Wednesday 15 September 2010

You might not see the obvious…

…connection but stay with me for a moment.

This clown has heaved into my view again and rattled my brain cells about a process I’ve commented upon at other shops and blogged upon indirectly here.

The coming stasis.

This supremacist, misogynist, polygamist foundation bitch boy kept running the Hegelian dialectic hoping we wouldn’t notice that he and the commies are the same guys. Just look at that skyline. He and his mates built it for his bosses as a UN experiment and the design blueprint will be all over ChiCommland soon built on money stolen from you and me.

Lights going out.

Gourmand Famines. A televisual feast of food and good produce as far as the eye can see. Every day and every night. Every channel and every flannel, all taking the piss before the hunger strikes on cue.

Rationing your GREEN.

Thick as fuck. Now that it is, at last, clearly revealed that 95% of us will never get a decent education in UK plc we should at least be getting it through our thick skulls that education is for the elite and they do not want us smart enough to start asking pointy questions about why they are the only ones allowed to travel to the sun kissed beaches. I draw your attention to North London.

Serfs in a dead service economy.

Let us join them all together then for UKplc. Flyboy there has been chosen to destroy the airports of Europe. How can you build new or maintain old airports when he’s sucking all the cash flow from the industry. Clue anywhere? Direct flights from London City to New York. So expect Ziggurats and Deer Parks for the elite at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted soon. Stasis, you and me we stay at home for ever.

Our Singapore fling there has been hard at his foundation work getting the prototype for the mega cities sorted. Oh boy has he done a good job and the design is exported all over the world with elite airports servicing the top 5%. UKplc, when the lights are out once the coalition bitchboys have told us how poor we are, just drink in that beautifully illuminated skyline with all those beautiful people bathing. Clue anywhere? Things looking tasty next door. Oh and what’s this? Told you, foundation bitchboys of the world unite. Remember we have a choice and the Malay people took theirs.

Oh UKplc you are going to love this. When we get our rations of rotten veg and marmite, guess who will be eating our finest lamb and veal? Why do you think the telly is full of foodie shows? Just to fuck us over and really rub our noses in it. Remember it is a free market system and if the market can get a better price in Tierra del Fuego or Shanghai, wheeech, away goes the dead lamb and dead cow. We starve because we are poor and rooket. Clue anywhere? Oh I think so, certainly from history. Here and here. Today this is our predictive programming at work.

Finally we get to the bit that Kreigsverbrecher Tony Ersatz Papist Bliar always loved to go on about. Educashun, educashun, educashun. The bit he loved was the shun bit. He hated the ordinary person. He, unlike Brown, could see the gates closing, the shutters coming down and the draw bridge going up, pronto. He grabbed that final opportunity at social mobility for himself and his family and legged it over the other side where he sits safe and sound gazing back at the proles as the new age of serfdom draws near them in a jobless serfdom economy. All those big houses that were suddenly allowed under the meritocrat's government. Upstairs, down stairs. All that money poured into selected state schools so that they were shiny and new to be handed over for free to exclusivist, supremacist religious zealots when the next administration came into power and told us we were broke. Clue anywhere? Go on UKplc look around us. When the lights are out and the roads have been turned back from asphalt to cart tracks just remember that there are no more yellow lines. All the lines have been crossed and we are free to act as we will.

Common denominator in all this? Go on have a guess, it loves serfs.