Wednesday 15 December 2010


When these guys were kicking the shit out of their proles the funny money merchants in RCE/NY were shipping shed loads of cash over to try and keep the pony show on the road in the USSR and satellites.

Yes Wall St financed all the repression and killing. Here’s a dirty little secret, keep it schtumm though….the Banksters are commies. Shhh.. keep it to yourself our you’ll get your front door booted in at 3am by the corporate newCHEKA. The free market rigged market iGREEN Lead Pill Pharmacy will come a play a harmony, stacatto and fugue on your cranial and/or rectal cavity.

The only way the stinking murderous genocidal religioKriminalcommiebankster empire in the old Orthodox Christian lands could have staggered on was for a massive surplus in energy and feedstuffs to be produced in the West. Then shipped over to the Politburo dashas.

All such a long time ago. Almost before riots were done in colour. When all the students were lifted and recruited for political grooming. Nothing like a charge sheet to give you left wing prole cover as you set about implimenting the destruction of your nation in the decades yet to come.

Just like today. Watch for faces to emerge in the decades to come from these so called disturbances in UK plc to lead us into an iGREEN paradise.

Only this time there might not be any food surplus. And it might have come to the notice of TPTB that the proles are getting upitty. And verily did the Rock/Roth smite them in their insolence.

Here is a disturbing thought EUSSR rioters . What if we’ve just come through the first stage and we are acting to plan?

What if the whole financial scam built on CDS and other exotic financial instruments, now known as toxic assets, was the first round analogous to Stalin’s attempts to collectivise the ungtrateful Kulaks?

The second stage would be what? This or this?

All the same outcome, political and class enemies destroyed. Nothing has changed in Wall St over that century has it? Previous behaviour is a good indicator of future behaviour as you no doubt know if you’ve been through the HR process recently. HR=Little Red Book. Banksters=religioKriminals=genocidaltheft.

UKplc can take heart though. Betrayal by leaders should prevent a culling. After all Roth doesn’t want piles of burning peasants despoiling his National Park does he? Though the local ZOMO pulling cripples out of wheel chairs would seem to be a part of the new softly, softly approach to policing now that they’ve all been to RCE/TA for training.

Funny thing is I can rememeber when the ZOMO wouldn’t lift a finger to get you into the cop shops. Now they merrily and verily will frog march and fling you up the disability access ramps. Then throw the book and the wheel chair at you!!!