Friday 20 January 2012

Playtime economy and Pay attention attension society.

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As is obvious from the silence around here recently I've been laid low both technically and personally. I was just getting my teeth into a couple of things when the hardware took a direct hit on the main magazine, KABOOOM!

Then your corespondent took a poison pill and went down for a couple of weeks AND then just as I was trying to figure out what had taken out the barge I got hit by some sort of flu thingy. That was me down and as a measure of how tom and dick I was, December, my favourite month was a complete wash out. The month kicks of with my birthday, which bearing in mind I was born in another time zone and hemisphere I allow myself the conceit of  including St Andrew's day in my 48hours of birthday swilling, which is fitting. Even when I was a small boy I was never asleep on my birthday eve, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Never. This time though I was tucked up in beddy bies by 11pm and fast asleep on all three ocassions.

By the time my family returned from overseas I was on the mend at last and found out that there was a low level form of pneumonia, antibiotic resistant, kicking around the borough and it is still here. I don't think that is what got me, though my near neighbour, when we dropped rounf the week after New Year to say hello, think, judging by the look of me at the time, that it was a cross between ebola and malaria, and that they were rather afraid that I might expire. Anyway my self satisfied shuvvelling of high doses of galangal, high dose Vit D and Vit C tablets to ward of the greebles as soon as September starts each year has been shown to be shamanic and shambolic.

So what with conjunctivitis striking immediately after Boxing Day I had plenty of time to think and listen to long discourses from some of my favourite speakers and researchers. Oh and come to some conclusions at last.

Those who read at the stoker's shop as well as INCOMING!!!!!!!'s two half empty glasses will know that the real question that I have always steered clear of is God. Everything that I have written is informed by several things that I have instinctively felt ever since as a small boy I sat listening to the service being piped into the area that small children were herded into at Christ the King. Firstly adults are lying self deluded assholes, especially men. Secondly the whole god bothering scam has a deeply hidden agenda.

Much later in life I read the oft quoted Arthur C bon mots that I have recounted many times here. So when I read JJ Norwich's history of Byzantium about 20-25 years ago now one of the things that struck me was the practice of the emperor to levitate on his throne when ambassadors from vasal states and tribes would present themselves. This struck the fear of their god's into them.

Of course we know that the geezer born into the purple knew something the ignorant didn't. He knew about the technology of leaverage and fulcrums. Simples.

Zoh, burning bushes, talking shrubbery, slitting the throats of children and isolated revelation. No witnesses other than a traumatised, inappropriately touched boy. Apparently the children of the Book can trace themselves back in an unbroken chain to this so called event. You know what I'm thinking don't you.

If you've read through this you know I am thinking back to the original iCSI. The crime scene at the root of all economic activity in the West. A crime scene that has expanded year by year from that origianl crime deep in the bowels of the temple somewhere near Babylon all those millenia ago. Decade after decade, century after century, millenia after millenia slowly swallowing more and more people into the iCSI. Cleverly self correcting and morphing to its circumstances over the aeons. A social genetic memetic that never rests and right at the heart of it is the closed system of slavery, debt and precious metals designed cleverly to suck everything into the possession of the very, very few. I use that word possession in a very precise way. Got it?

Now I've been going off into territory that will be explored further at the other half empty can of electric soup I know, however I wanted to give you a bit of background for one of the conclusions I finally pieced together as the long empty days passed, so that when you read the sentence after next sentence you'll know where I'm coming from. The other shop has a serious unpublished backlog now going back for more than a year.

Atheists have to be the stupidest people on the planet.

They have no idea what it is they are being atheistic about in the first place. They are moreover toxic and dangerous and this is the kicker, they are actually being good little god botherers since they are carrying on the great enterprise first kicked off by the Watchers when they duped a lone flockmeister by use of their occult techniques. Phukkin' A you smart bastards.

When a cold eye is played over these so called three great religions of the world what is their characteristics? I will add the secular and atheistic as an integrated fourth religion of this death cult. There is the clue. The whole lot do nothing but enslave, kill, seek gold, destroy societies and any other belief systems. They seek to bring a heathen sterile monoculture to the entire globe. They are entirely obsessed with the temporal. They are mad and psychopathic, entirely mysanthropic, supremacist and elitist. They are entirely centred on the self.

Now this is not an attack on the individual but on the nature of these belief systems which are schizophrenic and dangerous to humanity as manifest currently in the religiobanker complex fronting globalisation.

And guess who's dining high on the hog fronting and jestering for these heathen bean counters and money magikians? That's correct the high mental horsepower ignorant athiest troop of monkeys.

"OK INCOMING!!!!!!!" I hear you sigh "What has this got to do with the price of fresh air?"

Well let me illusttrate what these Betrand Russells have done to us using polar bears and Scotland.

By the time these fools have indoctrinated our young the mature adult, like Parsley, will not flinch from behaving like an NKVD death squad, FARC execution commando or Einsatzgruppen. However the adult will cry like a baby when a teeny weany polar bear puppy comes on the screen of the magikmirror stranded on a big melting icecube like a Fox's glacier mint pisstake. The work of the religiobanking complex never ceases and Parsley will have either a modified version of the belief system or a shiney new one created to make sure that the religiocriminals are the only human beings on the planet. Everyone else will just be a rationed resource with a view of themselves as inferior to everything else existing on the planet. As I've noted many times before, when was the last time a polar bear wiped the arse of someone incontinent in a care home? What is the choice likely to be in this scenario? Tiger meets unattended baby, feed with formula milk or just feed? Go on then you athiest, transhumanist Phukk D'Witz go get to phukk!

Scotland, oh I love this one. All my adult life I've been watching the Scottish Nose Pickers skulking around with never a care in the world. Their oh so important parochial concerns never seeming to lack funding. William Wallace, The Bruce, Mary, Claymore, Saltire etc . Oil and whiskey. Tartan and shortbread. All fine by me but I could never shake the troubling feeling that they were biding their time really. That someone had a plan for them at the most propitious time. But who was really bankrolling them? Stipends from 5 million Scotspersons? Hardly. Something was fishy. Well we need wonder no more.

Let me draw a you a picture. When they've won the referendum or whatever hanging chad device driven show that the media will have been instructed to maximise the probability of the desired outcome, where will Salmond and Sturgeon be immediately riding their bicycles to?

Well let me draw you another picture to bring the answer to the forefront of your mind.

Imagine the free people of Scotland, instead of moaning like today when the drug running family scion and his chancellor decide to take away the insubstantial fevered creations of the moonsluicing imaginings of Gordon Nokia Brown's financial delirium and downright mentalist fakirey, imagine they got up and demanded that they print their own currency. Imagine that they broke out, carefully stashed for generations wrapped in finest haggis oil soaked tartans, the claymores. Imagine the look of horror on the faces of the SNP formation cycling team as they parked their bikes in front of Rothschild's golden temple in Jerusalem. Imagine that long lonely journey up the marble steps knowing that you were going to never ever be seen again. Quite literally stepping into the den of the psychopathic athiest's magic kingdom. Alone.

That is what they are for, the SNP. To weaken. The religiobanker complex has been working for millenia destroying every site of rival power, that is one of their characteristics. When the great enterprise is complete their will only be the elite athiesticreligiokriminalmagicians and the serfs. Serfs powerless and atomised.

The whole process facilitated by athiests doing god's work.


So you are no doubt asking what was the point of all that. Well because I know that the foundations of those four religioillnesses is not God I am in no way going to be having any truck with athiests or athieism or their manufactured rabid belief systems. Its all temporal bollox.

Anyway it is the weekend chums so let us have some tunes.

Love them.

Look at me.

Laugh, laugh, laugh and guffaw your way to freedom's wholesome spirit,

Laugh out loud and ignore the false promises of the oneworldatheists and their minions. We are in an 
infinitely long spiritual war and these religiokriminals constantly feed us false battles within which to exhaust ourselves. Stand back and  look for the enemy's main force, watch out for their constant trickery and diversions, then put the boot in in any form you care, prayer, silence, action for others, whatever grows our soul and spirit. God they hate that, when we turn our backs on them and get on with our lives independently. Turn our back on the Attention Economy which is degenerating into the Playpen Playtime Economy.