Thursday 18 April 2013

Heavy cruiser.

Half you ever been spotted by long range optic finders in 8” shot? Bracketted in have, dying your steel in cast, revealing your self.

Why would the clowns let off one of their big ones, in a stark struck, work housed, debt safed, diseased bankster, flattened play fields of doom? Why?

I know that I bang on about the great floating airfilled airfields but ever since I watched the Ark getting cut up in the scrap heap of UKplc, I cannot forget. The death of those who desport grace.

Why would one ignite a big stick in an enclosed sea of tranquillity? Why? What was the point? In a white Christmassed world of wealth, why the poverty? Why the detached death?

Naked with no Bikini.

Have you ever seen the approaches to Japan?

The Phukked D’Witzz let off one of their few, in numbered vaults, big sticks to incestuously view what would have happened in 1946.

How stupid steroid, kunt inflamed clit,
do you need to be?

All the thin streakers are in the west. To consumed to eat, die or fast. No wonder the best here have ideas. No doubt they have no doubts, just debt and death dealing dearth.

Why do I mention all this emptiness? What short circuit do I hope you transform? 

The metal is nought our mental.

All of the precious, precocious, metal guys gut, metal is slavery, mined deep in your mind. How much semi precious was brought into the Temple to spin away the isotopes, to no effect?

Look at the atoll. Look at the atoll. Look. Look. Espy.

Watch the hot shot fall. 8 15 and 10 14. 8 15 and 8 8, lucky fall. Never before or since has such an incompetent stone been thrown…….go on then.

No wonder they have been pumping up the volume, shitstyle.

Do you get it?

Why the atoll?

What land locked psyahwehistcopahy could be abortioned at the same time. What is the deliberated unbelievers’ leavings of unleavened stupititdy.

A big one was lit off. A big stick, on the shores. Off Imperial Korea. Don’t you get the shit? Don’t you get the obfuscating smoke? Enjoy the fuckwitzwitch adverts and if you do not understand the innuendo you are verily phukked.

Truman, now there is a name to conjure with, short termiteminded, like lady belles and birds, nothing of the LBJ no thing.

What a stupid name to be obliviated with!!!!