Sunday 22 May 2011

Send in the Clowns

Image source.

Doctored Jeep.


Go on you fuckedwitz retarded RSI phantom'dstruckPhukk D’Witz bring me six million photographs.


Just to make this clear anything that has the TLA IMF associated with it should have a spent cartridge case hammered into its forehead. Its name traduced. Its body dispersed. Its cost to humanity visited upon its family in perpertuity, perp, and forever back in time to where they hive. Without mercy.

No excuses.

There are no decent IMF pukes.

Burn you phukkenwankenstiderbergenpiaonwankensteing.

NOAH retrogardesill'dleadpilled


Anyone you think is real is a Psalm.


Go on then where are the photographs of swimming pools, operas and light reigns?