Tuesday 21 September 2010

Peace Mission 2010


Kind of like…..

……Non-Intervention Committee

Kind of like stealing money from the tax payer to hand over to bankster criminals.

To paraphrase Harry it is all a load of bollox!! Don’t believe a word. It is all written in front of a mirror of evil.

UKplc hands over to USofA corp. Marines, really? USofA Corp Marines watch your back. This is not a rotation; this is a set up.

Nothing makes sense in this unreality bubble from which escape is to be made impossible.

So Peace Mission 2010 then? And the item that piqued my interest?
China Tries Long-distance Air Attack Mode in SCO Drill. Look where they were flying into.

Recognise any logistics routes there? The ChiComms are playing with their C4ISR toys here. An interesting player is the J10.

This reminds me. I came across some power curves for western fighters yesterday that made it quite clear that F18E/F/G and F35A/B/C will need F22 top cover should there be a shouting match. Now that is like Hurribombers needing Tempests, F84s needing F86s, F105s needing F4s. Getting it yet? So as I’ve said before the F22 programme has been run over the past two decades with a view to sabotaging the West’s defences. Unless the robots of death are ready.

Any clues who’d be behind those J10s.

So how much peace is breaking out elsewhere near my most favourite unvisited island? You know the democracy that our so called politicians will be selling out to the slavers now that we live in Mandelbrot Set’s post democratic age. Right up his Technotronic shithole.

Slavers in the South China Sea . Slavers off Japan. What about my favourite unvisited island democracy?

A little while back I commented on the throw weight of the big cruisers out there. Well someone has been planning for the missiles to start flying for some time now.

And what about his nibs with the stupid hair, the stupid shades and the casting couch? He’s off to South America I’ll wager to join the other war criminals in the bolt holes. You know the ones. Cheney, Blair, Bush, Schicklgruber et al who will be living it up down there as the arclights hit up here.

All because the criminals were allowed to steal everything for the Floating City.