Wednesday 22 December 2010

Humane kindness

Though I wait with baited breath for the Christmas surprise to spoil the atmos, the work of staring hard @ the world's 5th largest shit heap never stops. What species of dung beetle or worm is beavering away in there getting ready to poison the well of humanity?

With a cull of the UKplc herd due to start through the good offices of the Trusts, I wouldn’t as far as I could fling them, and NICE administering UKplc health policy I have to visit a little something I warned about way before the election.

It was as plain to see as the nose on your face, despite the spite, that Common Purpose had been infiltrating the governance/government of UKplc under the cover of massive public expenditure and recruitment during the ZANUleibor macht frei administrations of the Kreigsverbrecher Bliar and the sleekit spineless Kreigsverbrecher Brown with a view to casting out, during the planned crashing of the public finances, all non compliant public servants.

We are now arrived at that point.

Looking forward with 20/20 clarity there should be a quick decrease in the quality of life for UKplc punters rapido. The CP grads will, under commerical confidentiality, put in place the required measures to knock off the old and infirm as well as the unborn.

They’ve been practicing whilst we weren’t looking. What do you think Harold Shipman was? (What does Clarkson know about truck drivers?) What do you think Mid Staffordshire is?

Notice all the dead people and nothing done about it. Notice all the Keystone and that MSM balanced reporting, indeed unnaturally restrained would be a better description. Oh the benefits of all that CP training. The CP graduates are such a restrained bunch, until it comes to the spiralling smoke from socialised medicine’s chimneys.

I’ll bet the Ukranian Maurice Strong’s cousin Anna Louise Strong was all restrained when she got the agronomists to brief Stalin on how to starve the Kulaks. Oh what a jolly jape it must have been for her to trundle through the countryside in Russia on a lovely sleeper car whilst the peasants were being sent to meet their makers.

So don’t get too comfy UKplc. Remember UKplc voted these slobs in despite warnings.

Cameron’s localism is a structure taylored to the CP mentality, to the Strong cleansing mental bent. You can bet that you and me the ordinary punters will not get anywhere near any local levers of power. No fucking way. These little leavers are for the graduates because they are on a mission. A mission from their Djinn and it is using the same people that killed off the Kulaks.

Here’s a little something that I read at Contra Celsum which made me ponder a while and then pull together what it made me feel.

What did the Kerigsverbrecher and the piles and piles of statutes and legislation give us? Nothing, but it did pave the way for theft of wealth, freedom and lives. Legalese is magic, it is a spell. Stalin loved it. Mao loved it. Strong loves his UN legalese. It is black magic.

Though they may cite unintended consequences the authors of ALL legislation know its primary aim and its common purpose is to kill humane kindness.

It is anathema.