Thursday 26 May 2011

A few points to note RockNATORoth heroes.

Image source.

When this thing hits your OODAloop a few points to note.

It will not have cement in its nose.

It will not have concrete where its gun should be.

It will not have ground crew robbing airframes to keep it in the air.

Its pilots will not have rules of engagement designed to achieve designer chaos and confusion. And nothing more.

Its crews will not be limited to 1 hour in the sky per year because of fuel rationing.

Its crews will not be killing civilians.

It will have all the ammunition it needs and its pilots will have all the kit they need.

Unlike every aerospace programme paid for by NATO tax payers this thing is going to darken the sky, quite literally. They’ll be coming off the assembly lines like the marketing propaganda from the RICO suppliers here in the west used to draw animations about for the F22.

You lot are becoming the sad fat creatures of satire and propaganda strips, the caricatures that populated the tales told to motivate us, remember? Us, the guys in the white hats, to fight the bad guys in the black hats when the cinema was B&W.
FFS!!! The place has become a shit heap.

Just a thought.