Wednesday 1 December 2010


One of the most likely plagues to hit if the whole edifice collapses, is lice

Not Frankfurt ice, that won’t kill the fuckers.


The whole Chicago school system is systematically infested with lice.


Parasites, not paraquat.

Now that DDT has been removed, because it actually worked, do you expect the pesticide free political economy to safe and save your savings? Do you? Well then you are not as ceded as you should be.

How clever are you?

Too clever to survive?

The unprobable reality is that the unleashed criminality of our lives is being extinguished before our eyes. That is the rationing taking effect. The lazy perps have worked out that all the forests are clear felled, all the mines stripped. All the fisheries cleared, all the prairies culled, all the fools killed, all the steppes commited and now the great holobubble, the massive CSIscene, the dreadcaust, the false account, all the 6 million upon 6 million upon 6 millions are coming home to be proven false accounting upon Ponzi, upon leverage, upon lies,upon lies, lies upon ceded responsibility.

We’ve got an ancient in/out cargo cult on our hands here.

They look back all the time to something they do not understand which autoimposes a hope and concomitant autoerotic RISC.

The in wants us to buy the RISC.

The out Hades us.


In the hellish universal spread sheet where we all have a cell, you can bet that all the hedges are now about to come undone, all the just in time famine trip wire, all the laws to starve, all the statutes to hunger, all our seconds to realise the life saver, the sun, ruins all the numbers that you can count.

Accountants are not henge builders by nature, actuaries are not sacred stone dimensioned, though they be masons.

They are ruled by foolstime and are self inflated.

Enjoy the ancient snow and remember that it all came from light years away.

If you’ve got that you’ll get the 6 times ten to the power 6.



Manhattan Flakturm in NK.