Tuesday 17 May 2011


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Got this lot dropping by.

“We really need writers badly. After looking over your article, we really want you on our crew. We pay $35-$50 hourly. Our leading people are pulling in over $90 THOUSAND per year, writing part-time.
Please swing by and see what we have to offer. http://write.ncsall.org”

Scammers, don’t touch. Only surpise is they are USofA corp. It should be a North London sweatshop/boiler room.

The give away?

I write pish and their implied association with NCSALL. A quick wander soon proved the smellofzion is not a mirage.

If you are reading here who+dares+wings I’ve followed your refs, the Ritchie Boys deadended, and can find no definitive reason why you should have remarked within

“There were 10,000 mostly Jewish German refugee psyops soldiers trained at Fort Ritchie, Maryland as translators, interrogators, military law clerks, patent pirates and disinfo agents that were sent back into occupied Europe after the war.”

with the precise and exact use of the words “patent pirates”.

Any further pointers?

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