Saturday 11 September 2010

9/11 was not an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. 10 of 10

Here they are on the 9th anniversary of what was as I’ve said before was NOT The New Pearl Harbour.

9/11 was not an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. 1 of ?

As you can read there were at least 8 inside jobs running simultaneously that day. They were,

1. Snuff movie. Existential
2. Casus Belli. Operational
3. High level Illuminist Ceremonial. Strategic
4. Removal of evidence of Drug Trading money laundering through off balance sheet accounting. Operational
5. Hit on Pentagon auditors Tactical
6. Insurance scam. Tactical
7. Weapons system demonstration. Operational
8. Marketing promo. Strategic

So anyone that starts banging on about an inside job or not an inside job is simply not getting the subtleties of exactly what went on that day. All those inside jobs came together that day, refracted through the prism of the day’s events and continued on their separate ways to today.

Similarly if anyone believes that 9/11 was The New Pearl Harbour they reveal a profound misreading of past, current and future events.

For USofA corp. there can never be another TNPH. An event that galvanises the nation to action. If anyone is going to get TNPH it will be the ChiComms. Anyone going on about TNPH is mistaken or a Tel Aviv disinfo agent. PNAC, Rothschild agents, were predictively programming us. No more no less. Lying Khazars doing their master’s bidding with such evident glee. Go on then who is really behind that mosque then?

That is not to say that there will not be another atrocity in USofA corp., there will. However these events are staged to weaken the USofA corp., not galvanise it.

The nearest corollary to 9/11 I can think of is the first Russian Revolution of 1905 which set the scene for the final convulsions over a decade later.

Oh and why do you think USofA corp. you’ve been dished such crap POTUSs recently? In fact the one you’ve got right now is a Muslim alien run by Khazaris. The whole process is to discredit the office so you’ll go for the anarchy required to kill the office off when the Khazari commies make a grab for power.

Same as in Russia a century ago, Khazari troublemaking commies financed by Rothschild funny money operating on both sides of the dialectic.

That is their modus operandi, always was, always will be.

So take a good look USofA corp. 9/11 was another cut of many designed to weaken you. The cuts will not stop until you boot the internationalist, dual national, commie traitors out of every part of your system. And I’m not just talking about the shoe shine boys from the Rothschild Corporate Entity operating out of Tel Aviv. How can you stand for commie bitchboy Barry Soetoro shitting in the Whitehouse?