Wednesday 15 December 2010

When I asked about when slavery ended in Europe?

Almost forgot….

….“Mentally retarded children in closed institutions received worse treatment
in Estonia than animals did in the West. In 1965, before Western
tourists were allowed in Estonia, the Soviet authorities gave orders to
round up all the war invalids begging on streets and squares in a single
dav. The fittest were sent to special concentration camps on the island of
Valam, where they were put to work. The others were destroyed.
This is enough. It is impossible to describe all of the Communists'
crimes here. The shadowy financial forces and Jewish Communist leaders
refuse to assume guilt or responsibility. Who will bear this guilt then, for
all the peoples that were degraded, oppressed and made helpless in the
shackles of Communism? The helplessness is due to the fact that the
Communist system allows only a specially chosen group of suitable slaves
to survive, a group who lacks the insight or judgement to lead the others.!” p397 Under the Sign of The Scorpion by Jüra Lina

That’s what Cameron’s localism fronts for.

Come on now, you know the song…sing along. It won’t be big red trucks coming to your town it will be the big Black Mariahs heading for the camps

NOAHide is comin’, NOAHide is comin’….it smells like the real thing.


Happy Holidays!!!!