I’ll go gentle on you with some easy listening.

I’ve been anticipating a new talk since the Spring but nothing has turned up. Perhaps the good Colonel is having some well earned quietude.

So have an older one from a quarter century ago. The financial devil is in the detail, tsk tsk.

I’ll get back to Aleister later.

Wednesday 15 December 2010


When these guys were kicking the shit out of their proles the funny money merchants in RCE/NY were shipping shed loads of cash over to try and keep the pony show on the road in the USSR and satellites.

Yes Wall St financed all the repression and killing. Here’s a dirty little secret, keep it schtumm though….the Banksters are commies. Shhh.. keep it to yourself our you’ll get your front door booted in at 3am by the corporate newCHEKA. The free market rigged market iGREEN Lead Pill Pharmacy will come a play a harmony, stacatto and fugue on your cranial and/or rectal cavity.

The only way the stinking murderous genocidal religioKriminalcommiebankster empire in the old Orthodox Christian lands could have staggered on was for a massive surplus in energy and feedstuffs to be produced in the West. Then shipped over to the Politburo dashas.

All such a long time ago. Almost before riots were done in colour. When all the students were lifted and recruited for political grooming. Nothing like a charge sheet to give you left wing prole cover as you set about implimenting the destruction of your nation in the decades yet to come.

Just like today. Watch for faces to emerge in the decades to come from these so called disturbances in UK plc to lead us into an iGREEN paradise.

Only this time there might not be any food surplus. And it might have come to the notice of TPTB that the proles are getting upitty. And verily did the Rock/Roth smite them in their insolence.

Here is a disturbing thought EUSSR rioters . What if we’ve just come through the first stage and we are acting to plan?

What if the whole financial scam built on CDS and other exotic financial instruments, now known as toxic assets, was the first round analogous to Stalin’s attempts to collectivise the ungtrateful Kulaks?

The second stage would be what? This or this?

All the same outcome, political and class enemies destroyed. Nothing has changed in Wall St over that century has it? Previous behaviour is a good indicator of future behaviour as you no doubt know if you’ve been through the HR process recently. HR=Little Red Book. Banksters=religioKriminals=genocidaltheft.

UKplc can take heart though. Betrayal by leaders should prevent a culling. After all Roth doesn’t want piles of burning peasants despoiling his National Park does he? Though the local ZOMO pulling cripples out of wheel chairs would seem to be a part of the new softly, softly approach to policing now that they’ve all been to RCE/TA for training.

Funny thing is I can rememeber when the ZOMO wouldn’t lift a finger to get you into the cop shops. Now they merrily and verily will frog march and fling you up the disability access ramps. Then throw the book and the wheel chair at you!!!

When I asked about when slavery ended in Europe?

Almost forgot….

….“Mentally retarded children in closed institutions received worse treatment
in Estonia than animals did in the West. In 1965, before Western
tourists were allowed in Estonia, the Soviet authorities gave orders to
round up all the war invalids begging on streets and squares in a single
dav. The fittest were sent to special concentration camps on the island of
Valam, where they were put to work. The others were destroyed.
This is enough. It is impossible to describe all of the Communists'
crimes here. The shadowy financial forces and Jewish Communist leaders
refuse to assume guilt or responsibility. Who will bear this guilt then, for
all the peoples that were degraded, oppressed and made helpless in the
shackles of Communism? The helplessness is due to the fact that the
Communist system allows only a specially chosen group of suitable slaves
to survive, a group who lacks the insight or judgement to lead the others.!” p397 Under the Sign of The Scorpion by Jüra Lina

That’s what Cameron’s localism fronts for.

Come on now, you know the song…sing along. It won’t be big red trucks coming to your town it will be the big Black Mariahs heading for the camps

NOAHide is comin’, NOAHide is comin’….it smells like the real thing.


Happy Holidays!!!!


Tuesday 14 December 2010

Zumwalt and Trafalgar

This has gone up over the past 24hrs. A new world record. Ideedee!!!!

All that this proves is that RICO is still alive and well engorging itself on tax dollars and stealing the Intellectual Property to hand over to the Bad(?) Guys.

Item 1.

Item 2.

Item 3.

Item 4.

If you remember the picture painted at the beginning of the year describing the ancient money/weapons/temple scam of old Babylon then you should see from the above examples evidence that it is alive and well. Nay, thriving on the still twitching corpse of the West. The weapons wing of the religioKriminal network is working away to its date with destiny.

You know I actually reckon that TPTB find it easier to operate during a time of utter devastation and chaos than during a time of prosperity and human advancment. Though I do grant they use those periods of ample funny money to advance their ancient quest. However they like a prolonged period of piled high dead people and collapse to take stock, as it were, to contemplate in peace and quiet and check the celestial alignments. Once a couple of centuries are over they set the next phase in play with a different crew of sheeple. However back to the religioKriminal weapons dealers.

The one thing that escaped, no David Astle perhaps just didn’t put it this way, the description of the religioKriminal money/weapons/temple scam is that concommitant with handing over the best weapons tech and cash to the people chosen to trash one’s civilisation, was that there would be a diseased and decaying military and a corrupted youth on the “good guys” side.

Here is some more evidence that the Rothschild Corporate Entity/Tel Aviv has been hard at work handing over our tech to the ChiComms.

Comanche/Mangusta/Apache anyone?

F35 and F35 ? That’s right someone’s handed over F35 intake tech.

Seen any ChiComm warships recently? That’s correct phased arrays and stealth. Ohh I wonder where all that tech came from?

So what has all this got to do with the price of sliced bread then?

Or more precisely what about the Z & T then?

Well if the railguns go on the Zumwalts you can bet they won’t work. Oh the tech will be fab, just the deliberate degredation of the engineering capabilities of the USofA corp will mean they won’t work. The tech will get handed over to the chosen and will be made to work through unlimited funds being made available.

When crude hits 200 bucks a barrel there will be no fleets at sea. Here we come to the secret of Trafalgar. Nelson’s ships had plied the Atlantic never ceasing and the crews knew how to handle their ships. The Garlic munchers and Chorizzo chompers were port bound. Seamanship, knowing your trade better than the opposition, helped Nelson pull off his clever bit of mathematics.

Right now the religioKriminal money/weapons/temple scam look like they are fleecing the West and handing over crap weapon kit or not even bothering to, after piles of cash have been doled over to them and humungous dividends paid out to offshore foundations and charities year after year.

As I’ve asked before. Where is all the kit after all the trillions and trillions and trillions poured into the weapon fabs?

Ohh I know it is all parked on ChiComm runways and docks. R&D’d by us at our expense and meanwhile they get a free pass on the iGREEN front.

And the corrupted youth bit? Well all I can say is don’t fall ill when this lot of iPod fuckedwitz are pulling down paychecks. They’ve either got shallow fame to pursue, drones to pilot, peasants to kill and Gaia to worship or they are profoundly ignorant. They are blessed with the unblinking certainty and unthinking belief of those who in previous generations would have been certified unfit. The big iGreen biscuit factory awaits.

Rock/Roth have done the piles of dead people everywhere else over the past century so what makes you so sure they won’t be giving us our own very special version of the culling killing fields right here in the so called democracies?

Ever watched the smoke rising from the chimneys of socialised medicine?

Saturday 11 December 2010

The Greatest Love that daren’t Speak its Name

The last taboo.

Anonymous love.

I’d love to rock you Anomnibus until your eyes bleed. Until I’d fucked every salivating salivery drooling second out of your worthless existence.

Step outside slaver, without your degenerate mob of mates, and lets see how you like it.


H/T Piglipstick .

Friday 10 December 2010

die Weiße Rose

Heinrich Müller

Reinhard Gehlen


When did slaving in Europe stop? 1950s?

And then the slaver scions decided they wanted to hit the beach with their bankster mates in the West. “West and Soviet. Both run by TPTB’s representatives. After thirty or thirty five years, around the time of Saturday Night Fever, one lot of oligarchs noted that the other lot were having a phekking good time. Not that they were miserable. Indeed they’d never had it so good.

However their cousins in the West were having a much better time placing their familial reproductive organs in pleasurable juxtapositions. Better places, bitter music, better food and bitter drugs. Las Vegas, Saint Tropez, The Beatles, Sony, Ferrari, Le Mans 24 heurs, endless beaches with babes, golden sand and water skiing, 2001 A Space Oddity, Michelin Stars everywhere the list goes on. What they did have, the most advanced scientific philosophy and concepts on earth, they couldn’t give a stuff about. They wanted to be on the beaches with their Western cousins just like it was before it went pear shaped way back in the 1890s.

So they told their Western cousins, “We’re coming over”. “Hold on a minute” the lads in the butt tight disco flares said “you can’t just pitch up”. WTF we need a narrative to keep the story unbroken and the scum in the dark or TPTB will verily fuck us up.

So they came in from the cold, and lo’ it was good. The narrative was Glasnost; their agent now runs a big green foundation.

Let us see now. The Nazi slavers ended up in USofA corp. The Commie slavers ended up in USofA corp. The whole lot financed by slaver relgioKriminal banksters out of the Rothschild Corporate Entity/London City.

Ooh er!! There is a serious slaving nexus over there in USofA corp. UKplc don’t snikker, the movement of populations that these slavers love is kicking in. Look around you UKplc. The result of decades of Corrie has meant that you’ve allowed the civil power to be divorced from the body politic, us. It will kill us. The result of decades of dropping industrial waste between sesame buns has turned USofA corp into dullards.

Have you noticed that there is a weird slaving angle to the so called change our politicos keep dulling us with? Just like the change the poor slobs got when a sailingship heaved into view just off the coast and a raiding party took away the women and children. Only this time it is a slavery of stasis. A statute will heave into view and change everyone from going anywhere. iGREEN Cancun style? If you think that there are any jobs left to finance a University education then you are a fool, that is what is behind the tuition fees crap.


The choice of slavers.

Mind you UKplc I would ask just what is there to be taught/learned/read at Uni on a pirate ship?

And the White Rose?

Well in the end London knocked them off using it’s agents because Hitler didn’t use Rock/Roth’s funny money. Though I note their curious blooming in 1942 which should cause pause for reflection. Stalin didn’t have to worry because he had shed loads of cash delivered from New York and RCE/LC just loved his good works.

The question is do you want an X-Box and slavery, or freedom and liberty? Only by stripping the actions of religioKriminal banksters from our existence and their degenerate money, their filthy lucre, their evil tokens, their bloody notes. Halting the entire farcical circus of death.

Only then will we grow our own roses.

Tuesday 7 December 2010



What if the shit will hit the fan no matter what?

No admiralty flag may be written in the stars.

What if the psycho guys are shitting themselves because they’ve bumped into the limits of their ignorance.

Either way Max it isn’t predictive programming, it is time front running.

I’ve burned my diapers.

Am I naked short?

Get ready there is a Library torching coming soon. EMP@Alexandria. Power spike or freeze, the knowledge is going to be culled from our ken.

Hide and secure.

Why would the clowns have surrendered the USofA corp, despite the Hessians, if they couldn’t skrye?

I feel another song coming on.

Sunday 5 December 2010

Saturday 4 December 2010


The hermetic exhaust of freedom.

Or life.

Enjoy .

Then the communtarians, communists , fabians, and assorted gangsterbanksters came along and killed everything.

Wednesday 1 December 2010


One of the most likely plagues to hit if the whole edifice collapses, is lice

Not Frankfurt ice, that won’t kill the fuckers.


The whole Chicago school system is systematically infested with lice.


Parasites, not paraquat.

Now that DDT has been removed, because it actually worked, do you expect the pesticide free political economy to safe and save your savings? Do you? Well then you are not as ceded as you should be.

How clever are you?

Too clever to survive?

The unprobable reality is that the unleashed criminality of our lives is being extinguished before our eyes. That is the rationing taking effect. The lazy perps have worked out that all the forests are clear felled, all the mines stripped. All the fisheries cleared, all the prairies culled, all the fools killed, all the steppes commited and now the great holobubble, the massive CSIscene, the dreadcaust, the false account, all the 6 million upon 6 million upon 6 millions are coming home to be proven false accounting upon Ponzi, upon leverage, upon lies,upon lies, lies upon ceded responsibility.

We’ve got an ancient in/out cargo cult on our hands here.

They look back all the time to something they do not understand which autoimposes a hope and concomitant autoerotic RISC.

The in wants us to buy the RISC.

The out Hades us.


In the hellish universal spread sheet where we all have a cell, you can bet that all the hedges are now about to come undone, all the just in time famine trip wire, all the laws to starve, all the statutes to hunger, all our seconds to realise the life saver, the sun, ruins all the numbers that you can count.

Accountants are not henge builders by nature, actuaries are not sacred stone dimensioned, though they be masons.

They are ruled by foolstime and are self inflated.

Enjoy the ancient snow and remember that it all came from light years away.

If you’ve got that you’ll get the 6 times ten to the power 6.



Manhattan Flakturm in NK.

Tuesday 30 November 2010


As I think I said a little while back the reliogiokriminalrats will make sure Christmas is cursed under a pall. Whether it is cast lead, I'm dreaming of a white phosphorous attack or a good old fashioned engineered famine they will conjure up something to reinforce the misery piped through the gogglebox and the MSM from the toxic soap streams. Bleaching our minds and spoiling our good cheer. Poisoning the season of good will to all.

The single most common factor that puts AJ on the watch list for me is that he’s just like the UK soaps. A spiritual and emotional health suppression engine. However more of that later at the other shop.

The goons that are tasked with taking our attention away from the obvious are currently soujourning in Cancun. Top bods. Top fake scientists. Top faith followers. Top fakirs. Top fuckers. Creatures and imbeciles of the new religion.

All of them Faith based followers and sure to pile up dead people anywhere their stinking touch reeks and reaches. Just like the faith based followers of Marx/Lenin/Stalin/Hitler who have managed to kill off gazzillions of humans over the past century. Just like the faith based followers of the market who have done similar. Always these faith based stooges need some hook to hang their genocidal hats. Never have they once stopped to look around at all the dead people and doubt their actions. No they are the faithfullofshit.


Listen to this load of moonsluicing arsebark.

In one paper Professor Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, said the only way to reduce global emissions enough, while allowing the poor nations to continue to grow, is to halt economic growth in the rich world over the next twenty years.
This would mean a drastic change in lifestyles for many people in countries like Britain as everyone will have to buy less ‘carbon intensive’ goods and services such as long haul flights and fuel hungry cars.
Prof Anderson admitted it “would not be easy” to persuade people to reduce their consumption of goods
He said politicians should consider a rationing system similar to the one introduced during the last “time of crisis” in the 1930s and 40s.
This could mean a limit on electricity so people are forced to turn the heating down, turn off the lights and replace old electrical goods like huge fridges with more efficient models. Food that has travelled from abroad may be limited and goods that require a lot of energy to manufacture.
“The Second World War and the concept of rationing is something we need to seriously consider if we are to address the scale of the problem we face,” he said.
Prof Anderson insisted that halting growth in the rich world does not necessarily mean a recession or a worse lifestyle, it just means making adjustments in everyday life such as using public transport and wearing a sweater rather than turning on the heating.
“I am not saying we have to go back to living in caves,” he said. “Our emissions were a lot less ten years ago and we got by ok then.

What a muppet.

Just like Stalin who wanted everyone raised to a higher state of emancipation and not be oppressed by the capitialist swine, these fools want to raise the standard of living of the poor so they are not oppressed by the consumer swine of the developed world. Oh yes they are all cut from the same cloth these busy bodies. They just love telling people what they cannot do and then constructung a death engine to wipe out the rest of us with just enough hands off maneouvre room for them to claim that all the piles of cadavres were nothing to do with them.

We know their signature, their modus all righty.

The foundation bitchboy obviously hasn’t heard the news that old people in UK plc are freezing to death thanks to utility retards soaking them for every penny every winter, UKplc government washing its hands of them and general fucked wittedness of anything called a system in UKplc which will spend a fortune making sure that connected, one legged, albino, selfbudding, of colour, criminalista refugees don’t get their human rights compromised. All at vast public expense.

No one is allowed to die of cold or hunger or neglect or illattention or nakedness or injustice or lack of ready cash here in UKplc apart from the Aboriginals. The Abos can all get to fuck as far as UK plc government, local, national or otherwise is concerned.

What fuckedwithoutwitz, our correspondent from Cancun, cannot say I’ll say for him, the foundation tenured pussy.

UK plc has been deliberatley made poor again, has traditionally been poor and will remain poor. It is just a coaling station long since fucked over and a pirate base long since gone to seed. No one can dare tell the Aboriginals that they are going to be unable to buy stuff soon. People with real jobs the world over with real money will command all the meat, all the booze, all the fine wines and sweet meats. The water, the rain, the grass, the oxygen, the time. All this, and so much more, will be beyond the serviles occupying UK plc to access.

So in order to not tell them in case they get all upset and torch the golf course a cunning and devious plan is called for. Not rationing but the creation of a market to combat an illusion called climate change. Then through the operation of that market rationing can be enforced. Just like in so many other places blessed with the market and piles of rotting human carcasses over the centuries.

Just to make sure the serviles get the idea, they are all going to get unemployed until they get on message.

Or die.

There then you Cancun pissartists how hard was that to get your heads round.

Oh BTW you so called scientists, human beings are but the merest fart in a typhoon compared to the effects our local galactic spiral arm , the galactic plane and our Solis cause to our weather.

Amongst other things.

Mind you, with you expensively billeted clowns being so indoctrinated and brain washed you won’t believe it. You are faith based fools after all. If you stopped beleiving you’ll be booted out into the cold gutter to join us and your chummie commie maties won’t invite you to the next jet setting beano, will they?

Commintern lackies and lickspittles.

Monday 29 November 2010


Listen to these two farting into the biosphere. H/T GC. No carbon limits there, eh? Spew as much crap as you want into the human mentalsphere. No caps.

Let’s face it the witch from Arkansas isn’t going to have any trouble fronting up at the “European” security summit in that centre of the Renaissance, Somewherestan?

See all confusion and dysharmony. Cognitive dissonance. Anywherestan? Didn’t know that was in Europe. Oh well the experts say it is so it must be. Good old Mittel European name. Bolloxstan. Fuckedwitzstan. Stinkingshitholestan. Got to be on the Baltic, right?

Also note that the cunning and devyod plan has sown distrust within the once unified civile service of the USofA corp. Diplomats no longer trust defence. Ooh er, that means a Varian expedition soon.

It is all two Ceasers time. One for the East, one for the West.

One of the great things about the elite gulags of young learning is that essential life skills are wrought into the base material. Lasts a life time. The good old honest to goodness psychopathic oligarch can rest assured that whilst he or she is marching the poor, starving and dispossesed into cattle trucks, whilst their henchmen are driving blindfolded innocents through the pitch black night to an open plot there to dig their own graves in a pit where they will be invited to kneel over and worship the lead pill, whilst the top going to work on an egg scryentists stare into our grey matter, whilst millions starve, the crack pot top bods can rest assured that their offspring are acquiring top acting skills from a very young age. Indeed it must warm the cockles of the average tyrant’s stainlesssteel pump to know that minityrant is singing Springtime for Stalin or Maytag mein Fuhrer as far, far away the death camps roar.

I’ll bet on their wedding nights that’s what they all hum to themselves to take away the terrible realisation of what they’ve been married into.

So Clinton won’t be having any problems with her colleagues anywhere, all their sons and daughters will have attended the same children’s garden. Childrens gardens where the seed beds will be manured and nutrified by other children’s children’s lead from long, long ago.

Don’t eat the veg.

Sunday 28 November 2010


I was feeling all Tophat and Tails, Fred and Ginger, today. What brought that on? Dunno. When I was there it seemed empty, chewed, abused and stagnant. However the old images of my predictively programmed childhood still engender a certain feeling towards it.

Something brought that to the fore today. So I went looking for sounds to satiate the unwarranted emotion. Yello? Peter Skellern? Well I got one of my favorites. Joe Jackson.

Whilst looking I stumbled over the main man again and I felt this was a very important statement of the current contusion and confusion.

I know, I know he dodged a big one in there but I’ll give him it. He’s got a well heeled (healed) audience of skinny old fat bints in California to keep sweet. However that aside he’s stated a very important dimension to this mess. Our own culpability and what to pkekking well do about it.

With that over I caught up with Tarpley’s latest.

If the Eire minimum wage is going to be cut by 1Euro then there is quite simply no more evidence needed that the current politcal economy is bankrupt and lethal. Free markets are rigged markets. Free trade is a steal. Democracy has atrophied and there is no hope in a petrified politcal class. That the religiokriminal network has finally absorbed the free West. That we might as well torch everything on site, in sight, on sight, kill every stranger and revert to a state of nature.

However as I said over at the other shop yesterday and MT laid out above, the solution is in our hands and must start with command over the next second. The dipsticks that think they are better than us have been working on this with indomitable subtltey for centuries. So the roll back requires equally subtle measures on our part. To secure piece by piece, more and more of our lives over a long period of time and at every opportunity ridicule their presumptions.

The distractions will be formidable but the countermeasures we can deploy can negate their lies. Again remember what MT always says about the truth. It stands unsupported. Only lies need to be surrounded by a supporting cast of bollox, marketing and propaganda.

Which got me thinking about my favourite Bitchboy purveyor of stupid hair, stupid shades and stupid clothes.

If as have I mused earlier, the Manhattan big sticks are ceremonial, then the clown with the heels will not be lighting anything off. However I do entertain the thought that Roth might have decided it is time to create a ritual for their use. As usual Roth/Rock previous behaviour will give a strong indication of future likely conduct and where that might be. Good old fashioned Human Resources bollox.

As usual anywhere Orthodox Christian and as a long shot Manila. Either of these will further their ChiComm grasshopper’s further rise.

Saturday 27 November 2010

Oktyabr'skaya revolyutsiya

SALTED Muppet and his mare troughing at the Communitarian pigsty and the miners all dead.

Smolensk? More shirts messing with our minds in the east as usual.

Barry your African countrymen think there might be lessons for you to learn. Fuckedwitz bankster bitches.

I was yakking with a mate of mine during the week that, as I related before, viewed from a certain angle all the dead men were simply used in a holding action whilst the global elite arranged the pawns on the board to further the New World Singularity.

A dark and evil place with no where to go.

Indeed if the nonlinears are adjusted just so, the Second Big One was simply extrememe travel restrictions on the UK population.

The current plan is to introduce this restiction again, slowly, using commerical tools like Carbon trading and airtransport wreckers like Ryan Air. Go on; by the time the Leperachaun is finished, all European airports will be deer meadows with a Ziggurat parked in the middle. No one will be travelling anywhere. No need for “Papiere, bitte!”

In the USofA the same collapse of free travel by a free people will be achieved by IKEA style cattle wagon queueing, Einsatz and Sonder Kommando duty of care and trauma trained SS inspired civil policing of a suspect population courtesy of the EUSSRUN operatives from the Pripyet Marshes.

It is absolutely beyond the PALE now.

Communitarian afflicted fucktards. Always in gangs. Always gangsters. Always talking shit.

Djinn inspirited nonsensevil.

Where is the Djinn now?

Well it was obviously installed here for the period 1800-2000 or so. It may even have been parked earlier if Adam Smith, Ollie Cromwell or Henry VIII is taken into account.

What can be said is that for the two centuries 1800-2000 the pestilence that afflicts the world was directed from there and through the sub office in NYC/DC. If we further understand that the Djinn has been carried over the millenia from Babylon and before that from the highlands of Kurdistan then we should not be surprised to find its disciples causing havoc in a Northern European construct dominated by industrial, not pastoral, consideration.

The 4th Reich and The Third Temple may be at hand.

Now then does that make you sit up and tweek the non-linears to take a closer look at the events in Mittel Europe circa 1935-45?

Friday 26 November 2010


Here is a little graph of UKplc defence expenditures.

Pay attention USofA corp the following brief rant applies to you magnified by an order of magnitude, this is non trivial.

Now you might have reasoned, by way of supping at my poisoned wells previously, that all is twitter and bisted here. All is acidic, nay vitriolic, all is bile.

Well that depends upon the subject.

When it comes to the fools that steal our money, well the mere fact they are involved in that process lays them open to the full Fluoric acid attack. The slobs that sit in parliament are nothing but a bunch of gangsters’ bitches carving up the tax cake for shipment overseas into charities, foundations and trusts. EUSSR more so and USofA corp par excellance. Just as a taster for something coming up later here is a vignette that should keep you reading a while.

So back to UKplc. The one thing that struck me as I looked at the bar graph was just how much lucre the communitarians in New Labour had shelled out, during their tenure in the House of Theives, on the UK defence budget.

I make it approx £35bn per year for 13 years. That is a total of £455bn or so. That is a shed load of readies!!!

Now being a bit of a spotter in these matters, which comes in handy whenever chemtrails and contrails are discussed, I should be looking forward to a halcyon summer 2011. All the hulls, all the airframes, all the vehicles, all the shiney new kit, and a barrow load of tech and black programmes hints and tips, should be ready for my perusal and shuttering.

However there is a fly in my ointment. After spending all that lucre my camera will remain cold in the foam and aluminium encased. There is absolutely nothing to see for all that expenditure.

During a recent mini BOWtime with my telecomms matey I tried to describe my suspicions on this disappointment. The comparison with 1930s France seemed apt. The frogs poured money into their armaments complex and got shit delivered. The weapons appropriations money was snuck out via their arms firms to Swiss bank accounts and République Française got stuffed.

“No” my mate said as another Magners/Bulmers hit the ice (I know, I know) “it is all to do with weapons system inflation which is many times that of the RPI.” Mmmmm. I wasn’t convinced. I know that all official figures that pertain to the scum are fantasy, personal PI for yours truly has been running at 10% all his adult life, and I’m only talking food and bevvy.

The hulls of the fleet were moved away from MilSpec to commercial standards a long time ago e.g. HMS Ocean.

“Ocean is the first major RN warship to be largely designed to commercial classification society standards, allowing the cost reduction benefits of mercantile shipbuilding practice to be reaped. Furthermore, the widespread use of commercial standards and equipments pioneered in Ocean is informing the design processes, construction methods and systems technologies for other major naval projects, notably the Future Aircraft Carrier (CVF).”

So what that really means for HMS Whatever is that you look good as long as you don’t get hit. Getting hit exposes your cost cutting/techonological design weaknesses. HMS Hood. HMS Ardent.

So any clever Milspreadsheet shuffler would acrue a one time saving or a one time transfer of cash flow.

If you are with my criminal mindset here you will know what I reckon the oh so loyal contractors have been doing.

BAe 2001

BAe 2010

Spot any pattern there? I think we can acertain the modus of the guys waiting for the public cheque to hit their books before they start building anything.

Just like Wembley Stadium the money will be pocketed and half will be overseas pronto. The rest will be used to try and hammer together something acceptable by ditching any inconvenient standards and if that doesn’t work then interminable negotiations will ensue whilst the lucre is spent on champagne, alkaloids and pneumatic ladyboys in the sun and surf.

“Hold on a mo’” my mate interrupted. “Don’t forget Black programmes.” Admittedly that would answer some of the puzzle if it wasn’t for the fact that the best way to steal loot is do it in camera. So my criminal instincts merely get reinforced by these off ledger, off book and profoundly off world shenanigans.

Back in the real world defence procurement has quite correctly been described as a complete load of ejaculate. Make work is RICO infested and I don’t think we need to enquire any furhter about where the UK defence budget went. Nothing is to be found in UK dockyards, on UK airfields or on Salisbury plain excercising. A lot of guys are overseas with instructions from HM Treasury to shout harshly at the bad guys and take public transport when possible. So where the hell did all the money go? We certainly didn't have a helicopter Bernanke buying us helicopters did we?

If there really were a series of successful Black programmes, not theft of the public purse on a Biblical scale, then there would be no need for any terrorist state of emergency. The fact we do have such a state reveals the presence of the real Black programme. The full spectrum, totally integrated and unseen gulag that is the IMF controlled West. A never ending process of sweeping all things into the possession of one entity.

USofA corp., well you’ve had all this big time but you are taking the casualties. The commies got into the legal and accountancy professions and arranged for everything to be stolen. Through this fake process of budgetting, everything that exists is caught bit by bit and denuded of value until it is transferred over to the grasp of the centre. By the time the real value of the West’s currencies are revealed to the populace through stark real politique, rationing, the only game left for the occupants will be snooping and monitoring of each other. Just look at UKplc. If the iGreen Ponzi scheme doesn’t take off the only occupation that the products of the never changing (have you noticed that?) elite places of education can offer their output is UN or iSpy.

Either way UKplc aboriginals will be back in their Upstairs/Downstairs servile stasis as this guy knows too well. What he did say that really got him into trouble is that the newly imported rent seekers multiply like rats and the aboriginals are being displaced. Oh boy what a mistake'a to make'a!!! You can bet there was a massive UN Agenda 21 rocket sent into Cameron’s intray when that hit the street. iDave ain’t going to step out of No10 when his sell buy date is up and into a comfy UN billet schmoozing with religiokriminalrat commies like Maurice Strong or World Bank commie chummie Zoellick if he lets that kind of faux pas through once too often.

As I said last outing or two Roth reckons the British Isles are now safe from French invasion, German Kreig and Soviet Shock Fronts. It is time to turn the islands into one great big golf course for their extended family and communitarian kriminal mates. Hence no tanks, no planes and no warships required here. Just a controlled breeding herd of serfs and pleasure gelphs.

To extend that thought process further Rock must also be looking at the Atlantic no longer needing fleets, so if I was in USN I’ll transfer out to the West coast pronto to what will remain of the battle fleet. Everything from Northern Terrirories east to Spitzbergen and the Nile and everything south of Greenland until the equator is resolved in terms of political tensions requiring battle fleets. All that is needed in these waters is patrol of the commons.

One last thing. The Big E is, after vast expense, setting out no her last commissions. If we recognise the importance of the ceremonial name bestowed upon her you might wonder what ritual she is about to be involved in.

Thursday 25 November 2010

Colony buy Grace and Favour

Homes for Ceremonial Weapons

Some old.

Some new.


Just to make sure you get the message, here’s something I reiterated earlier. Got that? What the Grace and Favour GGT leaseholders in the Cotswolds won’t tell you is that we’ve gone Phoenecian finally. After 3000 years struggle it is all over.

Some things that give the game away?

Germany getting ready to bang out of the Single Currency?

Rothschild Corporate Entity Tel Aviv securing the Med for future operations involving extended people trafficking from Nth Africa to Europe.

Greece, the old Mediterranean enemy, finally taken down.

Hapsburgs getting a greater grip in USofA corp.

The GREEN Ponzi scheme is clearly established in ChiCommLand and will be rolled into SW Asia once we’ve been booted out.

A purge must be way overdue in the West because we are all getting too uppity, what with us noticing that the bitchboys and boybitches have been taking us for fools over the past 100 years or so with their faux democratic movements. Movements which were all cover for their ritualistic slaughter of human beings, whether in the womb or under a bomb.




Civilians and bystanders; we’ll get it as well.


Mao again.


Same people, same modus.

Religiokriminalbanksters the lot.

Two opposing systems my arse.

Over the top of everything from the Boxer rebellion until this very day there are the Commintern Bankers. The ReligioKriminalRats.

It never stopped.

The fuel for all this chaos and chicanery is OUR attention. Oh yes, it is our responsibility, though I will mitigate our culpability by explaining that we are unwittingly invited into this religiocriminal complex.

To start off trying to explain what I believe is going on here I invite you to consider what I said when explaining the role of wankstators and the concept of the Herd Attention Space.

What I didn’t make clear is that the HAS is a hypnotic state into which we have been selected for and the wonderful park in which the beautiful wankstators stand is an imaginary construct created by those who possess a Reduced Instruction Set Complex or psychopathy. The ReligioKriminalRats.

The dynamic sustaining the HAS is a never ending process, it expands and is driven by a religiocriminal core stretching back thousands of years into the bowels of the temples in Mesopotamia, who seek to have us worship them through ritual and ceremony. The key part of this ritual is the peculiarly impecuniary death of millions regularly and through this ceremony they select for the worshippers who will be allowed into the HAS and inhabit the beautiful parklands. Each parkland tuned to the harmonics of a particular dream state for the HAS prisoners. Within each parkland the specific wankstators will keep the minds bedazzled and the spirits suppressed so that worship can continue for ever and ever Amun Hotep.

In the above discussion of wankstators I described, and in a later update, political wankstators. However wankstators are everywhere. Go on; list your favourite soap star, film star, pop star, artist, novelist, freedom fighter, business hero, chatterati, religiousinistra. Go on name me one in any sphere, in any of the parklands that the Affliction reigns over, that bucks the meme.

The colony is an instrument of Affliction projecting into human society with the ultimate aim of killing the variegated and diverse, reducing the target society to ruin and bringing the remainder into the parklands of the Reduced Instruction Sets. Where the beautiful wankstators rotate and reciprocate.

The Colony has taken down the Colonies and is set on injecting the Affliction into the remaining victims.

Go on guess who’s Ford Foundation mare mummy was knee deep in microfinance initiatives run out of Hawaii? That’s correct USofA corp the Ford Foundation alien in the Whitehouse. Now do you get what I wrote about the Colony taking down the Colonies? Not just the Colonies but the old Hapsburg lands in Texas and California, the Sun King’s lands in the Louisiana purchase and of course the Colony Queen’s Lands in New England and Chicago.

However I digress, let us get back to the HAS alternatively known as the Reduced Instruction Set Criminal Community or RISCC space.

The characteristic of the reality we inhabit is a constant enforcment of limiting possibilities and opportunites for the many, a constriction of horizons and a ritualised cull celebrated by a religiofinanced violence. All achieved through a process of total confusion for the masses using conflicting signals and perverted information designed to destroy trust and societal cohesion. That fact alone tells you that all economic theory is quite simply bollox. Keeping the mind muse from boiling over and the herd getting restless as the theives circle is the job of the expensively created wankstators. Soothing ear shine and eye music piped 24/7 into your every awake and unawake hour.

All to stop us noting the never ending enterprise of the most modern incarnation of the killing machine. The USofA corp. military/industrial/congressional complex infiltrated by dual national Kazars. Just like Weimar Germany. Just like Imperial Russia. That hermetic memetic slipped to them from Babelyon all those centuries ago makes them ideal societal saboteurs. Willing apostles of the Djinn. Vector of the Affliction. Never has so much shit been spewed forth by so few, into the world, in such a short time. Go on name me a Chicago School, Frankfurt School, Nudge nudge wink wink economist, Commie, feminist, Nazi, shrink, Abortionist, artist, Federal Reservist, Beatnik, Pornographer, social theorist, educational theorist, community organiser, Nationalist, banker, gangster, trafficker or any significant former dweller of the Pripyet Marshes that hasn’t sought to sabotage and steal our gear, move in alien populations for their slaving racket run out of the Rothschild Corporate Enmity/ Tel Aviv or get everyone else to die whilst they kidded on they were refugee intellectuals. All so they never have to do a single hours work ever in their useless lives. Go on.

Then to excite the chaotic stasis even further the Djinn as Loki turns up. Remember DIcke’s little remark about one of the signatures of the system at work is the Keystone Cop routine heaving into view? Here’s is an abject beauty. Absolutely everything about this stinks of the Djinn’s servants at play with suffering humanity. Go on, try and think this through. That’s correct we are back in deliberate confusion, stasis, directionless leadership and humanity wide open to Djinn attack. If I’m mistaken then the Pope is a Nazi.

The good news for UK plc is a double edged sword. CoE is heading for destruction. Well if you base your religion on the proclivities of a degenrate King being run by a bunch on Djinned Venetians what do you expect!

True the latest defence cuts suggest that there is in the appreciation of Rothschilds and their strategists no existential threat to the vast Riding/Chase that will constitute the British Isles from Cork to John O’Groats, from Belfast to Hastings. The global elite will come here to play and the Abos will wait on their pleasure. That is the cold bowl of sick served to the scum staff of the servile NOAHide economy.

The down side is that the Abos are literally going to get their cunts kicked if they so much as whimper about their so called rights. The Abos have been getting dis/replaced for well over 4 centuries and the very recent arrival of the unintended urban slaves in the past 2 centuries has taken a lot of work by the religiokriminals to get the serfs neutered and firmly back into their place. One wrong move and the ZOMO will kill you, the Secret Lead Pill Pharmacy will remove you for cryptoexecution or the INGSOC will kill your stippended so called career in the rigid rigged hierarchy. Oh and if you breed out of turn you’ll be dragged down the abattoir by your fellow serviles.

UK plc is going ChiCommland and the slobs are too X-Fuckturd to see it.

I love these MSM bowel seizures. These constipated flickerings from the magic lantern. The NOAHide courts dressed up as entertainment. Actually I jest. I forlornly hope against hope that somewhere in The Database there is a list of TV studios that will be visited one day by ballotechnic students of the madrassas and the whole talentless bunch of gurning goons, the rancid product of religiokriminal fiat money flooding of our attention space, the detritus of a society based on the unknowing certainty and arrogance of ignorance will be spun away in a cleansing vortex of retribution.

How any of the judges that sit on these shows can possibly claim our worship, they have been chosen after all for their ability to churn nothing as quickly as possible to keep the funny money game going, says volumes about their perverted world view and our blindedness. They gave one poor slob a hard time this weekend for being shit, just like them. What did they expect to be judging. Baroque Castrati? A task for which they would be singularly unfit no matter how many lives they were given and how much training lavished upon them at the expense of others.

Utter, utter rubbish accorded the highest rewards from a political economy that has turned 100% Racketeering Influenced and Currupted Organisation. A society that is completely worthless and would have us reflect its values and absorb its nothingness deep into our being.

RICO RISCC, so much for the great diversity of the modern world. One world, one thought, one modus. Think otherwise and you die.

Fuck off!

There is nothing to sustain the soul in anything paid for, transacted for, obtained from a market maker/ market fakir/ market fucker or bartered for. Anything monetised is touched by the Djinn. That’s why NICE gets to put a dollar value on your life. Why, in the great big universal spreadsheet, your cell will get snuffed out once you stop playing the monetising game. Why the National Death Service’s stealth eugenics haunts your every second in the public/private Soylent Green factories of the Fascist medical state. Where the chimnies and flues never stop smoking after the stem cells and the body parts have been sent into the Djinn’s marked market.

What is to bring joy to us when atomised, singular, lonely, stripped and bared individuals are sent up against a Star Chamber of prepped and readied sychophants who have no interest in our wellbeing because by the simple fact that you are presented before them they know you have no other choice? They recognise the system that animates their hollow breathing and vacuous minds has blasted all other means of obtaining tokens of exchange to oblivion for us. Right on plan. Just as in the old Derren Brown trick of showing us how to win on the horses; it is a numbers game. The empty legend and premise needs to show a winner or two to keep the promise true. We don’t get to see the millions of broken and failed attempts by the unlimited mass of increasingly desperate people. All these winners in a non existent fabrication, soon to be abandoned to join the losers.

Step out of the Colony’s RICO RISCC wonderlands, ignore the wankstators. Ignore the GGT. Reject the ugly.

There is no money, never has been. Neither fiat fancy, gold, silver, iron or beads. There is no economics, no econometrics, no accountancy. NOTHING there. All value in things is a ritual created for the ceremony to have us slaved in worship. The very attempt at enjoying the trinkets, junkets and constructs that the Afflicted wish to keep to themselves is all an illusion to entrap us. Reject the stunted in their RICO RISCC temporal state.

Give it up. We have the choice. They are shutting the parklands, we are not wanted.

It is going to be a long trek but everything is now possible for us, not the RICO RISCC. They won’t like it and the route will as usual stage through Lalaland since the universe is on side. Expect evil, expect betrayal, expect disappointment, expect all the devices and trappings to be deployed to take some of us away back into the trinket infested void but the mere fact we start to think this way means we have succeeded. Oh how they hate that, thinking.


Enjoy the freedom at last. Favour grace and beauty.

Wednesday 24 November 2010


Whilst the banks are falling. Whilst the shells are falling . What about ISAF? What benefits are there to be had by embroiling a pauperised, logistically failing and Fifth column riven NATO in a Ðiên Biên Phú episode?

Who wants us there anyway?

Well one of the things we can say with certainty is that the guys that lead us into this war crime and the guys who keep us knee deep in dead troopers and civilians are totally and utterly rubbish at anything they turn their hands to. They are the Beavis and Buttheads of the Western world. They could not get rid of their virginities in a gin sodden knocking shop in the midst of an orgy. They are completely unfit for any purpose. Except for the fifth comumnists who designed this part of the destruction of the West. Guys like the PNAC fools and NEOCON clowns. Sleekit wee traitors skulking far away from the gunfire and sniper. Deep in the restaurant bunkers, bistro trenches and Broadway beachheads.

However the iPod generation nestling deep within their serene unwavering certainty of ignorance are absolutley no iDea’d.

It would certainly help any Fistminister in waiting to have a complete fiasco unfold very soon, as far as UK plc is concerned. Firstly the local loyal Aboriginals would be traumatised and unable to stop the complete highjacking of the remnants of the UK parliamentary system by religiocriminal weirdos transported in by the millions by the communitarian clowns in the commie dumping ground known as New Labour by the war criminals Blair and Brown.

Never in the field of public administration has so much treason been done to so many by so few.

Right at this minute the secret planning is under way to make sure that UK plc has as many of its parliamentary constituencies removed from what we Aboriginals would recognise as democracy. Jerrymandering may have existed in the past for the pursuit of filthy lucre but the rich loam of the New Labour Traitors has allowed religiocriminals to finally get the Kingdom swamped.

For the EUSSR the prospect would suite the 4th Reich which will be reverting to a Ribbentrop/Molotov axis as the Med is handed over to the RCE/TA. You know what that territory covers? All you do is take a long boat from Tyre and sail for Cork about 3500 years ago. Or take a fast luxury yacht from the St Catherine’s Dock(RCE/LC) today and set sail for RCE/TA, that will bring the PIIGS into your itinerary.

USofA corp? TSA is already shutting you off from the world. Just like the good old days when the Commies and Nazis played their roles in shutting peoples off from each other before the killing started. And if you are listening really carefully USofA corp you’ll hear the siren voices grooming you. Just listen to who’s not going to be travelling by air anymore.

We are now living in Russia around 1910. Their experience will now be ours. The same confusion. The same dangers, real and perceived, imagined and fomented. False hopes and hidden assassins. Chaos and stasis.

The banksters’ spell has been cast upon us. We are under black magic rule.

iCommunism is back and the iGreen youth are too green to know.