Wednesday 25 May 2011

RICO jets and the GWOP. Pt 1

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Isn’t it good to know that the iCSI is alive and well after 5000 years. 5000 years of stealing people and their hopes and futures. 5000 years still to go. I told you that if the garlic munching, snail swilling swine got involved in a shooting match that it would turn into a shit heap. Didn’t I?

If you got your head round the idea of the original crime scene then you’ll realise that I do not distinguish between war, religion, economy or technology. They are constituent parts of the godless system handed to us on a stinking plate of our forefathers remains. Everyone loves a system. It means that we can evade repsonsibility, escape culpability, point at others and hand over the blame. We love it, this murderous game. We are, if not careful, just like the stereotypical and apochryphal Nazi standing miles away from the piles of dead people. Removed and satisfyingly distanced from the iCSI by the technology of the system. Only following orders?

So with that in mind I’m going to put on my spirit glasses, not the bankster goggles, the spirit glasses which are always full. Filled by the fools who stole everything that night way back in the temple bowels and cryptic places.

Let me tell you what I see . I see a shed load of cheap ChiComm 5th generation jets turning up soon. I see the stalling time about to come to an end. One quarter of a century of defence expenditure has now exposed the USofA corp to potential sudden attack.

How did that happen?

Well traitors that’s how. Look at all the cash spent and what has been delivered. I’ll just use a crude measure to give you a flavour of what has happened.

From 1990 to 2010 the USofA corp, the greatest aerospace nation on the planet has scuppered every hi-tech replacement programme it was developing and had the tech espionaged and handed over during the most sterile, make work, protracted and painful developmental programmes on the planet.

I cannot think of one single programme that was handed over in the numbers, to the spec. and to the project schedule that was paid for. It was all part of a long slow de-industrialisation process disguising the setup for another war and theft of miilions of lives and zillions of dollars. What happened to programme management skills in USofA corp after 1990? Did you suddenly get amnesia half way through you capability maturity modelling? Did PRINCE2 suddenly go all princess on you and you forgot about GANTT and got on with your pedicures?

What has been delivered in 20 years?

160 F22s. 300 examples of the biggest waste of carrier deck space since the Cutlass. I mean get real, this thing has been a baboon’s big red arse since they tried to make a sows ear out of this little beauty. 200 or so wank rotors that need to be watched like a hawk in case they contact the earth dramatically. They really need bigger rotors and better turbines.

Just to rub it in, today the flight line in PAfnamistan sometimes looks more like Da Nang or Khe Sanh c1969. C130, UH-I, AH-1, CH-46, CH-47, CH-53. To put that into perspective it would be like fighting the Battle of Britain with protoWright flyers!!!!!

WTF? Treading water, stalled. Marking time. Waiting for someone to be brought up to speed. Waiting for the tech, war, economic nexus again. The iCSI ritual.

I’ll tell you what happened, and there was no way you could know it because none of the project tools or methods will give you the training to deal with it. Someone turned on the RICO button at a decision stratum way above the programme level. That automatically stretched the programmes in time without any engineering faults or redesign required to deliver hyperinflated product. It is an old religious system played over and over again.

Go on then. USofA corp now has a massive budget deficit, as desired. Do you think there are going to be any fundamenmtal technology breakthroughs allowed now? If anything threatens, if anyone or any group look Tesla, Wright, Hewlett or Curtis like, then the sacramental interest rates will be applied to the business to stop or curtail any such societal developments. How do you think the Nazis got so far so fast? A special note from banking matron that meant they could be free of the massive brake on human development that is the bankster dragster. The fiscal drag which in reality manifests as intellectual and spiritual chattelling of the whole of humanity by a bunch of temporal perps and criminals who are scared we’ll all wake up and tear them down. Isn't it ironic that the proof we need to get our heads round what we are experiencing in to be found in Naziland? That is another reason there is a big magic six million number hoisted up to scare everyone away.

It isn’t just the USofA corp that has this RICO problem.

Don’t snikker UKplc, what did we get for all that cash we spent under the careful prudence? That’s correct the world's fastest delivery of EasyMix.

Back to those jets. Those who know about the flying machines parked in RCE/TA over the decades will understand the Walter Raleigh/Francis Drake aspect to the shindig. The gig started with old Nazi kit supplied from ex-SS factories. Moved onto French(ex Nazi tech.) and British kit, after they’d started killing the British. Stole the French kit from Switzerland using the Rothschild network. (A note here on cognitive dissonance. If you hear of a top secret, ultra secure facilty getting its security breeched there are two things at work. 1 you need to be told so that they can broadcast a message in the clear to others. 2 you are being groomed on another separate psyops so you don’t make any links.) Then once their dual allegiance operatives had got USofA corp infiltrated the gear came from there in vast amounts on the cheap from the 1970s.

Can you see a pattern? Yep. Just like Wattey they don’t care where the kit comes from. Like pirates they don’t want to make the gear, they want someone else to do so and then hand it over so they can tool around under a false flag of conveninece. Whatever the ChiComm equivalent of AIPAC is you can be sure it is wining and dining the top brass red child slavers in Shanghai, near the airport I’ll bet, with the best imported hot sex and cold blood running, slaved bitches on tap. All to make sure that the kit is handed over pronto because the F35s are carrion crows, not birds of prey.

This is where the spirit glasses really come into play.

If you remember a little while back I speculated that something was intent on removing archeological evidence by bombing and causing chaos throughout the arc running from Macedonia to NW India. Part of the plan is to keep certain nosey parkers out of the remains. No more digging in the sand. Don’t be surpised to find a radioactive curtain decending over the Indus. Do not be surpised to find the Eastern Med becoming a no fly zone. The remains are to be buried under ash or Islam.

All facilitated by the air pirates in RCE/TA changing their kit supplier.

Which brings me nicely to the synthesised Global War on Peasants. Now don’t be getting all riled there. I like peasants. Peasants are diverse, essentially egalitarian, parochial but not prescribed and certainly not schytzopsychonauts of the Abrahamic djinn. I’m a peasant.

GWOP facilitated by the Muslim Brotherhood Roth/Nazi/CIA assets.

As an aside, you will note that no mention is made in the above that Zbig is a psychonautRushatingsckrypto and unbalanced homocidilstmentalist, not one, and that at the point where the USSR was to be taken down, the population of the USSR had got Khazar wise and started to put the mudering scum in their place. Well, for example, turf the muppets out of crowding the best university places. There is a lesson to be learned there for USofA corp., either way though you are going down. Ron Paul will look forward to running New Mex Tex for the Hapsburgs once he’s diverted you into looking at the Fed.

So lets have a look at what’s happening in the GWOP.

(Had to help a mate out today. Will finish tomorrow)