Thursday 8 July 2010

There is oil everywhere.

The really inconvenient fact is the logistics.

Why did the commie clowns who just went around killing anyone who thought different succeed, if that is the word, in getting to Berlin?

They burned a lot of fuel.

Incinerated a heap load of Anthropogenicarbon. Some in battlefields, some in ditches, some as fertiliser and most in plain view.

We supplied….if you need sign posts here you are indeed gifted with the affliction…the trucks and petrol, they supplied the dead people.

Dead, dead, dead, and dead again.

Not swilling it down the Orinoco, but dead.

If you know how terrified the brave burghers were of UKplc, after being so staunch and stiff upper lipped during the run up to 1914, during the run up to 1937 then you know that the play is a play on the stage of unreality.

So much oil everywhere. (Go on vote)

The Mexican boy is not to blame. He is so primitive he wants his name to live in history. Like Achilles or Hector. He knows that in order to have his name even mentioned in 3000 years time he must not annoy the scribes. He knows that he is not black. Just as the major slaughterers of human beings are not human,

The genocidal fuckwitz think themselves gods, the bicameral, schizophrenic, psychopathic dullards.


So just as they are shuvving oil and gas in our face what are they really up to?

Well the secrets of over unity of course.

Watch. You will get nothing from something supplied by the guys that killed the tramways and gave you General Motors.

All in clear sight the pass was played. If you know what is what then the families most likely had a miraculous delivery from danger.

Ceremony, ritual & worship.

If you understand that then your next thought should be.

Who’s thick around here?

Go chase the names and stop looking at the toffee box.