Saturday 28 May 2011

Can you stay?

Something reached out and touched us. If it could have killed us all it would have done so by now.

Can you remain when all have gone? Can you sustain independent thought and belief, alone?

Can you face?

Why has it not killed us all?

The past opportunites have been optimal.

If you found yourself abandoned, finally, after your toil, with all the gold, ubiquitous slavery and infinite power. Would you be happy? If you, alone, had all the weapons of mass destruction at your command would you be completed? If all feared your existence would you be at rest?

Are you fooled by gold?

May flys away again and the deserted beach of winter is sought beyond the heat of Augusted. So sad the realisation that once again the best part of the year has been locked away.

Beautiful deepest green extending to my far horizon. Never ending. I wish to stretch time to its standstill.

If you find these thoughts and suggestions unsettling or weird, then good. However don’t be getting all fandangoed and expectorant expecting me to suggest that you go over to the dark side. Don’t be thinking that I’m about to go MKUltra on you and ask you to be good.

No, I just want you to consider a couple of things. That’s all.

The only thing that is over unity is us.

If it could have kilned us all it would have done so by now.

There is no value measured.

Are you too shallow to be drawing any depth no matter what floats your boat?

Are you fooled by death?

It is afraid.


It will be worth the candle.