Tuesday 17 May 2011

You Fphukking What?

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0.7% of national income!!!

In law!!!

That is a poll fucking tax. When did we vote for that?

We are stoney broke and no corporation pays tax in UKplc so guess who’s pocket all of that is coming out of?

I told you. We’ve let the foundation bitchboys in again under Tory cover.

5 year plans are what COMMUNISTS and KRIMINALS do!!!!!! You muppturds!!!!

Let’s look at it this way.

If a generous nation were to devote a portion of its national income to hand over to UKplc. Say a self imposed kebab tax aimed at a target to improve our otherwise magnificent figures and reduce our methane emissions. If that peerless nation were to do what we propose then I would wander down to their embassy and yell through the letter box.

“Don’t bother! Our rep perps will piss your money up the wall on fine wines and duck hutches. Save your cash. Spend your hard earned just as wisely upon yourselves by getting laid every night by hyudraulically assisted phukksluts. We are a pariah RICO killer state. Don’t do it!!!”

This is my opinion of my government. One of the advanced world’s leading nations where government follows best practice. Where the rule of law is paramount. I know, I know. We killed all those millions and started all those shooting matches. But we did it following the rule of law, so we can sleep at night.

So Camoron and Clegamoron what am I supposed to think about these international institutions that will be handing over our lucre to despotic shitheaps then?

You know the international institutions that are typified by clueless gormless spychaopathic psychopathic pathetic sycophantic phantacist morons like the multiple Nokia jchukker or the multiple sex criminal maid fphukker.