Friday 6 May 2011

A Silver Lining

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No, this has nothing to do with Max’s SLA. However it has to be said that if you know what is what in the footwear department, even though I like these metal guys’ accuity and farting around with numbers and big charts, the fight between metals and paper is nothing but a distraction. It is like Ba’al Hammon giving you a choice betrween Mars and Osiris. Either way you are still going to hell.

Anyway the real silver lining is related to the North Finchley dohyo.

As you know we’ve had the mawashi on extended spin cycle here as we’ve laundered our dirty linen because of the betting scandals. Unlike Father Ted we, here in that remotest of all piles of sacred clay, didn’t let a penny rest in our account. Not a single Yen. Not because we are unbelievably honest but because no one thought to bung us a wedge. So it has been paper mawashis, slightly soiled clay, damp salt and diluted power water as the cost cutting measures and inactivity took its toll.

Now as we look forward to the first basho in the summer, since we cleaned our house, something has heaved into view to lift our hearts.

We crowded round the peddle powered PC and crackling VDU to read of the following.

Many rikishi have done their part, helping evacuees by cooking, entertaining and the like, and in a recent meeting of rikishi it was decided that sekitori (rikishi in the top two divisions) would contribute financially each month for the next decade.

Stout lads every one of them. Our hearts burst with pride and a new bounce can be detected in our Oshi Dashis. Oh to be a sekitori.

Dry the salt, fire up the power water and sweep the clay cleansed again!

Bless us all.