Saturday 20 April 2013

If I ever write the list of my wrongs it will still be waterline.

OMG, that is correct. Full integration at the operational level of all arms, and yet I see these honed weapons being used at a psycho/spiritual/universal role, a roll of the die, we are never to notice strategy.

First the Bikini.

Why do I read? Tikka tikka tick tick. The billions of odd letters juxtaposed for my intention?

Why assemble 242 ships to sea and see what happened? Why should I bother? What is in my hand? A claymore, a katana, a word? Why do I kill myselfish self? The world is to be ground to a halt but before that terminus I will enjoy the fruits of all those who died, tried, tyred, to bring a great spark into the surface uniting the topological metaphor.

This is what we do, I look at my hand, and there they are, one of the three so recently and unexpectantly reunited with my person.

The blue, first, second hand, capitalled in my own unique fountainpenned, “INCOMING!!!!!!! 9/10/78”  Cassell’s compact Latin-English English-Latin dictionary, 17th edition 1961.

The green, second, first hand, dated in biro “18th November 1992”, Xenophon, in seven volumes, III, Anabasis, Books I-VII, Harvard MCMLXXX.

The purple, second hand, third hand, unstamped by my mark as yet. The Aeneid. Penguin Classics 1956.

Have you noticed that all the citizens and subjects were stood down after May 1945? Dumped out of the machine, Excreted through the exit.

And then the OMG came into view, finalised and refined

Why would Soviet paratroopers drop on Konan in 1945?

Why would Hog Wild get taken down delivering food to POWs at Konan by SOVIET fighters?

Why would the retards take MacArthur’s famous X corp, semper, up to the dams in a managed phukkwittery?

All the explosion sites and sights, witnesses to be killed, were handed over to red creeps, the iron curtain, the bamboo curtain, and just to drag you off the trail, the false curtain that was Vietnam. All the curtains came down in 1945, to hide the nuclear sites and retard us all

A fleet was gathered at Konan, junk, sunk and was obliterated by a big Japanese stick. That is why the apron swearing false man could actually say with certitude that millions of American lives were saved when the two/three toxic moonshiners were dropped on open glasses.                

Now then now then boys and girls what bit of groomed staged multi-staged rocketry and faux-fission do you not get?

Which bit of fusion are you not getting yet in the cyber attacks?

I know you will not like this but everyone in this box is phukkwitted by smart mouthed robotic Pinocchio woodened toys of the lying heathen.

I am out, I am listening to the quaternion, the metaphor of life.