Friday 17 December 2010

What was become of the 5th largest economy in the world?

According to this muppet’s cooked books .

“The UK economy is the 5th largest in the world and 2nd largest in Europe with GDP of US$2.279 trillion (6th largest by PPP GDP).
GDP growth was 1.1 per cent in 2008 but it is expected to contract in coming years, with GDP growth forecasts of -3.2 per cent in 2009 and -1.1 per cent in 2010.
The UK has a population of 61m and a GDP per capita is US$37.4k, which makes it the 30th richest country in the world, above the European Union average of US$33.8k.
UK GDP by industrial sector:
• Services Sector - 76.2 per cent of UK GDP
• Industry & Manufacturing - 22.8 per cent of UK GDP
• Agriculture - 0.9 per cent of UK GDP” Source

Fairy tales for voters, soon to be unvoters, subjects, soon to be serfs, consumers, soon to be beseechers.

UKplc get ready for disruption caused by poverty every single day of every single year from now on. Disruption caused by the wrong type of rain, the wrong type of wind, the wrong type of sun, the wrong type of normality, the wrong type of dawn, the wrong type of bird song.

An economy, remember the 5th largest in the whole wide world, that cannot grit its roads, AGAIN, cannot keep its old warm, AGAIN, cannot educate its young, AGAIN, cannot deal with its infirm,AGAIN, cannot organise a piss up in a brewery to be quite honest.

No pensions, printing money like commie banksters, no movement, no free speech, 24/7-Eleven spying, fiat statutes, capricious rule of law, criminal legislators and Quislings all over the liar’s box.

When the guys who are licensed to steal money from you as you go about your lawful business, whether through parking fines or litter penalties, whether we are burping loudly or raising eyebrows, when these guys are tucked up warm in their cosey Merc vans and weather proof great coats, when they spend their time making the streets look untidy after they’ve fulfilled their quotas, loitering and comparing notes on who they’ve fitted-up that day, when they can waste our money organising their social lives and next score sitting on street furniture we’ve paid for whilst those who could do with a helping hand are left to wander on by, prey to roaming sociopaths, then you know the dump is due for a cleansing.

There is no point torching the Mercs though when the lights go out. The perps are hidden in Companys House. Their minions might rob us by statute but they were imported in 20foot TEUs or smuggled through human trafficking zentral otherwise known as Heathrow, to staff the robber tax farms. The perps names are in Companys House but you can bet they will soon have that Tinileak plugged soon under the cloak of commercial confidentiality as the stock markets get rubbed out. That is correct, you read it. Once oligarchy is complete the whole point of Companys House disappears so you can expect there to be no FT100 or NASDAQ listings and the directors will slide under a cloak of secrecy. Crypto companies executing agency directives from EUSSR Zentral.

A long time ago I remember reading someone’s analysis of communism and he/she wrote that one of the tests of whether you live in a slave society was to look at the goods being assembled in the factory you work in. If you cannot afford the goods you are a slave. Simples.

OK then lets look at the 5th largest economy in the world then. What does it assemble in its factories? Wrong question. What can the slaves penned into the factory farm call centres afford then? Wrong question. Is there anything that the UK punter can afford to own now that we are fully integrated into this great big globalised economy. A paradise on Earth where the bounty of the sweat of the world is made available to us? Yes. “OK then INCOMING!!!!!!!”, I hear you gasp in exasperation “don’t keep us in suspenders. What is it FFS?”

Well no; actually now that I come to think of it.

The UK punter cannot afford to own anything. At best the UK punter can lease for a short time anything from any range of goods and services that can be obtained from the world economy at the Trabant end of the quality spectrum.

If it wasn’t for the fact that we are locked into the slaver economy best exemplified by ChiCommland we couldn’t clothe ourselves nor vacuum the floor. Indeed very soon the 5th largest economy in the world will not be able to afford anything from ChiCommland as the ChiComms take their slaves up the value chain and their nation to greatness. You'll not see any of their young entrepreneurs fucking around trying to land a contract from Alan what's your real handle me old pork pie, cock sparraah.

Here’s a little something from when Gordon was talking shit as usual.

The film and television industries have been benefiting from extensive tax relief for film production. Many of these dud movies never make it to the cinema - and ungrateful Mr Brown has penciled in a £295m tax hike by tightening the rules. Dicky Attenborough won't be calling Tony "darling" next time they meet at the Baftas.”

That was then, so what about 2010? ChiCommland. The world's 5th largest shit house.

Oh I know you are all going to tell me about the highly paid jobs in RCE/LC but by now you should have realised that that is nothing more than a highly engineered global theft engine which has decided to shut off the overflow which sprinkled surpluses into the Home counties and redirect its attentions elsewhere. Remember whoevere pays the piper calls the Morning prayers. Expect a large Ziggurat in RCE/LC soon.

Now don’t be fooled by the screaming and yelling in RCE/TA that might make you believe that it is inimitable to Roth to be dealing with Sharia finance. Oh no. That is all a front. What do you think petrodollars are? Seen any poor Saudis recently? RCE/TA garrisons that flow of finance reaching out to the ChiComms.

What is at the root of all this?

One part which we can deal with sharpish here is organised crime in our parliamentary system encouraged by our inattention.

That is why UKplc can render itself safe haven to all the criminal detritus of this world seeking to hide their ill gotten gains.

That is why UKplc has a permanent immigration tidal wave. The perps hope we won’t notice the oligarchs sneaking in amongst the deluge.

What happens to all that infiltrated money and influence? It buys our traitorous MPs of course. Who do you think gets to bend the ear of our MPs?

Go on!!!

A bunch of aboriginals with a few tax credits and ASDA vouchers?

A geezer with zillions of stolen lucre from overseas parked in St John’s Wood with the high class hookers?

Gaawaan gaawaan gaawaan GAAWAANNN!!!!!!

Now I don’t want to get all mizz on you, because I view all these nam shub as therapy. By writing these words and you reading them a curse is placed upon the plans of the nepharious muppets that think they are better than us. The clowns think that by plying their simplistic Bernays and Marxist phekkwittery through their sewer at Broadcasting House we will forget ourselves. That we will become atomised and separated.

Well they might believe themselves creatures of a lesser god, the fuckedwitz. We know they are only bitchboys of the Djinn.

The more crap they push the more obvious their NOAHide bollox.

Right then back to what I was doing earlier...let me see. Ahh yes.