Friday 6 May 2011

Tall Buildings

This is just an unwrought short essay on what seems a troubling thought I cannot shift.


Tall Buildings USofA corp

Tall Structures Canada

Tall Stuff World

As I related a while back at the start of the Pantechnikon malarkey I, by chance, met a chap who helped me sort out of few bits of jigsaw puzzle I had, to complete a picture with the aid of a couple of bits of jigsaw he had. It all happened by accident because a chum of mine wanted to meet someone experienced in past life regression therapy. Something she intended pursuing as a form of teaching and practise and I drove her to meet him.

Anyway I’ve related the details before so I’ll cut to the chase. The London Post Office tower was built to address a potential civil control and continuation of government problem that UKplc top bods had in London. To that end, and I do admit it was a weird evening, my, now dead, new chum and I confirmed our suspicions that a nuke was parked at the top of the structure to solve this local COG problem.

Since then I’ve wondered what other structures could have been slung up to perform the same purpose.

Now the period we are talking about is the very early sixties when UKplc spies got wind of the fact that Soviet kaboom making theory might not be up to scratch.

So by the mid sixties London had its solution constructed.

Now discounting continental Europe where else in NATO might there have been a similar response to this potential local COG crisis?

Where else did tall structures, not just buildings, towers spring up in a time frame 1965-1975. Assuming a lag as USofA corp wouldn’t have been as interested in a solution for various more pressing reasons like the campus madness, civil rights movement, Vietnam and perhaps a belief in better COG methods there.

I will ignore the sacramental part of the choice of ceremonial architects in the commissioning of these things and just trundle through the structures to find some candidates.

WTC 1 & 2 we will discount since they have gone. We are looking for something extant that will fit into a certain modus that uses the speculated structure and device for the realisation in the hightened perception of a false flag currently on the prowl. (Just as an aside, to really complicate things, what if all the work prior to 9/11 in WTC 1 & 2 was to remove something not needed at that time for the false flag event.)

What we are looking at is massive trauma to the public psyche. No TV needed unlike 9/11, just a smoking patch with piles of irradiated dead people. Neutron blasted.

First thing to do is find the mid 60s targets for Soviet ICBMs and their, might be, fizzle nukes.

o “Major metropolitan areas will of course remain major targets, but these are SECONDARY target issues because they will have little effect upon US retaliatory capability, which are the concern of PRIMARY target issues. Major cities remain major targets simply for the confusion, affect on morale, and political, social, and economic disruption they will cause the US. Most everyone can identify what the top 20 US city targets will be in this regards. One must remember that there will be similar world targets of US allies, so that recovery assistance will not be available to the US. One must, however, begin to ask - exactly what the geo-political, and overall goals are that target planners wish to achieve. Targets such as these may be used as hostages for negotiation - assuming that the planners have as a part of their model, the ending of the war and achieving some particular goals.”

So top 20 US city targets and cross correlate with the big towers lists commissioned 1965-1975.

Do we get anything meaningful?


Toronto. Commerce Court West 1973
Toronto. First canadian Place 1975

Calgary. Calgary Tower. 1968

Dallas. Renaissance Tower. 1974
LA. Aon Tower. 1974
SF. TransAmerica Pyramid. 1972
Pittsburg. US Steel Tower 1970
Minneapolis. IDS Tower. 1973
Houston. Centrepoint Energy Plaza. 1974
Atlanta. Weston Peachtree Plaza Hotel. 1973

OK that’s it. I’ve ignored redundancy, and NY and Chicago completely for obvious reasons.

I’d leave it there if it wasn’t for the fact that, for various reasons I’ve already mentioned, SF has been one of those places that seemed ripe for the next false flag and Calgary, structurally, “looks” just right.

There we are; it is out, gone, splurged onto the screen and I hope all of the above is total BS.