Friday 26 November 2010


Here is a little graph of UKplc defence expenditures.

Pay attention USofA corp the following brief rant applies to you magnified by an order of magnitude, this is non trivial.

Now you might have reasoned, by way of supping at my poisoned wells previously, that all is twitter and bisted here. All is acidic, nay vitriolic, all is bile.

Well that depends upon the subject.

When it comes to the fools that steal our money, well the mere fact they are involved in that process lays them open to the full Fluoric acid attack. The slobs that sit in parliament are nothing but a bunch of gangsters’ bitches carving up the tax cake for shipment overseas into charities, foundations and trusts. EUSSR more so and USofA corp par excellance. Just as a taster for something coming up later here is a vignette that should keep you reading a while.

So back to UKplc. The one thing that struck me as I looked at the bar graph was just how much lucre the communitarians in New Labour had shelled out, during their tenure in the House of Theives, on the UK defence budget.

I make it approx £35bn per year for 13 years. That is a total of £455bn or so. That is a shed load of readies!!!

Now being a bit of a spotter in these matters, which comes in handy whenever chemtrails and contrails are discussed, I should be looking forward to a halcyon summer 2011. All the hulls, all the airframes, all the vehicles, all the shiney new kit, and a barrow load of tech and black programmes hints and tips, should be ready for my perusal and shuttering.

However there is a fly in my ointment. After spending all that lucre my camera will remain cold in the foam and aluminium encased. There is absolutely nothing to see for all that expenditure.

During a recent mini BOWtime with my telecomms matey I tried to describe my suspicions on this disappointment. The comparison with 1930s France seemed apt. The frogs poured money into their armaments complex and got shit delivered. The weapons appropriations money was snuck out via their arms firms to Swiss bank accounts and République Française got stuffed.

“No” my mate said as another Magners/Bulmers hit the ice (I know, I know) “it is all to do with weapons system inflation which is many times that of the RPI.” Mmmmm. I wasn’t convinced. I know that all official figures that pertain to the scum are fantasy, personal PI for yours truly has been running at 10% all his adult life, and I’m only talking food and bevvy.

The hulls of the fleet were moved away from MilSpec to commercial standards a long time ago e.g. HMS Ocean.

“Ocean is the first major RN warship to be largely designed to commercial classification society standards, allowing the cost reduction benefits of mercantile shipbuilding practice to be reaped. Furthermore, the widespread use of commercial standards and equipments pioneered in Ocean is informing the design processes, construction methods and systems technologies for other major naval projects, notably the Future Aircraft Carrier (CVF).”

So what that really means for HMS Whatever is that you look good as long as you don’t get hit. Getting hit exposes your cost cutting/techonological design weaknesses. HMS Hood. HMS Ardent.

So any clever Milspreadsheet shuffler would acrue a one time saving or a one time transfer of cash flow.

If you are with my criminal mindset here you will know what I reckon the oh so loyal contractors have been doing.

BAe 2001

BAe 2010

Spot any pattern there? I think we can acertain the modus of the guys waiting for the public cheque to hit their books before they start building anything.

Just like Wembley Stadium the money will be pocketed and half will be overseas pronto. The rest will be used to try and hammer together something acceptable by ditching any inconvenient standards and if that doesn’t work then interminable negotiations will ensue whilst the lucre is spent on champagne, alkaloids and pneumatic ladyboys in the sun and surf.

“Hold on a mo’” my mate interrupted. “Don’t forget Black programmes.” Admittedly that would answer some of the puzzle if it wasn’t for the fact that the best way to steal loot is do it in camera. So my criminal instincts merely get reinforced by these off ledger, off book and profoundly off world shenanigans.

Back in the real world defence procurement has quite correctly been described as a complete load of ejaculate. Make work is RICO infested and I don’t think we need to enquire any furhter about where the UK defence budget went. Nothing is to be found in UK dockyards, on UK airfields or on Salisbury plain excercising. A lot of guys are overseas with instructions from HM Treasury to shout harshly at the bad guys and take public transport when possible. So where the hell did all the money go? We certainly didn't have a helicopter Bernanke buying us helicopters did we?

If there really were a series of successful Black programmes, not theft of the public purse on a Biblical scale, then there would be no need for any terrorist state of emergency. The fact we do have such a state reveals the presence of the real Black programme. The full spectrum, totally integrated and unseen gulag that is the IMF controlled West. A never ending process of sweeping all things into the possession of one entity.

USofA corp., well you’ve had all this big time but you are taking the casualties. The commies got into the legal and accountancy professions and arranged for everything to be stolen. Through this fake process of budgetting, everything that exists is caught bit by bit and denuded of value until it is transferred over to the grasp of the centre. By the time the real value of the West’s currencies are revealed to the populace through stark real politique, rationing, the only game left for the occupants will be snooping and monitoring of each other. Just look at UKplc. If the iGreen Ponzi scheme doesn’t take off the only occupation that the products of the never changing (have you noticed that?) elite places of education can offer their output is UN or iSpy.

Either way UKplc aboriginals will be back in their Upstairs/Downstairs servile stasis as this guy knows too well. What he did say that really got him into trouble is that the newly imported rent seekers multiply like rats and the aboriginals are being displaced. Oh boy what a mistake'a to make'a!!! You can bet there was a massive UN Agenda 21 rocket sent into Cameron’s intray when that hit the street. iDave ain’t going to step out of No10 when his sell buy date is up and into a comfy UN billet schmoozing with religiokriminalrat commies like Maurice Strong or World Bank commie chummie Zoellick if he lets that kind of faux pas through once too often.

As I said last outing or two Roth reckons the British Isles are now safe from French invasion, German Kreig and Soviet Shock Fronts. It is time to turn the islands into one great big golf course for their extended family and communitarian kriminal mates. Hence no tanks, no planes and no warships required here. Just a controlled breeding herd of serfs and pleasure gelphs.

To extend that thought process further Rock must also be looking at the Atlantic no longer needing fleets, so if I was in USN I’ll transfer out to the West coast pronto to what will remain of the battle fleet. Everything from Northern Terrirories east to Spitzbergen and the Nile and everything south of Greenland until the equator is resolved in terms of political tensions requiring battle fleets. All that is needed in these waters is patrol of the commons.

One last thing. The Big E is, after vast expense, setting out no her last commissions. If we recognise the importance of the ceremonial name bestowed upon her you might wonder what ritual she is about to be involved in.