Tuesday 13 July 2010


They are back.

In the years before the drop I watched a certain scab appear on the commercial jets leaving my borough and I was confused.

I knew how much quimstraining and ballsqueezing, not to mention eunuch and Enoch busting, must have gone on in the phukkedwitz creative’s labs when the pollution of their art was first mooted.

And lo it was revealed to the disciples that the scum under the footpath could not afford to see the tail plane and all was revealed.

The scab infested the underside, the keel side, the hidden. In clear sight. The site of 9/11

It looked like the canoe had been removed after spraypainting the ship.

I didn’t really wonder then other than to think that marketing was obviously shit. Created common purpose vehicles that have never had a single original thought in their whole imagined and redundant lives.

BTW I will hopefully be invited and get in a gig soon and report back.

Utter phukwittery.

Today, toady, I know that this was all part of the great cover for 9/11. Years before it started. A mass distraction of the aware and weary.

Since 9/11 the canoe stains were removed and the corporate bods who mince around the scene have had their spray cans returned. The aircraft bottoms are no longer naked but corporately whole.

Now however as I watched a big bird drooping into Heathrow’s final pattern I see the scab again.

The scab was always on a twin in the late 1990s now it is on a four.

What is going down in groove town now?

Canoe means control and the dealing of a great monster.

EC10, EC8, EC6.

The paint job gives the game away.

Post codes?