Friday 13 May 2011

Again. I Don’t want to disturb your self satisfied dystopia but….

The new organisation must achieve significant running cost reductions, improve estate utilisation and drive further estate rationalisation and commercialisation opportunities. Through the sale of surplus land and buildings and other efficiency measures, the DIO aims to deliver savings of some £1.2bn over the next four years.

We are broke. So who’s going to get to convert our land into gated communities or barbed wire estates? Who’s got the readies to hand over to secrete all this away. Turn it into private pervertion palaces for their rich mates?

As I hinted yesterday who gives a flying one for some geezer who can turn out millions of ceramic seeds and get the arty farty commentistas to have a hissy fit whilst giving their gangster owners MSM cover. He’s knee deep in money laundering. That’s what modern art is. A cover story of part of international money laundering. That is why modern art looks, and in some cases is actually shit, and yet gets valued in its weight in gold.

Can you see a Standard and Poors or Moody’s link here? Any bells ringing?

Big men in pyjamas. Shit. Yet worth their weight in gold.

Khazari Mafia , Khazari gangster bankster bitchboy money laundering.

So as I said who’s got the readies to buy up our country and keep us in our hovels?

BTW UKplc are you not insulted that we have the smallest shitholes to live in, on average, in the EU?

iUK the stupidest nation on the planet. No wonder you welcome the iGULAG.

Nothing needs to change that you will notice. It will all happen naturally.

Go on then when you live on state hand outs how are you going to afford a passport to get out of the dump when the “agency” running the scam askes for £2000 to hand the thing over?

That reminds me of my cider swilling mate relating how his mother got her Nigerian driving license. Being a good old Brit she naively thought all she had to do was tool up to the Nigerian equivalent of the local PO and get paper work duly processed.


Luckily for his mother he quickly clued her in. She was doubly lucky in that at that time ordinary Brits had real cash. Not state handout commie Credits.

This is what you’ve got to look forward to internationally in the UN and any other NGO/NWO organisation.

If you want to know what iUKplc will look like in 20 years time for the ordinary Brit go read about what life was like for the South Vietnamese in 1976. Only for iUKplc there will be nowhere to escape to.

You WILL be iGREEN or dead.