Monday 23 May 2011

The nipples are going up just a PLANned.

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Didn’t want to say it again. But I told you so.

However whilst the world is staring at the magician waving his dick around in the lime light no one is watching the ChiComm sleight of hand run insurgency fronted by Pak/Iran trained islamic nutters out further east.

Forget Gwadar the main move is coming somewhere on the Paracels/Sulu Sea axis with a side order of gunfire and sniper on an arc running from the Plain of Jars to the Malay/Thai border. Commie Al Quaeda cover in the surrounding states means there will be no time for anyone to complain about the big ChiComm move. Everyone is getting all expectorant about the ChiComm carrier, forget it, right now it’s the ChiComm SSKs that are the tools to keep what they are going to reach out and take.

One thing that we can say with certainty is that on past form the behaviour of UKplc is a good indicator of what characteristics the next big one will take.

E.g. we got out of coal and horse before the main play in the 1930s. We are currently getting out of inhabited hardware. I’ve speculated that the combat space now encompasses everywhere and that for the first time ever the lethality space now equals the combat space. There is going to be noone moving anywhere. Don’t get too happy, that means there will be no farming.

Look we’ve brought it upon ourselves. When a nation like UKplc can vote in a bunch of Eurorentboys, that was sosoooo obvious, and spend all day worrying about what a vastly over compensated big lad in pyjamas got up to with his lingam and a TVtart then I’m with TPTB all the way on this.

Bring it on, time to cull the herd of its wasterells.