Tuesday 14 January 2014

A Flash Pt 1

"This smaller figure, however, was based on the assumption that the U.S. military would learn to counter Japanese tactics, and it neglected the fact that, as evidenced by the casualty ratios then emerging from Iwo Jima and Okinawa, the Imperial Japanese Army was likewise learning from its experiences. Thus, the "low" 500,000 number for total battle casualties, used widely in briefings, was a best-case estimate not accepted for strategic planning purposes, and it had no effect on the greatly increased Selective Service call-up, the expansion of the Army's training base, or the plans of the Transportation Corps, Medical Corps, and other U.S. Army organizations. For example, at the same time that the lower figure came into use, the Army Service Forces was working with an estimate of "approximately" 720,000 for the projected number of replacements needed for "dead and evacuated wounded" through 31 December 1946."

Although the screaming and yelling are long gone now, it is important to have a good look at what actually happened, not what we are told happened. Not what tenured manured manicured passivos of the throne room of acadekia are allowed to print and sing or sign. What actually happened and why. From our perspective, ignorant at third hand and kept well away from original documentation which D notices and secret archiving for 100 years have hidden, we have our intelligence and can construct our attempt at forensic story telling. This is not to say that one immediately hauls the ship through a 180 and sails in the opposite direction once the MSM releases a mind weapon into our ken but to navigate tortured waters in full cognisance that the true power hates us all and is on a mission of the psychopathic random walk. One must also understand that this massive slaughter of us is not the desired outcome. We are truly collateral not chattel. The reason why we must be told of our future is that the clowns know we are them, only not chosen or self selecting, and seek to mollify feed back looping into their ancestors and progeny through their clearer understanding of Lamarckian DNA hyper dimensionality.

Now I know you are rolling your eyes at this point. However consider this. There is currently a movement to project trauma experienced by past generations into present and future generations. Go ask a holohaux scammer how they intend getting the free cheques delivered once the last of the diamond shitters is dead? The crime scene can never be hermetic; someone always lets the cat out of the bag of sloth.

I mean can anyone really believe that the cigar chomping degenerate was the apex of his pyramid of murder? We are supposed to not ask things like “Who was above being supplied by him?” If Sutcliff and Savile were in cahoots then once again we have to look around at other cap less pyramid legends. What is it that the GGT forgot to mention? I mean if one takes a good look at the Pyongyang Lady Traffic Cops then we see the mirroring of the GGT front in UKplc. Go this way and do not demure.

Another cap less pyramid story is the Shipman mass killer. Operational in the same area/same time frame as Sutcliff/Savile. Who were they all fronting for? Which collection of body part snatchers procured their services as either direct agents or distraction and cover?


Oh I’ll bet you wish you hadn’t started reading here now!