Wednesday 11 May 2011

Found myself watching C4 Newsfhart this evening….

Which is worse, dum dum lead or a geezer into bronze?

Well I’ll ask again.

Which is worse, cutting up a fellow road user or cutting up a family?

OK perhaps I’m being a bit obtuse, so once again.

Which is worse, crybaby latte bitchboy or your favourite slaveretailer?

Those of you reading here regularly, know the answer.

However just in case any newbies happen across this splurge of graffittinunc. I’ll give a very brief vignette for the further consideration of, in the thunderbox at a later, more free, loose moment.

Sometime in 2025 after the disasters stopped.

Parsley is iGREEN, one of the new iGREEN iPIONEERS. Parsley loves to be Parsley and looks forward to joining the rest of the iPIONEERS on shift in the New iWorld Complex. Parsley's task is very complicated and therefore arduous. Not everyone can be iPIONEER. Parsley is iPROUD.

Already pressed for time Parsley arrives at the facility, just outside Genoa, and swiftly settles down for briefing. Today’s remote target is in the southern Tibeto-Burman no fly zone, north of the mouth of the Brahmaputra. Familiar territory to Parsley. The autochthonic savages are still lighting animal ordure fires in that region and despite many, many times being asked to desist they refuse to comply with UN i-Statute. They are to be suppressed until extinction or full compliance. Parsley likes getting them in the evening when they huddle round for whatever disgusting shit passes for food out there. Parsley is good. Promoted three times in the past 18 months and Top Gun. Bucking for promotion and of course another 10,000 Soros to the credit account every Rock/RothNewMonth.

After a 12 hour mission in the saddle Parsley emerges from the suite’s weapon system interface. 100,000 of the stone age savages removed. Another big rainbow star on the side of the Parsley's seat next mission. Phukin’ A. Elated Parsley gets out of the boothe and heads for the shower hall. On the way, there is a bing-bong in Parsley’s i-EAR.

Parsley has got i-mail. Traffic violation. 100,000 Soros fine and two days out to retake the vehicle persuasion certificate of iGREENness. Bollox!!! Well it had been a rush getting into the facilty that morning. Damn, and a spotless driving license gone for good.

Oh well tomorrow is another day. Parsley will apply for transfer to go down town, into the alley no fly zone in Kolkata. Perhaps DumDum, that’s a hot spot where kills are rated two orders of magnitude more signifivacant. Parsley has targets to hit and is incentivised though perhaps no longer civilised. Oh yes!!! Defended of course but the rewards are so much greater. Who gives a fuck. No stinking traffic violation or bunch of shit shuvvelling primatives is getting in the way of Parsley ordering a baby-in-a-box for delivery 2030.

God Parsley loves the iPIONEERS. When SeeMoose is delivered it will be going straight into an iPIONEERnursery. Parsley should have got to 1 star rank by then and it will be admin from there on in. iSWEET.

Any idea what kind of nightmare world we are wandering into? This is what will pass for normality in the iSHITHOUSE of the world.


I’ll let the Stoker finish this off.