Monday 30 May 2011

“Slash your future”.

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That’s what they said and they mean it. They said it using a smooth, lady voiceover.

“www dot direct dot gov dot uk, slash your future.”

Buy debt to get an education and spend the rest of your life as a baillif’s or debt collector's, recoverer’s, organ stealer's bitch. (That is what the NHS was for, muppets) No paying job will be at hand because there will be no work soon in the mega cities and no chaance of starting your own business. Of course in the advert the “government” provides the loan. No mention of the government selling the student debt on at 25 pence in the pound to loan sharks, whoremasters and spivbitches.

Bearing in mind that the government is getting out of the government business, one has to ask what it would need the money for? Oh of course, to hand over to its overseas, charity and foundation carpetbaggers.

Government is now a machine for taking wealth from the people to give to the slavers.

Nothing less and definitley nothing more.

Not for dollys though.

I tried, unsuccessfully, over the weekend to persuade my mates that Baby P was the victim of systems equality.

In Systems Equality Theory the individual is atomised though surrounded by tendrils to probabilistic egalitarian, diversified quantum systems. With rights and due care. The covert tendrils can switch the overt, public, ones off. Then the system gets reorganised, re-polarised, and the individual disappears, to order, to command. Think of Baby P being in an quantum equality bubble with no one really caring except the magikian all seeing harvesters.

Think of all children in care being like Schrödinger's cats. Are they safe? Only if you, the individual look, can you bring the child to safety and decide whether they are alive or defiled and buried somewhere foul.

Baby P is a Schrödinger's cat.

RICO SET. Need I say more.

Systems equality theory can explain the oft noted DIcke Keystone Cops Syndrome Theorem.

Covert SET views us as harvestable commodities.

Any way no one was biting.

I’ll continue to work on it though.

95 years out and still no sign of the end of war!!

Covert SET.

Think about it.