Tuesday 5 October 2010

Putting it in plain English.

I don’t know what you poor slobs expected from the so called change t’it management@HMP Westminster, the world’s biggest free open prison for uncollared larcenous agents of a foreign power, thieves, vagabonds, shysters, perps and degenerates.

However you got it.

Let me explain in clear English what Boy George just said with his “child tax credits” crap.

Firstly he did not kick the whole fucking stinking pile of commie shite into touch. CREDITS!!!! I cannot credit that you want these things. What about real fucking money George. Credits are an UN Agenda 21 device to drop us into feudalism. Real money is the lucre of the free.

Secondly the Red Internationalist Bastard said “You, you peasants, you English, Scots, Welsh, and Unionists. You can go get to fuck. Earn more than the UN wants you to and you are getting it up the arse. Don’t even raise a peep about the flood of free money given to the Bankster Goons and their tax free Media baronbitches. Raise your eyes or move your mind and you and your family’ll get wheeched at 3am in the morning by the Lead Pill Pharmacy.

Thirdly all you grunting goons that the Marxist Bitchboys brought in since 1997 you can have as much free money as you want, that’s why you shopped around in your overseas benefits travel agents and got Matrix Chambers and Keith Vaz & Co. to guide you effortlessly through our porous, to you, system to bring the benefits of your wonderful culture that you were so desperate to escape at any price. Just don’t expect more than 26 grand each, that’s your UN stipend. Thanks for bringing much needed serfdom and servility to these shores. We are sending for more of you.

Fourthly all you new peasants can rest assured that should any of the aboriginals here in the open prison get uppity, we’ll send the ZOMO round to boot fuck out of them, disposess them and hand their property over to you no probs. That’s what we’ve done for centuries.

Fifthly do not expect to be living in anything other than a great big vicious, seething, servant based, toxic and spiritually bereft society. No more education, no more anything. Get your children ready to enter service, generation after generation, century after century for ever and ever. Get on your knees and worship the Banksters' god, Amun Hotep.”

Got that you Muppets? I told you this was coming down if you didn’t apply the Rigorous Voting Methodology.

Just watch when it comes to the so called spending review in a few short weeks. All to take our minds off the fact that the B-Team here, whilst in opposition, helped the A-Team to steal all our money for their mutual puppet masters.

Remember when Gordon HalfaFuckedwitz Brown sold the gold? Cover for international thievery of the highest kind. Did the B-Team say anything? No of course not.

I know it is one of my favourite themes to bang on about but if the two carriers are built they will be European carriers, for the life of me I have never seen a rational case for the RN having the things if you know the history of RN decline and the complete inability to handle and afford such massive hulls, way back into the mists of the early 20th century. HMS Malta anyone? G3s anyone?

So how long ago do you think they planned that flanker on us then? Circa 1990 I reckon.

And just to rub your noses in it, since you didn’t get the RVM, you can expect Free Shariah Zones in the UKplc pronto. EU and UN specified. You dare object and the Kapo will await you in an internment camp. That is assuming you survive being swaatched by the Religious Police.

Remember who invented internment camps for the Boers?

RCE/LC, which is now dependent on Sharia finance. Sweet...