Thursday 5 May 2011

Today UKplc is voting to change its Dork mounting method again?

What do you call a collection of Dorks talking crap?

I think the answer to that is yes.

Can you talk to Dorks?

Even if you could, would the owner of the Dorks understand?

Talking to dorks is a very difficult feat to pull off.

Here however is Jonah, a man who takes his dorks very seriously.

I believe that between the three of them, Jonah, the dork and the dork owner there is more sense, in this world, made in one day than all the time that remains of what passes for so called western civilisation now that the Babylonians have their Dork worshipping dusty donkey drivers making NOAHide again and stirring up trouble where ever their dark light might irradiate.

The gift to the world
of the fully diversity, inclusivity, equality, disability, ethnically, ethically compliant sup
remacist, exclusivist, misogynist,
abortionist, racist, lying piss takers.

That’s just for starters you muppets.