Tuesday 10 May 2011

YooHooo oh Europe, WTFU!!!!

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If what Tarpley is saying about the nuclear unbrella of Pakistan being extended over Saudi Arabia is true, then we now know what the rush to install and leave the hardware behind in RCE/TA was all about.

We are not supposed to think these thoughts because we are dumbed down MSM addicted fools but if you don’t wake up to the threat from Turkey, who’ll be getting Pak nukes on ChiComm missiles if we are not careful, there will be a furthering of the blackmail state we are currently imprisoned within.

Oh you think not! So when did you last think the unthinkable? That’s what the foundation think tanks do to make sure we are constantly on the back foot.

Turkey secular?

What you forget is that there is only a secular movement out in the sand box, faux of course because RCE/TA is rabid fundementalist Rothschild godsquad, the only reason that reason has been a strong modifier of rabid belief systems is because there was once a benign force at work in the world. That benign force was the decency of the ordinary USofA corp citizen.

Those good folks that got dragged into the Big One are gone now. So the rabid godsquid genie is back out of the bottle.

Look at this from Rothschild’s godlike perspective. If, as I believe, the sacramental weapons are to be used only at the most opportune moments under total Rothschild control (after all he paid for the tech. in the first place and he has ownership of them ALL, viewed from his perspective of course) then it is his god given mission to use them to further the NWO NOAHide agenda. His perspective is now, at last, global. His reach is unbounded and he’s gone skrypto.

Oh Europe, your bankers are not of you, they are of Babylon. You are under occupation and are going to be taken down. Just like Rome.

In the transition from Republic to Empire, Rome emptied of its aboriginals. The Roman citizen was killed far from home in the legions and their birth rate declined compared to the freed slaves from Babylon who inhabited Rome in the majority very quickly and then took power.

As I said earlier history does not repeat, but patterns do get recycled.

Go on, look at who’s in charge of the west now.

Where are your banksters from?

Got it?