Thursday 23 December 2010

Richard what is was your magik handle china?

At the very root of our temporal life here what was our unwritten bargain with the settlement?

The following discussion of Richard( What is your phukkin’ handle china?) is so much better in so many ways. I wonder if he snuffed it because he got wind that the Kosovo shit was going to be released this past week?

The first successful human organ transplant was the kidney on 23 December 1954 in Boston by Joseph Murray and J. Hartwell Harrison. The kidney was the easiest organ to transplant, tissue-typing was simple, the organ was relatively easy to remove and implant, live donors could be used without difficulty, and in the event of failure kidney dialysis was available from the 1940s. Tissue-typing was essential to the success, early attempts in the 1950s on sufferers from Bright's disease had been very unsuccessful. The 1954 transplant was between identical twins.

Of course the most famous MSM fantabulouso translpant was Louis Washkansky.

“I particularly want to recognize Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell of Maine and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of California. Their tireless dedication to the cause of freedom in China has given voice to our collective concerns.” Bill Clinton 1993

The most-favoured-nation, a light unto the world?

I told you I was going to take you on a journey, to scare the shit out of you, I know you aren’t going to dig this.

When all is said and done, when all the heaps of suddenly dead people are counted, when all the treasure ablated on all the altars by all the alters is realised, you have to ask just who do Richard and his buddies serve?

Are they lackeys of the apocalypse?

This is a disquieting story of ignorance versus mendacity, innocence versus licence, spiritual against temporal.

It isn’t an expedition to discover the designer of the process, that is impossible, however it will finger the settlement.

Now I know I’m being a little disingenuous here because I know that Hal ’s real name has been lost because grandaddy was most likely part of a the CHEKA equivalent of an EinsatzGruppen or EinsatzKommando exterminating Ukranian Christians for the Commie Djinn Ba’al Hammon before washing up on Beelzebub’s shores. Don’t cry for me Argentina. So much travel for those zygotes.

So grandaddy likely snuffed out a load of geezers in the East and desired his handle to remain crypto. As an aside just go and see how many of our political muppets and operatives who hail from points East have lost their family names or are never traced back further than 1945, mein führer, or so on FartiPedia. Go on!

Hal got into the groove with the Panda Squeezer in SE Asia. So are there any scions at work today now Hal has been offed?

Oh yes deep in the iGREEN. “Son David, a talented documentary filmmaker, is entering his third year as program director of the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival. The world-changing event dedicated to the preservation of endangered species and ideas has morphed into a platform for movers and shakers in the socio-political environment – including Ambassador Holbrooke.

As Celente says “Current events form future trends”. Well, well who’d have thought it eh? When grandaddy was getting all iRED in the East who’d guessed the i being a constant constant for the ego. Or as the Human Resources Little Red Book carriers like to tell us whjen we go for employment screening, i.e. discrimination, past behaviour is a strong indicator of future behaviour. Once an unthinking slave always an unthinking serf.

Now notice the trouble that organsiations go to in selection of the scum. Notice how much trial and tribulation is involved in the real world. An example?

OK you asked for it. If you’ve read here before you know I love the turnin’ and burnin’ crowd. So a little idea of how you bring something new to an operational state is in order. History of development of the Hawker Siddley Harrier.

(As an aside you will notice something about the Harrier story compared to the F22 and F35. The little jet with the big dick was hammered together by a people who had not yet gone RICO. The F22/F35 are both black budget spy infested RICO barges)

Two things to bear in mind.

Firstly following Celente’s remark you can take time forward on its axis extrapolating trends. Or you might roll time backwards, looking glass style, seeking events.

Secondly successful development of these systems requires open discourse and transparency and an incremental approach. Engineering in its purest form. Full disclosure. If you want to send free people into the air in a tooth paste tube you need to assure the poor slobs that it isn’t going to crash and burn making orphans and widows and grief struck parents of the chaff. So it is an expensive process best kept clear of satanists.

Would you trust an organisation run by psychopaths and sociopaths to hammer together a mode of transport? Would you? Would you entrust your loved ones to a system of medicine that is run by the scions of the “camps”? Would you?

Imagine you wandered into a clinic with your child and found that the consultant was called Mengele. Imagine you wandered in for a routine operation and your cutter was called Beria or Kaganovich. Now you and me we’d really shit ourselves because these slobs like to keep it in the family so using the good old HR metric you’d reckon your chances of getting out alive were minimal, especially if the organ transplant couriers were hanging around just outside the operating theatre doors. Remember all the systems of our daily lives are now integrated into one huge religioKriminal network that assumes we have swallowed the Bernays/Tavistock rubbish.

Yet that is what we’ve allowed to happen. The last thing you want is a jumped up camp barraboy making decisions that involve issues of health and welfare because his first instinct is to find slaves that can fill his trouser pockets with gold. The corprate fascist state is now slowly but surely tearing everything apart because the sociopaths have moved from the gulags to the boardroom. From the Lubyanka to the operating theatre. And if you notice? Then very soon the Lead Pill Pharmacy will pay you a house call. Not the doctor like the good old days, but the enforcers because now they have so warped the weft of our society they know the time of ostracising and killing of careers is over. The real killing can start. Don’t kid yourself. It is what they do and they love it. Always have, always will.

Remember the missing name is a clue. These criminals love to boast about their lineage and what wonderous benefits they’ve brought to mankind by ferilising the soil. Witness the Astors or Huxleys or Darwins. All bankster fronts. So when you are dealing with missing names that is a big phekking red flag warning you. However most people don’t twig. They never rise to the vaguely off key sound to some of the names wandering through their political ecosystem. Definitley not quite native but not foreign.

So apart from having a mission to bring as much misery to as much of humanity as possible just what motivates these slobs?

Well apart from the fact that they’ve been institutionally hermetically memed to believe themselves superior to everyone else there has to be a structure around which they orbit to keep the whole process going generation after generation. You and me, we’d tire of the genocide after a couple of decades or so. These clowns cannot stop. There must be something that we don’t get. Something that demonstrably shoes them in, that they are on the correct path to wherever. Something that works for them, that they can hold up to inspection and say “There. I did that because of ……X”

And of course it is all a great big secret. No full disclosure, just deep, dark, occult and these slobs are runnning everything!!!! We are handing over bit by bit, piece by piece the necessities that were part of the settlement. Did the settlement ever get the light of day. Was it discussed? Was it trialed and evaluated, engineered? Was it part of an experimental project aimed at finding the best solution for humanity?

No of course not, it was all done in the crypt.

What is the secret X?

And what is our understood settlement?

Is it to allow killers licence H/T ZGR? Is it to allow the industrial scale liquidation of obsolete human resources? Is it to bow down day after day to a Djinn? No; however that is what the trap we’ve wandered into leads to.

The weirdest thing is that in the aggregate human beings will not resist this trap. Indeed you and I know that they welcome it. They embrace slavery, enjoy serfdom. Only the very exceptional will fight this process which is why the great push over the past century and a half has taken place to get the slave societies integrated into a world order where equality and diversity are celebrated as a mark of modernity. No it isn’t, it is a mark of retardation of human advancement.

Who wants to have a slave mentality given equal weight to the free mentality fought for by generations in the West? iGREEN serfdom voted for by the slaves? That’s correct the skulking ancient secret clubs that use money printing as part of their great enterprise shaping of the human population. They know that in the aggregate they can form the human animal. As I’ve said before all you need is….

Ceremony, ritual and worship.

With that we phase out into Aleister’s sacred geometry.