Tuesday 20 July 2010


It is a given that in any society a fixed percentage will give themselves over to nonsense and fartery. Fakiry and down right fuckwittery. Not through any real fault of their own but because they are predisposed to exercise their mouths not their arms, predisposed to generate Walter Mitty worlds rather than construct a home. Predisposed to eat, drink and be merry as opposed to produce anything useful. Kind of like Royalty.

It is also a given that in any society living free in nature the number of the path will be around the 5% mark. I would contend that in our denatured society, which has been selecting for the path, that percentage is way too low. The path are everywhere occupying almost all positions of power over the rest of us. They constitute the GM creature known as the meritocracy.

It is also a feature of denatured societies that it is easy to spend your life as a lying bastard, talking shit and fleeing anything even vaguely pointy heading your way. The words “dissident” and “commie” and “pagan” and “intellectual” tend to heave into view when you spy and observe the nature of these trouble making fools. Always on either side of the dialectic making sure their “hidden” side will win no matter what stupid names they adopt.

When you combine the first group with the second group you get these two dots which I will invite you to join in your own way.

Dot 1

Dot 2

If I give you a third dot will you get where this is heading? Can you guess Dot 4?

Dot 3

OK, think of a fourth dot, go on, don’t look just yet.

Got it?

Does it match your inkspots then?