Friday 29 October 2010

Bullet Splash upon a Pale Horse

I hate any British lifeform that heaves into view to inform us about subjects not coverd by the MSM. I’ve in the past mentioned one particular UKplc ex civil servant who pitched up at an exopolitics conference recently, bwahahahahaahahahahaa, and is always getting a fat finders fee everytime the GGT wants a vacuous empty talking head pissing serious bollox on UFOs.

As you’ve no doubt picked up by now I detest the highly paid eunuchs and handmaidens that staff the GGT that have billeted themselves in quiet very expensive Cotswold, Kent and Sussex Downs hovels far from the scum they spoon feed everyday with utter rubbish. They are paid handsomely to keep a straight face.

However I have a special visceral loathing for the UKplc clowns that inhabit the alternative and purport to bring us items to expand our knowledge. Like our scamming so called UFO expert. Well they don’t.

I’ll illustrate by allegory.

If you wanted to know what it was like to fly Arc Light missions then you’d most likely get guys who did the flying leading a discussion with ex colleagues and guys who’d really been there. That is USofA Corp.

In UKplc you’d get some clown who’d been placed in a flight simulator and deemed a safe pair of hands to talk about it with others who’d written about it at third and fourth hand. They all stink. They are paid for media whores without the least backbone.

You’ll never get a guy who was gunnery officer in a battleship let loose on your reality space but the geezer who runs the fixed air rifles at the funfare will be like a rash on your screen telling you all about ranging shots and bracketing.

UKplc lives in Marie Antoinnette’s pigsty’s shitheaped Animal Farm. That’s why the government here can do anything it likes to cover the theft of everything.

So with a little free time late last night I fired up something I’d been wanting to visit for quite some time now. I bumped into it because I was looking to see what latest ninja nonsense Fulford was dropping over at Rense’s shop for October. Well it must have been my lucky night because I got another one of my favourites. DIcke on that UKplc Lalaland fauxGGT show.

As I wandered through this, two thoughts came to mind.

Firstly the lie that is “fair and balanced” within the GGT paradigm infests UKplc nonMSM as a whole. That translates through the OrwellianBabelFish as; keep the fools confused and make sure the unmentioned offical line is what the stinkards are left with. Remember these guys are from the funfare not reality and don’t want to end up cast from the comfy life and limelight like Simon Dee.

Secondly the soft mind of DIcke. Now I do like DIcke and his message of love is admirable. However there is an interesting change in his message revealed in this very recent broadcast, Oct 2010, namely his broaching of the possibilty of armed resistance. This is a new departure. If you’ve checked out the beginnings of DIcke’s adventure in 1989/90 or so you’ll be uncomforably aware of the possibility that he is a GGT psyops pickup. Alan Watt certainly thinks so. Remember the GGT is a Fabian/Tavistock vipers nest of mind fuckers. So I’ve been waiting all these years, hoping to be wrong all that time, for his controllers to reveal their evil influence. The guy running the funfare booth did his job admirably.

To compare and contrast have a look below at the end, the real deal. This guy had a hard mind and would have delivered our fauxGGT bitchboy a good pummelling if they’d met.

I again watched the tribute to him as I checked out the infrequent musings at another of my favourite sites. Poke The Eye.

You’ll need to get the comfy seat out, dim the lights and break open a good bottle of sippin’ liquor very late in the evening.

Three things that I’ll comment on.

1. He’s sharp enough to have answered the question he poses about physics and engineering right at the beginning of this documentary and when he self corrects in the face of the evidence, which didn’t make him popular with handled propeller heads, you know he’d have done so.

2. No one ever spends anytime looking into the really interesting question about the J F Kennedy assassination. Why and where did Jackie go?

3. The very ancient origins of the beliefs behind the financial system which he described are ceremonially manifest in the means of his removal. He knew he was deep within a ritual. The consumption of time, quite literally, is at the basis of this ancient credo and is represented by the desire to establish a universal instrument of our unceasing worship and nothing else.

I’d recommend Talisker and on seeing the tribute again I reckon that’s another of the empty saddles filled of my Magnificent Seven.

William Cooper.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Robert; goodbye.

We'll all meet in Hawaii where your stalwart heart has gone.

Thursday 14 October 2010

Funny Island.

Read this today.

Read of this on many occassions, then recently the penny dropped.

Read of this a long while ago.

Read this today.

Metal wars to supplant oil wars?

It does fit with the GREEN religion’s fuckwittery and projected sacrifice.

Read about these guys a long while ago.


There’s a Comprehensive rUbber chicken or egg speNding review coming up nexT week.


Now then let us review a little. The commie bitchboys have been grooming us since 2007 for a good reaming up the sphincter. That is; the criminal cover being run out of Westminster in all so called parties. They’ve been acting as gate guardians and fifth columnistas to accept the flood of TARP money into Europe, Rothschild’s pockets, that has been planned for, ohhhh, several decades now. At least since Volcker kick started the deindustrialisation process in USofAcorp. after the ChiComm Pandas were Kissingered.

Nothing new there, they decided to do it to UKplc two decades before around the time of Suez.

Anyway back to modern times. Gordon HalfoffuckallFuckedwitz Brown almost fumbled the pass when Northern Rock hit the rocks and so loaded up UK tax payers with imaginary fairy dust debt to “save” the day.


It was to provide a quick fix cover for the ongoing stripping away of all the remaining vestiges of civilisation because Roth wants his cash back. Cash that he’d had to release to UKplc peasants because the Square Heads were a far tougher nut to crack and he almost lost the USSR. Once the Hun and the USSR were out of the way Roth wanted his peace dividend.

Remember the peace dividend UKplc? Did you ever see one penny of that?

Of course not.

You could tell Cameron was into the gig when he came back from Sweden all birched and IKEA’d up the ass with educational reform. No money for UK peasants so throw the schools at them. Oh and thanks Tony for refurbing the schools we’ll be handing over to our religiocriminal mates.

3 long years of utter crap trying to take our minds of the fact that every part of our economic activity is now criminal. Everything is RICO. Everything has been stolen. All the distraction to make sure that when the Chancellor bitchboy and his great big wurlitzer treasury muppet show tell us to fuck off and starve because there is no more money we’ll have forgotten that it all started 30 years or more ago when the white shoe boys, as Celente calls them, finally got round to stealing everything in the Kingdom.

Are you too stupid to realise that your children are going to live in 16th Century England rather than 21st Century UKplc. 16th Century England where the white slavers from the Barbary coast came and stole England’s people for the Muslim slave markets in North Africa. Slaving ships captained by Dutch Cryptos.

Well if you have forgotten and The Coagulated Administration we’ve got using 10 Downing Strasse as a front for their GansterBankster Kapos and Capo di Capos hope you do.

This could put a great big spoke in the whole works.

Wakey wakey it is in all probability even more dire than the guys trying to kid you it is all hunkydory have been breifed.


The great thing is that if it does all go tits up we’ll have chance at a renaissance like we had in 500AD. Think that through before you get your knickers in a twist.

The give away should become apparent when the Armed Forces structure is revealed. No Army and no RAF, no defence of UKplc means that TPTB have planned a massive OFF somewhere very, very far away. Whoever the poor fucks are, and I’ve got my faves as you know, they are about to get their societies dragged into the 22nd century through the mincing lens of a great red pyre and graveyard, then dropped back to the 16th to join us in our UN gulag.

That’s the plan I’ll wager however two things might throw it askew.

In their hubris they’ll forget the maxim that all battle plans do not survive the first clash.

And I hope the guys that they have targetted put up a greater resistance than we have, they do have the advantage of being older peoples with greater and more deep rooted traditions.

Meanwhile back in the ruination that is UKplc it becomes clear what all the investment in the CCTV crap was for. If you have watched the sham coverage on GGT about 7/7 and CCTV “evidence” you’ll see it is all useless, it only gives a fig leaf for the fabricated cover story.

Oh no the real utility is only apparent when there is a curfew, then and only then does it become effective. And the longer the curfew the weaker the system becomes. Again I’ll leave you to work that one out for yourselves.


Wednesday 13 October 2010

Demonic Animation

You couldn’t make it up. I read this last night and went to sleep on it. The poor starving slobs are generating absolute rubbish designed to further the Frankfurt School’s agenda in reducing the rest of us to poor starving slobs.

Evil, long at work, that knows how to really rub our noses in it. They really know how to take the piss. We are simple fools.

No freedom for the NK guys then. I wonder what other highly lucrative enterprises they run out of NK with HK, Singapore or Macau fronts? Organs? I’ll bet you that’s why there is a constant famine legend surrounding the NK regime.

H/T willyloman

Thursday 7 October 2010

Further thoughts on 9/11 et al.

Here are some brave FDNY witnesses telling it as it really was.

H/T Maximum Max

You know the train of thoughts and my description of the 8 jobs running that day in the Pantechnikon of reality.

However there was another one which was so obvious I missed it.

A deliberate first responder massacre.

So that is 9 inside jobs running on 9/11

Which gives further grist to the mill in my musings that 7/7 was all staged. You don’t need an ODIGO account to realize that. Do you?

The thing that distinguishes 9/11 from all the rest is that deliberate first responder massacre.

On 7/7 I watched the GGT repeated looping of Casualty that day. If there had been a real terrorist mastermind at work that day nail bombs would have gone of to take out the first responders and their expensive equipment, remember those bubble suites the medics wore? Remember how hard it was to get money out of Gordon Brown for anything equipment wise, whether for troops, first responders, LU staff, Transport Police etc, etc, etc,.. even though we were supposed to be at war with an implacable enemy?

I do not want to belittle the suffering caused to those who were injured on 7/7, or the families who grieve. If 5 minutes had changed I would have been a widower, if 2 minutes had changed I’d have attended the funeral of a very close friend, if 30 seconds had changed my daughter would have attended the funerals of one of her classmate’s parents. As the days passed after 7/7, it became clear how many of my friends and acquaintances had gone through the nexus within scant minutes or mere yards from the kill zone. The runes fell on 7/7 and for some they didn’t get to the end of the day.

We were not targeted by terroristas and bandidos; we were targeted by cold blooded murderers operating deep within our governing apparatus. Extra territorial and supra governmental corporates indifferent to our daily lives and loves. In fact positively antagonistic to our wellbeing.

To use Cold War terminology we’ve been subject to blue on blue disguised as red on blue.

No expense spared on the explosives, planning and MSM cover up though.

Remember this is UK plc, money does not get spent on equipment for anything or anyone, certainly not the peasants. UK peasants are cheap, equipment costs MONEY!!!!

Money is to be spent on fine wines, sweet meats and ladyboys for the oligarchs in RCE/LC. Get in the way of that constant flood of free money and you will get blued.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Gold Heist.

Been watching the lift on the gold price very recently?

Remember the gold sale by Brown to cover the manipulation of the gold market?

Checked the heightened terror alert and the re-appearance of the Irish terror threat?

The fact that there is no gold in Fort Knox (If you remember the weird opening of the fake vaults there in the early 70s you’ll know what’s what ) and the London vaults being naked, could be covered by a heist.

Problem solved, crime covered up and casus belli.

Putting it in plain English.

I don’t know what you poor slobs expected from the so called change t’it management@HMP Westminster, the world’s biggest free open prison for uncollared larcenous agents of a foreign power, thieves, vagabonds, shysters, perps and degenerates.

However you got it.

Let me explain in clear English what Boy George just said with his “child tax credits” crap.

Firstly he did not kick the whole fucking stinking pile of commie shite into touch. CREDITS!!!! I cannot credit that you want these things. What about real fucking money George. Credits are an UN Agenda 21 device to drop us into feudalism. Real money is the lucre of the free.

Secondly the Red Internationalist Bastard said “You, you peasants, you English, Scots, Welsh, and Unionists. You can go get to fuck. Earn more than the UN wants you to and you are getting it up the arse. Don’t even raise a peep about the flood of free money given to the Bankster Goons and their tax free Media baronbitches. Raise your eyes or move your mind and you and your family’ll get wheeched at 3am in the morning by the Lead Pill Pharmacy.

Thirdly all you grunting goons that the Marxist Bitchboys brought in since 1997 you can have as much free money as you want, that’s why you shopped around in your overseas benefits travel agents and got Matrix Chambers and Keith Vaz & Co. to guide you effortlessly through our porous, to you, system to bring the benefits of your wonderful culture that you were so desperate to escape at any price. Just don’t expect more than 26 grand each, that’s your UN stipend. Thanks for bringing much needed serfdom and servility to these shores. We are sending for more of you.

Fourthly all you new peasants can rest assured that should any of the aboriginals here in the open prison get uppity, we’ll send the ZOMO round to boot fuck out of them, disposess them and hand their property over to you no probs. That’s what we’ve done for centuries.

Fifthly do not expect to be living in anything other than a great big vicious, seething, servant based, toxic and spiritually bereft society. No more education, no more anything. Get your children ready to enter service, generation after generation, century after century for ever and ever. Get on your knees and worship the Banksters' god, Amun Hotep.”

Got that you Muppets? I told you this was coming down if you didn’t apply the Rigorous Voting Methodology.

Just watch when it comes to the so called spending review in a few short weeks. All to take our minds off the fact that the B-Team here, whilst in opposition, helped the A-Team to steal all our money for their mutual puppet masters.

Remember when Gordon HalfaFuckedwitz Brown sold the gold? Cover for international thievery of the highest kind. Did the B-Team say anything? No of course not.

I know it is one of my favourite themes to bang on about but if the two carriers are built they will be European carriers, for the life of me I have never seen a rational case for the RN having the things if you know the history of RN decline and the complete inability to handle and afford such massive hulls, way back into the mists of the early 20th century. HMS Malta anyone? G3s anyone?

So how long ago do you think they planned that flanker on us then? Circa 1990 I reckon.

And just to rub your noses in it, since you didn’t get the RVM, you can expect Free Shariah Zones in the UKplc pronto. EU and UN specified. You dare object and the Kapo will await you in an internment camp. That is assuming you survive being swaatched by the Religious Police.

Remember who invented internment camps for the Boers?

RCE/LC, which is now dependent on Sharia finance. Sweet...

Monday 4 October 2010

Once more I have to ask…

…just how much does it cost to refuel a C17?

Just to complicate matters I also wish to ask the following. Just who owns the things? By that I mean, since we now know what a bunch of criminal shysters we have running this country into the ground. Shysters in the pay of the banksters who got the shysters to make us pay for things that they own, not us.

You know things like hospitals, schools, railways, banks etc.

A scam, a confidence trick

The reason I ask is just imagine we wanted to tool up the C17s and get some of the lads out of harms way pronto. Wouldn’t it be a real bummer if the real owners turned up and said we want them for lifting our jet skis into the high Andean lakes where we are building a playground, they may have RAF roundels on them but we own them so hand over the keys.

All innocent like. Not got any connection to wanting our guys dead up an Af/Pak mountain rough landing strip.

No siree, nothing strange happening with airyplanes these days.

You know what I’m going to say so just for once I’ll put another image or two in your heads.

No money, brassic, paupered. Whilst the Pink Whitehouse dines on us in style.

That’s how the Freikorps got started. Troopers feeling fucked over by the muppets left at home pissing all over everything.

Have this one.

Interdicted logistics trains?

Or, supplies cut off?

Got it yet?


Here’s a clue.

I know it doesn’t meet all the criterion and I know it might be a bit of a stretch allegorically, but when you factor in the ChiComms pissing around with their new toys two weeks ago, that our best guys and gear are out there and the fuel trucks are ablaze.


Do you seriously expect me to believe after all the other shit that has been pulled on us that the goonsters wouldn’t?

Af/Pak is a Holbrooke driven mission to hell to meet his god.

All troops out now and back home.

If Holbrook wants to let off some ordinance in country let him get his own extended family deadified.

Oh no they’ll suddenly develop some syndrome or condition that means they cannot leave a 5star hotel or the beach.

Yellow trouble making bastards.

Sunday 3 October 2010

Some have gone, some swaatched, others remain…

..however to understand men from such a tiny number requires a very, very, very long time for the harvest to be realised when they number billions. How can so much realise so little? How can we invest our miracle in the stare and stair to nothing?

Or it was all done before?

What is it we do? What is the repetition we are being sorted towards? Do the mentally ill currently have a Darwinian advantage? The syndromed and disordered are being selected for.?

Go on look at the liars’ box. All the MSM and marketing. All the adverts shoving their way into your attention space. All repetitive and syndromed. Like sick polar bears in a cage. Even the MSM concrete blondes cannot hide the stress and strain. Even after all their high level grooming and training. All the lines and nad dysfunction soon enough reveals itself.

Either way enjoy the great man again.

Since we squander that which loves us most we’d better be careful that what we hate might not just love us in return and be our love sourced.

Have some more.

It is our sovereignty to remove the Herd Attention Space to wherever we do not desire.

Saturday 2 October 2010


Why would this get canned?...


What are we not supposed to think?

Since I’ve wandered out here on the ausfahrt a great deal has disappeared and a little has been disappeared.

However a large and growing mass has been shuggled and moved off field by procedure and protocol.

Don’t bother muppets we all know.

The hundredth, hundredth monkey is now spunking all over your plans.

You clowns do not get it yet. We are going to rip up your graves and spread your decayed remains over our fields.

So. Pray. Pray to nothing. Fools.

Not even this can redeem your carcasses.

Have some more.

Friday 1 October 2010


Watched this (with a very curious reference to weather wars) earlier over at G. Celente’s place, and noted that G. Ure gave the subject a mention today as well.

I’ve also put the motherfuckers in the frame on several occasions. As has Akira and Bollyn.

Holbrooke and Kissinger, the two stooges of the apocalypse. Just what are your real handles lads?

So here we are casting around in tertiary sources at best and even we can see the game being played. I said over a the other shop over a year ago that two outcomes were very clear in Af/Pak. Firstly Holbrooke was on a mission to degenerate the SW Asia region into flames from one end to the other. Just like his mentor Kissinger did in SE Asia. Secondly putting more NATO forces into the area just leads to more dead civilians and more dead troopers. Bingo. What do we have now? Right on cue we’ll have nihilistic fanatical leaders springing up to liquidate the population in some weird year zero rerun.

Do you remember Indira Gandhi? Guess whose name comes up again ? The way I heard it though was Gandhi seized power in 1975 to stop a war in SW Asia.

Casting the Kristallkugel around what can we discern?

With the same trouble making goonsters still poisoning the planet it will be the same old same old. Here is why my eye was drawn to Myanmar yesterday.

Only with a bigger body count.

Well GV has started down the analysis path today. However if you’ve got some kugels you might as well use them.

Everyone notes that the great big comfy sofa called the middle-class is being killed off. Chicago school muppetry has seen the great decadent, patio’d, BBQ’d and decked social crumple zone of the free people being dismantled year after year since 1970 or so.

This mash welded impact zone was fundamental to keeping the psychopaths and gangsters out of power or at least moderating their chain reaction proclivities. It was necessary in its twee suburban comforts in order to keep any outbreak of fascism’s flame extinguished and out of the parliamentary process.

A great big safety valve keeping the black shirts out, the commie banksters out and most importantly making sure, simply by existing, that the twain never met.

Another trend is that the increased proportion of the wealth of the “free” world has being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. Once again in the good old days when the ordinary punter had cash that also modified the psychopaths’ options as far as body counts were concerned.

We all know that we’ve got gangsters and thieves handling all that wealth, go on then, have a good hard look at the TARP fiasco or the Quantitative Easing scam. It is called firing up the printing presses to monetize the imaginary money they created. However in their egregiousness they over cooked the books and didn’t get the ChiComms and Indians fully boonswaggled before the game blew up.

Now there are to be cuts to services in Western countries and somehow we are supposed to think that there is a link between the two. The lying MSM grooming us for a good buggering.

Well let us put this into perspective. If the town bank got robbed the locals would get a posse together and track the perps down. Hang them high and recover the swag. No discernable cuts or change in the townsfolk’s behavior or services proffered would be discernable. Mind you the coffin maker might have a spike in business.

So what is so different today? Well every institution and organization that we townsfolk come into contact with has gone RICO. They are rotten from top to bottom.

Instead of cutting the services we should demand their complete disbanding, so called governcontempt included, and our restarting from scratch. Councils, Quangos, House of Lords, Westminster, EUSSR, NHS, education, Policing Armed Forces…everything. They are demonstrably not fit for purpose. No questions asked.

Oh and you and I know who’d get their necks stretched and swing in the breeze to make sure they had no chance to steal the new organizations we’d set up.

Anyway reality suggests that they’ll finally implode the system and use the old Iron Mountain Report trick of war as a vehicle for rapid social change.

As I mentioned before the likely outcome of this remote war that will be waged is a lack of witnesses to the war crimes being perpetrated. Even more than Nuremberg or The Hague if there does happen to be a War Crimes trial it will be like Stalin’s show trials. A stitch up.

Anyone can see that over the past decade the fires of intolerance have been stoked and stoked and stoked in SW Asia. Just like Europe a century ago.

We in the west will find ourselves corralled into a Fascist pen whilst the old belief systems in SW Asia are denatured and made fit for sports shoe manufacturers to enslave the remaining populations.

Just like Vietnam.