Friday 27 May 2011

RICO jets and the GWOP. Pt 2

Global War on Peasants.

One of the ways that the controlled merdia and retroactively applied hysterya writers tried to explain how beastly the Japanese were to their subjects, comfort women, and prisoners, Burma railway, during the war.

A war that was staged to teach the uppity Archipelago Autochthonous dwellers a lesson once their top lads had dissed the Rock/Roth and RCE/LC. A war designed to end near the 33rd parallel by nuking the Abos into oblivion in a great sacramental fire devoted to Molloch.

One of the cover stories fabricated to make sure the local peasants didn’t get equated with the systemic eradication by a higher life form, of all others on the planet, was to explain that these scum Japanese soldaten were the lowest of the low, the bottom rung of their society and that once they got the whip hand over someone all their inherent Eevility sprang forth upon their hapless victims. Especially when it came to having these yellow savages lording it over the RCE Übermensh. Übermensh who suffered even more privations because being such technlogical paragons of the advanced RCE systemic hi-tech killing machine, they didn’t know how to prepare simple food stuffs properly.

Now I won’t go any further on this tack other than to ask who ran what in the Far East to accrue vast fortunes in the 19th/20th centuries, killed vast numbers and part of the collateral damage was the trafficking of women and children for sex? Go on, gowwan, gowwan, GOWWAN!!!

You see iredeemable slanty eyed peasants. It is their fault to have become victims.


Another of my favourites from this pile of so called study and in reality just academic excrement, which I’ve mentioned before @Art School Interview, is the past behavior indicates future behavior bollox which only seems to apply to serfs like you and me going for a job. Or any victims. If you do not demonstrate a slave like mentallity then you are to remain jobless and your lineage to die out. Unemployment is deliberatley engineered in at so many levels of the economic ecosystem. Unemployment visited as death. The famous picture of Phan Thị Kim Phúc kind of encapsulates that latter thought. Either dead in the paddy fields, your children napalmed and orphaned, or sweated to death in the Reebok shop if you survived. Either way you are off the land. And the lie is given to that pretentious academic shit about job interviews. To bring people to that state of menial mental atrophy you have to kill their leaders first.


Of course this scum frame of mind does not apply to some people who obvously just had a mentalist episode. Some people just are not peasants and no pattern can be discerned in their behaviour past,present or future. Some are spotless, setting them up for release into the loony bin cushty number at most, or were moral paragons who were set up. I mean this DSK geezer was no mere Dandy Gandhi, no highwayman he, disregard the pseudointellectual bollox about past behaviour=future behaviour and by corollary present behaviour being an indicator of past rapacious appetites. I'm sure that DSK, what is your real Shatanic handle china?, has spent all his waking hours since childhood studying facial reconstuctive techniques and, all crypto like, he and his top team perform reconstructive surgery in the poorest countries of the world, not destructive debt nuking of the peasants. So just because he slipped on a bar of soap and his distended member got stuck, all accidental like, up a peasant’s fuckslot or shitchute is no indication of his real character. Not for the Saintly DSK a life of godless heathenry, robbing the poor even poorer and the defenceless even more naked. Not for him and his religioKriminal extended family the spunk drenching tumescent smell of weilding death dealing power by proxy, through the weapons grade good offices of the monetary system WMD known as the IMF. No, not for DSK the blasting of clothing off of terrified children by the spreadsheetKriminal napalm and terrorist special drawing rights. No DSK is in his quite quiet reflective moments is a stylite, and simply wishes to sit upon a large pole, erected in his modest gaff in Tribeca where he will be praying to Ba’al Hammon for forgiveness at getting caught and set up by his own team. The godless gooned muppet.


The sewer just keeps on agoing when you look at the bent tart touted as the paragon’s replacement. Another Mollochite and Ba’al Hammonic child incinerator. Let me guess, Lagarde is another secret do gooder who is heavily into gynecological deconstructive procedures and, all quietly like, is going to flit around the world in a great white jet helping the poor with their child bearing problems. Whilst holding down the top spot at the Infanticidal Mollochian Fantacistfascists. Yeah, just like this no good bitch. In case you missed that, no good, evil witch. Here’s another one.


I can’t resist it I’ve got to get back to some maps and the RICO jets. You’ve had enough Global War on Peasants for one outing.

Updating Ever wonder why we’ve been ratted out? we turn again to where the big one is going to be played out. How many peasants still on the land out there?

There are a lot of naval hulls getting put in the water out round the South China Sea and a great deal of time is being spent excercising the troops. Right now the ChiComms are at a once in a decade peak in miltary person power. If they are counting on using them to muscle their way out they need to do it now. They’ve been given our stolen pensions, our stolen technology and more important the dual national goons infesting our systems are feeding them intel.

As I mentioned earlier there are multiple distractions to keep an impoverished USofA corp occuppied. Pun intended. The South American peasants, though important when this lot have finished creating the new Khazars, are not on our radar at the moment.

There are a lot of peasants still down there, south of CochinChina, and there are massive numbers still on the land. Even after the counter-insurgency/insurgency/genocide cleared the area for the Zaibatsu to limber up and lumber. Huge numbers in the Indian sub contninent and huge numbers throughout the Archipelago and S.E. Asia.

Now I’ll save us a lot of plodding through academic bollox.

Have a swaatch at this. Here’s a good one highlighting a likely flash point on the Thai/Malay border. Here’s the latest member of what would have been parked in the Tonkin Gulf yacht club 40 years ago. Yankee or Dixie? Doesn’t matter. What perturbs me is that close to 110,000 tons can only field 44 strike aircraft. Now I know that we have a great tradition of the thin red line but that is more a feature of criminal rationing exemplified by the UKplc. USofA corp’s ability to influence things out in the South China Sea is going to get worse when the RICO jets pitch up.

Trying to get your way with the ChiComms and their Al Quaeda terrorists from a bankrupt and ineffectual military/industrial/congressional complex won’t wash with a region knee deep in Commie kit and Islamist nutters. However that is not the game. USofA corp doesn’t bring Coca Cola, candy and democracy anymore. That is the stuff of legend. Paris 1944. Not Manila 2012. USofA corp brings death and destruction. As will the ChiComms. Will CommiCola be a hit in Vientiane or Pattani?

We don’t need to have our heads up our academic bungholes like the professional madrassa whores to know that the war/tech/economics/religioKriminal powerplay needs the rest of the peasants off the land down there pronto. Plus ça change!

ReligioKriminalCapitalism & relgioKriminatheistCommunism hand and hand like inseparable terminal lovers. Breeding killer queens to colonise the planet.

There is a lot of lefty, righty, greeny, athiesty, religiousy crap that we’ve just wandered through. I’m not arguing for or against, I’m not trying to say who was right or wrong. I’m not even trying to be logical.

All I’m pointing out is that we’ve got ourselves mired in a great big weapons system that kills peasants everyday because they hold a piece of land. The weapons system takes peasants, kills them, sticks the survivors into sweat shops and then taxes them to extinction. That is the history of UKplc 1700-1950. The killers are religioKriminals and they are in our midst. Everytime we wear sports shoes we walk on the dead. Everytime we listen to MP3s we hear the dead. Everytime we eat out, we eat the dead. Everytime we are taught about fictional death we ignore the death of millions. There is only one system and we feed it.

I’m not being morose, just stating the obvious that the MSM do not want us to think about. The controlled media and academia lie about.

All systems are now religioKriminal and RICO.

The kriminals can be seen every day and their offspring haunt the best schools and colleges. We do not want to be part of that system or cystern.

We need to start to make our own judgments and decisions every day. Judgements free of the universal RICO systems. It doesn’t matter if we get it wrong, nothing can be worse than the 24/7, rolling genocide we are now part of. A small mistake on our part means missing a meal. A small participation of our part in the RICO systems means dead people everywhere. Start discriminating and bit by bit we will stop the homicidal systems. It won’t be easy, it won’t be cheap, it will mean our death, but that was going to happen anyway. Show solidarity and stop buying stuff from thousands of miles away. Killer consumerism is like consumption. It is a disease of the past.

It may sound weird but it up to us to bring back systems of romance even if in slow motion.

Globalisation has done wonders for us.

God bless us, we are all peasants now.